Romance scam letter(s) from Kelvin Derran to Lynda (Australia)
Letter 1

Hello Lynda, I am happy we can write to each other on here and hope you are having a lovely Sunday? How was church service? I have always wanted to be a Medical Researcher but ended up with a specific branch which is Microbiology and Virology and i like my job. The funniest thing ever happened was when I ran my first marathon and I got really sick so basically I ended up running so fast because I needed to use the bathroom and I did not want to use the portable one so I ran as fast as i could to the finish line! Everyone was laughing when they found out because I was not a good runner to begin with but I did a pretty good timing. I enjoy hiking and used to go travel to united state (Colorado or Wyoming) a year to hike and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery there. I remember hiking once and mid-way through a really long hike found myself in the middle of an Aspen grove. I remember looking up and watching the sway of the gorgeous leaves all blowing in unison ever so slightly in the wind and then looking to either side of me, behind me, and in front of me and the color of the bark of all these trees making the most incredible view! I felt so blissfully, perfectly content and happy. I closed my eyes and opened them a few times, took deep breaths of the fresh air, etc. to really capture the feeling and be so present with it and the memory as I knew it was one I would never want to forget! I also love the experience of hiking and the farther up into the mountains you go, the fewer people there tend to be....then being rewarded with the booming sound of a waterfall and coming around the corner and seeing the most amazing site...sitting for lunch nearby and feeling the cold spray of the water on your skin. I have learned that a relationship needs to have four aspects to work. The four aspects are emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual. Emotional is how you feel, and how you interpret the other person’s feelings. Physical is everything from chemistry to affection to passion. An intellectual connection is how you stimulate the other person’s mind. A spiritual connection is how you interacts with the other’s soul. I truly believe if you care for a relationship by being mindful of all four categories, then you will have a successful relationship. I have also read the Five Languages of Love, which gives an active love policy to live by with your love My expectations in a relationship is to find someone who I connect with physically, emotionally and intellectually. It needs to be someone who I can build the foundation of a friendship and go above and beyond that and believe in God. Passion and physical connection are very important. I believe trust and honesty plays a big part as well as support and compromise. Love also but truly believe that love should be something that grows each day with your partner and should never diminish. I am emotional and very romantic love to hold hands as well and I love the littlest things that make our hearts full of joy. I enjoy places with a romantic ambiance, perfect for great conversations. Emotional to what level....I get sappy and shed a tear with some commercials and certainly in some movies.I have what I would consider a very high EQ. I endlessly put myself in other people's shoes and feel the emotion of the moment or time. It has allowed me to connect with so many people in many ways which I treasure. What are your expectation in a relationship?What irritate you in a man?What is your most embarrassing day?What is your most happiest day?What have you ever done that you wish you didn't do?Which do you prefer traditional or equal roles in a marriage?What do you treasure right now? Richard
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