Romance scam letter(s) from Michael Paterson to Cate (Canada)
Letter 1

Hi Cathy

Thank you so much for emailing me, I am really happy you wrote me and I truly appreciate it. I decided to try a dating site for the first time since i have been single so i put up a profile on match. I really do not have much belief in online meeting but i just decided to try it after so much pressure from family and friends recommended i try it(if you know what i mean). I'm in search of my soul mate, lover, and life companion. I unfortunately became widowed about 4 years ago. I am in the construction field and have been doing it for over 2 decades. I was born and raised in Rotterdam, where my father is from but we moved to London when I was 20 as my mother is from there. I moved here permanently 3 years ago as i fell in love with it and figured it would be great for me to start afresh in a new city. I had been here a couple times on business 2 years prior to that decision. I bought a beautiful home in Forest Hill - beautiful peaceful area and set myself to take on life :). My whole life crashed down when i lost her (Sally) ,we were married for 29 years and very much in love and that was very devastating. I think it is time to move on now as she is in a better place right now. I have a son ( Christopher ) 22 years old) who is currently studying medicine at Oxford University in the UK. I do not want to sound narcissistic but believe I a man with a good sense of humor, a man with a strong heart,loving, caring, honest, compassionate and affectionate. I like swimming, camping,fishing,reading & writing,tennis,skiing, Football,Basketball,Baseball, golfing and most outdoor activities. When i read through your profile i was really interested and eager to send you an email on there to show my interest. I think we have so much in common and would like to give this a chance and see where this might lead to.Anyway, let me not bore you with a long email,please tell me more about yourself and attach pictures as I have.
Thank you so much and have a wonderful rest of your evening.
Letter 2

Hi Cathy Thank you for taking out time to writing me back. As a matter of fact, I'm honored and very happy that you did. Thank you very much once again.
You come across as humble and kind and i like that. So tell me, What are your passions? Where would you like to see yourself in the next 3 years?
I think you are a very beautiful and sweet lady. I would like to get closer to you and learn more about you. You can ask me anything you would like to know about me.It would be nice to get to know every little thing about you.Call me old fashioned but i like to do it the conventional way, get to know each other proper and see how things turn out eventually from meeting and dates and all that it entails. Oh and i still open doors, chivalry still exists. As it is,I can tell we have so much in common and it would be nice for us to just make out time and learn about each other. Do you agree with me? There is no doubt about that fact that i am attracted to you and I'm happy we came across each other here on Match. I am looking forward to meeting you in person soon and hopefully things would work out as we get to know each other. I would like to know what your desires are in a man. How u would like to be treated. I hope you can be that woman i have been waiting for all this while. You seem like a good match, the perfect friend for me and the type i would be able to open up to. I'm totally going to be myself and i expect the same from you, but if there's anything you don't like about me as we get along, please do not hesitate to let me know. I believe communication is key. Here are some things about me, Its been a rocky past couple of years, due to my past state of mind, I have always kept myself busy and carried away by my job. I like to spend time with my son when I am not working. He is a source of joy and happiness to me. I want to start living again. To share life with someone caring and down to earth. I want to feel that teenage love again. To be able to cuddle and snuggle while watching movies all weekend. To travel and wear matching t shirts. When I play sport it is mostly golf or tennis. I travel occasionally for work,but haven't done that in quite a while now. What do you do for fun? Any extra curricula? What kind of person are you.
Life has to go on at this point. I know i need to be as opened as much as possible at this stage of my life so i can find someone to grow old with. Which is the journey i have embarked on this new year. I hope i am making a good choice trying this out with you because i have not done this in the longest time.
I look forward to hearing from you and i hope i did not bore you with this very long email. Like i said,i believe in communication. Hoping to hear from you really soon.
Letter 3

Morning Cathy I must say, i am really enjoying this, feeling like a teen again. Thank you so much and i really appreciate it. London, England I feel like you are a beautiful soul with a good heart. I love it. I am looking for a lifetime partner. The deep love I have within me is yearning to be expressed.
I like how we both express ourselves so freely via email. It reminds me of back in the day when we wrote love letters to a crush :) I sometimes feel the millennials will never have such experiences. With that being said, i would love for us to take it a notch higher by putting a voice behind the emails :) So if i may, have your phone number, it would be really nice. I will call you and please do let me know the best times to call :) It was really nice to receive mail from you today. I guess i have been on your mind just as you have been on mine.
I like what I have read about you and I am very interested in getting to know you better, and the more i read from you,the more attracted to you i get. I do not want to rush as that may spoil what we are are building. I am optimistic that we will take this to the next level after we get together to meet. I respect the process, and i like it when it happens organically. More about me,if you won't mind me summarizing - as I said I will be having a long day. I lived in Rotterdam with my parents till i turned 20, my dad retired from active service then we moved to the London. We lived in London for a while and that is where I attended the London Polytechnic college. After college, i got a job - saved up - and moved back to Rotterdam where i got married and settled down. Chris ( my son) lives and studies in London, he visits home 3-4 times a year and was here for Christmas and New year holidays. I will tell you more about him and his mother as we get closer, Although,it sometimes gets emotional. I was raised as the only child because my mother had complications after she had me. I grew up with all the love and affection from both my parents. Not that i was spoiled in any way because I remember having my dad spank me really hard whenever i misbehaved,lol. I miss him a lot - we were very close, everything i am today, i learnt from him. He passed way 12 yrs ago, My mum still lives in the UK as she needed to be closer to her family, she turns 82 in November. She visits me from time to time. She is still very active even at that age. So you mind telling when your birthday is? Mine is Dec 23rd, that makes me a Sagittarius and Chris the 5th of march which makes him a Pisces. I am not much of a zodiac believer but well aware of it lol. I should go now and get on with my day. I will be thinking about you and hopefully we get to speak after work - if you do give me your number that is :) Getting to know you has been very exciting. You are truly a very beautiful soul and any man would be lucky to have you as a partner. Talk to you soon.
Letter 4

Hi Sunshine:)
What a relief we spoke over the phone and gosh was i nervous. I love the tone of your voice and when you speak, you sound happy and full of life. I am so glad i called you. Your tone is so addictive - i could listen to you speak all day. Speaking to you was therapeutic and i felt very calm after speaking to you. I love the chemistry we share and believe we will have lots if fun together.
I want a partner that will grow old with me, someone who will take care of me and whom i will take care of. I am a hopeless romantic. I am a one woman man. I am a good person with a tender heart and full of love. I genuinely care about the people i know and worry about their well being.
I am getting into this 100% and i hope you are too. I guess its too late even if you do not as you already have already invaded my mind lol !! I am hoping we can become best friends and move forward to more. I look forward to the adventures and this new beginning of our lives.( Hopefully) I pray this takes us to where we both want to be (Happy).
A Relationship is all about trust, sincerity and honesty. All these paramount facts must exist in a relationship before anything can work out of it. I'm a man of my word and will always stand by my word. I'm a caring and loving man, Open minded and Upfront in every aspect of a relationship.I am a man with so much love and honesty "I don't mean this in a narcissistic manner".I am a happy gentleman who loves to satisfy my loved ones with everything i have.I want you to be free in sharing anything with me as i will do just the same.I think you are gradually coming to be the end to my search and would like us to start by being best friends and see where this will lead to.
I want you to know that when i get into any relationship, I put in a 100 percent irrespective of what my partner brings to the table. I believe in both parties giving in a 100% and not 50% . You can not give 50 % to someone you genuinely love.
All i can say at this juncture is that i have so much love to give and am looking forward to getting to know you better.
Have a great day and i am looking forward to reading from you soon.
Letter 5

Good morning my Angel I was so happy to receive your email today. As each day passes, I feel our connection growing stronger.I have not felt this way in a very long time! I am excited to wake up each day to read an email from you, and hear your voice. I have to tell you that I have prayed to God each day to give me the strength to face each day ever since I lost my wife. They say time heals all pain,and i must say, i struggled to carry on, day after day , till days turned to months and into years.Trying to move on as i buried my self into work and gym.I went to the Bahamas with my son last July and while i was there, I decided it was time to start living again. My parents were married 46 years before my father passed on. My mother never re-married, yet, I never realized how lonely she must have been. She stayed active volunteering and spending time with friends but it is never the same as having a life partner. That is part of the reason I tried match .com. You were the first person i emailed and I feel very lucky that we made a connection.
There is so much I want to tell you, a lot has been running through my head lately, but i am having trouble putting my thoughts into words so you will have to bear with me through this. Nothing can be compared to this feeling of filling up somebody's life. The anticipation while awaiting an email from you. Your sweet lovely emails keep me awake even when i am exhausted to death, because i wouldn't want to miss a thing.You brighten my day and now gradually giving me new strength to carry on.I fought through life everyday to be a better person for my son,myself and my partner to be, as well.Ever since we met online, you have revoked some deep emotions and feelings I've had kept buried inside of me for so long. Feelings i never knew existed anymore. But above all, you showed interest in me, compassion and honesty.I will forever be grateful as i never knew thought i would be this happy again in this life time,and you know what?, it is the greatest feeling in the world to be content with someone who makes you happy.I would want to say that I am very, very content with you and you alone. You have a great heart and i can tell that you are a great person too.
At a point in my life i thought i was going to grow old alone, but you have given me new hope. I promise not to disappoint you and i really cannot wait to meet you so we can go past this stage of emailing back and forth. Have a great day and know that you are very much in my thoughts.
Letter 6

Good afternoon Sunshine You have captivated my interest. My days seem brighter and colors seem brighter ever since you came into my life. I feel a burst of energy throughout the day knowing there is someone out there that cares and thinks about me. You are a beautiful soul and people like you are very rare. I am grateful to have come across you. I have got plans tomorrow but can we do Tuesday for lunch coffee or dinner? Do let me know. It is very interesting to be engaged in mid-life dating and starting "afresh." There is great excitement in knowing who you are and engaging another with the same experience/aptitude in life. I hope you are not expecting me to be perfect - of course beauty is in the eye of the which case I pray that you would like me when we meet in person.
I am a very calm, peaceful, balanced and compassionate man, and when i say this i am not being narcissistic. When I am in a relationship, I am "all in. " I know that everyone our age has past relationship scars (Heart, mind & soul). I can truthfully say that mine are simply part of my strength and character, but not a liability or deficiency.
I love VERY deeply and want to make my best friend my everything. I do not have many friends, I am from a very small family and a very family oriented person. So what I am telling you is that, if we have an emotional connection - you become a significant part of all of family, friends and work family. I promise you, that if that connection is there - you automatically have met my family...that is who I am and who my family is - we are a very playful, sarcastic with lots of laughter kind of family. I have no fears or regrets, nor do I harbor ill will towards anyone. Since we are clearly in pursuit of having a love affair, I will be candid about my self as i am an open book. With that being said, I received a very good news from the meeting i went to last night. I applied for a government project/Contract in Cape Town South Africa a couple of months ago ( 2 and half months ) to be precise, and i was informed at the meeting that my company has been shortlisted for the said project. Out of 17 companies that were bidding for this project, My company was among the top four that have been shortlisted and they will review all of the selected four companies and the winner will be announced tomorrow morning.Please put me in your prayers because i have really invested a lot in that contract as i have struggled to get these types of government contracts since i moved here. Have a great day darling. Hope to speak over the phone soon.
Lots of Hugs.
Letter 7

Good day Sunshine, How was your night ? I Hope you slept well ? I received a call followed by a letter of appointment from the ministry of Housing and development in South Africa informing me that i have been approved and appointed to develop and construct a government school and hospital in the Milnerton area of Cape Town South Africa. It is a 8 figure contract, of which includes the cost to design and build the said project.The contract award ceremony will take place at the Cape Town International Convention Center (CTICC) on Thusday morning the 22nd of October. This means i have to travel to South Africa tonight to arrive there tomorrow evening as it is about a 21 hour flight from here to South Africa in order to make it there on time for the award ceremony. This news came as a big shock to me as i was not expecting to win the contract nor to have to travel this urgent. I already have an appointment with my bank regarding some investments,Once i am done with my bank,i will have to go shop for some of the items that i will need for this trip. I will also need some summer clothes as they seem to be in summer over there at the moment.I also need to go get all the tools that i will be working with over there ready to be shipped over to South Africa. I also need a good suit for the contract award ceremony which will be attended by some important personnel from the government, politicians, NGO's and other Government bodies on Monday morning. I am really happy to be awarded this contract as i have struggled in getting contracts and tenders for my company since i relocated here.This is the first time that i will be working on a project in South Africa.
With this latest development,I am very sorry to inform you that i may not be able to see you in person before my departure as i have to be in South Africa ASAP to sign the acceptance letter and also to meet the minister of housing and development. I would like us to keep in touch by email and over the phone just as we have done for the past couple of days till i return. I will be traveling with my laptop so i will send you mail on a daily basis. I will buy a South African sim card when i arrive there and we will be able to talk on the phone as well. I will also try get an international plan for my number so i can make and receive calls on my number. I will be staying for two weeks to sign the acceptance letter and also to kick start the project before returning. I am deeply sorry about my sudden departure,I promise to make it up to you when i get back.I will arrive back home in the morning of the 9th of November, If i am not jet legged, We should be able to meet that very day or the day after.I will keep you posted about that. I promise to make it up to you. Please text or call me when you get this email. I hope you are not mad at me?
Talk to you soon. Big Hug.
Letter 8

Good evening from South Africa, It brings so much joy to my heart to have this beautiful email awaiting my arrival . You are a beautiful soul, i couldn't have asked for better... I want you to know this goes a long way for me in our relationship. I miss speaking to you, and you were right on my mind and in my thoughts all through the flight. How i wish we could have traveled together, I am sure that time will come. It really feels like i have known you for a long time, the way we have connected, and like i said before, it is the best feeling in the world knowing that as far apart as we are right now, i know there is someone who cares about my well being as i care for theirs. The farther i am, somehow, the closer i feel connected if i feel to you. Wow honey, i cant believe Cape town South Africa is so developed.It's a beautiful place i must say from what i have seen so far. I am very impressed, !!! I arrived in South Africa at 4:15am local time , We had a delayed flight in Dubai. I was really exhausted when i arrived and wasn't able to sort internet and phone issues out until now.
I noticed we have a 6 hour difference, so that means i miss and think about you 6 hours before you :( lol. I faced a couple hassles when i arrived, my computer got cracked as it was checked in with the fragile bag and i specifically informed the flight attendant and she said everything was going to be ok. Anyway, they are taking responsibility of it and they will replace it 'as soon as they can'. Their 'procedure' :( They are requesting for the receipts and insurance documents of which will actually take a few days to get here then take another 15 working days to process the replacement of the mac. Unfortunately i will be done by then and back home. This is really disturbing as i have vital information on there. This is the only issue but besides that all is well. So sorry to bother you with my personal stuff, just needed to vent and now i feel a bit better :) How are you today my darling. It is a sunny hot day here, how is the snow over there :) I am loving the weather here. I am really sorry that i could not see you before i left but i promise to meet with you immediately i get back home in 14days. I just wanted to email you to let you know that i arrived safely and also to check up on you. I will ring you later on when you get up. I do hope you have a beautiful rest of the week hun,
Cant wait to hear your voice again.Miss you terribly
Letter 9

Good Evening/afternoon Sweetheart, How are you doing today? The ceremoy went so well and i am so humbled by how much they appreciate my work.I was just smiling and imagining you standing right next to me looking so beautiful and glamorous.
The ceremony was attended by top politicians,NGO's and high profile people, even the premier of Cape town Herself Mrs. Helen Ziller and so many others were in attendance. We were also entertained by top African musicians, School children and many more hun. I was over the moon and honored to be a part of this. The proposed School and hospital will be dedicated to the late Nelson Mandela who passed a few years ago. It would be a great fulfillment to actually go past this School and Hospital one day with you and actually point it out to them that i designed and built this Government School and Hospital. Its a great achievement and i am extremely delighted to be a part of this. We had professional photographers who took all the pictures, It was also captured on DVD . They took my hotel address and phone number and told me they will deliver my copies in a couple of days and should be able to send you some copies to see what went down. Its a wonderful feeling knowing that there is a special woman back home who has got my back and whom i can share all these wonderful experiences with.
I have been very lonely for the past 3 and half years since i lost my late wife and i am so proud that you are a part of my life and excited for all the possibilities ahead of us. You are the queen of my heart, you have no idea how happy i am right now and i intend to keep it that way for as long as i can.
I wish you were here with me to experience this. This place is so beautiful and the people here are very kind and cultured. I want you to know that the feelings i have developed for you are undying. They are strong and enduring and will stand the test of time. I truly feel blessed that you have become a part of my life and I cannot wait to meet you.You bring out the best in me. You are the one I want to share everything with - my thoughts, hopes and dreams. Thinking of you makes my heart full. You are a source of inspiration to me. I will forever be indebted to you for all you have brought to my life.So, to repay you, I promise you my heart and all the love i can give.
Missing you so much.I am sure I will have a very interesting stay here in Cape Town. Promise keep you posted Thank you so much for been who you are to me and may God bless us. I would really love to hear your voice again, so if you could let me know when to call I would appreciate that. Enjoy the rest of your day, I will talk to you soon.
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