Romance scam letter(s) from Anton Bogdanov to James (USA)
Letter 1

To my everdearest friend Jim

My day went by so quickly and I was thinking about you today at work.
One of my coworkers notice about me that I am so happy. Well because of you and getting to know you better.

Last night, I went to supermarket to buy my ingredients for the pasta.
I did pretty good and stay late last night making it. Our boss having a birthday luncheon at work today and I brought that for our lunch and other co-workers gave something too. We called it "lapsha " here. Of course, birthday cake and ice cream right after. Oh man, I was really "stuff" and can't even moved at my desk and thinking about you while I am eating the ice cream. Yummy, just like you.....

Everything change since I met you. I am more happy at home and work.
Being friends with you is very nice thing to be. My secret pains and sadnesses that I have come to understand better in the light of your concerned. No one knows what parth tomorrow will find us smiling, talking, walking and whatever may be. I've found in you the lifetime friend I have always wished for, and that is my answer.

Well, got to go now and looking forward to hear from your short email.
God bless you always . Until then, my precious good friend.

Sincerely yours, Anton from Russia

P.S. Sorry, I forgot to asked you!!! Are you happy about me? Just curious!!! my honey. Don't me asking all this questions? Take care and looking forward your next email.
Letter 2

Hi, my dream. How are you? I am ok Never have I experienced such a person as you telling me much about his life, country and family in such a beautifully crafted letter that you have wrote me. thank you so much for sharing it with me. As i wrote you before i went to the bowling club, there were a lot of people there, that moment i missed you, i needed you. There were 5 men from us, my manager, deputy director, a foreigner, body guarder and a driver in one body and me. I liked this place, we chaned there our boots, special boots to play bowling. It was so heated to play this game. One time i missed the aim i hit the barrier. I was given a notice that i should not do like this. It was my first time when i was playing the bowling and i did not know the rules of this game. A bit later i did my best and i was successful in this matter. I talked easily in their company, sometimes i felt like the soul of the company. The american played well bowling as he practised it on his own land. He is so curious, he always ask me something, even wen we cane to the bar table he saw russian girls, he was so surprised at their beauty, and he wanted me to introduce him to them. I did my best and explaned to them who he is, and that he does not know russian at all. One of the girls knew english a little and the rest of the evening they spent together. My manager was so glad that the american liked the evening, and did his best because the developement of his buissness depended on good relations with this man. The whole evening we drank a lot of beer.Our driver, Fedya is very strong russian man, his fist. He could not even to choose a ball for hiw fingers. I think he boxes very well and with him we were not afraid of enuthing. When i was communicating to him i understood that he is a bit silly and it was not interesting to speak to him. Nevetheless he is kind and open person. Deputy manager, as i understood is sly and he does not tell a lot. The evening was passing wll, i think, I was driven even to home by this driver, as it was too late and there were not trolley buses already. It is great that i did not have busy day today, i just translating texts according to the buissness .Communicating to an american i understood that he did not have so funny evenning for a long of time.
You know i was thinking about you and our meeting. Just imagine you and me have been out for wonderful day seeing sights, talking together, laughing together, and now this is evening time... all that walking we are tired feet, so we get taxi. you and me get in back seat and taxi moves away. i see passion in your eyes, i lean across to kiss you, you take my mouth on yours, i feel your tongue push into my mouth, so warm sweet to taste, your hands move across me my backpulling me towards you close, you move your hand down on my leg, slowly they move between my legs you can feel my hardness. we know the driver can see is looking but we do not care there is only us. my own hand moves down to your trousers, your legs, i can feel you are bursting to be free, i can control no longer, i move down your body, i slowly undo your belt, your buttons of your trousers, slowly i pull them down, i feel your hardness, which i kiss, slowly i pull down your pants, and free your already hard member. i stroke it its warm, my tongue moves down to lick it head, tastes so sweet i can wait no longer i ease your cock into my mouth you push forward forcing it into my throat. i begin to suck slowly then faster, your balls are now free for me to caress, stroke, to lick with mouth and tongue. the taxi has stopped, but we do not notice i open my legs wider, you slowly start to push your cock in me, slowly, then more cm by cm you enter its beautiful, long, slender slides in so easily. i can feel your body close against me . i can feel your seed slowly riseing i suck faster, you pump more and more, i know soon you will finish i want you...i hear your breathing go fast, more more, suddenly i feel between my legs the sweet milk as it explodes up me.mmmmmmmmm when this is all over, we dress, the driver starts the taxi and takes us to our hotel, we thank him for such a delightful journey, and leave him smiling as we make our way to our room where we know it wont be long before we will be together in bed, and once more i am enjoying you, only this time my hard cock is warm, long inside your sweet love hole. Jim , i was thinking a lot about our meeting and how it would be, i decided that it would be better to come to your country for a month, so we will know each other better. i know that you are a very kind man, and i want to be with you. After that we can prolong my visa and think about migration visa together. Today i went to the tourist agency to learn about the visa. For the first time i will be able to get a visitor visa which is called B-2 for pleasure. B-2 is not immigrant visa. Such visa is issued up to period of 3 months to 10 years, depending on the decision of the American Embassy usually from 3 months to 6 months. If i get an approval i will get a card I-94 , there will be my possible time of being in USA.

Once i am in the USA, an additional extension of 6 months can be obtained upon approval by the USCIS. I must show that I qualify under provisions of Immigration and Nationality Act. The presumption in the law is that every visitor visa applicant is an intending immigrant.
Therefore, individuals applying for visitor visas must overcome this presumption. I must demonstrate that they have a residence in Russia which i have which I do not intend to abandon, that they I to enter the United States for a specifically limited period i mean from 3 months till ...., we will decide and that the purpose of the trip is to enter United States for tourism only. I will be called Temporary Visitor for Pleasure. This is the only way i can come to USA for the first time.

I will need a foreign passport at first. the foreign passport will be ready in 3 days. Its cost is 80 usd. After that as soon as i get a call from the tourist agency that all is ready, i will have to go to the American embassy for the interview, if i pass it i will get an approval for getting a visitor visa.

i should pay for visa services fee which is 311 usd and visa issuance fee which is 158 usd. i total i will need to make a visa and passport 549 usd. I will be looking forward for your impressions. Always your Anton
Letter 3

Hello, sweetly. thank you for the nice photos, i think you had a nice time with your daughter, say hi to her from me. I was thinking again of you all the day long. You will be my all my Jim because I was thinking this morning that we were on a bus going somewhere for the day and we got off the bus and walked along this dusty road until we came to a small stream with trees along the banks of the water. We rested under the branches of the trees and you rested your head on my legs, as I brushed your hair from your eyes you made a movement on your side and dozed off into peaceful sleep. When you woke you decided to take a swim in the stream, I watched you remove your top and that meshed your hair up, then you undid your shorts at the waist and turned from me so that I could see your back, as you lower your shorts I can see that you wear no underpants and those two perfect globes of the peach are before my eyes. As you step out of your shorts you turn your head a blow me a little kiss then you walk to the stream and dive in, only to appear seconds later in the middle of the stream, your hair all falling over your face. You swim for a while and I watch you as the sun sends rays of light off your wet body. As you turn over on your back the water seems to make a halo around your manhood with water drops glistening in your pubic hair, you laugh and swim some more and then make your way to the side of the stream and walk towards me with water dripping from that most perfect body. As you near me you shake yourself and water splashes over me and I reach for you as you fall to the rug by me. I take your head in my hands and kiss those perfect lips which are cold from the water, but as I push my tongue into your mouth your lips warm and as we kiss our bodies come together and my cloths dry your wet body. I am wet also so I take my cloths off and we are both naked on the rug with the sun streaming down between the branches of the tree. The rays of light make your wet body shine and I kiss all all over and take pleasure in touching those private parts that mean so much to me.
Your ass is perfect and I lick the drops of water from it and I taste the manly odor that you have. I become very excited and we roll in each others arms until we are both satisfied with our love.
For now and forever. When we dress we find that we have missed the return bus and have to stay at a little roadside inn for the night.
But that is another story that will come come true. I am sending you a link to one of my favorite songs. The young man singing it sounds better than the original artist. Hope you like it I can not live without you. Your Anton P.S. one idea came to my mind. i wanted to write you

I have a favour to ask of you, will you be able to send me something from your country. will you make a present for me? May be some souvenirs from America, American drinks as we do not have them here or something that would remind me of you

It will be wonderful!!! Please let me know if you can do it for me and i will tell you where to send it by post.
Letter 4

It is me again , decided to write you second letter I am finshed all work already and i am off today. I wish you were here to enjoy this time with me. I am heading out today to do some shopping and do some work about my apartment. Afterward I plan to go to the river and take a walk along the trails. There are usually many people there, especially during the this time of the year. I will then come home and go out later with some friends before heading to my place on the lake. I really wish you were here with me . Life is short and happy times should be shared. I will be thinking of you as I travel around the city today. I did not think that they are expensive brands, we just do not have them here and that is why i wanted to wear smth unique, that could not be bought here. if it is very expensive for me, please do not spend much money on buying those things for me. Any presents from you will be a surprise for me.
thank you so much. Like you i try to save the money for the trip and when you begin sending the money to me, i will try to open a deposit in the bank to save money there in safe place. I liked the song so much. It is so sweet!!! i can not stop writing about my feelings. All people love each other banally but i am not, i love you so much that is very difficult for me to express how i love you. That night i had a dream about us. I was out shopping for food and when I came home I saw that you were sun baking in the back yard of our home, I think you were alsleep so I was very quite and put the food away, I slid the back door open and walked out to where you were laying in the sun naked, your back, legs and ass were very red so I took the suntan lotion and rubbed it in your back and legs, the beauty of your skin shone in the sun and as my hands moved over your ass you moved a little and looked at me as said 'I want you', with this I rolled you on your back and rubbed some more suntan lotion on your chest , I could see that you were very happy, and very hot. As you closed your eyes again, expecting something to happen I took the garden hose and turned the cold water on your body, you sprang up with shock because of the cold water but your cock did not go down at all. I think you were a little angry with me but then you smiled and that beauty came through and I knew that you had forgiven me. I layed you down again on your back and my cloths dropped to the deck, I stepped across and straddled your waist area and then I lowered myslef on your cock that was beginning throb with the heat and sweat, your cock head came into contact with my love hole and I lowered myself on your big cock, as it entered me I could feel the great staff throbbing into me, this can only happen with love and trust. I moved gentlly up and down on your shaft until I felt it grow even bigger inside me and I knew that you were close. I did not want you to withdraw so I sat on you until I could feel the paulse of your balls against me and you burst your love juice into my ass and you pumped with your cock until you lay still in the hot sun, when you looked up at me you see that I had cum on your chest in relief and my balls rested on your pubic hair, but you were still inside of me and as you looked at me I threw you a kiss and you began to grow again and I know that I was in for a very long afternoon, thank god. We showered and had dinner mmmmm yes! My lovely gentle sun, you can not imagine how it is o sad without youhere... I live only for that that one time in unfamiliar city, in a crowd - to see your clean eyes, may be slightly jerkad with an easy shadow of inexplicable sadness in which your liking soul is reflected.
Your silent happiness, your love will becomes my joy, because you will find yourself like whom I see in the dreams, in pre-dawn delirium... I write these words only for you and only for you. may be, soon I will see in featureless crowd of a city your clear eyes slightly jerkad with an easy shadow of inexplicable sadness.... I love you, write me soon please, i need you all Your Anton
Letter 5

Hi my love, I have been thinking of you every minute of the day and night, wandering how you are, not being able to be by your side this moment. In distance you are so fare jet you are so close in my heart.
Jim you are my shinning star, I will always be proud of you ass you have already given me so much of you knowing we have taken up resitance in eachothers heart, I for you and you for me, that is what our life will be. I am sitting in the cafe all alone as usual typing you and feeling down.
Without you here it's so lonely. It's like I just to through the day because I have to with no reason or happiness other than waiting for your letter.
There's a big hole in me ( not my ass that's a small hole) which I am reserving for you. I don't mean to be down but I speak the truth , i miss you so much. I will rebound and be happy again so don't worry I just go through a lot in a days time and sometimes it wears on my. It is not cold here in Russia , so i do not have to wear warm clotrhes, that is ok. i like to be as naked as possible. LOL. I think i will go for a walk in some minutes and go to the store to buy something to eat. When i come home watch tv and rest a little as tomorrow will be a hard working day again.

Jim I believe in you and our future together, to be in your arms to see you smiling face sparkel like the bright northern star in the sky protect me and be with me, never leave me, to the end of time. I must say Jim I have never been so happy, knowing your love you have for me and to have such deep love which is in my heart for you. It is the gratest feeling one can have to know your love you share for me and to be able to share with you. I believe in you my darling man, Jim . I thank you my for what you are and how you feel as my feelings for you are the same. there is somethings on my mind and I must think what I must to.
know I understand every day I have someone that I deeply care for I become aware as to what could happen. it is more important for me to stay all life for you my love

Jim I love you so much, I can't be without you. You are my man and partner
I feel it in my heart. Always your my love

Letter 6

Hello my honey I was absolutely thrilled to hear your beautiful voice on the phone.
And, I did almost drop the phone in shock hearing your voice for the first time. You have such a wonderful voice -- a much more beautiful voice than mine, by the way. I just wish I could have talked to you longer and that when I did I was alone. Today, turned out to be junky day for me. Guess what happened, I forgot my wallet at home and I was very dramatic at work and not able to buy my lunch and drink. I was very angry and stupid at same time.
It was an awful Saturday morning for me. My co-workers was very nice to treat me for lunch today and I really I feel so bad. But, turned to be nice after all. I am so glad that I have a very nice co-workers treating me for lunch and nice cold soft drink. You my prince, which will stand till beside me proud of the love we feel for eachother in our arms we will be holding one and the other, Jim you are in my dreams you are everthing I need with you in my arms my life will be complete I dream of the day I will be staying in the shower with you, leatering your body with soap pambering you from head to toe, Jim words can not describe what I feel for you. I know it is hard for you and me not jet to be in eachothers arms and make love to you. Inserting my cock deep into you and filling your lovetunel with the warms of my lovejuice for you, feeling you ass mussel extracting every drop of my lovemilk from me cock for you.

Jim how much I love you, you are every part of me you are my heartbeat you are my soul. Jim my sweetheart, not just to I love you but I need you in my arms close to my feel you kiss you hug you never let go of you. You are the sunshine that fills my body with energy and emotion I never know before as I always love to life on the egde of reality of life and dead, but now with you in my heart I learn such feelings to presurf reality to life a life for you and me as one as man to man loveing careing feeling what your partner feels for you, I love it, it is good to feel that. One has the gift to make his chossen lifepartner happy, make him feel desurving for the love one has for him for you me lover and only for you. As you are my treasure, and all your love for me. When I lay im bed and mastabait and I'm close to blow I call out laught your name and I can see you there. with your smiling face, your sparkel in your eye like you say I will be there and I know you will be in my arms.

Well my lover thats how I feel sex will come naturaly, but the love we build for each other is as big as the univers, Which has no end in side no matter how deep, there is no end to be for you and me. I love you so much my heart cry's sweet tears till you in my arms, sometimes sad for not being abel to do anything sooner, but all I can try but how sweet it will be to hold you for the first time in my arms. Yes you are my man, my friend , partner and my man in waiting to be.

Know Jim you see how I FEEL with you in my arms my man, always yours my darling Jim , mai every raindrop which lands on you be a kiss from me to you and every part of you blesst body and and soul.

Always yours my love miss you so,


ps: my sweetheart I love YOU.
Letter 7

My darling Jim , Wow what a nice photo with so big fish, i have never seen such big fishes with my own eyes!!! Yes we have alot of colors in the fall, i like this time of the year, as it is so beautiful in the forest and so pleasant to walk there. I am so happy that we have some anniversary, I hope soon we will be together and we can celebrate it together sitting close to each other and kissing How have you been? I hope your life is going well. How about your work? I hope it is going well for you also.

I have been very busy translating the broshure about tooth feelings. I get up early and translatu 1/2 - 3 hours. Morning is my best time to translate. Work to has been very busy. next weekend I am going to my grandma. she is living far from my house, about 40 km from where i live right now I am the happiest man in life as you have set up home in my heart, its such a good feeling knowing feeling you are there in my heart with all the love you have for me, You know Jim I also do not care who knows about us that we are a couple who are in love. How we are in need to be in eachothers arms,sharing our feelings which have board us toghter in this life, our hearts are one for eachother, and that is on one can take us a part I realy feel so much love that comes from you my sweetheart you are the best that has ever happen to me in my life and my life has become you feelings, your happiness, your smile on a rainy day which are teardrops from the heavens above, moisting and wetting my skin with love, that comes from the burning of of ones heart, if that is what one say's is love then yes Jim , my love it is the best feeling I ever have had in my life and that burning will never stop, it will be the fire that will, warm's you my love.

I imagened you were sitting beside me were you always will be, by my side.
Jim I am the happiest I ever been knowing you are there for me and I'm for you, its the best feeling one can have in this life. I know its hard not be toghter yet, but with time the will change and we will be one that is what make's me go on, noing it will soon when you are in my arms and I will not let go of you no matter what, we belong together as one.

I close my eyes call out laugh your name and your there in my mind, I can see you and feel you so close to me its so real . Jim I'm so proud of you that you are the man that has come into my life and made it fullfilling and happy as one can be. I could call it from the highest mounten across the land how happy I am to have you Jim by my side as my man and partner in my life. You are the best . I love you so much to hand over my love in body and soul to you in person when you in my arms and I will never let go of this feelings I have for you as it is the truth feeling of my heart for you ... it is the best one can ever feel. Well I need to get my sleep. I will be up early to continue my studies.

I love you my man and I will always be there only for you,

lots of hugs and 1000 of kisses for you till I can kiss your sweet lips my love, my darling man Jim .


ps:I thank your mother to have given life to you and happiness to me for she has the most beautyfull son in the whole world.
Letter 8

Hello, my dream

You know it is hard and not so easy to say, but i feel the same for you.i long for your letters and look for them every day to hear you to read your inner thoughts is a pleasure. I think you you are the best man that i ahve evr I think you are such a sweet guy. I read your letter and i have a tear in my eye for two reasons:

1. you are far from me and although your letters make me feel safe and warm i am also saddened i cannot touch and look into your sweet eyes and touch the windows to your soul.

2. they are such lovely words. I believe what you wrete to me is from your heart and i understand many people here dont always have such strong commitment of feelings. I am happy you write so openly but it makes me want you more.

I think i am longing for you more and more i dream of you and the hope that i will meet you keeps me going.

you are my sun in the sky, my angel of music.your words your heart . I think of you constantly and I feel safe, without knowing you i know you, how can this be..yet i do and i know you are the kind of guy who would make me very happy . I hope you understand i trust you and my words to you never truthful and honest when i tell you i feel safe and secure when i feel you are there. TO know you understand me like no other is a real happiness for me.

TO know you understand how i feel and i how you feel is just pleasure.
I am thinking of no other than you, and hope this is the same for you.
I think it is so easy to say you love someone and you enjoy hearing from them...but with you. i feel we are made for eachother.i know now why i have been born , i know where i want to be and who i want to share mt life with.
SO,please know i am true only to you.i never touch or kiss anyone or think of anyone but you.its like a radio signal that you cant break. . I have thought of a great romantic place i want to take you to.i want you to know i am serious. I know without words you understand me.i know you are thinking of me and im hoping i would never dissapoint you if i was to meet you. I am real Jim, and we can do all we can think out. I love you Jim You are in my heart and prayers as always my true love. Love as always..

ever yours
Letter 9

Hi there my precious Jim , So you have the same bug as I do now yes?
As in, cant wait to check email? Do you think we will each get a word in when we meet. I am so happy that you are busy with work, as I know America has difficult times and not everyone can find a job there. Please tell me where can i see Myers-Briggs personality test? I have never written this much to anyone in my entire life.. I sorry to be repetitive but you have touched a part of me that no one has been bothered to look for in a very long time.. I don't mean to bring up the past but in comparison, you truly seem to know what 'love' is all about well as much as you can with your experience. I have known guys that think they know how to express themselves but it always ends up that really they don't know at all.. Just because we are of the same sex doesn't mean that anything emotional is any different than what society deems a "normal" "hetro" relationship.. I have therefore come to the conclusion that feelings and emotions do not discriminate, I truly believe that the soul is not of either sex.. and it is the souls that actually connect to each other, sure, there are visual needs that each of us require but you know how they say 'love is blind'. I am really starting to understand the whole process..

I think that we have truly connected because we are so very similar in most ways.. well so far, every way.. Two people that can communicate with each other the way that we do is extremely rare.. Its not very often that our situations comes round and for that reason I will be putting 100% into us..
We have known each other for a while now (no not a long time) but generally by this time in a relationship I have already analysed the person, the situation and everything else I have learnt at the time and usually found more than 1 issue to turn me off.. you on the other hand just keep coming back with more things that I love about you, more words, and showing your intelligence on a regular basis.. I truly am thankful for this opportunity to show someone the 'real' me.. And I am so very thankful too that you are being as open as you have been.. I spent today reading all the letters you have sent and it is just so amazing the feelings that flood through me when I read them. I really did think that I could never feel those emotions ever again.. I fully agree with you babe, I really don't think I could or even would want to live without you.. There are no words in any language to express everything sweet.. some things can only be expressed with touch and it wont be too much longer and we will be able to kiss flesh to flesh, lip to lip and our lips will definitely meet at the airport.. believe me sweet, we wont get that many strange looks, not here anyway.. Anyway precious.. I will get this letter off to you so you have something to read when you check your mail so for now I will say the usual take care and be careful please.. Till the next letter my love, bye for now and know that I have you in my heart and mind every minute of every day..

Loves, hugs and tons of kisses, your ever loving Anton
Letter 10

My darling man Jim . What a day it has been for me, when I went to bed last night I knew that I would dream of you and I did, it was so very real and true that I thought I was with you in our home. You was introducing me to your family and when I came through the door to meet your family I was naked and as your family was shocked I just laughed and took me in your arms and kissed me ever so tenderly and your family knew just how much you loved me and me you. All ended up okay and we all got along very well after that.
But it was so funny seeing me standing there naked in front of your family, we sure showed them what love is all about you Jim . I dreamt about you all night and I have come to a big decision Jim . If it were at all possible, we will marry so that we can be as one.
will you marry me for ever and live with me till death do us part? I want you so much to be with me and to be happy with me I feel that this is the only way to express how deeply my love goes for you and in my heart and in my soul. God will only know and you of course just how much I really do love you. As I write this letter to you I am very hard and I pray that you will say yes. We are going to be so happy together. On our wedding night we will meet in a dimly room with a huge bed that has rose petals thrown over it and we will kiss under the small light above us and I will gently take your new suit off as you undress me and we stand as newly weds in our white underwear and kiss again, we hold each other bums in our hands and we are so close that not even a hair can seperate us, we feel each other rising to the moment until tents are formed in our underpants and our cocks strain to be released from the restraints of the fabric and as the kiss continues we look at each in the eyes and we make our way to the huge bed. The smell of the roses drifts up and we smile at each other and we lay down on the bed of roses, still kissing and feeling each other in the moment we agree that we will not have sex this night, it will only be for us, and us along and although we want to, we will not just to prove that what we have is not just for sex but for the two of our bodies and minds and our souls and we are together in happiness in knowing that we are one for now and forever. But the next morning, as the dim rays of dawn light up the room, my goodness do the juices flow from us. But that is another story that I will tell you about later. My Jim I love and cherish you as a god in heaven, because you are so beautiful and caring to me. I know again that I will dream of you tonight and hope that your answer will be yes, that you would marry me if possible, all I want is you and you alone. That smile that brightens my day and those lips that I wear in my heart to keep my company for the rest of the day..
Until we speak again my Jim I send you all my love and kisses for you to live on just for me. Yours for now and forever. Anton ps. I love you.

Letter 11

Jim It's great to hear from you, I'm so happy with you, and want you to be with me for the rest of my life. It is ok that you did not give the answer, but i know what answer you have.LOL I do not know what to tell you more, please ask me questions and i will try to answer them as much as possible. I squeeze my tube of toothpaste in the middle of the tube. I want to be there for you, to listen to you, and to hold you, and be there for you.That is love! I want to spent time with you, whether you are working, or enjoying time off from work, I want us to work together, whether that we are at the lake, or whether we are working on the house. I want us to enjoy each other, learn from each other, and laugh and play with each other, then when we want, we will spend time lovign each other, touching and carress each others bodies, kissing a licking each other, and enjoy each other during lovemaking.
That is LOVE! I know that you will be happy with me, and living with me. I want you to give me the best life that I can. To teach me, everything that you know, and what I don't we will experience together. We will eat good food, take care of each other, when the other one is sick, or not feeling good. And of course be there to celebrate out life together, and the happiness that we have in our relationship. I understand that you might have been alot of relationships, but I have been in one. Jim , I love you with all of my heart, as I hope that I have yours too! I give you my heart, I expect you to take care of it, as I do with yours, not to only take care of it, but to pamper it, hold and carress it, and make love to it, as it is very tender, and cradle it as it's a new born baby, so as I do yours, please take care of mine. I love you, Jim ! Hugs and Kisses, Your Anton
Letter 12

My darling Jim . I am happy because I love you more today than I did yesterday. I am writing you from Moscow cafe as i came here today in the morning, we had to leave Cheboksary yesterday very late as the date of the conference was changed , i found the cafe not far from the hotel. i like this city very much as there are a lot of possibilities here.
When i came here i went straight to the post office to get the parcel, got the parcel from you, thank you honey very much, i was so surprised to see so big box. All the pants fit me As for the camera, it is wonderful, i have always dream to have such kind and you sent it to me. I love it. I am so happy to receive all the things honey, thank you so much. I do not know how long i will be here, may be i will leave Moscow soon, tomorrow or after tomorrow, all depends on my manager I am a morning person, as i come home very tired and i can not stay too long at night , so i fall asleep and get up very early to go to work. yes i heard about some cases of swine flu in Novosibirska and on the north.
there is no swine flu in my city. I miss you , in my dream you were with me on the coast, We were looking at the ocean and the birds. I looked down the beach and saw two guys walking along the beach and I imagined that it was you and myself, we were on a deserted beach and the sun was not that high in the sky and we were walking hand in hand with a gental breeze just blowing our shorts against our bodies, we had no tops on because it was warm. I looked at you as the wind blew a little harder and I could see the outline of your body against the fabric of your shorts. Yours strong legs and your cock was outlined against the fabric, I noticed a movement in the fabric and asked you were you okay and you said 'yes, my love, just dreaming' at this point I took you inmy arms and kissed you on the lips and you laughed at me for being sentimental and we both stopped and hugged each other. As the day was warm we decided to take a swim in the sea and we dropped our shorts and ran naked into the surf, the wash of the sea halted us as the cold water reached our waists and then you jumped on my back and we both fell under the water. When we came up gasping for air we both laughed and kissed. I could feel your body so close to mine that I could not let you go. Wet and cold you looked so beautiful and a little shiver came across you body and we ran to the sand and threw our bodies onto it to get warm. As we lay there your hand took my cock and gently rubbed it until it started to waken and as I looked I could see that you were already hard, so I leant down and took you in my mouth, you tasted salty from the sea but it was great and I when down on you more. I lay on my back and you mounted my chest and your cock sank deeper into my mouth. I gagged just a little because you are a big boy and then you leaned forward over me and started to pump your cock into my throat and as you became hotter your balls were slapping against my chin and I loved it. My hands reached to your ass and took each globe in each hand and pushed you in further and my fingers worked their way into your hole. This sent you really wild and you exploded into my mouth with such force that I had to cough but you stayed there in my mouth and my fingers still in your ass. When you rolled off me you could see that I had cum also on my tummy and you reached down to rub the cum unto my skin, then you put your fingers in your mouth and leant down to kiss me. We were as one again in a different way but we just lay there in complete satisfaction with the love and joy that we had just experienced. oh my, that was great my darling Jim . You see I cannot do anything or go anywhere unless I think of you so until I hear from you again my man, I will wish you all the best and send hugs and kisses from me to you as always, I just love you my man.
Letter 13

My Darling Jim , Yes i have managed already to set russian time. it is a good camera, i can make the photos for you, but how can i download it to the computer, you told me in your last letters that you would include card-reader for me, so i would be able to plug it to the computer i am using in the cafe/ Yes i saw the piece of you inside of the pants, i tasted it but unfortunately it does not taste as the smell is already gone diring the time of delivery.

As I sit here in the Internet cafe while writing to you I want to tell you , I love you. I have just read all of your letters again, from the first to the latest you have written. I cry because I want you so much it breaks my heart that i am not there yet. Honey your wonderful words which you have used to express your feelings and love for me have made me weep. They are so beautiful to my thoughts. You have said things to me that no one has ever said to me before in my life. You make me feel so special and good about myself. While reading through your letters you have made me hard, even to the point of dripping pre cum. Your arouse me so with your descriptions of our sexual encounters that I want you even more, if that is possible. You have made me laugh with a lot of things you have written. You are the total package of a person.
Your are more than anyone could ever dream of. Your smart, tender, loving, gentle, amusingly funny, caring, precious, charming, delightful, arousing, beautiful and so much more in my eyes, mind and heart than anyone I have ever known or dreamed of. That is just a small definition on my Jim . Honey Oh How I Love You So, you will never know because there has not been words yet made to describe the deepest of my feelings I have for you. I can only use the words I know to describe my feelings for you. You are the total package all wrapped up in the most beautiful person God has ever created. I feel as though God made us for each other. Never thought I would be the receiver of such a precious gift from God, the gift of you.

My darling I give you my solemn promise of all of my love, devotion, and my protection. I promise my honesty, my honor and I will always cherish you and only you from this day forward as long as we both shall live. I cry as I say these things because I mean them with all my heart and soul and will never let you go. I have so much love to give you that I feel as though I would die if I were never able to give it to you. Never in my life have I ever felt so sure, strong and certain about totally and unconditionally giving all of me to one person. I can not begin to explain or even realize myself how deeply my love is for you. I have never felt this deeply in love before. I do know that it will grow deeper and deeper but I do not know how it could become any deeper because I have never had anyone make me feel like I feel right now. Honey you and your love has changed my life. I can't wait to flower you with my love. I will do my very best to keep you safe and keep you from all harm. I don't want anyone or anything to hurt the man I love so deeply. If you are hurt by someone or something, then I will be hurt also. My heart beats in unison with yours, beating together as one.

I feel as though I have to be writing to you constantly, because it makes feel so much closer to you. It is so frustrating. You are in every thought and moment of everything I do and think. In everything I look at I relate it to you in one way or another. It would take me a life time to write it all out for you to read. I would much rather have you here where you could see and experience just what I am trying to explain to you. Once I am there my actions will show you that all these things and more are so very true. Honey if I ever make you feel as though I am smothering you, please tell me and I will give you some breathing room. I want to inhale you and never exhale.

Oh sweetie, just wait till I hold you in my arms. I know I will be so happy I will cry. Cry because I am finally holding the most important man in the world in my arms. I can't even hardly see out of my clouded teary eyes just thinking about holding you in my arms. I want you more than you'll ever know and need you just as much. You are my heart beat. If only I were an eagle, I would fly there and retrieve my prey.
The catch of a life time. The most precious and wonderful guy that God ever breathed life into.

Honey I owe you a deep amount of thanks and gratitude. You are the one who first wrote introducing yourself to me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Oh God how I love you. If I could only place the sides of your face in my hands right now and caress your face and pull it close to me. I would approach your moist rosie red lips and kiss them ever so gently at first.
Then with deep passion my heart would begin to beat faster and faster. My rod would become ever increasingly harder and harder and I couldn't stand it any longer. I would remove each item of clothing from you until you stood before me naked. Then I would investigate every cell of your body, first with my hands and fingers and then with my tongue. It would come to completion once I had tasted of the delicious sweet taste of you exploding your hot body juice into my mouth. Exploding out of your extremely hard throbbing hot love rod into my mouth, drinking every drop because it was produced by the body of the man I so deeply love. I could write these things to you all the day long. I would rather be doing them to you and not writing them. Oh man, Honey I want you so much I hurt in side.

Now, Forever and Always I pledge my LOVE to YOU Your Anton
Letter 14

Hi My Jim ,

I want to say sorry for being a little late with this mail. I have been busy and didn't get a chance to right. I hope you will accept my apology. that is do great that you can send me another camera, i am sure I will be able to get some good shots for you. Of course I will bring that camera with me , so we will be able to change that. When was the last time you bought a pack of chewing gum? I am smiling, i do not remember, i like it but do not know why i did not buy it recently? was thinking about you today. I was thinking about what you might be wearing. Your smile and bright eyes. I was thinking about how your lips would appear. Those tasty lips that I long to taste. I long to kiss your sweet lips. I want to taste you. I want to feel you. Touch and a part of you. There is nothing more I want then to be with you.
Until then I wait.

I love you my man. You take care of yourself. I will continue to dream of you and wait for the next time we are together. I LOVE YOU Jim !!!!!

Letter 15

Hello My dearest Jim. At first i have googlemail, not gmail. I could not understand the difference. Why i was looking for older men. It is easier to communicate will older persons, as my teacher (my lover)was almost the same age like you i i wrote you before. I count the days before my arrival, i need you so much. We will share lots of times together in each others arms in bed and walk down the street to a cafe to have a coffee together and watch the day go by,watch the sun set and the only time we will be apart is when we have to go to work. We will be watching the clock counting every minute that goes fast so we will be back together again, cook dinner together and sit down and enjoy sitting next to each other eating our dinner, after dinner one of us clears the table and the other washers up. Then we relax an watch some TV in each other arms. Then we go to bed and just lay there next to each other and feel our bodies next to each othr we kiss and feel each others manhood rubbing together while we kiss and make love. This day will cme and we will be together. I have to go my love Anton
Letter 16

Hello my darling man. You wrote again this morning and I cannot tell you how great it was to read all your love and affection that you hold in your heart as I do in mine. It hurts a lot Jim but there is not much we can do at the moment being apart from you and your protective arms. I cannot tell you how much I want you with me as it would only be telling you what I have told you before. Why were you nervous about my changing email address? To tell the truth all the appliances you wrote about are not important for me, i want to be with you and nothing will replace being with you Jim I get up each morning and look at your picture and a tear comes into my eye so I have to get up and get dressed . I am out of the house by 8.30 am. to go to my work. I get back at about 6 pm. After a liitle rest i go to the Internet cafe to check my email. Can you imagine how I feel each time I see that I have a letter from you, it just makes my day and when I am reading your letter I am missing you all the more because you are not with me my darling man. I read your letters over and over again and I print your letter out and send it into a file that I have for you. That is much of my day ....except when I have to do the washing and ironing and to clean the house to make sure that it is always nice and clean and tidy. Then I watch a movie and maybe go down the street to see some friends or to do some shopping.. There is not a moment goes by when you are not on my mind and wondering what you are doing and where you are. I hope when I get there you will not be to bored with the way you live. But then there will be all the places to show me the beaches and the ocean and the clubs and the shops and everything about where i shall live with you. Then I suppose we could make love all day and just stay in bed and cuddle. I want to kiss you all over, every little place that you have never been kissed before and to lick you from head to toe.
But most of all I want to kiss those beautiful lips that you have and to tell you in so many different ways just how much I love you and to show you as well. To go to sleep with you in my arms will be as if I have died and gone to heaven, to smell you hair and to feel your body against mine as you move in the night. To wake in the morning and feel your hard cock pressing against my back as you cuddle me, to be able to take you in my hand and carress you until you are awake and begging for me to fuck you or you fuck me whatever we feel like as we will have all day to decide and then to shower with you or sit with you in the bath tub and to just look at you and wonder. These are the things that I think about all the time my Jim and I am starting to cry a lot because things are not happening as quickly as I want them to. Please look after yourself for me my darling as you are my one and only lover and I love you. As always I leave you with all my hugs and kisses my love. Yours forever
Letter 17

My Beloved Jim :

I was thinking of you today.

I am so happy that you sent the camera to me and a book about your area, so i will have smth to read and make photos with. LOL i checked the tracking of the parcel. Label/Receipt Number: CP29 7264 873U S
Class: Priority Mail International Parcels
Service(s): International Parcels
Status: Acceptance Your item was accepted at 9:57 AM on October 21, 2009 in BELLE GLADE, FL 33430. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later. I hope soon my manager will take me to Moscow and i can get the parcel from you. Wow, you want me to start the process of making a visa and passport, i am surprised pleasantly. My name as it is appears on my Identification card is ANTON BOGDANOV. I have checked the offices of MoneyGram here, one is close to my house, that is very convenient for me, that is in Sviaz Bank. as for local address you were correct this is 2 Lenin Prospect, Cheboksary, Russia 428000. Please explain to me who are phishers, i could not translate this word.
As i changed my email address, you see that i am sending you the letter from Los Angeles area in California because i think their office is there(, as for rambler it is located in Moscow, main office i mean( Concerning telephone call, please tell me convenient time for you and i will call you as i tried several time to catch you but you were not at home, there was only message machine on your phone. I love you, Jim . My heart is filled with the fullness of my devotion to you.
When I slumber, I feel you in my arms. When I wake, I feel the warmth of your breath on my face as I lay beside you, holding you in my arms. I so love feeling you in my arms each morning, and each night. You complete me, Jim I wish to have you beside me forever.

I hope this will help you to understand how I feel about you just a little better. I cannot hold you yet in my arms, but please know that every moment of every day, I hold you closely within my heart. My passion builds day by day, and the moment of our completion draws closer with each passing day. And, for that, I would wait forever. I wish to be yours alone, Jim . I want to marry you as only the truest of lovers can ever know. I need you so terribly badly, as I need any other part of myself. I love you, Jim . I kiss your heart, and your soul, with my love. My passion is for you alone. I will keep it safe and secure until that moment when I see your beautiful self beside me, and then my life will be complete. I love you, my man. Come to me now!
Be mine forever. Let us create a life together that is not perfect, just perfectly ours. Be mine, beloved. Take me, and make me forever yours. Let me take you, and make you forever mine.

I love you, my darling .

And, I am forever,

Yours Alone,

Letter 18

Hello My Love!

I was just reading some email from advertisers when your email came in. A huge smile crossed my face! Yes, that is the affect you have on me My Jim I even wrote you a separate email earlier today during my lunch break because you were so heavily on my mind all morning long.
In fact you are always heavily on my mind and will be until we can embrace each other in person. Then you will not only continue to be on my mind at all times you will also be within my eyesight and that is what I live for. Thank you for explaining to me what pnishing is. I did not know about all that. I was so happy to hear your voice message, i will try to call you tonight at about 9 pm, so wait for my call. Concerning the scam, you will change your mind when you see me, to tell the truth when i hear from you such words, it makes me sad as i am not that kind of guys.

some will think or even say that we are crazy for being so much in love without even seeing each other, BUT we have seen each other in pictures and that is almost as good as seeing each other in real life when it comes to making a decision

My Jim , I love you as much as you love me. I too would not know what life would be like if I had to face the reality that you and I could never meet or be with each other. I live day to day with joy in my heart, not to mention all the love I have for you, knowing that we will be together soon to begin our real life, in person; relationship that I oh sooo look forward to. I grieve daily because we are not together yet but at the same time I jump with joy in my heart knowing that this day passed means that we are one day closer to being together.

My Jim , My Love, I look forward to the day we can be in the same room and make a simple decision as to what to have for dinner, I live for that day we can just look at each other and simply reach across any table we happen to be sitting at to hold your hand and tell you how much I love you, or to tell you how beautiful your eyes are or your dazzling smile and how it affects me, how it makes me glow with joy and happiness. You think you cry when you read my letters, you should see me now, I will not be able to hold back the tears when we first lay eyes on each other. I cry now as I write these words because they are only words and dreams of this happening, us coming together in each others arms to embrace the hold that will be remembered for eternity, i.e., the moment we finally are able to touch each other in real life, it will be a cherished memory to hold onto for eternity.

Well, my Love, tis time to close this one. Another will follow thereafter......your next letter... NEVER stop talking to me. I love you too My Jim .

Always, Your Anton
Letter 19

Hi, my Jim . At first i got the money in the morning, thank you so much my love, i could not believe till today that we will begin the process of my coming to you. I am so happy, Tomorrow i am going to pay for the visa and passport. i got your photos , they are so wonderful, you are so sexy and handsome, i am hard right now writing you , just wait a little , i will write in some minutes what i want to do with you my love. I could not find my friend Ivan to get a charger,when came to him, there was nobody at home. i am sorry that i could not switch on the cell phone You asked me to teach you some russian so there are some phrases. I love you will be ya lublu tebya, not pedya.LOL
How are you Kak dela?
bye` poka
good bye do svidaniya
hello privet or zdravstvuyte
good night spokoinoy nochi when you call me next time, i want you to pronounce these words for me, i will check your pronunciation. I was thinking of you a lot.

I would stand in front of you and take you in my arms and start to kiss your beautiful face. Start on your eye lids. First one. And then the other.At the same time my arms will be on your shoulders pulling you closer to me and then cuddling you so I can feel your whole body close to mine. I can smell your manly smell as I snuggle down to your chin and start to lick your ears.
To taste you.Then to move my mouth round to yours and start to kiss your mouth. To start to lick your lips very lightly at first. Just to touch your lips and then more forcefully until my whole mouth was on top of yours and my tongue was fighting its way into your mouth.Tasting you.

My hands going down your back and pressing your lean,smooth body closer to mine. As I am doing this I feel your penis getting harder and longer as I press you to my body.I can feel your butt and the firmness of it as I grab hold of it through your jeans. Doing this is making my dick hard as well. [I really do love holding a guy's butt.
It really does make me feel very horny.] I can feel your heart beating faster and faster and your breath getting deeper and faster as I start to unbutton your shirt to reveal your gorgeous toned chest.I can't get it off quick enough.I stand back to look with admiration at the gorgeous sight I see before me. Looking at you with such lust and the though of what I will see when I finally see you naked.

I get on my knees so I am level with the belt of your jeans. I put my right hand up to where I can see your dick starting to grow and get bigger and I start to massage it through the material of your tight jeans. I am now standing up and I am trying to undo your belt with my right hand while I am still massaging your dick with my left. My dick is starting to get hard now as I have finally managed to open your jeans and reach inside to feel you. Your cock is straining to get out of your tight white boxer shorts[White, tight underwear really does things to me.The type that have the short legs in them.Just covering the tops of your legs] I feel your whole length of your cock and it is starting to get wet as I finally am able to grab hold of you.

I push you [gently] onto my sofa[as we are still downstairs] and I pull your jeans off your slim waist without a trace of fat anywhere to be seen. I stand back and look at the magnificence of your beautiful body with just your white Boxers on hiding the grandest prize of all.
What I am looking at between your legs, which is growing all the time.
[I love to see a guy in just his underwear. I think it looks really HORNY]
And, If the guy has a fantastic body like you do then I could be just standing there looking at you for a fair while.!!!!

Just looking at you lying there with your dick straining to be released from your boxers looks so inviting to me. I am on my knees again and Iam between your legs now.You open them wide for me and then I can see your balls straining to be released. I put my face to your balls and smell your manliness . There is some pre-cum coming from your dick as it shows on your boxers, and not to waste it I start to put my tongue to your dick through your boxers and finally taste you.You are SO HARD I think you are going to rip your boxers, so I put both of my hands to the top of them and gently pull them down. Past your slim hips and you push your butt up off the sofa so I can get them off you, and when you do I see the whole length of your beautiful cock. It is wet with pre-cum now and I can now taste YOU with nothing to get in the way.

My tongue is everywhere it can get to. On your balls. I make them wet as I put your right one in my mouth and then I lick your left one as I see it move up into your scrotum as I know and see that I am really turning you on.[I am also turning myself on as well] You open your legs again,inviting me to put my tongue between your legs and start to lick the rim of your butt.My nose is there first and I can smell you and I can taste you ..My tongue getting your hole wet and the hairs there. As you are really wet now I want to put my fingers where my tongue has just been but . A lot of kisses are on their way to you and I hope that you receive them very soon.

With great affection .

Letter 20

My beloved: The computer was a necessity, my darling Jim . Now, it has become a lifeline. It was so pleasant to listen to the voice message you sent me and russian phrases you pronounce, you make it correctly, you are making progress. i like your photos very much, you look so great like always. i like your white shorts very much. it will be wonderful if you compose invitation letter for me. I know it will help me to pass the interview.I am sending you the pattern of the invitation letter you should write. I am writing to you in the silence and stillness of this warm day, all is quiet. Too quiet, I think. For, as I search for the presence I feel around me, it begins to dawn upon me that this presence I feel is not around me at all. Rather, it is within me. As this acknowledgement makes its way into my brain, tired from a long day's study, I smile. I have found it! I know this presence. First I feel it and then I smell it. I can almost, but not quite, taste it.

It is love.

It is not a single love, however. It is a love enjoined by two hearts, two souls, two minds far apart. It is our love, my darling. It comes to me, wave after warm wave, encircling, enclosing, enfolding me. In this quiet moment, I feel us. I relax visibly, mentally, emotionally, spritually. I allow it to flood into me from all the parts of this small, miniscule dwelling. For, as surely as this pittance of a home cannot contain such a fullness as this, yet somehow it does. This love knows there is safety here, and it abides. This love knows it is not a welcome guest, but a welcome occupant of this abode. Humble in means, and small in size, this address holds one of the most precious gifts ever bestowed upon mankind: true love in all its glory.

I long for my bed, our bed. For, in that place, we are. I can hold you there, kiss you beyond tomorrow there. I can hold you in my arms, and allow my hands to learn of you there. I can feel your breath as it escapes your beautiful mouth as you whisper your love for me there. I can lay my head upon your gorgeous chest, and hear the heart beating that holds my love there.
I can whisper the name that is forever in my heart, and forever on my lips there: My beloved Jim . I can pull the covers over me, in even the warm summer night air, and feel you embrace me there. My bed is not a place; it is not even my place. Even now, somehow, this bed knows that there are two ordained to its protection and safety. My beloved, darling, wondrous angel Jim is here, too. I swear to you, I feel your love embracing me, even as I type these words, It is entirely physical, my darling. I feel your arms around me, as your beautiful mouth slowly kisses my neck, your tongue pointing the way to my waiting, wanting, urgently needing mouth. I am shivering with anticipation as I type this very sentence to you, my husband.
The smell of you, the feel of your beautiful hair on my shoulder and my neck send me into rapture. May it never end, this moment of our quiet completion. I do not want to fuck you--ever.
I want only to make love with you, my darling. Fast, or slow, urgently powerful or lovingly and tenderly, slow as when time holds no meaning.
Gently, or forcefully, I want only to be in your arms, my love. In the bed which retires me from the day's activities, I long to have you in my arms, kissing you without end, moaning the only name I know.

How can I sleep, when my most treasured one sleeps beside me? I cannot.
I stand amazed at his perfection. Not his physical perfection alone. He is a magnificent specimen, to be sure, and I long to kiss and taste every cell of his body without end. He sleeps, and his love flows from him in slumber into me. How can I resist touching him, my treasured one?? I would dain to cause him to wake, yet my hands long to feel his hair, and gently cascade down his wondrous face to his neck. To really touch him, and know that he is with me is a wish I am unworthy to make. Yet, it is the only wish I have of life. I would trade fifty years of life for just one day in his presence. My darling, Oh Jim how can I tell you precisely of my love for you?
Words are so clumsy and ineffective. Language is, as it has always been, entirely inefficient to express the depths of my love for you. This frustration vexes me beyond measure at times. As I watch guard over your sleep, my hands desire to feel your chest, my fingers making lazy slow circles around your nipples. You moan (The song that I live to hear you sing) gently. You, in your sleep, smile and, not even knowing it, you say "I love you, I love you, I love you, my darling .Even in your sleep, you cannot keep your heart from claiming me once again as your very own. As my hand slowly and serenly slides down your beautiful chest, to your stomach, I am amazed at the reality of you. I worship you as a God. I know that you are merely a man, yet the fact that you are my man humbles me to tears, even now. How can this be?
You, in your dreamstate, feel my hand descending to that most wondrous of all places, your manhood. I do not wish to grab you, my beloved. I merely feel an overwhelming need to gently, barely touch you. You gently slide into me, moving your manhood into my hand. Your head lands on my shoulder. I gaze into your sleeping eyes, my heart racing as your manhood comes home to me. My hand encircles you in your sleep.
Sleeping, you smile a smile of complete satisfaction. I am watching this symphony in all its grandeur, yet I know this concerto is for only one.
This music of your love is performed for me alone, and I cannot restrain my tears of unfettered joy. I do not want to wake you, nor would I that you should see my tears. Yet, these tears are of the greatest joy, adoration, and thanksgiving.

I gently rub your stiffening manhood with my hand, and very, very lightly caress your balls with my hand. Oh, this magically wondrous musky place of your completed essence. I am completely addicted to it.
I cannot bring myself to ever be away from it. I bring my hand slowly to my face, and smell you. My heart is racing, my darling. I am so completely yours. I slide my fingers into my mouth, so that I might yet once again taste your wonderful flavors. My arm, under your head, pulls your face very close to mine, so that I may feel your slow, gentle, even breath upon my face. My hand, longing for its most favorite place, returns to gently encircle your cock. I am shaking, in my reverie. Growing to its fullness, your erect tool welcomes my touch, and seems to invite me to more. I cannot do more. I must not do more. It would not be .... I slide my head slowly, gently down until I can take your head into my mouth.

Oh, that Heaven should be this moment. My darling, I have you in my warm, moist, wanting, waiting, willing mouth at last. My hand slides across your pelvis, and I feel the globe of your ass. Your beatiful ass that i long to touch, to feel, to kiss forever, my tongue jealously wanting to take the place of my hand, yet sliding slowly and gently up and down your throbbing shaft. My middle finger finds the secret place of my lover.
Making slow, small circles, I very gently trace the outline of your rosebud asshole with my strangely moist finger. My mouth is slowly and ever-so-gently descending upon your tool, my nose taking in the perfume of your aroma until I can feel your pubic hairs tickling my nose. I am sucking you, as you sleep, my darling. I want your every moment only to be extasy. I want to please you without pause, and this is one way in which I can attempt to help you feel my undying devotion and love. My hand, playfully prodding your waiting rosebud, pulls you towards me, as I want only to take all of your rigid, turgid tool into my mouth to pleasure you, my darling.
Sliding up and down, slowly, gently, easily, without rushing, I consume you into me. My hand takes your wondrous balls, caressing them. I hear you moan, and I know that you are only lghtly awake, but aware of the pleasure sensations you feel as you dream. Your hips very slowly pump your rod into my addicted mouth, and I receive more, and then all of your raging manhood. Oh, my glory!! My nose presses against your balls as the fullness of your manhood ascends its rightful throne of my willing mouth, beloved. As you lightly moan, singing to me the song I love the best, the song of your pleasure, I wrap my lips even more tightly around your delicious cock, and I press my lips together as I descend down upon it, even as you push it futher towards my mouth. I feel your heartrate increasing, your breathing becomes more rapid and shallow, and your moans of satisfaction are now a lover's chorus. Wanting only to watch you sleep, I now cannot stop from taking all of my beloved's wondrous love inside me. Urgently needing all of your seed, I begin sucking your cock faster, and harder. I know this cannot be, yet my mouth, my eyes, my ears--every sense is screaming this reality to me. My mouth is really watering even as I type these words, my darling.

As if an emergency exists which only your complete love can repel, I take all of your down my throat, needing to feel your explosion of manjuice, your love cream into my being. Like an addict, this is the only fix I require. And even as I recieve more, I desire more. Sucking you faster, harder, I feel your cockhead expand. Your breathing has become that of a marathon runner crossing the finish line, You moan loudly, and gasp as your propel your throbbing angry cockhead into the back of my throat. I feel your hands in my hair, pressing down as if begging me for more. Oh, to give more pleasure to my husband? What joy is this? I need you so badly, my darling.
Give me all of you. As if I have no breath with which to breathe, I need you inside me. I feel your balls contract, and I know that you are on the verge of completion. You fairly scream out in your passion, telling me "Ohhhhh my Jim !! My Darling Jim I am going to....." Hearing this, I merely attempt to suck you harder, and more urgently, wanting to drain every possible sperm from your ballsack. My hands take your sweet ass as my mouth pummels down upon your massive manhood, pulling it even deeper into me. And, the gift! As I feel your body quake, you explode inside my needing mouth, sending your seed into my stomach. Four, five, six, seven blasts, ribbons of the sweetest nectar ever taken from the most exotic living thing scream past my tonsils. Your eruption seems to know no end. Neither does my total joy. I have been given the most precious gift one can ever hope to recieve in this, or any other lifetime. I have recieved the gift of my darling Jim 's seed--my addiction is satisfied, but only for a short while. Even as you collapse onto our bed, sweat pouring from your brow, your hands grasping for me, shaking, I know that--at least for this moment, my wondrous friend, my lover, my husband, knows the complete love of satisfied release into his beloved. We are one still, and again.
Feeling your spent manhood settling, yet still firm within my mouth, I raise my mouth from its glorious presence, I slowly, tenderly kiss the balls of my man, my Prince, My Jim . Giving you love is my greatest joy, my darling. I look to your face, and see your closed eyes in the most lovely expression of release. I slide my face up your chest, and I roll onto my side, taking your sweat-soaked brow into my lips, kissing away your heat. I pull you to me, wanting only to kiss you gently once again back into the welcome arms of sleep. I will hold you until you wake, when you will see my eyes looking into your face. You will wonder. But, when you see my face, you will have no questions.
Yes, my darling, I did. And, it was completely wonderful as you exploded into my mouth, too! You will know, yet no words will be said.
Yes, there will be time for sleep for me. But, not yet, and not now.
For now, my only desire is to be mystified as you sleep surrounded by our love, my arms holding you.

And, my darling, I can assure you, this is the drama, the sweet pantomime, that will play itself out between the stars of my dreams.
And, as I have several times recently, I know that yet once again, the last word I utter before giving myself entirely over to the sleep which now looms shortly on the Horizon, will be the same: "Oh, my Darling Jim .
Feel my love as I send it to you. Let it embrace you, even as your love embraces me, my darling. that this is not love.
This, is my love, only for you beloved. My Jim !"

May my final breath of every life, every day, and every moment, forever be only one thing:

"I love you, Jim !"

Forever Yours Alone,

Letter 21

My darling Jim . yes i tried to find out about the messenger installed in the cafe.
They do not have it there, if they install it there, i will have to pay for the time speaking with you, it will be very expensive. My favorite color is Blue. LOL. Thank you for composing the invitation letter, it is good written, i have alreadt printed it out and show it to the travel store agent, i will let you know tomorrow if it is ok. I think it is good One thing i did not understand, you want me to come to you in May? You are my world and my partner from the first time that you wrote to me, over the period of time that we have been writing to each other I have said many times that I have fallen in love with you. This is very different from just loving someone, this is a committment from me to you, I love you with all my heart and body and soul and I shall not be at peace until we are together as one. we will meet and all we have written to each other over these mon ths will come true, I promise. My Jim I do so much honour your love for me and my feelings for you, I have never told anyone else the things that I have said to you and the way that I feel about you, to just think of you makes me so happy and when I look at your face tears come to my eyes as I imagine what it is going to be like when we meet and kiss and hug, from that point onwards I will never let you go, unless of course you want to go. That is how much I love you Jim , yes I love you so much that I would let you go if you asked me but my love would continue until the day that I die. I wake sometimes at night and the feeling that you are beside me is there until I am completely awake and then I cry because you are not there and I am alone and so lonely without you. We have much to discover about each other when we meet and that will take a lone time for me to examine you and your beautiful body and then to start all over again until you beg me to stop. I want to lick you all over, every crevice and every opening you have your mouth, your ears and your ass, that will take me to the great heights of heaven Jim . My tongue to enter your very private part and for you to let me do it to you. This is not lust, this is love my man and when we marry you will have me all to yourself and I know we are going to be very happy. I have no feelings for anyone else except you Jim . Yes I do love some other friends but I am NOT inlove with them. I am only IN LOVE with you and no one will be able to satisfy me like you will be able to.
Just to imagine your touch and your smell starts to send shivers down my back, as if it were your fingers on their way to my waist and then to me ass and then further still. You see Jim this sort of feeling only comes once to a person and we have found it my love. For a long time now Jim I have committed myself to you and to you alone and I have been and will be faithful only to you, until the day that I can take your manhood in hands and love it I shall be faithful to you. To see and watch it grow until I cannot see out of my eyes because I will cry and my sweet tears will drop onto the head of your manhood and combine with your precum until I take you in my mouth and love you from tip to base. My hands with each ass cheek in my hands will force you deep into my throat and you will shoot your seed deep into me and I shall savour each drop. Jim , your dream will come true I promise. Please do not get sad to often my man as it affects me as well because some how I know when you are sad and at times tears come into my eyes and that is when I know you are sad for me to. You are my man and my lover and will be my husband to look after me and me you. I have never said these things to anyone else Jim and I know you are the right person for me, so keep yourself pure and happy and look after yourself my darling man. I love you so very much . Until I can feel you near soon. I am your for ever. Your lover and sweetheart. Anton
Letter 22

Hello, my sweet Jim : I want you so very much! I couldn't wait to receive an email from you today.
I checked the computer earlier before I went to work, but I hadn't heard from you yet. Your emails keep me going. I look forward to our daily contacts. I went to the travel store to show your invitation letter, they told me that it would be enough for the Embassy. Today I had a doctor appointment. I had a back pain . The doctor has scheduled me a message twice a week at the hospital. I will have it Friday morning. I am going to need all of my strength!! I plan for both of us to wear eachother out sexually!! he,he Today I had another fantasy about us. We were walking through a nature trail close to the downtown area where I live. We were walking hand and hand, stopping occassionaly to embrace and kiss. We took a turn on the trail that took us to an area that was deeper in the woods. We stopped by a tree. You undid my belt and pants and pulled them down to my ankles. You turned me around and placed my hands on the tree then bent me over. You got behind me and started feeling my naked ass then pulled my ass cheeks apart. You then started licking my hot lovehole.
It felt so good, I couldn't help but moan! You continued this for a few minutes, then gently inserted a finger into my love canal. You fingerfucked me for a few minutes letting your finger press up against my prostate gland and massaged it. (I love that)! Then, you pressed your beautiful cock hard against my lovehole letting it slide in gently. You held it there for a few minutes letting me get used to it so that it wouldn't hurt. While doing this, you were passionately kissing me on my neck and cheeks. You started to go in and out with your cock until we were both moaning with pleasure. With one hand, you had reached around me and was jerking me off while you were fucking me. This felt so good for both of us that it didn't take long before we could feel our balls tightening, becuase we were about to shoot our loads.
We came together at the same time, you filling my love canal with your hot love juice and I shooting a stream that hit the tree and ran down it. It was so beautiful for us to be together in this way. We are so much in love and this is an expression of that love that we feel for each other. We kissed passionately and held each other for a long time. We didn't even notice that there was another guy near by that was so caught up in what we were doing, that he masterbated there close to us~ We all three laughed about this afterwards and continued our walk down the trail. We knew we would be coming back to our trail many more times for many more adventures! Well, my sweet.
I will be getting ready to go into work before long. My thoughts are with you as always...and you have all of my love. Thankyou so much for bringing love into my like I have never had. Please know that I will be with you always until our dying day. Lovingly,
Letter 23

Oh My Jim ,

I hope that everything is going well with you, and that you can feel all of my excitement, of our being together very soon !!! I just got to the Internet cafe from work, and all that I can think of is you here with me. I am so happy to read all those sweet words from my Jim. i look the photo you sent me and imagine my life with you, it will be fantastically beautiful, i am sire in that. i have to print our the sanibel, so I will have that to read before going to bed, thank you for composing that for me honey. During my working time i went to the dentist as for the whole night i could not fall asleep, as he told me i have the problems with gums and i need it to be treated. He recommended me to order some dental irrigator to use it at home. I do not know if you heard about that as i can not find it here in any drugstores. I would like to ask you to look for that in the states . you will help me much, the dentist told me it is not expensive . Please look for that there, may be you will find that. That would be wonderful of you can send it to me. as he expained it to me it is an electric powered device that has a water reservoir on top and a plastic hose that connects to the unit. When you turn it on, it pumps the water through the hose to the nozzle in "pulses"... like a power washer for your teeth & gums. Let me know if you can find it there. Right now I can barely walk they are so sore, and my legs are just cramping up on me. Oh it would be so nice to have my sweetheart here now, while massaging my feet and legs, we are also kissing so passionately, in order to get my mind off of all of the pain that I am. Actually just closing my eyes and pretending that you are actually here, is doing wonders for me.

Anytime I feel a twitch of pain, I always close my eyes, and remember why I am doing this. I see your face, your eyes, those lips, and I know that I would climb a mountain with all of this pain, just to have you with me.
It's so well worth it for me !!! You are my reason for doing anything now, and always will be. i imagine that I kiss your chest, and tell myself that you are mine. I lay in bed and look at your picture by my side, and just that gives me the great peace to be able to sleep so wonderfully, and all I do is dream about you, in each and every room of the house, outside as we work with smiles on our faces, and as we walk hand in hand in the woods, with a grip that no one else can break. I dream of you so heavily that I can actually feel you by my side, right up against my body, which gives me such a great security, I feel you kiss my shoulders in such a loving and caring way, and I hear you whisper in my ear, how much you love me. Yes, I am very tired and sore, but when I think about you, it makes it so much better.

As each day goes by, I am closer to you my love, and feel assured that we will be together for the rest of our lives. I do know that your spirit will never leave me, nor will mine leave you !!! We are connected in a way where no one dare try to come between us. I do not miss you anymore, since I know that you are so embedded in my heart and in my soul. I do love you so much !!!

Yes, you are My Jim !!!

Love, Anton
Letter 24

Hello Babe, I am glad you are alright though lonely as I am for you. Thank you so much for the money you sent me, i did not expect you send it today, so tomorrow morning i will get the money before my evening train to Moscow. I will take only some money to buy food and may be stay there at the hotel. I will leave the money at home to keep it safe to buy the tickets to you then. I am leaving at 4.57 pm tomorrow. you will not hear from me for some days, and please keep your fingers crossed. Your sanibel was wonderful like always. I could almost repeat your letter verbatim as to how I feel concerning you.
All I can say is that I can't do everythinf that is needed from me to suit myself or you but all it takes is time. I know you are on pins and needles to see me as I want you to be close to me. What I am about to write please don't try to read into what is written but read what is written. Jim , my love, my friend, my boyfriend my husband to be and much, much more, you are the part of my life that has been missing for my years which I want you here NOW!
But circumstances have thrown a wrench into the works but that is a temporary wrench. You the best part of my life and worth waiting for. I have been waiting this long for you to come into my life so I can wait a little longer but not much longer, my sweet love. I want to write you a lullaby so I took an old one and made a few changes in the wording. I hope you like it.

Hush, my Jim , don't say a word.
Anton is waiting for you
And wanting only you for life,
You are a part of his heart,
as he is a part of your heart. Your heart beats true to only one beat,
The beat of another man.
Anton is going to be there for you no matter what, because your lives are
intertwined for each other, And only each other.
Sleep my Jim , Sleep
Be at rest and peace,
Anton is waiting for you.
is waiting with open arms
for you to fill.
Love and warmth will abound
as you enter those arms.
Then you will finally know freedom.

Freedom of the soul and your heart,
to love and be loved.
So My Jim ,
Sleep in the arms of
Love, peace and freedom
And be my sweet Jim in my arms
Then as you fall asleep, I kiss you lightly on the forehead and the lips.

I hope this will help you my Jim because all I can do is write to you for the moment until the time is there.

Your loving Anton
Letter 25

Hey, The My Heart of My Heart, Today i came from Moscow in the morning, so i went home to sleep a little as i was very tired. you can not imagine how i am happy now I GOT THE VISA, you can congratulate me. I was in the embassy about 30 minutes as i was asked only some questions by the counsel, he checked my documents.
He was asked me about you, how long i know you, where exactly you live, where i met you and so on, it was not difficult for me to answer him as i know English well. It is a pity i did not have much time to see Moscow and its sights as i have to run for the train to go to Cheboksary. May be next time with you... I am so happy Jim that a big step was made towards our meeting. I just do not know what to tell me more, because i am so excited now and i am lost with words. Now i can buy the tickets and come to you as soon as i have enough money for that. By the way i got the money you sent me , i got it before my departure.
thank you so much my love for your help. You can not imagine how i was happy to receive the parcel from you, the camera, book by Ann Tyler and T-shirt, one of it is a bit large for me, but it is ok. I loved all the presents from you. I made some photos in Moscow and tomorrow when i am here in the cafe i will try to send them to you. Your body is being a pain in the butt but the heart is the all knowing factor in this situation. The rest of your body and all its beautiful parts may want to start listening what the heart and soul are talking about then the rest of your body will get the picture of the love that I send. Not just in words but also in emotion over the ever present internet lifeline to the star of the universe which shines brighter than any thing else in the sky including the sun. You, the legs, ears , lips, neck, arms and hands and every cell, ounce of blood, hair, finger nail and toe nail and every millimeter of skin, start doing your duty or you will cause My lovely Jim to go crazy and then he and you (your body) will not be where you need to be. If you Jim 's body) can't figure it out then I will spell it out for you. There is only one place where Jim and Jim 's body belong and that is in my arms and next to me for the rest of our lives. The heart is what you need to listen too and the words I speak to Jim so ears listen up and have patience. All of those beautiful parts of My Jim should chill so as to let Jim enjoy a few things like going to the bathroom.

So body be patient, the time for our meeting is not too far in the future.
Then all your demands, wants and pleasures will be fufilled.
As will my pleasures and my life will be fufilled and complete as will the man I love so deliciously. He doesn't need the pressure or the anguish.

I know that you and your body will finally enjoy each other again once you and I lock eyes when we meet. That day will be the longest day of the our lives because it will seem that it is not going to end and as far as I am concerned that would be fine. My thoughts are constantly of you and having you need me and with me. I love to tickle your ear lobes with my tongue, then your manhood so that it grows to and becomes rock hard so that I can play with your cock and balls for hours on end and your virgin rosebud to lick and finger to make it open to my love for you.

I love you for you and need you and your body.

Love always, Your Anton
Letter 26

Hello Jim . I read your letter today and you are such a sweet man that makes me love you even more than ever. Was so wonderful to get a video from you my love. It is ok if can not come to you and you will be at work, so i will stay at your house , prepare dinner for you and wait to hug you when you come home tired.If it is possible for you , i want to come to you this winter and celebrate Christmas and New Year together. I downloaded the driver from the site you gave me, but the OS does not recognize that, the camera model is FinePix 2650. Please try to find smth , may be another driver will work. There is Windows vista on the computers. I know you must be lonely at home but just cuddle your pillow and close your eyes and I will come to you in your dreams, with tired eyes and a loving hand to help you go to sleep. You may hear a little wisper in your ear that says 'I love you my darling', well that will be me speaking the honest truth to you my Jim . You do not have to hold onto me in writing Jim because I have told you over and over that I am yours and you are mine and nothing will ever change that my love. Your name has been written on my heart in gold and silver and cannot be removed unless they cut my heart out and then it will dissappear because holds God holds our love so purely that nothing can take it away from us ever. I love you so much my man and every time you tell me about you going to bed I just shiver all over wanting to be there to cuddle you until you fall alsleep in my arms and I will feel very safe and loved. I am still very busy with my work , but then I have a look at your picture and my tiredness goes because you add a lightness to my heart and I continue with my work. I to long for your touch and your kisses and cannot wait until we are together in our bed for the first time. I know I shall be very shy for a little while until you make me smile and kiss me with those lips and I shall be happy Jim . It will be a wonderful day and night and day and night and day and night. Oh sorry, I forgot where I was going with that my darling.
I think of you every day and hope you will always love me as I love you,
forever Jim . With that on my mind I will say bye for now my partner and tell you again that I love you so very much. All my kisses and hugs from your man and partner. Anton
Letter 27

Good Morning, My dear Jim , Yesterday i wrote the trust for my manager as he is in Moscow now and i hope he can get the parcel for me. He will come to Cheboksary tomorrow and let me know if he got the parcel for me in the post office It is a very very pity that we can not meet before american Christmas, because your daughter will be at home. Can we meet in the hotel or in Motel for some days while your daughter is at home. You will be able to stay with me as much as you can or is it very expensive to rent a room in the hotel? as for the camera, it costs more than 200 usd here, i should buy the digital camera to be able to download the photos to the computer. I do not want to spend so much money on the camera just to send you the photos as that money will help us to bring me there. It is an evening here in Russia . I think that your wake up was well received by me this morning when I woke up. The first thing on my mind was that you had been here with me during the night, maybe not in body yet but definitely in spirit. As I wish I were there to tuck you into bed, with a little gentle persuasion, I would take you by the hand and lead you into our bedroom. Then slowly and methodically take off your clothes, starting with your shoes. I would have you sit down so I could give your feet a gentle massage by rubbing my thumbs on the balls of your feet in gentle yet firm circles. After a few minutes, I would then remove your socks. I would stand in front of you and take your shirt off but slowly while I admire your chest. As I pull your shirt up, I stop as the shirt covers your head and your arms are up in the air then I knee in front and start kissing and licking the center of your chest. I start just below your chin and make my way down to your belly button as I hear a moan come from your lips. I start back up towards your chin but also grab your shirt and finish taking it off so I can plant a long passionate kiss on those lovely, succulent lips of yours as my hands slide to your pants and unbutton and unzip them so I can slide them off those wonderfully slender hips and tight little butt that I adore. After what seems like an hour of kissing you, I put my hand on your chest to push you gently back so you are laying across the bed. My hands then go to the band of your pants and gently slide them off your hips and buttocks while admiring what is being unveiled before my eyes. As I slide your pants to your ankles and finally off to set them aside. I stand up to admire the whole being of the man who I love, admire, adore, call my friend, my life, my heart but most of all, I call my better half because without you, I am not whole. But getting back to tucking you in. After seeing you as I always do and always will as my darling man.

As you lay there in nothing but your shorts, with a slight smile on your face with a little glint in your eyes. As I look into your eyes and then start my eyes to roving over the rest of your sleek, well maintained body.
I linger on your chest and nipples then onward to your button of love and finally my eyes stop at your shorts. There my eyes linger for a long while as I notice a long protrusion seeming to try to break out of your bright red shorts. So without further ado, I knee down by your feet and put my hands on your knees to help me down but that is a lie because all I really want to do is touch you wherever and whenever I have the chance too. Once I am on my knees, I start to slide my hands up your thighs very slowly and gently.
You moan a little as I slide them to your inner thighs and finally reaching the bottom of your shorts. Where I stick finger under the short bottoms and lift a little so I can take a gander at the what is causing the protrusion. I see what the problem is so I then slide my hands to the band of your shorts and slide then down to your knees and then to the ankles and finally off. I then reach to the wonderful protrusion with a finger and trace every square millimeter as I hear a groan escape your lips. I move my other hand to your balls and cup them gently as to like holding a piece of fine china. I then reach toward your balls with my tongue and lick them each 10 times and suck on each one for a few minutes each then move to start licking your manhood like a lollipop as one finger is gently probing your delicious manhole. I then start to suck on your love pole because I know you would like to go to sleep soon. NOT! You are enjoying my ministrations to care about going to sleep at the moment. So I continue on with my enjoyment of driving you to ecstacy and pleasure.

Sleep well my love so I will sleep well but dream the dream of us being together forever. I love you to the point of pain but it is the pain of loving too much and not enough, if that makes sense. My love is for you and only you as my life is for you.

To us together for the rest of our lives and forever.

Yours in every way, Your Anton
Letter 28

Jim . At first i got your second parcel, the manager brught it to me in the morning, wow. so sexy shorts, i like them very much, they fit me good.
I will come to you in those shorts, i promised and you will have the opportunity to take them off. Secondly i liked the water pik and all other suplies. most of all i got the cd with videos and photos, wow so many, i did not expect to have so many, thank you so much my love, I love you, you are so sexy and handsome, really you are. Now i know what garden looks like and i will not fix it with another one, i will find it with my closed eyes. thank you for the card, very nice and powder juice, it is nice, i have never tasted such kind of juices. so good of you to send them to me. ? ???? ??????? ??? ? ???? ??????. ???????? ???? ?? ???? ????? ???????? (the translation will be- i want to keep you all over. Fuck me witt all your passion) As i see it is not a good russian tranlation, it was translated with the use of the translation program. russians does not speak so. By the way i found message oil and some toy, wooow, i tried it to put into my tight ass hole, i cum all over, it is so exciting, i have never tried that . Then another news, i went to the travel store, so the info is the following At first for 22-23 December and back on 2nd of January wow the cheapest tickets using Russian airlines are for $1701.66 (Base Fare (incl. fees) + taxes (- Instant Discount) = Total $1443.00 + $268.66 ( - $10.00). Aeroflot - Russian Airlines
Flight 315 332 Moscow (SVO) New York Kennedy (JFK) 02:20pm -22Dec, Tue
05:00pm -22Dec, Tue
Nonstop Coach JetBlue Airways
Flight 47 320 New York Kennedy (JFK) Ft Lauderdale (FLL) 07:00pm -22Dec, Tue
10:21pm -22Dec, Tue
Nonstop Coach Back JetBlue Airways
Flight 2 320 Ft Lauderdale (FLL)
New York Kennedy (JFK) 08:00am -02Jan, Sat
10:44am -02Jan, Sat
Nonstop Coach Aeroflot - Russian Airlines
Flight 316 332 New York Kennedy (JFK)
Moscow (SVO) 07:05pm -02Jan, Sat
12:20pm -03Jan, Sun
Nonstop Coach 1701 usd is a crazy cost because of the holidays As for the January plan the info is the following and the tickets are much cheaper , they are for $1443.70 (Base Fare (incl. fees) + taxes (- Instant Discount) = Total $1343.80 + $114.90 ( - $15.00) United Airlines
Flight 965 763 Moscow Domodedovo (DME) Washington Dulles (IAD)
12:20pm -22Jan, Fri
03:35pm -22Jan, Fri
Nonstop Coach United Airlines
Flight 1906 734 Baltimore (BWI) Miami (MIA)
07:55pm -22Jan, Fri
12:23am -23Jan, Sat
1 Stop Coach United Airlines
Flight 8848 744 Miami (MIA)Frankfurt (FRA)
04:05pm -07Feb, Sun
06:50am -08Feb, Mon
Nonstop Coach
8hr 45min Aeroflot - Russian Airlines
Flight 106 320 Frankfurt (FRA)Moscow (SVO)
02:05pm -08Feb, Mon
07:10pm -08Feb, Mon
Nonstop Coach Let me know what you think about all that, is al is well with you daughter, i would like to be with you on Christmas. it will be the best present for me I try to write every day because well for one thing, I am not a dream and I not only want you but need you. When you and I started emailing each other , I first thought that I would have a penpal but something changed somewhere along the way. I don't know how or why but that something was happening inside me and the change brought out something in me that I didn't think would ever come alive again. That thing was my heart, I didn't think I would ever find a man, a friend, a confident, a person with an open mind and finally a love. Guess who brought that out of me, You, Jim and you alone.
My mind, soul, spirit and my heart have opened to a kindred soul and spirit. I know that you are lonely and feel like there is no where to turn too until you read my profile on that site. And there you saw something or felt something that intrigued you. I think this was something that was meant to happen by God's will, your Dad, my Dad or it was written in the stars for you and I to write, talk and finally meet in this life time. Well Jim , don't feel lonely any longer because you aren't alone.
There is a person, a man, a friend, a caring loving dude that is waiting for you. That one person is me, Your Anton and only yours you crazy man. I think that the sun got to your mind or something. There is only one person in this world that I want to spend my life with.
Another, another, well I could go for a another guy so long as he is another one of you. I think though that I prefer to have the original you all to myself. And I did write to you yesterday, sweetheart. Jim , my eyes are waiting and wanting to meet your eyes for the first time, to gaze at every square millimeter of your body, my ears are waiting and wanting to hear your voice, the sound, the tone and the love, my nose is waiting and wanting to smell your musk and to bask in your smell, my lips are waiting and wanting to kiss your lovely lips and every crevese and cranny that I find while exploring your body, my tongue is waiting and wanting to taste your lips, your chest, stomach, cock, your butt and lvoe hole and every portion of that body I desire,my hands are waiting and wanting to hold you, touch you, feel you, grab you, enter you, caress you and most of all cuddle you when you are happy, sad, undecided and just because I love you for who you are and what you mean to me and my body is waiting and wanting to lay next to you, to become one with you, to make love with you, to touch shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, thigh to thigh, knee to knee and feet to feet, to lay on you, to use you as a pillow and be there for you and my heart feels your devoted love, caring, passion, compassion and your heart as our hearts beat as one.

I have always loved you Jim and my heart found you as your heart found me so never doubt my love, devotion, the caring I have for you and always you. You are my star that brightens my life now and forever.

Love you,

Your Anton
Letter 29

Hello My Sweetness, What a day I had today? First getting up was had because I was so tired from last day on my work. I couldn't take my shower after work since I got home at 11:30 pm. So, this morning, I had to get up a little earlier than usual so I could take a shower and then make my lunch for work. I finally was out of the house at 7:20 am I was tired all day long. Once at work, I started my usual. The most important thing tonight was to write to you and not a short little note . THank you for money my love, i got it in the morning. I think 400 usd will be much more enough for the trip as i do not need anything for this trip How was your day? I hope you weren't as busy as I was today. Ah, to come home to you and just melt in your arms would certainly make my day. Then to go upstairs and take a nap with you in my arms for the comfort and company. Then to wake up and look into your eyes and kiss you on the forehead then cuddle you closer just because it is you, the man I adore and love so much.

As always, you were on my mind as you are everyday. Just thinking of you, I like missing a part of me. I love you, Jim so don't you ever forget it. To be with you is going to be well it is just going to BE.
You and I with each other, talking, holding, cuddling, teasing, tickling and making beautiful music together while in bed laying next to each other.

I hope you slept well while dreaming of the two most important people in the universe and that is us of course. I certainly will since I will going to sleep in a little while. You are probably awake right now and maybe at work or on your way to home. Stay safe and well and most of all be patient my Sweetheart. OUr hearts are intertwined and I can almost feel when you are sad.
I am never sad because I have you in my head all the time along with pics of you in my wallet. I love you,

Always Yours, Anton
Letter 30

Hi , Jim . My love i got the money today, thank you very much, i am so excited that we will be together soon. Tomorrow morning i am going to the travel store to buy the tickets by plane and train. then i will send you full information of the flight , seats, terminals, etc. When I awoke this morning I was so horny my cock was stiff and you were on my mind. I believed you were with me in my bed and my cock started to fuck the bed and I closed my eyes and I thought that I was fucking you my love. It felt so nice and I hope your cock was stiff as well when you were thinking of me and you jacked off your cock until you came. My cock now is stiff again just thinking of you Jim . I would look at you sleeping so peacefully. I would first kiss you softly on your lips and face. I would slowly massage your chest and work my way down to your cock which is stiff already even while you are asleep. I can:t resist I go under the covers and start to lick your cock and your balls and slowly I would take your cock into my warm mouth and start sucking your cock, oh it tastes so good I don't want to stop sucking your manhood. You start to moan and I know you are getting really hot. You slowly awake from your sleep and you look down at me and smile at me as your cock fucks my mouth. You are really hot I can feel your heat and finally you shoot a large amount of cum into my waiting mouth, I drink your juice and afterwards I embrace you my love and kiss you. We would then eventually get up have a hot shower together, and agian in the shower we would make love to each other. Afterwoards I would take a towel and dry off your beautifull body kissing you as I towel you dry. Then I would make you a nice breakfast and we would go for a walk to enjoy the day. Have a great day today Jim you have all my love, hugs and kisses for you, your guy forever, I love you Jim ,Anton
Letter 31

My Darling, You can not imagine how am upset , when i came to the travel store to buy the tickets and was ready to book them when i was told, am i know what i will need 2500 usd to show on the custom or i should have a bank account with that sum of money.

As they explained to me that one of their clients came back home because of them , he did not pass the custom, as he was asked at the customs to give confirmation letter of the bank balance account with that sum of money. that is why they wanted to warn me because i can spend the money for the train tickets and time for the trip in vain.
it is awful, my love. it can be only in russia, such service of the tourist agencies, they should have told me beforehand to plan a trip.
i asked them, what should i do with this money, they told me that i just need to have it or bank account confirmation or money in Traveller checks and do not have to spend it on something

As I understoood all visitors to USA must be able to demonstrate they have adequate funds to cover all costs associated with their visit.
visitors may be asked to show evidence that they have the necessary funds on the custom providing evidence with a completed application .
the criteria "adequate funds" may be satisfied by showing personal bank statements, money transfer receipts, pay slips,audited accounts, taxation records or cash in hand, depending on the amount of money.

This amount can also be a combination of officially proved income and savings with a stable history of at least three months. unfortunately i can not take this stable history from my work as i am working there unofficial. so the only way is to open a bank account or buy traveler checks.

I should prove on the custom that i am stable financially and can be there and that i will return USA without any problems. I am so lost and depressed, please tell me what we should do. Did't you know about that before? why didn't you tell me about that as i could have the problems on the custom

All my love to you, always. Your lover. Your Anton.
Letter 32

My Dearest, It feels like an eternity since I last spoke to you by letter and yet it has only been a few hours. Time seems to progress like molasses dripping from a bucket. It's like the pace of a snail as it tries to achieve the distance of a kilometer. I find myself often impatient and waiting in shear desperation to hear from you, but I must wait for hours. I must learn to accept this position at present, but some day this will be a distant memory. I spent most of the day working on documents, but they did not seem to speed up the time and I felt that the day would never reach its termination. I do not know if i have been told about the customs. I began to look for the info in the net and found some information.
please look this link If you can as your friend congressman that would be nice, may be he will tell you some info about that I just do not want to have any problems at the customs there and nobody will be able to help me. As for the lottery, i do not want to write any personal information in the net, more than that i do not believe any lotteries. Today a very cold hit here and we'll be digging ourselves out in the morning. I Love You and very much enjoy your letters even though they make me crazy with desire for sex with you. All the best always. Embracing you and whom you are. Your Lover, Your Anton.
Letter 33

My Darling, Thank you a lot for the information and the letters you sent me, i have already printed them out in the cafe, so i will take them with me while i am travelling. I am not sure if i will be asked about the money on the customs so i would like to have the money to prove them I have it and i can live there for those days. What if they do not like me and my appearance will give them uncertainty that i will leave USA in January? what would i do? Different sources of information give different ideas what i really need to come to you, so i want to be sure that i have everything before making any steps toward buying the tickets, i do not want to spend that money in vain when the time comes. I know that it is dangerous to take cash, so I will try to convert the money to American express checks. As soon as i come there we will be able to cash them there.More than that i will get the receipts for buying American Express which will be the proof of my financial stability What you wrote me in your last letter about cheating you made me very upset and sad. Why did you think so about me? Have I ever lied to you?
Did you make smth wrong. I am sorry but it was not my mistake that i can not send you the photos with your cameras. As for the phone, i can take my friend's cell phone and you will be able to call me at certain time to know that all is ok. May be i will take a cell phone while i am travelling. Please tell me about your Cuban customs story, i need to know what i should await there. Loving you becomes easier day by day. The knowledge that you impart about yourself makes me aware what a warm, loving and affectionate person you are. It is often difficult to read your letter without being forced into the position of masturbating and then I end up feeling very exhausted. It makes it rather difficult then to continue to do translation work. You have a very terrible effect on me- I can't stop thinking about you and I am constantly sexually turned on. This was one of those nothing is going right kind of days. Everything I attempted to do went badly. I think I was ready to throw in the towel at one point- then I thought about you and didn't think you would be very impressed by that kind of behaviour. The result was that I stuck to things no matter how frustrated I was and they were completed. I think in that sense you are having a positive impact on me. I can see you now, being supportive and pushing me on to succeed.
Just realize that I will be there as well pushing you to succeed as well.
We both will keep each other in line. I feel quite special that you feel how you do about me and it makes me want to stay the course and do well. You are my muse and my inspiration. I don't think I can lose with you. I'm a bit tired and somewhat irritable at the present moment from all that happened today, so you'll have to excuse my limited correspondence. It has nothing to do with you. It was just a stressful day. I love you immensely- so don't panic about this. I just need some sleep. I'll write again in the a.m. Oh and did I tell you- I LOVE YOU. You are the best. All my kisses and a kiss on your penis. Your lover, Anton
Letter 34

My Dearest Jim, I wish to have a nice Thanksgiving with your relatives. It is a pity that i am not with you. Thank you for the questions you wrote me , it is great that i already have the answers to them. In the morning i went to the travel store to buy the tickets by plane and then on the train for the 20th December from Cheboksary to be in time at the airport in Moscow as i was told i should be 3 hours before my departure. To my great surprise all those tickets with one stop were sold out so i had to buy this one. I will have to be at the airport in Moscow for the whole night as i will be there on 21st of December. so the info for you my love Leave Tue, Dec 22 Aeroflot Russian Airlines 229
Depart: 10:40am
Arrive: 12:05pm
Moscow, Russia (SVO)- Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) Economy 3hr 25min Airbus
BOGDANOV,ANTON, 10D, confirmed, Non-Smoking
Status: confirmed Change Airline. Time between flights: 2hr 5min
Northwest Airlines 257
Depart: 2:10pm
Arrive: 5:20pm
Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS)- Memphis, TN (MEM) Economy 10hr 10min Airbus A330
BOGDANOV,ANTON, 39F, confirmed, Non-Smoking
Status: confirmed Change planes. Time between flights: 2hr 30min
Northwest Airlines 2508
Depart: 7:50pm
Arrive: 11:05pm
Memphis, TN (MEM)- Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL) Economy 2hr 15min Airbus A320
Total duration: 20hr 25min
BOGDANOV,ANTON, 20D, confirmed, Non-Smoking
Status: confirmed Return Sat, Jan 2 Northwest Airlines 2515
Depart: 4:25pm
Arrive: 6:07pm
Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL)- Memphis, TN (MEM)
2 stops
Economy 2hr 42min Airbus A320
BOGDANOV,ANTON, 18E, confirmed, Non-Smoking
Status: confirmed Change planes. Time between flights: 1hr 23min
Northwest Airlines 256
Depart: 7:30pm
Arrive: 11:20am
Memphis, TN (MEM)- Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) Economy 8hr 50min Airbus A330
BOGDANOV,ANTON, 41H, confirmed, Non-Smoking
Status: confirmed Change Airline. Time between flights: 1hr 45min
Aeroflot Russian Airlines 230
Depart: 1:05pm
Arrive: 6:10pm
Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS)- Moscow, Russia (SVO) Economy 3hr 5min Airbus
A320 Total duration: 17hr 45min
BOGDANOV,ANTON, 19D, confirmed, Non-Smoking
Status: confirmed In total i paid for the plane tickets 1843 usd and for return train ticket 185 usd. Wow it turned out to be so expensive. I have no money left at all. I paid last dollar to buy these tickets. So you have all the information, as for the terminals i was told that it would be clear only after the departure. You should find out about that at the airport where to meet me there I wish that we had some video link to each other or some other communication form that allowed better visual contact. I would be incredible just to see that pleasant face of yours. Today I felt restless because I wish you to be here and you are not.
If you had been here- I think that I would be passionately kissing you all day long- I'd probably be following you everywhere. I wouldn't want to miss a moment from you in my sight. I want to see you do everything- even how you urinate. All those things are a part of you and a total mystery to me at present. Last night I was dreaming that I was horseback riding in the nude. I could feel the horses back slapping against my ass. Then suddenly the dream switched and I wasn't riding the horse- I was riding your cock- you have a penis the size of a horse. It was you slapping my ass with your hands wanting me to go faster and faster. I flew up and down as fast as I could and you wanted more and more. I felt like I was riding in the wind and that you were behind me. Suddenly you moaned and Love milk from you was everywhere.
I curled up into your arm and you let your rod inside of me. I felt very warm and close to you. I never wanted it to end. I love you and I want what is best for you. You're a wonderful man You are the one I want to be with-I hope that you can accept that. I Love Jim - he's my man. Kisses and happiness. Your darling, Anton.
Letter 35

My Darling, Thank you for the money you sent me. I hope it will be enough for the custom, like you told me, i would buy traveller checks and the rest will be left in cash. Do you have the applications when you sent me the money last times. i ask you to send me the copies as i do not have mine. You did not tell me before that i would need it and i threw them out as soon as i got the money. There is no question in my mind that you are quite a sexy guy. You obviously know how to use what you've got. I enjoyed your photos so much. The weather here this week is cold. It will be that for the remainder of the week. Is it that cold where you are? I thought about you all day today and wondered how I could be keeping you warm today with my body against yours. We would be naked under the covers and relying on each others body heat. Of course the minute we are both naked something comes up between us. Your massive cock always seems to make the first move, but this time mine does. I can't hold back and I turn you over to begin licking that peach of yours. Your love hole is quite tight because we haven't used it enough lately and I feel it is time that we share in the other direction. I love licking your bottom and making it wet. It allows my fingers to slide in and out faster. I keep dilating your canal until I feel my cock will fit in. When it does I slowly slip it into you and you moan in excitement.
I push it all the way in and slowly draw it out. Then I begin to set up a rhythm that we both enjoy. Eventually we both reach the point of no return and our love milk sprays- ine into youtr love canal and yours onto the bed.
We collapse in exhaustion. I whisper words of love to you and we are both quite content and happy. Look forward each day to your letter. Some day soon we may actually meet. I LOVE YOU.
Take care- Kisses all over your body. Love, your Anton.
Letter 36

My Darling, I am in tears today as I began worriing about you, i do not know why.Tell me is all ok with you.May be i miss your letters and your words as they are are so comforting and so much what I've always wanted to hear my entire life. You as ever make me the happiest I've been in my whole life and I desperately want you to be with me- to make you the reality that I've quested for. I was so worried when I did not hear from you for some time- I felt I had made the biggest mistake in my life, but now I know that I made an even better step. I realize by being so open with you I actually discovered that you are sincere and that you can be trusted. You are the real deal and not just someone who is playing me. I am beside myself with happiness because I have met the greatest man in the world and the best part is that we love and accept each other.
I never believed that this would be a reality. I am the luckiest man in the whole world next to you. We are both lucky because we have found each other. Holding you will be the most unbelievable event in my life. I think I will want to hold you so tight that I'll be afraid I may crush you. I fear as well that I will never want to let you go. I will want to be always with you and want to enjoy the radiance of your love. I will bestow a zillion kisses on you. I will be the best partner that you have ever had because I will love you for the person that you are and not for the person that I might want you to be. You are amazing as you are, so how could anyone improve on such an excellent person. I feel like I'm talking like an idiot right now. I want to see you right now. How can we do that right now? When will it be? I hate the fact that we are apart because I want to tell the world and be with you when I do. I want to show everyone the incredible Jim and his fantastic ability to love. I want to love you with all that is my being and to bathe in the love that you return. My Darling-I LOVE YOU so much that I feel my heart will explode. I'm at a loss this moment for words because I am so consumed by my love for you. I am totally taken by you and I will love you forever.
I can't wait.
All my love and joy to you. Your lover and future spouse, Anton.
Letter 37

My Dearest Jim , I did not get your the letter yesterday that is why i began to worry I have never been made so happy in my life as with each letter that you send. I have never had anyone express such endearing words of affection as you do. I was dead until you came along and now you and only you have awakened all the passion and desire that was kept hidden for all these years. Your words bring me to tears with the joy that they deliver. I can't believe that I have existed all this time without such a loving person as you at my side. You just seem to have all the right words to make me feel loved and important. It's like you stepped into my head and have read all the words I've always wanted someone to say to me. I have printed our the receipts, i hope they will help me. I just seem lacking in the vocabulary to actually say to you what I feel.
I want to tell you, how my heart feels at times that it will burst because I am so overcome with joy with your words. You make life worth carrying on and living. You make time stand still. You make the rest of the world unimportant. You make me realize constantly what a special man you are. You make me realize that only you can give to me and I to you what we each need.
I think in reality we were meant for each other and that is how it was meant to be. I don't believe that we were meant to be with anyone else. The more you speak to me- the more I grow to love you. I think we will be in the same state of affairs when we meet- we'll both be crying. I think I'll just hold on to you and not want to let go for fear that it is a dream and that if I let go you would disappear. You are a magnificent person- I don't believe there is any other person like you. I agree with everything that you have said in your letter and you have reassured me that we will work together. You have calmed me down.
I appreciate you for that. My love, I am so happy that we have connected- please ignore my anxiety at times- it is not based on anything you have done. It is based on my own personal insecurity. I'm sure it will be ended as soon as we are together. I just fear at times that such a wonderful person as you are will be taken away from me- I don't want that to happen. I LOVE YOU so much, that at times it hurts.
I'm beside myself with love for you.
You are in my arms right now and I am loving you. Your partner Anton.
Letter 38

My Vivacious Enticing Beauty, It was a very long and arduous day. It seemed to drag on for all eternity and I felt that I would never reach the comfort of your words upon the page. I felt that the void stood before me and that I would never be in the warm embrace of you. I raced the internet cafe and there was that burning fire of your glorious love emblazoned upon computer screen. My eyes drank in every syllable of your message. Like the rain falling upon the parched earth they began to feed me with the vivifying waters of your love. I began to feel reborn and that new life had been breathed into the hollow shell of my body. I grew stronger with each phrase and comment. I was refreshed and alive. I had been reborn. You are like the font of life and eternal youth to me. You awaken every passion and fill an emptiness that has sought completion. As I see i did not get that letter i mentioned in my last letter. It is ok that you want to cut my hair, would be nice if you take care for it.LOL. I am not against, i think you know what to do. To tell the truth i do not belive in horoscope, we can not understand each other and decide if we are good for each other without meeting. Yeaaahhhh i can not believ that in 19 days i will begin my trip, i just can not belive, i will pray the God to be all ok. I practice often in my mind the encounters with you. I pour warming oil upon your naked flesh. I bestow upon you a gentle massage over your entire body. I rub your neck, your supple shoulders, your forearms and hands.
Each finger passes between my fingers. I lock my fingers in yours. I run my hands over your masculine chest and run my fingers over your nipples until they become erect. I play with them and you move closer to me and we rub against each other- I am naked as well. WE slide across each others bodies.
We carress. We continue to rub against each other. I lie on top of you- you below me- your ass against my cock. I am erect and begin to slide against your love canal. I slide into your body. You raise yourself from waist done to meet my thrusting member. I slide in and out against the tight resistance of your canal. I feel like I will explode. While I move I clasp your cock in my hands .. I move my hands to bring you to orgasm.
WE both explode in the same moment. We collapse into one. We are one. There are no separations any longer. We are together- alive and sharing. You are what every dream is made of. You are peace and love and happiness. I LOVE YOU- my darling. I wait for you.
Our joy will surpass all others.
Take care and be certain that we will be together. Your darling, Anton
Letter 39

My Bundle of Joy, It was a bonanza of good fortune today because I received a letter from you. I did not receive the letter that you sent yesterday. How did you spend your day? I'll give you an example of my day- I'll tell you about today. I got up at 5:99 A.M. as I usually do- showered and then ran to the cafe to check if you had written. I then write you a letter.At home I get the newspapers and make breakfast. I read two newspapers. I call my mother at 6:30 a.m. at 7:00- then I go to the my work and workout till 5 p.m.. I then usually go to cafe agaIN and stay till 7:30 p.m. Then I come home and make supper, do the dishes, clean up. Then I go and watch television till 10:30 and then I go to bed. Doesn't seem much different from your day I think we have the same anxities- we both worry that the other person at some point won't like us anymore and that they'll get disinterested in us. I think if we both understand that about each other it will mean we can deal with it better and grow to work issues like that out.
We just have to keep an open line of communication between each other and such issues can be dealt with swiftly and with minimal negative effect on each other. I tend to be a very patient and understanding person so I don't think that you have that much to worry about. We both know that it will take a period of time to adjust to each other- as long as we both understand that the problems should be very minimal. I'm giving you a kis on you cheek- I hope you felt it. You are always here in my heart, Jim . I never feel that far from you. The distance is only a construct- our minds are together no matter what. Please take care of you and be good to yourself. I am as close to you as the wind. All my love to you-always. Your Anton
Letter 40

Hello, my Jim . This night it was the saddest day in my life, i am crying, i do not know what to do. yesterday in the evening i was called from the hospital about my mum. At 8 p.m. my mum had a heart attack and she had to be hospitalized. Now she is in reanimation. All the night long i was in the hospital in hope that everything will be ok with her. An hour ago i left her to write you here and eat a little. I won't be long as i can not write . I love you Jim, and please do not worry about me Your Anton
Letter 41

Hello, Jim. I do not know how to tell you. I will be short. I need your help, i do not have anybody to ask about that, i need your help right now.
In the evening i was informed that my mum needs the operation as soon as possible, the operation is going on Wednesday. I was shocked that the operation cost is 105 000 roubles , this is 3430 usd. I do not know where to get this money. If the operation won't be done she will die. I have a request please help me. I did not ask you anything till this moment but now i really need your help and support.
I should pay the money till Tuesday, it is the last day. I have the money now, but it is not enough, i borrowed about 400 usd , Alexander is trying as well to borrow some money from his friends. I think that i will have to sell my apartment to return the money back to you and i will come to you forever.
Is it possible? I finish my letter and can not write . I think you will understand me please help me. It is a problem that i need your help in a short period of time Your Anton
Letter 42

Hello Jim,

It is 3 p.m. and I am really sleepy. All the night long i was in the hospital with my mum, she feels really bad, i do not know what will be tomorrow . I asked you to help me with the money because i do not want to postpone the flight , i do not want to ruin all our plans. I will never forgive myself if i leave my mum. I must help her. I do not have another choice. If i could not find the money, i will have to refund the tickets by plane to have the money for the operation, she needs aorta coronary shunting.

But i do not want to refund the tickets, because it will ruin all our plans to be together. Please Jim understand me what i am feeling now.
I want to save my mum and i want to come to you. What should i do my love?
please tell me ? Please help me now, I will try to help my mum and then I can leave Russia knowing that all is ok with my mum. My grandma will take cafe for my mum while i am there in the USA.I will feel more comfortable knowing that my mum is taken care for. Why do all these things happen to us? why can't we be together without any obstacles? you are right there is compulsory medical service, but they do not make the operations for free, you can go to the doctor to be examined only for free. All other procedures needs money. What health insurance you are speaking about, it is awful in fucking Russia, i can not belive that i am living here where nobody can help to save somebody's life My mum's future husband is trying to get some money as well but as i see he can not do anything. who really loves my mum is me, only me. It is a pity that i can not rely on Alexander. I am crying now and everybody are looking at me in the Internet cafe and ask what happened. I can not tell them as when i think about that i feel worse. I will pray the god that all will be ok. I found some minutes to write you as my mum is sleeping now. And please do not think that i do not write you as i do not want. You should understand that now i have a difficult time. Look after yourself, dear Jim,

Letter 43

My love Jim, i can not express my words thank you my love you are the only person who thinks about me and my family i got the first money, tomorrow will try to get another one, how much was the last transfer? i hope it will be enough to pay for the operation. i am sorry but i can not write much and express my feelings, i am sure you know i love you very much I have to run to the hospital and i am short of words I will keep you informed about my mum and me I will never forget your help I love you so much Your Anton
Letter 44

Jim i got the money and we are waiting for the operation. i am sorry i can not write much, jsu let you know that i am ok, she is feeling really bad I love you I will keep you informed
Letter 45

Hello, my love. I am sorry that i did not write for so long, belive me or noti was in the hospital and did not have the opportunity to write you. Today was the operation, it passed well, so i hope my mum will be ok. i am sorry i can not comment much on your last letter, I will write you later my love. Please do not think anything bad about me. I love you very much Jim and of course i am planning to come to you .
all is ok. everything is improving and i will pray the God about our future life. I have to run to the hospital. I love you Your Anton
Letter 46

my mum died
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