Scam Email(s) from Pious Ayers to Brenda (USA)


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Letter 1

Good morning to you Brenda,how was your night and how are you doing this morning..? Anyway I have moved on with my life because it has been almost 3 years now since they passed on,anyway I hope we get time to talk and get to know more about each other...You didn't tell me whether you're married or single and if you had any children..Take care Brenda I am single. I have one son 18 getting ready to go to college. Been single since 2005. No one at the right now. So can you say where you are stationed?

Letter 2

I am stationed in Keene U.S Army Recruiting but currently on a peace keeping mission.. Well do you ever think of getting married again if the right man comes your way..?

Letter 3

Whoa well that's says it all,you have to block him immediately he is an impostor who's using the photos of a real military to lure money from you.. Brenda Great thank you for being honest I will do that later. So what have you got plan tonight?

Letter 4

I don't know why they keep using our pictures and info to scam you good citizens of our land..Well for now I have nothing doing just resting after a long hours of meeting but I will also be patrolling tonight with my team in and around the cities of Jalalabad and back to Kabul (Bagram camp) Brenda I will send you a protection wish. Be careful honey. I know it is not easy to be there. My ex husband was stationed in Kuwait over a year in 1990 and 2002.

Letter 5

Well I’m doing very good today and I’m currently on some important documents which I will submit to the commander later today.. Anyway you really looked very beautiful in the picture you sent me earlier on and I must admit you’re going to fit in the space left by my deceased wife Ginger perfectly.. Well I hope to talk to you later in the day..




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