Romance scam letter(s) from David Smith to Laura (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Laura,
I want you to know that I am upset with you because I thought we were trying to build a relationship. I told you I needed $100 Dollars ITunes card. This will help communicate from my phone with you effectively. You can get $50 dollars each in case you do not find the one piece of $100. You know very well, that I want this relationship to work, but from the way you are talking, it seems like you do not want that. Well, Wednesday is still very far and I hope we will be able to talk more before then. Have a nice day as always.
Letter 2

Good evening Laura, It was so nice to hear from you again. Thank you for sharing some of your life stories with me. We all have one sad tale or the other that we have gone through in life. Like they say, what doesn't kill us, make us stronger. I am glad you beat cancer and very healthy again. Talking about the dating site, I haven't found someone that I can connect with you. Like you, I have also met a couple of ladies that only want sex and nothing really serious. I am not looking for that. I want to a serious relationship that can lead to marriage in the future. I hope everything works out well for the both of us since we want the same thing. I am looking to retire in a couple of years and hopefully, I will have someone to share everything with. I hope that person is you.
I am not into any kind of games. I am serious minded person and I can also tell that you are like that. I have lived here in Los Angeles for 10 years. It's been good but I think it is time to relocate hence I decided to extend my search to your area. I understand you might have been disappointed in the past, but, that should not stop you to keep trying. Like you already known, I am a civil engineer and it is a very flexible job. It won't be difficult for to move from you anytime I wish. Yes, I will be glad to meet you to see if the chemistry between us. But for every good relationship. There must be sincerity of purpose. I don't like lies and cheats. I will always say don't do to others what you won't have them do to you. Thank you for sharing these photos with me. You look great. Maybe you should try taking more photos of yourself. I am ready and committed to starting a relationship with you. Let's take it one day at a time and let's see where it will lead. Let me know you thought about everything I have writing here and we will take it from there. I look forward to reply soon. Have a nice evening and a good night rest.
Your truly,
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