Scam Email(s) from Walter Hermann to Jeni (UK)


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Letter 1

I am always smiling when reading your email! It does put a big smile n me and loves looking forward to them as well...I knew there was something about you after reading your profile on the site, couldn't tell what exactly was that but it did make me want to know more about you; like what makes you tick, things you like and your passion. I didn't think you were this active and knowing this means we have a lot to together, rain or sunshine.
About having work take over my mind, that is not true; there is no day I don't think of you and considering what your next email will contain. I know it does seem that way, but I am the type of person that loves to communicate, only that I am trying to make sure everything here falls into place first and doesn't mean you aren't my priority either. Nothing I'd like to do that be with you as I have longed for it. The things you say take my breath away and sometimes wondering how you manage to keep your game up haha! You should have been considered too, right? I didn't want to rush into any relationship and don't like to get exposed too much, or you meet the wrong people who will take you for a ride just because you are kind and with a good heart.
I will improve my communication and hope that will be better. Thank you for your kind words about my late wife, you are fantastic! And Annie seems like a cool buddy.




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