Romance scam letter(s) from Nathan Carl to Maggie (USA)
Letter 1

Hi mom,
There is nothing Dad can do about it,because right now,Dad is gone for peace keeping and they don't have access to their account until they are back to the state.
Think of it mom,if Dad has access to His Account,do you think,Dad getting me a phone is really going to be a problem?i need you to help me life is more important...I'm really sick I need urgent medication.crying
Letter 2

You keep acting like a 15 year old kid just because Alex wants you to get him a phone,anyways I wish you a speedy recovery.
Letter 3

Dear, I will like you to know the weeks you are applying for, and when you are going to wire to the above information,via WESTERN UNION,and your husband will be released to you immediately. Kindly scan and send the payment slip here,in other to confirm your transaction..and here is the information you are going to wire to
Letter 4

I want you to know that I love and cherish you,even if we fight and quarrel......I still love you,I find it too difficult to stop thinking of you.
Letter 5

Let me warn you,for your information my name is not Nathan,and I never told you that my name was Nathan.
Secondly,you deceive Alex and you gave our poor son a lot of Hope.
Thirdly,you never replied his mail,now Alex is seriously ill and he needs money for his medication and upkeep.and that is the only reason we both can forgive you,only if you pay his hospital bills and send him money for his upkeep....which will cost you 1000usd.
Letter 6

Honey have told you that my name is Jacobson Finn....honey come to think of it,why will I lie because of 1000usd?honey if you really love me like you claim you do,you will wire to save our only son because this is the matter of life and death and I want you to also remember that no amount of money can buy life...I love you forever my darling wife.kisses and tight as nathan carl. That's why I can't be with you. You call me a story teller? Google you nathan carl. It's your pic. 80% dangerous
Letter 7

Honey how much can you raise now so that we can sort Alex medical bills?
Letter 8

Honey you have not answer my much can you raise for Alex medical bills?or do you want Alex to loose his Life?
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