Romance scam letter(s) from Thomas Michael Cornish to Dianne (USA)
Letter 1

By now you must know I have figured it all out. I have been aware that much of what you say doesn’t hold water.
A. No healthy, proud, self respecting adult male Texan would ever beg, borrow or steal from any woman esp. a woman he loved like a wife.
a. You said you didn’t bring money when being deployed because you thought you could use your credit card.
b. You said everyone brought money but ran out already. (within a month of arrival)
c. Later said you don’t have your credit card with you. You left it at home.
B. Any US serviceman deployed to another country will receive a weekly wage and have paid services such as food, shelter, WiFi, etc. regardless of his situation. Unless on duty, ie. in battle.
a. You said that you will not get paid until the end of your deployment which usually is less than six months.
b. You told me your deployment was extended and you will be moved to another location, maybe Syria...this would be leaving one Country to another.
C. When off duty, all services supply phone service, Skype etc to the soldier for exchange of info with family.
a. You said you cannot talk on the phone , Skype or video message because of safety and secrecy. Interestingly you (worked ) at night (sleeping - so I wouldn’t be suspicious ) and lost a buddy while on duty.
b. You can sneak text all day and all night...and send pictures of yourself.
c. However your Captain Murphy took a (bad) photo of you standing in front of the American flag in a (local school gymnasium) that has an official emblem of the United States on the wall.
D. The US Embassy (your embassy, if you are a citizen) puts out “romance scam” information to warn people of illegal actions of the vicious criminal elements using the internet to cheat, lie and steal from innocent VICTIMS all over the world.
a. You tell me you know this is a bad country but I shouldn’t listen to these warnings because your situation is different .
b. If I loved you, I would trust your word and believe you before anyone else.
c.You get angry and abusive if your word is questioned.
d. You warn me not to listen to anyone besides you, uTube lies, government lies, other people lie...but you don’t!
You tell me not to investigate or search for information. There are so many discrepancies in what you have said. Your favorite food is catfish( hahaha) yet a healthy Texan would be eating red meat As is shown in the photo at the table with ‘your son’. Yes now that is a healthy Texan meal! And why would a man who prefers fish be hunting venison? Why not fishing? Cornish is obviously well over six feet tall..see the long legs and long fingers...but you tell me you are 5’9”! This is not the stature of that healthy Texan man. You say you are excellent at your job but have weapons stollen out from under your nose without your notice? You say you are a strong Army man who carries a pistol and can take care of yourself but gets attacked by a few thugs that steal $10,000 worth of paperwork, cell phone, weapon and all your gear but leaves your little dog? I’m sure I can write more but I am unwilling to waste any more time on it. I finally found Michael Cornish, the man you pretend to be. Turns out I was searching the wrong State. He lived in Texas while in training but was born in Michigan on Feb. 13, 1978 and moved to Fort Bliss. But lived in Utah! I went into his Facebook and found Twitter and Amazing things can be found there. The photos of ‘you’ hunting were his kills in his own back yard! All the Scott, Frank, pictures are of this strong, brave, retired soldier, who does not Catfish women for a living. The photo ‘your Captain illegally took of ‘you’ in the Nigerian school are of his medals and flag and congratulatory commendations awards that hang on his wall at home
Letter 2

I need just $50 now to sustain till Wednesday that I will be with you babg
I love you baby
Can you get it for me
Me You said you could make the $100 last baby. I don’t know if I can
Please love
I thought i could wirh the $100 but unfortunately I can’t
Can you help me with baby. Love you more and more baby
Please honey Help Me with this $50. I really love you baby Get me the money baby. You are my love baby. Please try and help me baby
I know you alwahs help me baby please try and help me
With the $50 today For Django and me and need to eat
Honey you are all I got baby and am always yours baby
I promise to make you happy don’t be be get scared
Letter 3

Good morning how are you doing
I miss you and really love you baby you are on my mind baby
I promise to love you my super woman and never leave you baby
Hope you feel good and stronger than before baby
Don’t want you to have negative doubt or thinking and thoughts baby Even if being yours will require pass throw storms and temptations. I'll do all and more because I know it will be sunny at the end.i love you
You are my super woman and am always yours baby
Forever am always gonna be yours bahy Then Hangouts stopped working. He said talk on Facebook which stopped working. But prior to that asked me to go to
He later admitted he cancelled both chat rooms to avoid interference by others
Letter 4

I won’t in any ways leave you I will always be true to you and I will forever be yours
Yes baby and I really know you love me and cherished me and I do same baby
You are everything to me to mean the world to me without you am nothing
I keep telling you and I won’t never get tired telling you this baby
I promise to be yours forever and till enternity
You are so precious to me baby
For in this world the only woman I want when I come into this work again would be you and me forever
You are nothing but a blessing from God to me
Am too happy and very glad to have you as my super woman
I have you to myself and I will do anything to keep you in my world forever. I will keep you in my heart and nurture you like a Queen that you are
I promise to love you till the very end. I pledge to be by your side as long as I live because you are the only person that made me realize that living was different from existing.
You are my super darling and I will forever love you
I will love you with every part of my heart. I will love you to the moon and back because you are my baby
You have me baby nothing to be afraid of again
You are my super lady
My super darling queen
You are no doubt the best thing that ever happened to me in life.
I'm so blessed that I finally found the missing part of me
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