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Letter 1

Hello Gorgeous,

Thank you for returning my wink, it feels like a hug to hear from you :). Well i winked you because your profile caught my eyes, you know match send you lots of profiles to view as a new member and when i read yours, it was as if i was reading about myself... You sound like a great woman and i think we have a lot in common and would love to find out more. I know we have quite a distance between us, but i want you to know that distances does not bothers me, distance has nothing to do with Love, love basically is a thing of heart, while distance is a mile on the road, it doesn't count with what you feel inside you and if the feelings get stronger, you will surely find your way to where your soul mate resides, and by the way I don't mind relocating anywhere to be with the right woman as long as i am sure of what i felt..

I am intrigued by what you wrote and how you presented yourself on your profile. I am new to this online dating aswell.. I must say i am surprised by what i am seeing on here, especially why would a beautiful woman like you be on here? Is it that there are no men in your area? or you want to meet someone outside your area.....Well, there are lots of women around too but i am not into the bar scene and having hard time meeting quality woman, so I am giving this online dating a trial and i really like what i read in your profile and it seems to me that we have quite a lot in common. I think you're clearly a person of depth, you sound indeed like a terrific woman, that have a great combination of mind, body and spirit, and Really all I can say again is... WOW!!! They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I am almost speechless from yours but I don't intend to spend the time boring you with how good you look...or should I? i think you are a very beautiful woman, you have a gorgeous smile and i think you have the qualities i want in a woman. I am attracted to you, but not only because you are attractive but because you are the kind of woman i am looking to find.., what caught my attention is the expression of honesty and detail in your profile. You certainly do know what you want. All I ask is to get to know you I promise you won't regret it. Although there are lots of things that weren't stated on your profile but I enjoyed the little i was able to read about you and i am interested in getting to know you more.

I think what I like about your profile is the writing style, you seem to write as though you're speaking, and that translates to a quiet confidence... I am also a honest, straight forward and open man with a good sense of humor and i so much believe in romance and i value the old fashion traditions, I love opening doors for my woman, little kiss on the neck or forehead, i love sending and receiving flowers for no apparent reason but to say that I am thinking of you or sending flowers on holidays, (i.e Valentines day, Anniversaries, etc) I'm a man that shares his feelings (saying I Love You) and letting you know how much you mean to me, you get the idea?.. Anyway lets see if I get my wish by getting to know you, it will be a lot easier to go back and forth real time with messages via email, my regular email address is ( ) you can send me a mail there and i'll be glad to reply back.

I cannot wait to hear from you again Dear. Talk Later


Letter 2

Happy Anniversary B-jean My-Love!

In one week we've gone to the moon and back!
But i want to Grow old with you, till death do us apart. I love you more baby

Thank you for being with me. I love you!





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