Scam Email(s) from Scott Bradley Cowfer to Maria (Spain)


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Letter 1

Hi Covy,

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to get to know you. I just signed on MM. I'm in search of my Soul & Dream Mate, Lover and Life Companion.

Let me give you a brief introduction of me:

My name is Scott Cowfer, White/Caucasian. I'm 5'9, Self Employed Construction Engineer and i love my profession. I'm 50yrs old, born on the 25th of Dec, Widow, lost my wife 6 years ago to cancer. I'm a man with a strong heart,loving, caring, honest, compassionate, affectionate. I have a good sense of humor and believe in God. I like swimming, camping, fishing, reading & writing, tennis, Football, Basketball, Baseball, golfing..etc.

I was Born and raised in Germany. My Father was a German while my Mother is an American, My father was in the Military in Germany, We moved to the State when i was 11 Years old. I went to St. Thomas High School in Houston TX and I obtained my Bachelor's degree in construction engineer at University of ADELAIDE in Australia.

I have one Brother who lives in San Diego. He had some disability due to an auto accident which made him lose his spinal cord, Since then "Allan" has been in wheel chair. My Son sometimes lives with him sometimes in order to take care of him. while I live in Houston, TX due to my work and i have been here for a while, I stay in a rented house, I am yet to buy a house, as i don't know where i will end up, i mean the location where i might find the right woman, have got a house back in San Deigo but i sold it due to my brothers illness and my late wife's sickness. My son's name is Richard he's 18yrs, he's my life right now, he mean the world to me.i signup on the site after a friend told me about it and i wish to find my woman there,and hoping to buy a house and start a new life there if i found my right woman.

Likes: I like honesty, truthful, because trust is a vital phenomenon. I like people with intelligence and a good sense of humor.

Dislikes: Liars, Games, I hate pretense and i feel trust should be the foundation of any good relationship.

Favorite food: Mexican, Chinese, Sea food, Spaghetti and home made chicken noodles.

Favorite Music: RnB, Rock, Gospel and little Hip-Hop

Favorite Movies: I like action, thriller, comedy and romance movie

Favorite Color: Purple & Sky blue.

When i glanced on your profile, my instinct push me to write you, your simplicity really amazed me and i was motivated to send you an email to show my interest. I promise to romance, entertain, laugh, cherish and respect. I was raised to treat people with Dignity and Compassion. I still believe in romance and feel there is a place for long passionate kisses. There is so much to tell from the kiss. It's all in the kiss. I haven't been able to find the lady I am supposed to connect with but I think she is out there, somewhere. Well am I describing you? I hope I am.

I would like to ask you few questions:

Favorite food:
Favorite Music:
Favorite Movies:
How many kids do you have:
What you do for a living:

I will await your response and hopefully we could get acquainted.

Your New Friend,


Letter 2

I did sent that with the below message to you on hangout and may be you never check.

I know with this,you will still doubt me,i asked my neighbor to break my room and send me this and please don't you ever ask me for anything ever again,am not stupid for loving you and i did not get this because of your money,i just want to proof to you that not every one on the Internet are the same,i asked you to leave MM because i never use it often and you can see i always reply you late too.Am a humble and sincere man and if with that you still not happy then i wish you all the best in life,i love you with all my life and i share my problems with you because i love you and now you use them against me.this is the message i sent earlier on hangout.

Am not allow to leave and things are only getting worst since i can't pay,you decide never to help me after i got into this because i never want to ignore your message even when i said am driving you never stop and now you left me all because of money and your past,things are now complicate because i can't pay today as promise them because you assure me you will help me,

Attach below is the passport you requested for,i will never send any proof again,if you don't believe me with this and with all have said,you are free to walk away,one day i will get over all my problems okay.

Letter 3

I will not say anything as things get worst for me here,you decide never to help me despite the fact that you promise me yourself which i never asked for,i put all my hopes in you and you let me down,love is all about trusting and helping each other when in need and not for each others like you are doing,i share my world with you because i love you and now it's obvious that even with the passport i sent,you never want to help me,you are just looking for a way to get at me.we all have had bad experience and met the wrong ones but we should never judge others base on what we have been through like you did,no one knows tomorrow,if you were the one who need my help,i will give my everything to help you and see you happy always.
Thank you and hope you will enjoy your stay.

Letter 4

I want you to first and always know that,i did not love you because od your money,i choose you because i know together we can be a great couple and have a good life together,we never planned for what happened to me here and i know you really love me but just scared because of what you have been through,to love is to trust and am a very simple and honest man.

I love you and you know that and i will never lie or scam or whatever is called for money,i work hard a lot and i know i will be greater soon and i really hope after this we can work things out,please never doubt me or my love you for,trust me in every ways and i will never let you down.

I hope you are enjoying your stay and how is your mom too? i miss who we use to be and soon as i settle things here,i will install whatsapp on my phone so can communicate often.have been at the hospital since 5am and i just hope all this is over.

Please if you really want to help me from your heart,do it and only God will reward you and i will pay you back even if with interest,i dont mind.

I will be glad if you help me today and please don't send all at ones,western union will not release it here,i just asked someone who works there now,you can send it in 2 places and i hope you can do that today.

I love you Covi and nothing can change my love for you.

Letter 5

I still don't understand what you really take me for,are you saying i am a scammer or what? after all i have said,you still dont trust me? you really amaze me,i sent you my passport and you still never believe me,i don't have time ti fight or argue again,i have been so sincere with you with all my life and if you really want to help me,do it and ignore all what you have read or people told you,they are still many good people out there but people mix us up.

I am in Houston Tx,what am saying is that you can send the money in two form, $1500 at a time,so if you send $1500 twice,that will be 3000 and i will appreciate it a lot and please if you really want to help me,just trust me and ignore the past,i love you and want to be with you

Letter 6

honey, i know you are upset with me right now, but i want clear the air somewhat, the details you found on Google is all about me, and that was my company and my home address in PA, i have been here way before i got this contact am working on and in fact i bought a house here, i left PA for some reasons that has to do with my late wife's family and my company has been running, but i get all the feedbacks that i need here, so it is nothing to worry about, now lastly talking about getting on the cam i could do that but right now am too busy trying to round up this project,and i don't even think i will go that far to proof anything anymore,if you think it's all about your money,you can forget it and am sure God will help me and lead me through my tough time, i would take a picture holding a paper with you name on it telling you am sorry and with my signature, i love you honey and will always do

To love is to trust and i cant believe you believe so much in things you saw on the Internet,i feel so disappointed in you and never expect such you even when am yet to say anything.

Trust is what makes everyone realize that you are always there for them.Without honesty, love gets unhappy, and without trust, love gets unstable. Love is a wonderful gift, trust in it, believe in it, give it, and it will be returned to you to,Love means never doubting anything It means trusting and being honest with each other again and again.To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.

I don't beg for love nor do i love you cos of your money or what so ever,i love you for you and thought we can plan the future together as one but so bad you never trust or believe the man you claim to love.we all have our ups and downs in life and thats what makes us human being but love looks beyond all really disappointed in you for real

Here is a picture of my passport,did someone took that for me or i stole that too?

Think before you judge anyone because you have no idea what they have been through in the past.

Good day




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