Romance scam letter(s) from Gary Dewhurst to Lori (USA)
Letter 1

Oh God, i guess you turn off your phone, so i can get back " I'm not available" oh no... i still can't be my self as i try calling you and all i keep getting is voice mail.. please turn on your phone... i miss you and i miss you sweet voice darling.. Yes i am a romantic soul and so you are..
Yes all i want i a woman is to love me and be my best friend..
Yes, some one to build my home and family with.. a woman to take care of me and Stacey. which is you..
Hmmm, i want a woman to love me for who i am..
I guess i will have to remove that from my facebook if that is what draw them to me.. but i guess is of no use cos soon, you will be added in my facebook profile permanently.. Honey, what makes you think a man like me would not want to love you or want to be with you.. am i not a normal human.. why ??? please Lori, am so simple in nature, despite my wealth i am so so natural and simple. please do not misunderstand my life.. i beg of you.. am just like every other man in this world.. I want you and will forever love, respect and cherish you Lori... i know you are mad over me not calling early this night your time.. i wake up so late, you won't believe this, i was so worried and tire that my alarm couldn't wake me up.. please find it in your heart to forgive me sweetie.. I believe you,
Your Love... Gary
Letter 2

Honey, i really don't have to say anything about this mail, certainly you said your mind and that's you and your way of life, i have come to the understanding part of me.. i know how you feel and i do feel the same way which you know i do..

I still want you, want to meet and be with you.. now you that.. hope i will get an answer back from you.. do you still want me honey..
Saying more about this won't make me feel better so i okay for me to live with it and understand who you really are always.. but one thing i know for sure, is i love you and am glad you love me back in return...

You always on my mind.. yes you are!!!!
Letter 3

Honey is 12am here now and am about going to be.. right now i can not get to anything or think of anything right now.. you are the only person i know right now that can help me on this.. i need about THB447,000 (Thai Baht) which is $15,000 (US Dollas) this can make a good start on this project..

I wouldn't want you to call me now cos i will be going to bed now. i know this will worry and bother you right now but please honey don't call, i will call you morning my time which is evening yours.. when i call, we will talk more over this.

Love You... Gary
Letter 4

I guess i will love to move on steady with our communication.. tonight you believe got you mad and upset and you did got me upset as well with your word.. am in sort of words cos i really don't know what to say but with the present situation now with me, i really need a help.. i called Stacey and Autho my kid brother, i told them everything and asked for help from there.
which they both said to see what they can do about it but i guess it only from Autho cos there's nothing Stacey can do about this.. you guys (You, Stacey and Autho) are the only people i know i can call on now.. please darling, i plead on you, please do find it in your heart to think about this, i will pay you back as soon as everything clears here for me..
Honey, think about what it as take here, my Job and career. i won't want to lose this and it kills me inside knowing there's nothing i can do.. this has to do with trust which i know you fight over it but i give you my word honey, i will never let you down. i promise..
Once i hear back from Autho and my daughter, i will let you know.. but before then, Lori, please do something for me. i beg of you...
I care so much about you and i know you care a lot for me and i know how big this sounds to you but believe me honey, wills can make a great change.. i know you never expected this from me and i my self, never expect all this to happen to me down here and it wasn't my intention but i have to chose than to call for help from you honey.. i know you've been passing through a lot and i know how it feel. but honey, please look deep inside me and see how much i need this from you.. like i say i will pay you back.. Love You
Letter 5

I guess you are so mad and upset that you never want to talk with me.. no mail, i call you turn off your phone and on yahoo messenger you never respond to my chat.... Is crazy honey..
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