Scam Email(s) from Ralph Vidar to Suzy (UK)


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Letter 1

Hello honey , I know you would be worried by now and this is the reason I am writing you, Saturday was definitely the worse day of my life. After I spoke with you , not too long we left for the airport and unluckily for us , it was a wrong choice of cab we took , why did I say that ; We took the cab and it was a five seater cab , carrying 3 other persons , on getting to the check point which was about 25 minutes more drive before we hit the airport . The police at the check point asked everyone to come down and that they would love to have a search , not knowing that the 3 other persons ( 2 men and a lady ) were DRUG dealers and had some kilos of DRUG on them. Immediately the police found that , the driver who was by then scared hurriedly drove off ( with our belongings in the car) leaving us behind with the police and the drugs persons . By this time I wasn't myself anymore and then tried explaining to the Indonesia Police but all effort was to no avail , as they felt we were together with the DRUG dealers. Since then we have been in their custody while they are carrying out some investigation , we sure will hear from them In about few minutes from now. I do not have a way of contacting you as our belongings were in the car that was hurriedly driven away. I have been psychologically depressed and hoping they come back to us with the good news of releasing us and getting to the driver of that cab . write me once you get this message baby. Ralf

Letter 2

I am terrified , the senior officer in charge of our case just walked in after long await and said from their study on the CCTV footages and investigations we aren't together with the Drug Dealers . However, before they can give us a clear pass to make the next available flight back home , we must swear an affidavit signed by an attorney here. The affidavit would cost us $1,500 USD once we can meet up with this, we would be allowed to fly back home with next available flight . Honey I am devastated right now.




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