Romance scam letter(s) from Randy Dinar Hanson to Kathy (USA)
Letter 1

Good morning my dearest lovely Kathy,
How was your night? My day here started with a lot of thinking. This week started well for me but wants to end as bad week but with you on my mind, I will stay strong, happy and positive. We made progress in our last meeting yesterday but the final conclusion will depends on what the Directors decision will be on the investors demand notice submitted to them. If everything is accepted by the company and the investors, there will be an investment deal which they will take from there.
I returned back to my hotel very late last night and was still in the happy mood when I got a call from my aunt that my mom has been rushed into the emergency unit.A woman that I was hoping to be discharged this morning is now in the hospital emergency ward.
My aunt told me yesterday morning that my mom has been asking of me wanting to know if I have been informed that she is in the hospital and if I said when I will be coming to visit her as she is losing strength.I had to call the doctor to know to understand the “Losing strength” part. The doctor told me that she is stable and fine that he will discharge her tomorrow (Being today).He then said that he wanted her to have full day of bed rest so that he will watch her for another 24 hours.It was so unfortunate that it was not up to 24 hours and she is now in emergency ward.
They just called me now to tell me that she is now stable and has started asking of me again which is now bothering me. I am now thinking of flying to Italy next tomorrow to see her.I asked the doctor and my aunt a direct question so that I will use my own judgment.When I asked both of them if they think it's necessary that I fly nine hours from United states to Italy to see her,they told me that since I am the only one she has, they will say YES.That was when I suspected that all is not well over there.
I will check for flight for next tomorrow and fly to Italy and see her.I was planning my trip to Europe for ending of next month as there are some investors in Dubai that has been calling me to help them handle a particular transaction which I shifted to next month.That was why I told my mom that I will travel, with her next month if she will wait,but she did not.
I will book my flight for next tomorrow and travel. My director can handle the rest without me and fly with the investors to UK since it's just the confirmation agreement that will remain.Even if there is anything that will require my endorsement, it will only take me one hour 30 minutes flight from Turin to London to handle that.Anyway, everything will depend on the outcome of today's meeting but I will just make the flight reservation for next tomorrow and confirm it tomorrow.
My only regret as I make this plans is that I was hoping to meet you this weekend but with this development it has to be when I return in few days' time.
Now back to us; I want you to know that my day starts when I receive your wonderful e-mail,and ends with me sending you a reply. That is why I do wonder why you are in my thoughts all the time? The in between time is filled with romantic notions, breathless anticipation and a million and one thoughts of how our first meeting will go. Will there be fireworks - will there be balloons in the sky?
I know I am fantasizing, like a foolish teenager, but it makes me feel young and so extraordinarily happy. I must confess that I have tried to suppress the feeling of calling you MY LOVE all this while to avoid looking like I am rushing everything but each time I want to email you, it keeps coming into my mind. It's not that I fall in love easily but having been alone for over years makes my heart fonder. I was married for 26 happy years and it was my first and only marriage .You can imagine being married for twenty six years and suddenly you are alone for the next nine years. I know that sometime the way you feel will make you write the way I do. Communicating with you have touched my heart thus making a difference in my life, bringing more Joy and success than you will ever know that you have done. Thank you my love for all your support.I will call you later.Enjoy your day.
I love you
Letter 2

My dearest lovely Kathy,
It has been a busy day I must confess. I left very early in the and I am just having my first break now .We have another group of investors that we will be meeting with in an hour. From there, we will go for another long meeting. Only heaven knows how long this next meeting will last; I pray that it is not too long. I was hoping that we will conclude everything today.
We seem not to be making much progress with this investors here because the directors cannot give them immediate answer to some of their request.They will be having conference meeting with the directors in UK to make some decision tomorrow and then respond to the investors. If they are able to reach a conclusion based on the investors demand, they will sign the papers with them and then all of them will fly to UK to sign the final investment papers.
I don't know if to say that I am happy that the investors here are stubborn or not .The group of investors we first met here were more understanding and everything went well and quick. That made the company to think I instigated this whole thing. Now that it's proving difficult, they have now realized that I have no influence over it.
I just sneaked out this time to email you. Thank you my lovely Kathy and your pictures for all your email and support. Have a good day and please try and email me as receiving your email makes my day a happier one. Thank you my dearest my lovely Kathy. I will call you later. Enjoy your day!
I love you
Letter 3

Good morning dearest lovely Kathy,
how was your night? I am happiest man this morning.I received the best call of the month about 10 am Italy time this morning from my aunt and the doctor that mom is very okay now and will be discharged tomorrow. She added that I should not bother flying to Italy if I have not confirmed my ticket.
I then called the airline to cancel my flight reservation and asked them to open and reschedule it for next month. I feel so relieved and happy that I will not be making this emergency trip during this bad weather condition. I will inform my directors about the change of plan so that i will inform them in London to gently and quietly change the arrangement that they made for me.
With this development, I will fly to Los Angeles once we round up here this weekend or early next week, to Sign the house document for the realtor, and fly home the next day (Pittsburgh) I don't even know if it is the idea of seeing you or the recovery of my mom that is making me happier. Whatever it is, I am happy today and I am glad that I will see you next week.
May be I am falling for you with so much likeliness and fondness.
Out of my Happiness, likeliness and fondness this morning, I started asking myself if finding love brings luck as everything seem to work in my favor since I met you. It made me to start doing a little search about love this morning to know if being in love, finding love or falling in love has anything to do with good luck and success. I came across some interesting points that made me realize that many people that talk about love never took time to know much about it.
It started by saying that Love requires no proof or expression but it demands to feel it. Love is only a word until you find someone to give it definition. Love is not just opens up your eyes to what others do not see. Love is a hard rock between two people and can't be torn apart. Love is a beautiful red rose given for no apparent reason. Love is a fire that reigns in the heart. Love is the only game never postponed due to darkness. Love is blind but after experiencing it for a long time you should become familiar with some particular spots.
Love is like a river, never ending as it flows, but gets greater with time! “Love is an emotion so strong that you would give up everything. You just need to feel it once, to know that you are part of something special. To know that you can feel what love really is; to know, to feel, to love. Love is not measured on how long you can wait but on the kind of sacrifices you can do for the sake of love. Love is the sound our hearts make, love is the happiness we feel, love is what makes us do the strange things we do. Love is too strong a word to say it too early, but it has too beautiful a meaning to say it too late.
Love is a noble act of self-giving, offering trust, faith, and loyalty.The more you love, the more you lose a part of yourself, yet you don't become less of who you are; you end up being complete with your loved ones. Love is like salted water; the more you drink the more your thirst increases. Love is like the air we breathe. It may not always be seen, but it is always felt, used and needed. Love is not love if it is conditional “Love is like a flower, give it some time, patience and lots of tender loving care; and watch it bloom into something wonderful before your eyes. Love is like a rose, the special one grows in the winter.Love is what you make it and with whom you make it. Love is a joy that fills your heart with wonder and excitement. Love is like an image, a lasting image that will always remain in your heart, your soul, and forever a part of you. Love is a miracle that God created for two wonderful people; and this point I hope it's between You and I.
Okay, enough of the Love sermon, How is your day starting and what are your plans for today? I will be supper busy with this work today and tomorrow as we come close to the end our business trip here.I will for sure call you later after we round up the main meeting.
Have a good day!
Sending warm hugs and kisses from the heart!
I love you
Letter 4

My lovely Kathy
It's a new day and beautiful one and the first thing I am doing is to say good morning to the woman that is the only reason I smile every morning and rush to my computer before doing any other thing. Yes! It's a new day and lovely one. Most time I panic with fear of not being disappointed but at the end it will turn out that your email is there and the fear disappears for happiness to return.You are just the person that I want to be with even without meeting you yet. This little period of email communication is enough for me to say so and I can say it again and again and even louder!
I am happy to wake up today having you as a friend.Today is different from other days.As I told you earlier, today is the day that I have been waiting for; the day I have been working for and will be a very big day for me and Bain Capital Investment.
We are hoping to conclude on the transaction that brought us here today.I need all the luck on this world today. I need only the right words and calculation to come out of my mouth today.I need to be at my best. I don't want to be under pressure doing what I do best but the company puts so much faith in me that they sound almost 100% sure that I will succeed which puts me in a tight corner because they don't expect me fail.Today and for once,I will the boss and my director will follow my directives and instruction because it all depends on me.
I will tap their faith and leave the pressure. I may be their best Fund manager but sometime you need luck to have it all.I need your prayers today and I hope that you will bring me the luck as always because meeting you was divine.You can see their happiness when I told them that I will not be traveling again.I did not know that I am this important to my company,The company now believe so much in me because I predicated the Chinese stock crash and requested that the company withdraw all there bond in Chinese's market.It was funny initially because the very day we sold our market shares,the market appreciated and the company did not find in funny with me,Less than a month later,the markets crashed very low;the lowest for the past seven years.
What they don't know is that it will keep crashing and recovery may take two years because, china is a very corrupts communist country and all the Chinese corrupt officials are being hunted by the new government in his anti-corruption war.
The people being hunted are the major players in the Chinese investment market and they are moving their investment and family to United States and other countries under the EB 5 investment program.The country has taken their final action, devaluing their currency.
I realized that it will happened when I started getting contact from the Dubai investor telling me about their Chinese partners that want to move thein investment to Europe and other countries and what country I will suggest for them that has the most stabilized economy and volatile stock market. .Anyway, let me not start the investment long stories gain.
Please pray for my success. I will give you details of it when we meet face to face but will tell you the outcome of today meeting by tomorrow. I know we will finish very late and I may not have time to call or email you again today. It's my day and I am grabbing it. Have a beautiful day ahead of you. Enjoy your weekend and wish me Luck. I need It!!
I love you
Letter 5

My dearest lovely Kathy,
I want use this email with content that make my whole being tingle with anticipation to welcome you to new month. The words are carried on the soft breeze that rustle the leaves in the trees and echo with the bluebirds' song in the morning. I seem to be "star gazing" and really do not belong to this world because receiving your email alone makes me feel good not minding the content. All I want is to open my email and there is an email from you. This day is very different because it is not only receiving the email from you that is making me excited but the joy of coming online to share the good news with you. YES, I DID IT!!!!
We completed the transaction yesterday and the investors were very excited. I sat down on my seat motionless and let this tears of joy drop because I could not hold it. The investors were really impressed that they had to take me out yesterday to celebrate while I should be the one to take them out. I returned back very late and tired and could not email you to share the good news so I slept off and just got up now.
They have agreed that we sign the investment contract immediately since they will be joining their families that are on vacation from there. Since any Investment contracts can only be signed in our office in England and the business agreement signed here. The director called the office in UK to place the arrangement and let the investor know of their traveling plan. I am done with my role here but our meeting is shifted till tomorrow to enable us rest today because of how late we finished yesterday. The agreement we were supposed to sign today was shifted till tomorrow so that we use today and rest and the company will decide on their arrangement.
I will be leaving here to Los Angeles once we conclude tomorrow and from there return home. Thank you my love,for your love and care all this while, I Miss You! Have a wonderful sunday.
Hugs and kisses!
I Love you
Letter 6

Good morning my lovely
How is your day starting?mine started early because of all that we have to conclude today for my directors to fly back this evening before I leave tomorrow morning. I can't wait for this trip to be over for me to return home to my daily normal life.I have always known that, Dreaming, thinking, wishing and hoping do not lessen the yearning for "THE REAL THING" even having faith and being positive, are becoming a challenge.
They say - there are reasons for what happens in life and who you meet on the way. Sometimes, they enter our life to test our willpower and strength, and then others leave us with disappointments and with heartaches beyond our belief.The most prudent fact is "what we do when the opportunity presents itself". Grab it? If yes that that is what I have tried to do; Grab You.Lol. Just kidding But on a serious note; passion is a word which involves so many feelings and I feel it whenever I think about you and mind you,its everyday: moment and time, I feel it when I read through your words or have you skip through my mind for you are my passion. You have touched my heart in ways no one could ever comprehend .You have changed my life completely. You're the one who makes me feel pretty. You're the one who makes me strong. You're the one who makes me feel so important again.You show your interest to me every day.I thank God that I have found a woman like you. Please forgive me for being away this long.I know that all that is left is for us to meet face to face,Look eyeball to eye ball take this to another level of communication and not daily email.
We are signing off from here today and I will travel to Los Angeles tomorrow morning to conclude what I have to do there and return back home by next tomorrow .I am sure there will not any reason for me to spend more than 24 hours there.All that I am required to do is to sign the documents for the house.
I knew that the house will not be difficult to sell.It is a big nice house with beautiful architectural design and spacious. When I bought the property, it was like a competition as there were lots of interest.It was my relationship with the seller who was an investor with our company that gave me the advantage. Today it is in the market again, such is life.
Thank you Kathy once again for your love and care.You are really a princess.Enjoy your day.
Big Hugs!
I love you
Letter 7

I am just so disappointed with myself right now .I have lost her and was not there during her last days on earth. I was supposed to visit her few days ago but I chose to stay back and work believing that she is okay. I just feel so bad; so bad this time that I find it hard to console myself. It was like she knew that she will die. It was like she knew that death will come knocking. She has always complained about my work and how demanding it is. Now, she has proved herself right at the point of her death. How can I continue with this work? Working for other people's money.I don't even know how to tell my daughter that her grandmother is dead. I don't know, what to say now my love. I just came online to tell; you that MOM is dead. She died this morning after she was rushed back to hospital yesterday night
Letter 8

Good morning my dearest lovely Kathy
I just had to find this strength to write you knowing that you may be wondering how I am doing and where I am presently.I don't know why life has been very unfair to me. I have been lying down on this bed and could not get up or even answer any call.I am just as confused as I have never been in my life.I have thought about many thing surrounding my life and my work and wondered if it was really because of my work that I did not travel when I was supposed to go and visit her or was it because she was discharged or was it simply because I was not yet prepared then to make the trip.
My daughter has been crying since yesterday and has refused to be consoled. She was so close to her grandmother that sometimes I was having the feeling that she was closer to her than she was to me.
Anyway, it seems that I don't even know that I am saying so let me close this email here. I have booked my flight to Italy.I will be traveling this evening but cannot still believe that she is dead until I see here lifeless body. Until I call her name and get no response. Until I touch mum and she does not make any sound. This is only when I will know, believe and accept that she is dead, if not,I will remain positive that she is still alive and someone is playing me or I am sleeping and having bad dream until someone wakes me up.
I will end this email until I get to Italy. I will be travelling with my laptop and once I get to Italy, I will activate my phone for roaming. I will need your morale support at this time. I will try my best to find time to write you back daily. Life is really not fair my dear. Pray for me.
I love you
Letter 9

My Lovely Kathy
How do I start this email.I am now in Italy and by the time I got early this morning,they have deposited her body in the mortuary.I had to go straight to see her lifeless body and behold she was there.A woman that was certified okay and discharged by the doctor was suddenly rushed to the hospital and now lying lifeless.
Every day that I think about her,I find it hard to forgive myself.I am not longer crying because mom is dead.She lived up to 88 years so I should be celebrating her for a life well spent.What makes me cry was that I turned down her last request.Who knows what she would have request from me, her only child? This is something I cannot tell my daughter because she will always think that maybe she will not have died if I had visited her.I may discover that she was not yet fit to go back home and make her remain in the hospital.
This is one loss that I will find hard replace.When I lost my Wife she became a wife and mom to me and my daughter. Even in in her sorrow,she was my pillar and strength.I have lost my best friend and mom.The person I always call on when I need to be consoled or when I am confused.I just realized that I am now alone in the world with my daughter.I will now serve as a mother, a father, grandfather and grand mom.I came into the world with a father, a sister, a mother and then I married a wife.Then it started with my sister, then my father and Wife; then this again.I don't even know what I will tell my Daughter when she arrives here tomorrow.She had to take traveling leave from her base to be here tomorrow.
My dearest lovely Kathy, you may not understand but the person I lost loved me more than anything in the world.She was ready to wok from her sickbed so that I will rest. She pampered me as the only child.She was my best friend.When I got married newly, she will call me every morning to ask if I have eaten.This was a woman that was ready to pluck out her eyes for me to use if I complain of mine.She loved me and I loved her too.It was due to my closeness to her that I could not get into any relationship for seven years after I lost my wife dad. She needed me at that time and I was there for her.She was the best.I must surely miss her!
I will go to the church tomorrow to book a day for her funeral as the catholic faith here requires and will communicate the funeral date to you.I have called my office to tell them that they should postpone everything that has my name on it because I must conclude the funeral before I leave here.They could only say sorry for my loss and that was it I was supposed to be going to Dubai for the final phase of our transaction which involves some investor from Russia that are trading their bulks Magellan because of the Sanctions which is crippling their economy and became worse after the Iran sanction, who happened to be their only trading partner, was lifted. That was the arrangement that the company had made that was supposed to bring me to Europe this month, now everything will wait because I am the major broker and sale trade negotiator and will play a major role in this.
My love, I will not close this email without thanking you once again for all your consoling word and care at this time. All I will need from you at this time is just to email me daily with your morale support as that is the only consolation and support I need at this time. Just email and respond to my email let me know that you are with me. I am sure that with your morale support even by email,I can take care of every other thing here by myself.
I will have to rest now.I just thought I should update you how everything is going with me at the moment. I will miss my mom for sure but it seems that I miss you more since I left to Italy. I just wish you are here for me to keep my head on your shoulder.Thank you Kathy for your care.
I love you
Letter 10

My dearest lovely Kathy,
My daughter arrived from her base in Australia this morning.Her arrival has completely changed the mood in my aunt's home.
It suddenly changed from mourning to celebration.She, said that her grandma will not like to see her moody if she is to be alive today “Grandma will do everything if she is alive to make me happy just like she did when Mom died so there is no need to cry for her, rather I should be celebrating her for life well spent and thanking the almighty that she is resting in peace.
We got home from the airport around noon and I told her that I had to leave for the church to see the priest for conclusion for the funeral date.Before I could finish the statement, my daughter was already standing up, that she was going with me.We left the house again to the church and finally concluded with the priest for the Funeral to be held on Monday.Anyway,that is all about the funeral arrangement and date.I will be happy when she is finally to rest so that I can put it behind me and move on with life.
You will be surprised to hear what I have been discussing with my daughter since we returned from the airport.You have been our topic of discussion.
It was at that point that I realized that I have not emailed you so I rushed to my computer which is why I am writing you now.
After this email, just know that the next discussion will be to tell her about you, how I met you, how I feel about you, you, you, you and all about you. That is Diana for YOU!
I know I can't hold it but confess that I am missing you already. You bring to me a happiness that no one else ever could.You bring to me a love I have never known before.I could not imagine what my life would have been this period without you. You have touched my heart in ways no one could ever comprehend.
Words cannot express how much you mean to me.How much you helped me this period. You have always found the times to cheer me up via e-mail.You always seem to know just what to say and I really appreciate that. Thank you for your friendship and for being there when I needed you; when I was down morally.In as much as there have been ups and down, you understand me and you know just how to make things right.You saved me from the worst hands of loneliness and you are always there for me. You have changed my life completely and makes me feel so important again.I thank God that I have found a woman like you.
Thank you once again my lovely Kathy for your understanding this period.I am fine now and in a better spirit.My only problem is that I miss my mom and I am missing you too.I really do miss you my dearest Kathy. I miss you so much. I miss you.I can't wait to come back home to you and never to leave again.
Ilove you

Letter 11

My dearest lovely Kathy
How is your weekend? I want to thank you for all your consoling words this period.I want you to know that I always do my best to cheer myself up,especially when I think about you which is now always.In My email yesterday, I ended it by saying that you will be the next topic of our family discussion. That was exactly what happened; my daughter was very anxious to know more about this woman that makes me smile whenever I talk about her. She bombarded me with questions that I had to tell her to go and sleep that she have not rested after a long journey and a long day.
The questions started with, how is your new found love and her Name Dad? I answered, her name is Kaithy and she is fine.
Where is she presently? I answered; in the US.
Q- Will she be coming for grandmas Funeral?
A-NO, she will not, the funeral is just four days away and she cannot make it on such short notice. I just told her the funeral date few minutes ago via email so there is no way she will make it on such short notice
Q- Can I see her picture if you have any
A-I will get it and show you and I am sure you will love her.
Q- Dad, will you give me one of her pictures so that I will go back with it or rather, don't worry Dad, just give me her email address and phone number so that I will contact her myself.
A- Diana, I will give you her number and email but I will first let her know so that she will know who you are when you call or write
Q-That's okay dad but you will do that tomorrow (Today, so am telling you now my
A-I will Diana.
Q-what did she say?
I can't remember exactly because it was via email but I know she was happy that I joined the dating site
This was just the beginning of the conversation which lasted for almost 40 minutes.My greatest joy is that she is happy that I am finding love again.She said that she was always worried about me. It's good that my daughter is here to assist me in her little way with the funeral arrangement.My aunts has been on bed since morning.We have been taking turn to go check on her to makes sure that she is still okay.
I know that it will be very difficult for her to forget her only sister no matter how much we try to make her forget mum. Mum did everything for her; they were very close. My aunt did not marry and had no child; we are just the family that she has.
As I sit here, once again, you are the one person on my mind. I know today hasn't been the greatest; I have to find this time to write you as I will be going for consultation with people that will assist me on the funeral arrangement and deliveries for tomorrow. Things have come and gone, just like mum has come and gone, but one thing still stay the same. you still take my breath away. It seems now to me that I could not live without you but funny enough I don't even want to live without you.
I have thought before I lost my wife that I have found true love, a love so intense and real that I will forever be caught in its spell. until the day came when I lost her and realized I was mistaken. I have spent the most agonizing days of my life awaking from haunting nightmares, with dried tears on my pillows.I thought I had lost my sanity every time I remember and mourn for my lost love.I mourned her for many years and was able to get her out of my mind completely and move on with life
No sooner had we met that I suffered anguish, I lost my mom. I found it comforting to read and email you.The reassuring friendship we had was enough to keep my good sense intact.I wasn't yearning anymore for her to come back, nor desperately seeking my next wonderful love affair.I am content with you. For you have given me the RED ROSE - for eternal
Love or perhaps, the BLACK ROSE - for the forbidden Love. It's the power of the meek, the strength of the silent. This is the love of the gardenia.
What makes me a different type of man is that I will never move away from someone I love ,rather I will move closer,no matter the condition .If your words of anger will shatter my soul, I will not run, instead, take a step forward.I will not go away! I will move closer to you. That is where I want to be.That is where I feel happiness.That is where I have found love. Close to you and in you my princess. Thank you Kathy for everything. Bye for now, I have to go as arrangement continues.enjoy your weekend.
I love you
Letter 12

My Lovely Kathy
How are you doing this Sunday morning ? please try as much as you can to write me email in the morning,because am highly expecting to ready it first thing in the morning, You know that I cannot let this day pass without sneaking out time to email you.
It has been a busy day as expected since the funeral is tomorrow so all arrangement must be concluded today. I never knew it's going to be like this but I am glad that the people here are very kind and helpful.
The people that came out to help has been guiding us on what to do and what not to do.There were lots of cultural requirement outside the normal government rites so we needed their directives and guidance. I never knew that we will need county permit to burial mom in her family house which I thought was only needed for public cemetery.
We had a long family meeting yesterday, thou it was just I and my daughter.She wanted us to discuss about my job and retirement plan and was insisting that I plan my retirement this year.Thou I have been considering recently to retire from my work, the fear of being idle is part of what has kept me on the job or let me add my love for the job too.She told me that she will start working officially by next January which means I don't have anybody that I will be training after this year and for that I don't have any reason to work again.
She believes that I should have some good saving and investment that will last me as long as I want.She is afraid that with the rate if travels that is associated with my job and my age; if anything should happen to me or I am nowhere to be found, she will not live the next 24 hours alone in this world.
She told me that there will be no life for her with no sister, no brother, no mother, no father, no grandfather or grandmother and an old aunt who she does not know how many years she has to live.I promised her that I will think about it but within me and coupled with all the job related nonsense that has happened this short period, I think it's time to stop.
May be I will look for money and start a consulting firm which will keep me busy but with no much travel,unless for vacation.That way I will be my own boss and decide what I do and what not to do. Let me leave this for now until after the funeral tomorrow.
I told you when we first met that only few are lucky to find true love.It's a gift from above.I only hoped in my lifetime that I would find that one true love, only few are lucky to know. I just pray and hope I have been given that gift, the gift of true love. I hope and pray that you will be my true love.I hope and pray that you are everything I dream of my whole life. I imagined what it will be like but you are beyond what I imagined. You are the most loving, caring, fun, smart, woman I have met since I lost my wife.I hope that I am one of the few who are lucky, who are lucky to have true love. If I am,I will love you more than this letter can express.
Thank you my dearest lovely Kathy for all your email and support all this time.My mom told me that I am a good man; that i will meet a Good woman again. She said that all that I need to do was to give it a try.I have never doubted my mom and once again she is right.I will leave for now to join to conclude the arrangement.The doctor is coming to take me to the undertakers so that we can conclude against tomorrow.Mom will be laid to rest tomorrow.Please pray for me and my family.I will not be able to email tomorrow but will be happy to receive your email and condolences.I miss you. Thank you Keith for your moral support and everything. You are a wonderful woman. I wished have met you earlier in my life. Enjoy your Sunday.
I love you
Letter 13

Kathy my dearest lovely wife!
I just want to let you know, how much I love all that you are and will be. Without a doubt you keep me together. You truly are my lovely wife, my soul mate, and my best friend. I thank God for you every day because I know you are heaven sent; you are my angel. I know the years will be a test, but nothing will keep me from loving you or from being by your side.
I'm sorry that i could not reach you yesterday as we concluded the funeral and condolence visits very late.I don't think I will be able to tell you anything about how the funeral went by email but will tell you all in person when we meet.I know it will be soon because I have really been down here more than I planned. There is only one good thing about being away from you, it is the feeling I have for you multiplied by the weeks we have been apart. Right now it has multiplied enough that the only multiplication it needs now is to meet you. I wish there was a word that could describe how much, but maybe it is better that you don't know. Words cannot express how much you mean to me.You have always found the times to cheer me up via email. You always seem to know just what to say and I really appreciate that.I know that you are so sincere with your thoughts that you write to me and I know that soon we will see each other and I can't wait.Thank you my lovely Fathy for your concern, care and for being there when I needed you, Thank you!
I have finally agreed with my daughter and Aunt after a careful thought that it's time to slow down with my work and the only way to do this is to resign from the Job. I had to consider all options and discovered that it's time to step down.Let me say here that I have made up my mind to resign from my Job with Bain Capital Investment International. As I write this mail I have my resignation letter written and the first thing that I am going to do is to submit it on arrival to the UK.
After I wrote the letter, I started remembering things that has happened that I neglected.There is a place in the company benefit that states that if a Fund Manager loses a member of her family; someone listed as one of his/her beneficiary; the company will send a representative during the funeral.I just lost mom and they did not send anybody. They could not even call to ask how we are preparing for the funeral. You will not believe that the investors that I was supposed to assist on their transaction in Dubai sent one of them to Italy for moms funeral.
The man called me two days before the funeral day to know if I will still make it to Dubai as they really need my attention on issues. I told him that I may not be able to make it due to the death of my mom in Italy. After discussing with this man he just said wow! Randy He is sorry but wow!
They are in trouble without me. I was so surprised when I got to the church in the morning for the funeral service to see this man there. He flew in from Dubai a night before and was able to locate the place in the morning on his own simply because I told him the name of the church, the city, the day and time for the service. He left back to Dubai this morning and I promised him that I will make it up to him and will be in Dubai in less than a week if not for anything, for him and for this kind gesture they showed me.The company I have worked with for years and delivered most of their lucrative deals could not even send one representative to attend the funeral of the mother of one of their best consultant Fund manager.
Anyway let me not keep complaining and stop bothering you with my work issues. I just want you to know that I have decided personally to resign and I will do that once I get to the UK.I have the letter already written which was the first thing I did in the morning.I will submit it on getting to the UK.please expecting to read your mail in the morning.
The company has two policies which were stated in my contract. It says that before anyone resign from the company, the person must give them two weeks prior notice before ending the job. Secondly, the person must conclude any pending assignment or work he or she have with the company.
Based on this, I will submit my resignation tomorrow and give them two weeks. Within the week after I have submitted my resignation,I will fly with the investment team to Dubai to bargain on the Russian Magellan which is the only pending work I have with them and the reason why the Dubai investors need my services. Hopefully, by the time we return from Dubai,it will be within the period of that two weeks and I will conclude my resignation process, hand over the company's properties in my possession and head home to United States.
I think it's really time to settle down and establish my own consulting firm and move on with my life in the company of the woman the Almighty has blessed me with. I sat down last night to check my life and how much happiness that I have gained over the past years but cannot remember any. I have been busy working but have no time to enjoy my life. Anyway, I will resign and start up my own business and I think that will give me time to enjoy the rest of my life with you. It will give me time with you.
My daughter will be flying back this evening but I will leave tomorrow morning. I just need to spend extra day to have my aunt settled down before I leave. The good news is that my aunt is strong now so everything is fine.
I know this email is getting longer but I decided to write you just to let the feelings flow. To write to the one I love. Every day, I fall over and over in love with you again .as the time goes on and a new day shows, my love grows. I just want to thank you for what you constitute in my life. Thanks for my being the most awesome woman, thank you for just being there for me. I thank God that I have found someone who stood beside me and not over me and I'm so lucky to have you. Thank you for all the happiness you bestow upon me. Thanks for making me see what I don't see. Thank you my lovely Kathy for making me over excited. I miss you already.
Sending you warm hugs and juicy kisses from the heart!
Enjoy your day,
I love you
Letter 14

Kathy my lovely beautiful wife to be,
How are you doing today?. Mine started well and I pray it ends well and peaceful.I planned writing you again yesterday but had a long day with the company. I had to put off my phone after i called you to avoid all the calls that were related to my resignation.
Our trip to Dubai has been shifted till Tomorrow. From the letter I received this morning which was addressed to us and the Investors .They stated that due to an emergency and change in management, the company will take extra day to handle some important management shake before letting some of their staff travel for the Magellan broker trade in Dubai.They sincerely apologized for the delay and has coordinated with the Head of the Russian MICEX trading team to set a new date for the trade negotiation.
There was a second letter which was personally addressed to me.It stated that the company directors has requested an important meeting with me regarding my resignation.The meeting has been scheduled for 6:30 pm this evening with all company directors, few staff and senior fund managers.I will wait till then to know what they want to say. This is all about work, resignation and business so let's talk about you, me,love and relationship.
I know that whenever you read my email and I say that I love you, you may be asking yourself, how did we find each other and why us .I will say today that there are so many reason that makes me love you. From the time that you and I met, you have brought me nothing but joy, I took my time one day and searched on the site until I saw you and my mind told me to email you. You know the rest.
I would remember the time when I asked the Lord before we've met, to give me someone I could love with all my heart and would love me in return, someone I can grow old with to spend my happy and lonesome memories, someone who I can call mine and give myself into, and someone whom I can spend the rest of my life with through all ups and downs, for better or worse.And that's when I always realize that God gave me you; the answer to my prayer and a blessing to me.
Thank you my lovely Kathy for being in my life today, tomorrow and the days to come.I will forever love you because it was not just a careless meeting that brought us together.It was my prayers that was answered.Take care of yourself my princess as I end this email here.I will start preparing myself for the meeting with the company.If it ends early enough, I will call to hear your voice once again and have heart to heart discussion with you.I know that there has been questions I may have failed to answer because of work pressure, grieve or lack of concentration this period.I believe that it will be better if we discuss them on phone and put a voice to the answers.Thank you Kathy my love for everything. I Miss You!
Hugs and kisses!
I love you
Letter 15

Kathy the woman of my heart,
It's a new day with sorrows and joy in my life.Sorrow because of my loss and Joy because of you and my daughter. What else can a widower of my age ask for. Anyway, I am now in London.I arrived London this morning from Italy and went straight to the company lodge where the company has staff accommodation.This is where I normally stay when I am in the UK for official assignment.
When I got to the office and dropped my resignation letter to Admin Head, he thought I brought a business proposal like I always deliver.His first questions was, what is it worth? I told him, ‘FREEDOM and SELF –DECISION'. He smiled and opened the letter and it was there. One OF THEIR BEST CONSULTANT FUND MANAGER with international trading knowledge that they have used like a fool, wises up and submits his resignation. His mouth opened wide that he could not finish reading the letter.His first question was, what's the problem? I told him nothing, JUST RESIGNATION.
As I write this email, they are having series of meetings that they invited my two personal assistant to the meeting. They believe that I must have shared something with them as they are the people I work with whenever I am in UK on official assignment
The company seem to have been torn apart in less than 4 hours of submitting my resignation.It seems that the Board of directors has scheduled an emergency meeting which I know is all about getting me back and making me stay; something that even my shadow knows that it will not work.Their main problem is that I may be going to another company and if I move, they will lose many investors
I have written and submitted my 14 days' time table made it clear that the only transaction I have pending is the Magellan trade in Dubai United Arab Emirates.I will go ahead with them to Dubai and will conclude my resignation,submit everything that belongs to the company under my custody once I return from Dubai all which must fall under the 14 days.I already gave the man in Dubai my assurance but will be traveling with some of the company staff as the job requires.
I am waiting for them to confirm our traveling date. All that I am sure of is that, I will not exceed 14 days here as that is the policy. It's now my time will tell them how to work under company's policy. The Only unfortunate part of all this is that once i return back to United States, I will first look for house to buy because the house I presently live belongs to the company.Like you know, the family house in CA which has been for sale over a two weeks was finally sold the very day mom was buried.
That is to tell you that I am 100% prepared to move on with life without the company. The thing that matters to me now is how to live happily for the remaining days of my life. Thank you my lovely Kath once again My Princess. Enjoy your day!
I love you
Letter 16

Good morning my lovely dearest Kathy,
How are you doing today? It seems my resignation and work problem has been our discussion recently. We have not had any happy discussion like we used to; it started from moms sickness to death, to funeral and back to resignation.I think today will be the last of such discussion.Let us start talking about you, me and our interest. Before we do that, let me share with you what happened at the meeting yesterday.
Where do I begin.I guess from the beginning. The Admin director started with the event that happened the very day I submitted my resignation. He said that this meeting is to avoid future occurrences as they don't want to lose their best Fund managers again.
They requested that all the staff come out and say what they want to change in the company policies.I started mine by explaining the company's Capital base, the number of major and minor investors, the record of foreign investors and English speaking investors, and the records of the company growth statistically, the 6% capital UK based Investor fund contribution.
I gave them over 26 records that even most of the directors does not know about.My last question was the bombshell.“Why is it that when a Fund Manager leaves the company as I am leaving now, all the investors under the persons fund management MUST be transferred to a fund manager that is UK Citizen. Why are all the directors UK citizens for a branch of an American company in the UK? I know your answer to why only UK citizen directors will be performance but let's look at how they come about the performance.Transferring investors from a retiring fund manager to a UK citizen fund manager to enhance his performance and then making him a director by PEFORMANCE is a rigged situation from onset”. The moment I said that,there was a loud shout of support from other staff.I just said what everybody was afraid to say; right now I got nothing to lose and they know it.
My dearest lovely Kathy, let me not bore you with the meeting.The summary of the meetings is that they want me back with promises and assurance that many things will change. But like I said. Too late.
Last night, I was thinking about you and wondering how you are doing but I finally managed to sleep off. When I woke this morning my thoughts were of you.I am so, so overjoyed that you are in my life.Like I told you, I never knew what love was.Oh I knew that my mother loved me, when I got married I found love but lost it.As I realize that I should be looking for “true” love; I mean this deep love that just fills your heart, the love that you never want to be apart and the emptiness you feel when you are apart.You my love seem to have given me everything that I have been dreaming about but never thought even existed except in the movies.
Always know as I have told you,I am here for you and yes I am sincere when I write you.I told you that Honesty, Sincerity, Integrity, and Loyalty mean a lot to me.Those are some of the things I feel also build a good relationship.How may I ever express to you my appreciation on how you have shared things with me? My feelings for you grow day by day. It seems like I cannot continue if you were not in my life. You my Love, have captured my heart and I would always like to be by your side.You always seem to make me feel so important and loved that it is hard for me to express to you this deep feeling I have.I have never experienced the love that you have shown me and this feeling just overwhelms me.
Before I go I'd like to send you a hug if you don't mind.Left hug, Right hug, middle hug, did you catch that? It's with you already but soon I would like to tell you all I have said in my email with the hug in person.
I will be going to Dubai this night.I will call to hear your voice before leaving.
Hus and kisses!
I love you
Letter 17

Kathy my darling lovely wife to be..
Greetings from the beautiful city of Dubai In United Arab Emirates. You know it is always my joy to share with you how things are going with me. Yesterday was beyond my control as I was on my way to Dubai.Our Flight landed in Dubai early this morning,but it took time to have internet set up and phone activated.
I displayed something funny today when I discovered that the internet connection in the hotel was not compatible with my laptop.They said that it has to do with the old version of my laptop. I told them that all I want is to connect to internet and email my love, the only woman in my life, "My world and the “SHE IN HIM"
When I said this, the investor and the hotel technicians started laughing and asked me what I mean by the “SHE IN HIM' I told them that you are the "She" While I am the "Him" and you are in me so what is hard to understand in the statement. Lol.
Anyway, that is me trying to make my environment friendly when I meet new people.
The joke worked because they rectified it and the internet became compatible with my laptop (The Power of love)
My intention was to tell you that I arrived here safely and most importantly that I miss you and wished you are here to see Dubai with me.This is my fifth visits to Dubai but this city keeps amazing me with its architectural designs.
The emirate of Dubai is located southeast of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula and is one of the seven emirates that make up the country. It has the largest population in the UAE and the second-largest land territory by area after Abu Dhabi.
Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the national capital, are the only two emirates to have veto power over critical matters of national importance in the country's legislature.Dubai is nowadays often miss-perceived as a country or city-state and,in some cases, the UAE as a whole has been described as 'Dubai.
Today, Dubai has emerged as a cosmopolitan metropolis that has grown steadily to become a global city and a business and cultural hub of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region. Although Dubai's economy was historically built on the oil industry, the emirate's Western-style model of business drives its economy with the main revenues now coming from tourism, real estate, and financial services. Dubai has recently attracted world attention through many innovative large construction projects and sports events. The city has become symbolic for its skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, such as the world's tallest BurjKhalifa, in addition to ambitious development projects including man-made islands, hotels, and some of the largest shopping malls in the region and the world.
Today, Dubai is the 22nd most expensive city in the world, surpassing London (25th) and is the most expensive city in the Middle East, surpassing Israel's Tel Aviv. Dubai has also been rated as one of the best places to live in the Middle East, including US American global consulting firm Mercer who rated the city as the best place to live in the Middle East in 2011.It seems to be the new hiding place for the Hollywood stars. This is my last trip as fund manager with Bain Investment international. May be my next trip here will be with you. Who knows? my beloved Kayhy.
My dearest lovely Kathy,I will suggest you exercise your body,It will help to boost your energy. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Hugs and kisses!
I love you
Letter 18

Good morning Kathy my beloved lovely wife,
I feel like a very refreshed man today. I woke up this morning by 10 am and had to put of my phone last night so that I can have this good sleep. Over the past two days I have not had a good sleep. It's either I am traveling, planning to travel, holding a meeting, arranging funeral or doing one thing or another that makes me start my day early and end it late.Yesterday I decided to sleep and cover the lost days and I really did cover the last days.
Our business registration requires some international clearances to prove the legitimacy of the share transaction .It happened that the certificate issuing office is not In Dubai but in a city called Abu-Dhabi and in this country, offices work on Saturday and Sunday but are closed Fridays.I led the investor and the brokers to make the application. It took us hours to complete the filing process to enable us conclude it which is where we are returning back from.
Before I came here, the investors has always reached out to me; even when they sent one of them to Italy they told me that they wish to have a private business discussion with me but do not know if I will accept it considering my work ethics.
They brought it up again yesterday and told me that now that I have submitted my resignation with my company,it outs them in a better position to make their proposal open.We are meeting this evening so that I know what their proposal will be since according to them, it is important for this transaction.I will wait to hear what their offer will be.I hope the company is not trying to use them to make me change my mind on my retirement (Which I doubt). If any offer that they have does not favor my retirement/resignation, I will turn it down but anything that favors my resignation, I will accept with two hand open.
The sea that parts us when I work is my enemy, but I gaze at the moon and ask it to reflect my love back to you so far away.
You are the answer to my passion and my dreams. Now that you have given me the gift of your love, my appetite for you is endless. I look only at page on the calendar that I now call my lovely wife, because that is when I will see you be in your arms. Please forgive my foolish words and boyish heart. Accept them as tokens of the emotions you inspire in me.
We all have memories; some that we would love to keep alive forever and some that we would rather forget. As I sit here writing this email, I want you to know that the memories that I made with you will always be looked at in fondness. Starring at the past, in comparison with who I am today, that person I was, before meeting you, clearly shows how much I love you and how important you are to me. As my mind was wandering about today, I got thinking about these letters I've written to you.
And it occurred to me that it would be awesome if, after finally meeting you, I can continue to write them, Unfortunately, I can't write those letters for you again, but fortunately I will say those words to you in person. As I am still here, it seems appropriate to me to take this time to write you NOT about what I hope to find in you, but what I can promise you will find in me. After all, it's only fair.
The first thing that I can promise you is fidelity. I believe in commitments.I believe they're the center of any healthy relationship. I'm not one that is going to fly the first time there's a small hiccup in our relationship.)When the problems do come (and let's face it, all relationships have their problems), I promise to work with you to find solutions rather than playing the blame game. There are few (if any) obstacles that two dedicated people cannot overcome one way or another, and I'm ready to do my part to find the way to overcome every last obstacle.
I promise to be sensitive to your needs and feelings.That's not to say I won't goof up from time to time, but I promise that I will listen, and do my best to respect and honor both your feelings and needs, and fulfil them whenever I reasonably can.
When I'm upset, I promise to try my best to handle the situation and my feelings in a mature way. I will also talk it over with you rather than making you play "guess what's annoying him now." After all, it's best for both of us if we talk these things over.
I also offer to share my love of life and all the joys and pleasures it has to offer with you. Relationships are hard work, but I promise to do all I can to make sure that you find it all well worth your effort.
There are many more things I can offer you, and I anxiously await to share them with you. And by all means, if there's something I haven't mentioned, please let me know. After all, if you are my perfect lover, I must be yours, too. Ever dreaming about you, Kathy my lovely wife. I miss you.
I love you
Letter 19

Good morning Kathy my dearest lovely wife,
There is popular saying that “behind every successful man, there is a woman “One of the things that I have always wished for myself all my years of working as a fund manager seem to have finally coming true. Ooh, I have not asked you, how was your weekend? I hope is a beautiful weekend and the beginning of a beautiful week for you.Sometime I wonder if this life is already programmed by the creator and our part is to live the way it is programmed. What I mean is that whatever we do on earth seems to have been written for us and that it goes that way till we die. All my life, it has been my dream and the dream of every portfolio manager to owe and start his or her own investment firm.This has always been my dream but the financial requirement of setting up an investment firm, makes everybody to settle for the available job of being a fund manager.
Setting up a consulting and advice firm which is of lesser financial requirement compared to setting up investment firm made almost all senior portfolio managers to either settle to work for an investment firm or. Setting up a consulting and advice firm. I know you have been waiting to hear the outcome of my meeting with the investors.The meeting was all good news; in fact their proposal was the best I have ever had since I started this work. My happiness was so much because the timing made it perfect; just when I submitted my resignation.They told me that they want to work with me as a partner and no longer as a fund manager since they learnt that I have applied to resign. They told me that they need big brokerage discount on this transaction and if I can get them huge discount that they will offer me 20% of whatever amount I get for them as brokerage discount on this transaction.They will give me this in shares and not in cash.
The arrangement is that I will contribute financially as an investor and do the purchase of the shares. After the shares are bought. If I can get them the brokerage discount, they will add 20% of whatever discount I can get for them to my shares which my company will issue the investor certificates of my part of the shares to me. I told them that I know that the stock they want to purchase runs in hundreds of millions of dollars but I can only contribute $2,500,000 .They accepted and told me that they do no need me to contribute as much as they do but just to assure them that I will be more professional since I am also involved financially.
The hindrance here is that I do not have the right to sign any Private Partnership with any investor for my services while on the company's assignment as a Fund Manager neither am I required to accept any payment outside my contracts Payment with the company. Based on this I cannot use my name for his transaction since there will be need for us to sign an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) which will stipulate the percentages we would get on this transaction. Since the shares will be disbursed to the investor by my company on the percentage on the MOU, Bain Capital will see my name there and that will be problem since I have not concluded my resignation. If the company discovers my name on it, they will seize my shares of the transaction and I will lose my money and even my $2,500,000 contribution because I am still a staff with the company and have not concluded my resignation. It was at that point that they told me that I can use the name of anyone that I trust that the company does not know about, someone that will not run away with my money or claim my shares; someone that I can say cares for me. That was when your name came into my mind and I told them that I have such person but let them give me till tomorrow to meet with an attorney here and discuss something and look at the Dubai business and investment guideline before accepting there proposal.
Honey,while I was accepting this proposal, I only had you in my mind as the only partner that I can trust to use her name and address in the business.This will also give us the opportunity to make our business trips together (If you wish) when the time comes after I must have retired from active work and have established my business. my lovely Kathy, I will appreciative if you keep this proposal private and to yourself for now until we are sure of it. This is presently for your ears alone and I know that I can trust you to keep any information I give you private when I asks you to. What I need from you now is just your full name and address or a P.O BOX to present as my representative partner in this business. Please send it to me in your response to this email unfailingly. You are all I know, trust and care for in this present world now. This will be a transaction of less than ten days. Before I conclude my resignation with the company, I will sell all the shares and the one I already have and move the money to United States. Once that is done, this transaction will be over and everything will be transferred to my name. You are just standing in for me with your Name on the MOU just for ten days for me to conclude everything and return back home to you. I will not like to miss this opportunity by telling them to wait till I conclude this resignation as they need me for this transaction in few days' time.
Thank you Kathy my love once again for coming into my life. The luck you have brought me since I met you is uncountable and I will forever owe you my appreciation. As long as I live and have blood running in my vein, you will always be happy and appreciated. Money will never be something for us to worry about as we will have equal share from the proceed of this transaction. I love you so much and want to thank you for the happiness, luck and everything you have done for me. I pray that I will have the chance to repay you. Please do not forget to send me your Name and address in your return email. I pray that this week brings us more good luck and favors.
I love you.
Letter 20

Kathy my darling lovely wife!
Where do I start this email with my heart full of appreciation? How do I begin so that you will know how much I love and appreciate you? What is the first word I should use so that you will understand what you mean to me? This were some of the questions that I have been battling with as I want to write you. Let me start from the proper way that I was taught by my parents when I was a little boy. They taught me to first greet before I say anything. So,How are you my darling lovly kathy?
I want to give you a special thanks my lovely Kathy for your understanding and what you constitute in my life. You are the most intelligent, kind, understanding, beautiful and caring woman I have ever come across in my life and I have been so blessed to have you in my life.You will always mean the world to me.You're the most wonderful woman in the world who is always in my thoughts and in my heart.Thank you my for knowing all the little things that means so much to me. Thank you for your support in a time like this. Thank you my for everything you are and everything I am becoming because you are in my life. Thank you for bringing your good luck into my life for I have had many breakthroughs in business life since I met you.
Thank you my love for all the things you have done in my life both the one I mentioned here and the one I could not remember to say, thank you! The love that I hold for you in my soul is greater than an ocean or the sky above. This makes it greater than any material thing. Thank you Kathy for the trust and support. What else can I say than to say THANK YOU my princess of love, luck and success? I appreciate your support.
Our business officially started today with the MOU signed in the presence of the attorneys I registered you as another investor who is also their partner but could not be physically present but contributed financially for the investment bond and stock trade.As a fund manager, I have worked with investors and their attorneys on many occasion because investors believe and trust attorneys so much that they think they know everything. As a fund manager, this is something I have known attorneys do all my life and once they start doing it, they make the investor see you to be less important if you don't prove them wrong. That is why today you see some people being advised financially by their lawyers who never had one day financial education. People now depend on their attorney to trade their stock and bond. People cannot sell their properties without advice from attorney. They cannot file their tax return without consulting attorney. This makes me wonder, how can they know everything? Are they professional in every profession? I am sure no one is perfect in everything and I always prove it to them because whenever they come to my field, I always mess them up and calm them down for the rest of my transaction. This is why my company and all the investors I have worked with, will tell you that I am the best in what in do.
When we met today to sign the MOU, the lawyers started their constitutional theories, I stood up and just used my normal word that I have always used to calm them down. I told them, “The law does not put money in an investors pocket; it takes from their pocket and pay the state. This is when lawyers are then invited to fight for the investor's legal right of loosing money to the State because lawyers are like law brokers as I am a stock and financial broker. This is not yet the time for law brokers to show their knowledge as the law is not yet taking anything from our pocket rather we are about to gain from the State and Country. dear learned gentlemen (I continued), I believe that each and every one of you have seen this papers before and studied it privately before we agreed to sign it. I know that you were all advised by our lawyers to sign it as my own attorney did advise me that it was a good deal. Our appointment here this morning is to sign the papers and move on with the business , not to show how good our attorneys are. The only reason most of us invited you lawyers here is for you to witnesses the process and we continue with our business which they are not part of and cannot do. I am sure after today when the business proper starts, none of this investors will be here with his lawyer. I will be the only one here to handle this transaction. If I abandon this business now, all the lawyers in Dubai joined together cannot do it. It is only me or another professional fund manager that can do it so let me do my job which you have confirmed that there is no legal implication.
Trying to teach me the fund management business is not important. If anybody stands up here again, then I will leave the job for the person to do since he knows a lot because I will like to learn. I think the best thing for us to do now is to start the signing while you lawyers witness so that you learned gentlemen can go for your various business while we continue with our investment plan. This is to avoid us wasting this whole day arguing legal implication which we have all been told that there is none in this deal. If I am wrong regarding what I said, I will not mind to be corrected but it will mean that I am at the wrong place. “When I finished my statement, the place was quiet for 2 minutes and I said, so should I now continue? And they all answered YES! Which they followed up with a loud applause.
Anyway, everything is going fine and I am in charge, In fact we have agreed that the legal process is over so lawyers are no longer needed in the trading tomorrow as am the one to do it. Once we conclude by tomorrow, we transferred the bond information to the company by Saturday to issue their shares certificate on monday. Then we will return to UK and I will apply to sell mine that is in your name with the one I have already. Once complete, I will fly back to United States for a new life with you.
I really wish that you were there to see your man in action doing what he knows best. I wished there and then that I could just call your name and you would be there. That is the thing that will give me pleasure for life. Thanks once again for your love and care. Thanks for the luck you brought to me. Ever since I met you I have been having success in my business meetings.
You gave me support everyday and made me felt that I have one million people at my back when i lost my mom. I want to reassure you of my promises of giving you the best of love and putting a permanent smile on your face. Whatever that is mine is yours. The investment will be shared equally and moreover, my proceed will get to me through you. All i need from you is prayers so as the business will be a success.
Thank you once again my darling Kathy.You are just the best and I love you! welcome to another wonderful and productive day.I will call you later.
Sending you warm hugs and kisses from the heart,
I love you with all my heart!
I love you
Letter 21

Kathy my lovely wife,
How are you doing? Hope you had a wonderful day? I miss you like always. Another has started here in Dubai,Today is the day I will know if I am a good fund manager and if I am as good as people think. Today is the trading day which is what brought me here. Initially I thought it was UAE ( United Arab Emirates)that controlled trading but got information this morning that some Chinese Investors are in town for the trading. It's really going to be a big day bidding for the Russian Index.
It has been scheduled for this everning so I have few minutes before that time.I had to explain to the investors about the complexity of the trading that I discovered this morning.To my surprise, it seems that they already knew and it was obvious it was for that reason they made me the offer. I had to tell them that it was no longer about getting them discount but handling successful Index Value BUY (IVB) because they may end up not achieving anything today if we keep our track and concentration on the discounted Magellan trade and in Dubai, back trading is no supported.
This email is going to be short because I still have some financial tabulations to do before leaving. I have been doing it since morning and It seems that my little money that we have added to this transactions is what will give us the little edge on this if we are to make a successful trade.
Dubai is not a place that you do trade manipulation so am not afraid of any manipulation or back trading. Any back trading invalids that Bond Index Measure (BIM) so I am sure that whatever we see today is what we get there on the trading floor based on our index knowledge information.
I will make sure I call you today after trading and if I get chance in-between the trading I will text you just for the morale support. This Trading may last for more than 3 hours depending on how successful it goes. All I need is your moral support and prayers. What I make today is what is going to make my tomorrow and my future regarding my retirement and setting up my investment and consulting firm. Pray for me my love.
I have you in my thought always!
Letter 22

Kathy my and only wonderful beauty lovely wife,
With my heart full of joy I wake up this morning to share the success of yesterday with you though it was a long tough day that I could not find the space to call you as I promised.Yesterday was a success by every means I must say.It was a success for me, for the investors, for the company and even for other investors.There is saying that the sky is wide and big enough to accommodate all the birds in the world so there should not be a struggle for space In the sky.That was exactly what happened yesterday.
The good news is that we finally got 13 listing which are major Russia listing. We got ,Lukoil ,SPDR S&P Russia, Sberbank,Rostelecom ,Yandex??????? ,YNDX ,Norilsk Nickel ,Gazprom OGZPY ,Surgutneftegas SGTZY ,Rosneft RNFTF ,Mechel OAO ,CTC Media, Inc CTCM ,Luxoft LXFT and Qiwi QIWI .
The total share purchase was worth about 2, 000,000 (Two Million) Magellan share estimate at $73 per Magellan Basic. That makes the total purchase and Share trade on stock and bond investment to the cash sum value of $146,000,000 (One Hundred and forty Six million) Dollars. This was the total amount investment and capital fund and was able to purchase the 2,000,000 (Two Million) Magellan shares.
On the memorandum, it was stipulated that out of the 2,000,000 ( Two million) Magellan including my financial contribution and commission which was stipulated as discussed ,it will sum up to 105,361 capital shares Magellan after re-trading as BAIN Magellan by BAIN Investment PLC.I will instruct the company to add the other shares that I have which is 54,794 to the 105,361 shares that came from this transaction so that they will issue it together under one BAIN investor certificate to enable me sell them together the moment I get to UK .The sale will be on your behalf as I have already given them transfer authorization to the company with the MOU which showed that the 54,794 shares that I have initially have been sold to (you) the investor that I am representing who has 105,361 In this transition .This will mean that the total share that will be issued on the certificate in your name is 160,155 Magellan shares.
Tomorrow, I have to process the Bond investment deductions for International Investment subsidy, investors deposit commitment, government settlement, external vat and other miscellaneous expense. All this have to do with my license to secure all the clearance document for all investors and myself since I will be selling. I will also negotiate with the Dubai Bond Registration Purchase commission (DBRPC)) on Investment Refund Sum Discount (IRSD) for the issuance of the clearance certificate which I know is very expensive to secure .That is what it takes to do a huge transaction and now I have to pay with the little money I have left after contributing for this transaction.
Let me cut the long story short as it may take me more 50 pages to explain all this. The summary of the transaction is that when the company receives this they will revalue our trade on the value of the company Magellan and make purchase of BAIN Magellan shares on ground for us on the percentage stipulated in the memorandum
Being a direct share buy, the company (Bain Investment International) will contact you by Email to confirm if the name and address that they have on their MOU is correct before they issue the investors' certificate. All you will need to do the moment you receive their email is to email them back confirming to them that the information they already have in the memorandum is correct; this is all you need to do.
Let them know that if they need any more information on your transaction they should contact your fund manager as you have authorized him to handle it for you being the person that represented you during the transaction in Dubai.
Like I said earlier, the moment we return to UK, I will inform them that you authorized the sale of your BAIN Magellan shares.The moment the share sell proceed is disbursed; I will then fly down to United States for a new life with you. This is what I will use this 14 days resignation period to conclude and come back home and never to leave again without you.
I love you as always.
Hugs and kisses!
Letter 23

My Kathy my everything!
I woke up in the morning with you in my thoughts. Thank you for being my super woman which gladdens my heart. Thank you for coming into my life. I slept like a new born baby and I dream about us.Hope you had a wonderful night?. I really can't wait to be the one to smile at your beautiful face when you wake up in the morning life is really boring without a lovely partner. You light up my life and made me the happiest person in the world. You are everything that makes my life worth living. Everyday, i feel like i fall in love with you all over again. Nobody's ever made me feel so whole and I can't wait to feel like this for the rest of our lives. I thank God everyday for bringing you into my life. You're haven sent and I love you more than anything.
I love you with all my heart. I can't wait to start our new life together. I love you so much as my love for you grows and I feel it in my heart. There is only you my love. I will love you till the end of time. You complete me in every way. You are my best friend and you are the one I want to grow old with. You are everything to me. Loving you brightens my day and warms my heart. As we share everything and tell each our most inner thoughts and dreams for the future.
I wanted to take this moment just to let you know how much i love you. You've made my dreams come true, and i treasure you for being so kind, and amazing woman you are. I'm the happiest man on the planet earth to the most beautiful woman in the world. I just want to promise you this day that as long as blood runs in my vein, I will always make you happy and I can assure you that you will never for one day regret meeting me in this life . Thank you so much..
I told you when we first met that only few are lucky to really find true love. It's a gift from above. I only hoped in my lifetime that I would find that one true love, only few are lucky to know. I have been given that gift, the gift of true love. In you I have found my true love for life. I have the most amazing woman in the world. You are everything I dreamed of my whole life. I imagined what it would be like and you are beyond what I imagined. You are the most loving, caring, fun, smart, kind and pretty woman in the world. I am one of the few who are lucky, I am lucky to have true love. I love you more than this letter can express.
I want to give you a special thanks for your understanding and what you constitute in my life. You are the most intelligent, kind, understanding, beautiful and caring woman I have ever come across in my life and I have been so blessed to have you in my life. You will always mean the world to me. You're the most wonderful woman in the world who is always in my thoughts and in my heart. Thank you for knowing all the little things that means so much to me. Thank you for your support in a time like this. Thank you for everything you are and everything I am becoming because you are in my life. Thank you for bringing your good luck into my life for I have had many breakthroughs in business life since I met you. Thank you for all the things you have done in my life both the one I mentioned here and the one I could not remember to say, thank you! The love that I hold for you in my soul is greater than an ocean or the sky above. This makes it greater than any material thing. Thank you for the trust and support. What else can I say than to say THANK YOU my princess of love, luck and success? I appreciate your support.
You have definitely inspired me in so many ways. I can't thank you enough! God has answered my prayers by bringing you into my life. I keep saying this over and over again, you might be tired of hearing it, but I am just so happy and excited! For both us us!! New life. New adventures.
Just to see your email in my inbox gets me excited, hearing your voice gets me in a sweetheart loving little teenager romance, my Kathy what will your presence do when I see you? I dream about that last night, all I could see is me falling down and kissing your feet while I cried with tears of joy. I love you so much! and I really can't wait to be with you, touch you, caress you, kiss your breasts and use my tongue all over your body.Cuddle with you and make love to you passionately. You just don't know how you make me feel, I am in such a mood I can't describe, you leave me speechless, all I could do is feel you. Just think of me touching you , caressing you now placing my lips on your breast, and softly sucking on you.
Do you feel me darling? I feel you darling with a smile on my face. You have made me fall so in love with you, and to make love with you spiritually and to give a loving dream . I love you my beautiful wife Kathy! We have God to thank for bringing us together, and I have to thank you for putting your faith in me, to show you how much we have grown in our love, and to put my faith and trust into you, again we have God to thank, and as we build from this into our future together.Our trip to UK has been shifted till tomorrow!
All my love belongs to you.
Hugs and kisses from the heart!
Letter 24

Kathy my beautiful Wife!
I just returned back to my hotel after a long busy day. I was out early this morning to make application for all the clearance documents that we need for this transaction .I have always done this documentation for investors when I handle their transaction but have never had reason to do it for myself .When investors pay me to do It for them, I don't feel the pain of the high cost but today, I felt what It takes to handle bulk transaction and the real cost of securing clearance document if you are paying for it from your pocket.
I paid and secured eight clearance papers which is important for the Magellan shares distribution. There is just one more left which I will secure in the UK once we return back to London. That brings us to the good news of the day; the deal with my partners became partly a success today. Bain capital Investment International confirmed the Magellan capital purchase success this morning and contacted the investors by phone. They said that the Bain Magellan share transaction schedule notification will be sent to the investors today by email after the directors meeting .You should expect their email also. After this email I will start packing my things because our flight has been confirmed for this evening.
As I was about to email you, I saw an email from my office confirming that my resignation was received in good faith .They added that I will be out of my contract on Monday 30th July 2018 as that is when the 14 days will complete. I immediately picked up my phone to remind them that the 14 days completes in Four days time and not on 30th July. They told me that I was counting 14 calendar days but it is 14 working days. I know they were lying about it so I did not argue it again .I just hung up the phone and started my email to you .They just want to spoil my day but they can't with you on my mind. My darling, my return date is now official.
Another thing is that the company requested to know how they will send your investors certificate .They asked me about sending yours by courier and I told them that you made the request that I deliver it to you personally because you have some investment issues you will like to discuss with me as your fund manager .I also told them that you have authorized that all your shares should be on one investors certificate and that the investors certificate should be issued with information on the memorandum that was given to them when they came to Dubai .If they email you, just respond by saying that the name and address is correct and that they should handover the investor certificate to your fund manager to deliver to you. You may get this email from them today while I am on air flying back to UK so do not wait for me to tell you what to do, respond to them so that there will not be any delay while you are waiting for me. I will call you the moment we land in London. Enough of business and Dubai lest talk about us.
That reminds me, I realized today that the sweetest word I hear recently is your name and the greatest thing is your love.
When they called this morning and mentioned your names, my heart melted and realized how sweet the sound of your name is. Here is a woman I thought I'd never know, the one who stole my heart so innocently, but with care, grace and perfect love. The perfect thought is us together forever. Every silent prayer that has left my mind, all the empty words that have left my mouth and chased my lips, and all the lonely tears that have escaped my eyes have made me who I am, one to love you more. All the times I felt I've found the one, and all the times I've mourned over a bleeding heart, all the times I've given it all I've got are as many as I have found my face in the mud. All the things I've wished I've done, and all the things I wished I hadn't helps me love you with purity and certainty. I love you so much, those five words I tell you so much can't have more meaning than anything else ever possibly could. I love you with all my faults and all my achievements. I love you with all that I am. I love you for who you are. I hope in the quietest of the night when I whisper out to you, you know just what to do. You listen to hear my voice echoing how much I love you. It's me again my lovely wife, enjoy your day.
I have you in my thought always!
Have a great day!
Letter 25

Dearest Kathy,
Wow! This seems to be my favorite word since I resigned . I can't wait to leave here to see you as every passing day brings us closer .I can't say for sure what it feels like but I know that there are many feeling associated with what I say every day.
Something happened few minutes ago which I am going to tell you, but promise me that you will not laugh at me .Okay; I know you will not, so I will tell you .I was rushing down the staircase and fell down. It was not only that I fell down but I also rolled down like a ball; you can imagine that with my heels .I had to go back to my room to change my clothes because the one I was wearing was already stained. While I was trying to change into another cloth, I saw your picture on my table where I kept it. Then something came into my mind. I realized immediately that my falling down was my punishment for not sending you an email in the morning . I realized that when you hurt someone that you really love, nature has a way of paying you back.
Sorry my love if I did hurt you by not emailing you earlier. I realized today that our relationship has been ordained in heaven, approved by the angels and monitored by nature. Now I have settled down to write you this email before going back for our share sell bid , after all there is no rush in life. The funny thing is the appointment I was rushing to meet with finally delayed because the person that I was rushing to meet came late .I was rushing to meet with the admin representative so that I will fill the Share sell display application to formally include it in the share display this evening .I will go back in few minutes to have that done
From the very first day I met you, I have been measuring time with a big clock which I have constructed in my heart and head.
My past, present, and future life have coalesced into a single paradoxical existence. I feel as though I have known you for an eternity; yet, I perceive everything I experience with you in the vibrant colors of a freshly painted dream about the future.
It's true that we have not known for up to two months or let me say it's about two months since we met but your happiness has become essential to mine. I have turned into an avid collector of your smiles and expressions of joy, striving to expand my collection every day. The rare gems I have gathered, light my nights so brightly that my dreams has become so pure that I now smile when I sleep for nothing has ever made my spirit glow as radiantly as sharing my heart and mind with you.
The day I met you was the brightest day in my life but it was a bit confusing because I could not say exactly what you meant to me but now I know for sure with no single doubt in my heart. You are the light in my eyes, the happiness in my heart, and just the thought of you not being with me here breaks me into small and countless pieces. So, on a day like today, do we promise to love each other through good and bad, for better or worse and though we are yet to meet, I will never break that vow. Because the day I met you, I was born again and I discovered a new me with new beginning and new life in happiness and in truth .let me put it simple. I hope you are enjoying your day.
I love you.
Letter 26

Bain Capital plc
Devonshire House
Mayfair Place
London, W1J 8AJ
United Kingdom
Esteemed Investor,
With great pleasure in serving you and giving you our best fund management services, we wish to notify you that we have conclusively carried out your share purchase instruction. This purchase was done as stipulated in the Memorandum and Article of Business Association between you and your business partners. This Memorandum and The article of Business Association was received by our Offshore Investment Business Directors during their meeting with your partners in Dubai United Arab Emirates.
Present at the meeting were: Messier Clay Riddell, Sir Michael DeGroote, Eng.Douglas Fregin, Mr. Alfredo DeGasperis, Mr. Stephen A. Jarislowsky, Sir, Joseph-Armand Bombardier, AND MR. Randy Hanson. These were your partners present at the meeting with you being represented by MR. Randy Hanson. (A Consultant Fund Manager with BAIN Capital Investment International and also your fund manager) . BAIN Investment International was represented by, MR OTTO Dillon, Mr. Randy Hanson, HUGO GREEN AND MR VANDER LLOYD. It was at the meeting that our business directors received the Memorandum and Article of Business Association between you and your business partners.
The share purchase was made in your name Today, Friday ,27th, July,2018 on the percentage shares as stipulated in the Memorandum and Article of Business Association.This share purchase acquired in your name the total of 128,572 BAIN Capital Investment Magellan Share. We contacted your Fund Manager MR. Randy Hanson requesting to know if you have our permission to issue all your Investment Capital Shares under a new Investors Certificate including this shares and he gave the authorization which he said was what you requested.
Based on this, we wish to confirm from you if we are to issue your new BAIN Magellan share of 128,572 and your other BAIN Magellan share of 60,000 to get a total of 188,572 under (1) BAIN Capital Investment International Investors Certificate since the Investors Certificate for the first 60,000 BAIN Magellan share has not been issued to you. In the memorandum and article of Business Association which was submitted to BAIN Investments International by your partners during the business meeting with our directors in Dubai.The memorandum has the address below as your business address. Please confirm to this business unit via email that the information stated below is correct as authorized and provided by you to your fund manager MR. Randy Hanson, for the issuance of the BAIN Capital Investor Certificate for your shares with us. The provided address.
I will be expecting your email confirmation before we Issue the certificate as that of your partners has been issued and will be given to them during the official share declaration meeting with this office.They informed us that you will not be with them for the meeting hence the reason for this email. We will also need you to confirm if we are to Mail the Investors certificate to you via Priority Courier Service (DHL) or make the delivery to you through Your Fund manager.He informed us that he will be returning to meet you the moment he concludes his official demands here. We will need your quick and specific response to this. Thank you for your faith in BAIN Capital. We hope our investment service has never disappointed you. You are free to contact this office anytime for information regarding your share capital investment or Profit Return on Investment (PRI)
Yours in service
Jim Oxford
Consultant Relations BII
Letter 27

My Queen,
What should I tell you this beautiful day? First thing should come first as that is what you will like to hear. On Wednesday, 1st July 2018 which is exactly five days from today, I will be flying back to be with you and never to leave you again. I remembered today when it was 3 weeks left for me to meet you and then 2 weeks and from 2 weeks to 1 week and now I count it in days. You don't know how happy this makes me feel; that I will be able to talk to you in person and not by email; that I will call you my love and not write it. I will say I love you and see your expression and not wishing to know what your expression will be. Meeting you will change many things for good and I promise to always love you. I believe that the feeling I have now cannot be explained in my email but I think since it is the only means I have to share it with you, I will do it from here.
These were all that came into my mind when I opened my computer to email you and I remembered that it is just 4 days left and it will be in person and no longer by email. If I tell you that I miss you so much; it will be as if it is the same word that I have always said .I can tell you that today has been different. I have been thinking about us and how we are going to spend the remaining good and last part of our life together. What I decided this evening is to use the whole of tomorrow to write down how we are going to spend every weekend from the very day I set my eye on you till the next 365 days when we will celebrate our one year anniversary in grand style.
If I have the power to leave UK today and come back home, I will be in the next flight flying back to United States to come and see you because I miss you so much. I could not sleep last night thinking and dreaming about you that I cried when I woke up this morning because you were not by my side. I wish I can just stand up and travel back to US but I can't because of i need to handle the end of our transaction.
I have been excited from the moment that I met you. To hear your name gives me chills and I get a fuzzy feeling that runs through my body. I am very glad that we met and I am glad that you are mine.
From the time that you and I met, it has been nothing but joy. I am very glad that the both of us are still together after almost 2 months. It is because of you that my days are filled with joy. It is because of you that my dreams are so easy to achieve. I am a very lucky man and you are a very special person. I think of our relationship as a lasting one. We are going to be able to do things that we never thought were possible and it is going to be great. I want you to know that I am willing and ready to be there for you. I will do all things for you and with no bit of doubt. I love everything about you and I hope that you feel the same way about me. You have been the light that shines when it is dark in my life and I thank you for it. I thank you for everything that you do and have done for me. There have been many of times when I have found myself saying, "That is why I love her, but I have never told you them. One day, I will let you know.
My beautiful Kathy, I love you with all my heart, body, and soul. When you email me, you seem to make all my worries disappear . I have never had a woman, such as you make me feel so loved, needed, and oh so happy! I know with you anything and everything is possible and my dreams - our dreams, are destine to come true. You will forever be etched in my heart like a permanent mark for our eternal love - a soul mate's reminder that I will never again be alone in my search for true love, for you remind me that you are truly sent from the heavens where only the Angels, such as you my love, can turn an iced heart of glass and melt it, turning it into a soft warm puddle of bliss where the future is secure and all will be well.
I am so proud and honored and completely overjoyed knowing that you will be my lady forever. The love I feel for you is quiet often hard to put into words.
Honey; this is only one small way for me to express my gratitude to you. I am so blessed to have you as part of my life. You are one great thing that has ever happened to me. The person you are is what keeps me going through all the ups and downs these days. You are my best friend, and the greatest lover imaginable! With you by my side, we can make anything happen!
Together as a team, we are untouchable! .I look up to you and cherish you in so many ways. Thank you for being my backbone. Never again will I want to be apart from you when I come back to you. Always remember, Keeper of the Stars, It was meant to be and so are we!.I have read the emails you forwarded to me from Bain is not the same .This last one is the share sale notification.Hope you are having a lovely day?
Enjoy your day!
Letter 28

My dearest, sweetest most beautiful Kathy,
Wow! I have been feeling so happy with smiles on my face knowing that, I will be with you soon. Wow! always comes to mind when I think of you, feel you in my heart, imagine what our life is going to be like. I will tell you that the anticipation of finally touching you, holding you, making real love to you, telling you I love you that is not broken up over a bad phone connection, the sound of actually kissing you compared to that on the phone are all my WOW moments and many more. I have been thinking about us and how we are going to spend the remaining good and last part of our life together. What I decided today is to use my time on the aircraft to write down how we are going to spend every weekend from the very day I will set my eyes on you till the next 365 days when we will celebrate our one year anniversary in grand style.
Darling! You know as a man, it is not everything that happened to you that you will start telling your woman when you know, you can handle it. But it seems that I will tell you now so you will understand how important this transaction is to me and why I want to stay here and conclude this transaction myself. As I am writing this email now, all that I have as a man in the world in cash is $1500. I have reserved this money so that I can use $1000 out of it to open an account with our paying bank if need be.
The payment arrangement which the company uses to pay their investors requires the investor to open a Bank account with the Company's paying bank in Europe. This is where the company will issue the draft from the shares since it is a Europe Investment Bid. Once they issue it, they will deposit the draft into the investor's account with the paying bank since the draft will be in the investors' name. The draft will clear the same day for fund availability to the investor from where we will transfer it to our bank accounts in United States.
My love, I invested some huge amount of money as my contribution to ensuring the success of this transaction. While I was handling this transaction, I was transferring money from my bank account in United States to the account here to enable me pay off this entire bill. The last money that was left in the account was the last money that I transferred to pay for the International Clean Report Clearance certificate which I paid $174,000, the day I returned from Dubai. I paid $113,000 to secure the Non Resident Transaction permit and company tax clearance in Dubai which my partners told me was necessary since my company is not up to one year old. This was the company I registered during this transaction. I spent more than $950,000 but today I have $1500 left in this world out of this money but that is by the way. So you can see how important this transaction is to me. Thank God almighty that everything is working out good and will be completed tomorrow. I am just telling you why I decided to stay here, do everything by myself just to guarantee no mistake. Today I am happy that I did because soon, I will be home to you as a fulfilled and happy man.
Honey, let's talk about something I was thinking about today. I know that our first weekend will be in a very quiet place, where only you and I will be. Staying indoors from Friday evening to Monday morning. I mean no going to work. When we leave there, our week will be occupied with locating a good house to buy and planning on where to establish my business. After that, we will then plan on places to visit together before coming back to settle down for another life of part time business and much fun. All I ask from you my love is your time, and to allow me to spoil you. Please do me this favor.
I have to tell you this again; you mean the world to me and much more. My mom once told me, when I asked her how will I know I've found the right one, and she replied, "You will know, you feel it deep to the core of your soul," and I never believed her until the day you walked into my life or should I say I walked into your life. I am so very glad that we met and I am glad that you are mine. I cannot wait until the day that we belong to each other completely. I can't wait to put the circle of trust in your finger. You fulfill me
My love! whenever I hear your voice or read your emails, I know forever isn't far away. I cherish, adore and treasure you.
Every lock has a matching key, and somehow you ended up with the key to my heart. We're a perfect fit, and there is no doubt in my mind that we were made for each other. I'm absolutely head over heels in love with you.
I want to remind you that the company will contact you tomorrow on how the fund will be released. As soon as you hear from them, just forward it to me so that I will take a look at it and guide you on what to do because at this stage we need not to make any mistake. I just want to conclude this transaction and come back without delay, this is the only thing holding me here. I can't wait to be with you my love! I love you with all my heart.
Yours forever,
Letter 29

My dearest Kathy,
I'm so glad to hear that your retreat went well, and everyone was very pleased with your organization and leadership. I have known you're an intelligent and smart woman. I'm so proud of you, and I love you so much. You have spoiled me with your care, love and kindness. waking up everyday and knowing that you're mine is like paradise to me; And I cannot imagine my life without you. You amaze me with how many different ways you make me feel like a king. You always find the most beautiful things to say that make me smile so much all of the time. You make me love you and want you more and more every minute of every day. Though we are far apart, we are not far in heart. You have become my world, my joy, my inspiration, my best friend and lover as well. I feel so complete with you in my life, so alive, so happy and with this passion for life like I never knew was even possible. I'm so excited. I want to look into your eyes, kiss your sweet lips and tell you how much I love you. I can't wait to touch your face and hold your hands. I want to make real love to you, the waiting is killing me. My body aches for your touch. I want to massage you, give you a back rub, play with you and be with you in every way. You're the one I want to grow old with. I love you more than anything in this world.
Honey we are hoping to conclude the transaction on Monday or Tuesday, and once that is done, I will fly back home to meet you, so that we can sit down and make our plans. We will have to decide where to visit, before coming back to plan our life and future together.
This transaction is the only thing keeping me here, and I will patiently wait to conclude it, so that I can return home financially okay to the one woman I love...You. I appreciate you so much. I don't want to miss your care and sweet touch. If I miss these, I am going to miss my life. My world is a happier place because of you. Since the time we've met, I cry a little less, laugh a lot more just because you're in my life. I feel like everything in my life has led me to you. All my little mistakes, my heartbreak seem worth it. Because if I had done one thing differently I would have missed knowing you.
Every day with you is a wonderful addition to my journey through life. I can't wait to be with you my love; I can't wait to start our love story. I miss you so much my sweet Kathy. I don't find enough time to think about you during my day. I constantly run short of time.
You're my paradise and I'd be happy to get stranded with you for a lifetime. I LOVE YOU!!! Have a fabulous weekend.
Yours forever,
Letter 30

My lovely Kathy,
How are you doing....hope you rested well and ready for a great week. I'm just sitting here with a big smile on my face, just because soon I will have you beside me, and I will lay there listening to your breath and feeling the warmth and comfort of just having you right beside me, and my favorite part will be when you will roll over and embrace me; I know the feeling will remain with me all through the day and lasts until the next morning when we do it all over again for I would never want the feeling to end.... It is amazing how many weeks have passed since the first time we became who we are.
My sweet Kathy, I love you with all my heart, body, and soul. When you email me or we talk on phone, you seem to make all my worries disappear. I have never had a woman, such as you, make me feel so loved, needed, and oh so happy! I know with you anything and everything is possible and my dreams; our dreams, are destine to come true. You will forever be etched in my heart like a permanent mark for our eternal love, a soul mate's reminder that I will never again be alone in my search for true love, for you are truly sent from the heavens where only the Angels, such as you my love, can turn an iced heart of glass and melt it, turning it into a soft warm puddle of bliss where the future is secure and all will be well.
I am so proud, and honored and completely overjoyed knowing that you will be my partner. The love I feel for you is quiet often hard to put into words. I promise you, my love, and I will say it again and again; I will go the distance to show you how much I love and need you in my life and how much you will always mean to me. The love we have is that only of soulmates true love for one another which will never be doubted or destroyed.
Honey, You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. The person you are is what keeps me going through all the ups and downs these days. You are my best friend, and the greatest lover imaginable! With you by my side, we can reach the highest mountain top. You're irreplaceable. Together as a team, we are untouchable.
Honey remember to be checking your email from time to time, once you hear from the company, forward the email to me, so that I can take a look and advise you on what to do. Once we conclude today, I will submit the detailed report of our Dubai trip tomorrow, so I can go ahead and confirm my flight for Wednesday, and be on the plane flying home to you my love. I can't wait to meet you and continue this amazing feelings. I'm so excited. Have a lovely day
I love you,
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