Romance scam letter(s) from George Summer to Jane (Philippines)
Letter 1

Hello dear
How are you? I'm assuming that " you are strong and healthy. My names are Mr. Mark Donald, I'm from the city of Baltimore, Maryland, USA .. I was born on August 26, 1965, so i will be 53 years in August this year. I attended (Texas A & M University, USA). I started my career in the Army Reserve and 108 assigned to OSUT Infantry Division, based in the city of Texas. I served in a variety of positions in the Infantry Battalion US Army Division 82. Working as regular military personnel serving in the US Army the last batch of troops in Afghanistan. , Although the war is over, we are reinforcing the structure of job security and the help of the security forces training in Afghanistan, but I want to go home my retirement soon. I lost my wife in the car accident 27 February 2007 and since then, one has no other woman committed. I have a Son who is 13 and lives in, he had a guardian looking after him for me. I would like to know more about you, I'm looking for someone who smiles with my partner as life, then I saw your wonderful and exciting profile. I was attracted to contact you. The truth is the key to success in the relationship. I am a very happy person, I like to have fun, walk, travel, play and smile. I am happy when I see a person around me comfortable. My hobbies are riding, baseball, golf, music, reading, playing with animals, etc. I do not like dishonesty and unforgiving Because life is full of errors and corrections. I love to laugh Because it is often one thing that keeps me in life. I do not smoke and drink socially, but I do not mean I hate smoking, I like to live a simple life and I am very open and flexible to any situation. My favorite food is rice vegetables / meat / fish / salad / seafood and sweet potatoes. I do not know what to tell you more, but if you can ask for what you want to know, I'll be happy to tell you. I do not like cheating and breaking hearts. Attached are my photos. Gold and hope that I will not disappoint and I also like to tell me more about yourself. His hobby in today's era, the city you are living in and did all of you. So tell me what you like and what you hate. Please try to send your own images.
I hope to hear from you soon and good day.
His faithfulness,
Mark Donald.
Letter 2

Hello Dear Mary,
Please i am so sorry for my late response. Thank you so much for your response I have to admit, saying that you're are the Woman of my choice and i wish i could be the Man you need. I want peace, love,care and my spirit Man tells me that you are the Woman i need. Distance and age difference can not be a barrier.Please dear, we are not allowed to use cell phone here in our camp for security resaons so i don't use Whatsapp. Usually, i use Skype to communicate. Please, I want you to add me on Skype to talk and communicate. My Skype account is When we met on Skype, you may be able to see each other in webcam. My friend introduced me on and i joined today then i saw your profile you attracted me to contact you, because the woman of my choice, i am no longer on because i have found you and i have your email address so i'm no longer on the site. I can say that I enjoyed my work and the army because i have been there for more than 28 years. I achieved a very good name and reputation that is not for sale. I am loyal and I'm looking for a woman who I can share my life as I go for my retirement. I pray and hope that you are the woman who i am looking for. I love nature and travel a lot, as a military officer. I'd like to meet God-fearing woman because it is said that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. There is usually a smile on my face and I am proud and happy with what ever I have. I have met with difficulties in life, especially when I lost my beautiful wife. But, in spite of all that I have never stopped being grateful to God because he is the omnipotent and omnipresent God. Talking about my self, I love friends and family, I am a fun person and make friends easily. I love life, love my family and still have some love to share with a special lady. Life can be lonely without someone...I am a person who is very real when it comes to life and its' issues. Am honest, kind caring,affectionate,good sense of humor,easy going,free thinker,trustworthy and respect the lives of other people.....I'm a man who lives life as it comes to me. I don't worry about tomorrow, for it will be here no matter what I do. The best days of my life are yet to come and i am looking for someone who will love and care about me for a long time relationship that can lead to marriage. Although I would consider myself be a romantic, I don't believe that life is about the 'grand passion.' In reality it is more about comfortable comrade. I am really a fun person who loves people, loves to laugh, I am very caring,love music, dancing, singing ( in my car) ! Love the a devoted friend. I like to have fun, I have strong moral values with honesty and integrity being the core of my personality, am very cool, i respect my dignity....I'm excited to see new places, meet new people and do new things. I'm not a fighter and I don't argue, life's too short but I do value friendship and intimacy. Respect is one of the most important requisites in a relationship, as are honesty and commitment. I enjoy going out to dinner, movies, walks, and quiet times. I love nature, enjoy learning, and have a deep respect and love for children. I'm fascinated with the world and different cultures and would enjoy learning more about them....I love to laugh and like being around people with a good sense of humor. I also appreciate people who are different and even quirky.
I look into the future with hope and would like to create a relationship based on respect, understanding, trust and love. Seeking a relationship with longevity and not just something will end in just a blink of an eye. I have a great sense of humor and can dish it out to make a sad day enjoyable. Honestly I've all that it takes to be a man, I don't really need anything from my partner. maybe in terms of circumstances there might some kind of help from each other, helping to make things right. It's not all that easy meeting that rightful woman with all those qualities which I'm dreaming off, I love friends and family...I am a very sincere person who laughs easily, loves to tease and be teased and who communicates openly and honestly. I consider myself a very easy going person, even tempered. I love to go for long walks during a beautiful summer sunset with my dog Max along the wonderful walking trails by my home, going for walks during a gentle snowfall in the winter and walks during a crisp and sunny autumn day. I love to cook and a perfect evening would be to decide on a wonderful menu and cook together while enjoying a fine glass of red wine and great music.
I am a very happy person, I like to have fun, walking, travel, play and smile. I am happy when I see a person around me comfortable. My hobbies are horseback riding, baseball, golf, music, reading, playing with animals, etc. I do not smoke and I drink socially, but that does not mean I hate smoking, I like to live a simple life and I am very open and flexible to any situation. I do not know what to tell you more but if you can ask for whatever you want to know, I'll be happy to tell you. I do not like cheating and breaking hearts. I pray and hope that you will not disappoint me and I also like you to tell me more about yourself. Your hobby in the current age, the city that you are living in and everything about you. Also tell me what you like and things you hate. I hope to hear from you soon and good day.
Your faithfully,
Mark Donald.
Letter 3

Hello my dear Jane,
Thanks for the beautiful email you sent to me. I became the happiest Man after reading your email because you are very interesting person. First and foremost, i am the only Son to my late parents. I lost my parents at a younger age and i was taken care of by an Aunt who also died recently of cancer. I hope someday I'll be able to give the love back to someone. I'm in good health. I enjoy traveling and learning different cultures. Please you can call me Mark. I am seeking a woman who can carry a conversation to another level and is not afraid to learn or to teach for that matter. I want it all and will not settle for less, but at the same time, I want that person that can stop and smell the rose and appreciate the time she has on this earth, knowing it is not forever. I would like to meet someone who is as warm on the inside as they are on the outside. Someone to be my friend, then become my best friend and possibly become my life partner. Concerning my Wife`s accident, she ran into a moving truck. I was at the office on that faithful day when i received the call about the accident and before i got the the hospital, she was dead already. I collapse and later recovered after few hours. My position here in the Military is not such that you can easily know much about me because i am in a very delicate section. Meaning that i am part of American military intelligence. I am an engineer in the army in charge of the armory and I have my office here in Afghanistan. I am the best bomb dictator expat here. I have made you every assurance that i can never fail or disappoint you and i am now still given you the same assurance. I have traveled wide in in my career, namely Germany, France, Russia, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Ukraine, Bosnia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Haiti, Jamaica, Iran, Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia. I can't count all. I have only visited Egypt and Libya in Africa. My dear, please accept my regrets for replying you mail a bit delayed, I am a very busy person by call of my job. I am using this chance to once again tell you more about myself, I have lived a long time after the death of my wife, responsible for and dependent upon no one, answering to no one and committed to no one except myself and my son. During this period of my life, I considered the world mine for the taking and truly believed that I was living life to the fullest. But i have come to realize that true happiness will be perfect to have the right woman to spend life with and grow old with after my retirement from the military in the coming months. This is something i am missing so much which made me to have contacts with you. i really appreciate your time and i am grateful knowing you at this period of my life. I want you to know that there is no barrier in love, what matters most when two hearts agree is the beautiful feelings that comes from the soul. Although we've never met, I feel as if I know you well. I knew from the start that there was something special about you; you've touched my heart and wouldn't let go.I'm pretty much a trusting person, for the most part, however, I have found myself to have people abuse that and make a fool of me... However, I believe each person deserves their own chance and don't judge anyone... In fact, I try to keep an open mind with everyone... At least as much as a human being can... I believe in Romance! I love romance and being romantic, I'm a "true romantic," I love to hold my woman's face and her hands when kisses her (just like in the movies), holding hands, snuggling on a rainy day, writing a message on the bathroom mirror when it's all steamed up from a hot shower, or a text message just to say "hello, I was thinking about you", and candlelight bubble baths with Nora Jones playing on the radio. I enjoy pampering my woman (when I have one that is)... I tend to be silly, but when needed, I do have a serious side.I do have one son,which i have told you earlier ,who mean the world to me and have been my focus since I lost his mom... I do not seek a replacement mother for my son... Rather, I seek one amazing woman who not only accepts my relationship with my son but won't feel threatened by nor jealous of this relationship and who can meld seamlessly into our family unit.. The reality is that I truly do seek a lasting relationship... For this to happen we should be compatible, emotionally, intellectually, socially, spiritually, physically (call me shallow but looks do matter) and, yes, sexually... Even with all this, love must exist and there must be that ever-elusive "spark..." In essence, I seek the proverbial "Total Package..." Rather than "settling" for someone I could be happy with, I seek someone I cannot imagine living without (a subtle yet important distinction) for a lifetime together filled with passion (both in and outside the bedroom), intensity and bliss..I guess I'm looking for a woman who can love me as I am (good, bad or ugly)... Someone who can relate about life and its ups and downs and will want to share them... I want my partner to be able to work together to obtain goals that we've both set... I'd like us to be able to grow as individuals as well as a couple... I'd want our relationship to be secure so that we could feel comfortable and trust each other completely without question!
I would want to be her everything and she mine... I want the whole package... A friendship that grows into the ultimate loving/caring/passionate relationship that one only dreams of... I don't want to just live with someone; I want someone I can't imagine living without... I hope that makes sense... I guess I'm searching for my missing piece to my puzzle....I am at a great place in my life now and want to share it with a partner on all levels.. I agree there must be a physical attraction as well... I always say that it's what on the inside that counts and that always makes a person attractive on the outside as well... I want to be with someone that I miss when we are not together and I can feel the electricity running through body when we touch... Someone who likes to cuddle (I know this probably sounds corny), hold hands, hug, kiss for no reason. I want to love you forever. hug and kisses from Mark
Letter 4

Hello my dear Jane,
I am very happy to receive your email. I can not let you down . I do not know where to start, but at first I have to say that you are really a beautiful Woman of my choice. I strongly believe at this point that God Almighty has answered my prayer because my spirit man is telling me that i have found whom i am looking for. I mean that i have found my missing ribs. Please, i promise to be there for you in all circumstance. I am the kind of man who can not do without God Almighty because he has been so faithful to me in life. I can see that you are a woman and have grown mature enough to learn to live together as husband and wife have a lot to do with care, patience and understanding. The association is what to do with understanding one another so that it will last and grow stronger. You have to close one eye when doing things with a neighbor to not be bored. Because every living being has its own shortcomings. But you need not have any malice in your heart, it will not be able to do things with others, especially when it comes to matters of marriage. I must have enough time with you after my retirement because since I lost my wife, I am not able to connect to any woman again because of the pain in my heart. I want us to work together and be happy in any circumstances. I am always happy when I see a happy married couples live. I am a man who is always proud and pleased with what I have in life. Even though you know you will understand and be convinced when i will be with you. I will start my retirement in two months time and i would like to visit you at home and not in the hotel room if it is possible. I would like to stay at least one or two weeks so we can have enough time to discuss many things and walk around town. We had combined patrol team last night with troops to Afghanistan as we are trying to put things in there control.We road car bomb attack early in the morning and three of our soldiers were wounded, thank God we are now responding treatment and be discharged from hospital soon. It is very risk of being here, but it is our obligation, as we have signed up to serve our country for the better and for worse. I am longing to be with you very soon, but I have to exercise patient, since my retirement is getting closer. Do not worry, I will be safe and arrive safely because I'm not always on patrol. I'm an engineer in the army in charge of the armory and I have my office here in Afghanistan. I only go on patrol when things became critical in this way. But we're used to it. We knew the beginning and will never die in war and on foreign soil, for that matter. War is not good my dear. But only if the leaders will be wise fools especially in Muslim communities. The war has left many innocent civilians away from home here in Afghanistan, especially in the province of North and South. It's good to talk, because it will shed tears. However, the UN is doing her best and if by the grace of God, things will improve soon. I would like to make the day go faster so I'll have my retirement. I just want to relax and my private life and be happy. To make things and how long you want to do and not rely on the highest authority. Did you know that I am now owned by the government? And I have no power to do what I want when I want to do? I think I served my country to my satisfaction and that the time to rest and regain my life. But I really need someone like you to get things going to be easy for me. Thank you very much for being there for me. I know I will be honest to me and I will do everything to make you happy, among other women on this earth.
I have to go now and my guardian angels are with you, to protect you in your going out and coming in.
I am your beloved. Have a nice day with lots of kisses and a hug. Love from Mark
Letter 5

Hello my love Jane,
How are you doing today? I am assuming that you are sound and healthy. It was really nice reading your email once again. Please i want you to be save for me. Now I want you to understand that I have considered our meeting as a divine connection from above and not ordinary. I have thirsted for a lady like you to be with me and make me happy and finally the good Lord has sent you to me. As i said earlier, Height is not an issue but your heart is what matters. I want you to know that long distance must not be a barrier to our relationship because I am going for my retirement from this profession very soon. I have served my Country United States of America for over 28 years now and I have achieved a lot and also have made good name and reputation which is not for sale. I have not been able to fall in love since I lost my lovely wife few years ago. It has been a big disaster and unforgettable day in my life. View email attachment to see picture i took this morning in the bathroom.

I might not be perfect but I will try my best to make you happy among the women of the planet earth. I will be with you to shelter you during the storm, I will like us to be sincere to each other and see what the future will bring, and I promise I will never let you down. I will be your best man and mentor. I will be with you in time of trouble and at the moment of joy, .I will like to come so that we can sit and reason together and also to search the kind of profitable Investment I will do after my retirement. I will like you to be by my side when everything is unfolding.

I will love if you can give me a chance to demonstrate my sincere love on you, because I have kept you for a special place deeply in my heart where another woman can not be. I will pamper you and treasure you for my life time. I am man of policy and I must tell you how I feel about you, it is not that I am a fool to fall deeply in love so quick, but I am not a boy and I know what I like. You have the quality which touches my heart and I have no option than to fall in love so quickly. Please do not ignore my love. Let us join together to plan our future life and be happy. I have being searching for real love but I considered that my searching is over when I come in contact with you. And I have vowed that I will never let you go, I will be a fool if I ignored having you in my life, and it will just be like cooking food without salt. Please my arm and my heart are open for an angel like you. This is your massage for the year 2018: Stars don`t struggle to shine, Rivers don`t struggle to flow, you will not struggle to excel in this year 2018, Heaven shall cooperate to bless you. GOOD WISHES
I thought you could use some beauty in your life today, so I'm sending you this greeting to let you know that I'm thinking about you and sending some good wishes your way. May your day be touched with sunshine, your heart overflow with love, and your souls sing with hope. May everything in your life sparkle with a radiance that comes only from happiness, I can't stop thinking about you after reading your mail. You're always in my mind like a favorite song. And I want to express how much I love you, but how can I begin to tell you how much joy you've brought to my life?

I never realized that the stars sparkled so brightly or that sunset held so much beauty. I never knew that I had so much beauty within...a beauty that was born this day we met online and will grow like a wild vine, entwining my heart to yours. You've awoken something grand inside of me, which I never want to part with. I don't know what the future holds, but I can promise you that I will give you every ounce of love that this heart possesses to the very last breath of my being. All of my heart
There's so much I want to say to you, but no words seem strong enough to express the depth of what I feel for you. I can only say that all of my lives I've looked for someone like you. I wanted to share my life with someone who's kind, affectionate, intelligent, Passionate, responsible, caring, easy-going, considerate, generous, determined, and hard-working, and you have all the quality. I've dreamed of someone who loves animals, Children, romantic strolls beneath the moonlight, and long lazy nights before the fire. I wanted someone who has a good heart and cares about others, someone who's willing to go that extra mile for someone who's in need.

I have the below poem for you, just to make your day warm and sweetie

My Search is over

I've searched for you
Beyond the stars,
Throughout the years,
And so very far...

Somehow I knew
That you were out there,
But that's the thing...
I didn't know where.

When I couldn't find you
I just kept crying,
But I couldn't give up...
I had to keep trying.
She's out there, I'm thinking.
I continued my search
For the love I was seeking.

From hour to hour,
And from place to place,
I didn't give up
In this heart-rushing race...

The days went by,
As well as the years...
It had brought me nothing
But painful tears

Then all of a sudden,
There you stood...
Like a beautiful angel
Floating in the woods.

Where have you been?
All of my life
I long for the moment
To call you mine.

In love's embrace
We'll be together.
Our love is protected,
And will last forever.

Fate has lead me to you,
The one from above...
My search is over,
I've finally found you,
My one true love
To my true love ,
Your Beloved
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