Romance scam letter(s) from Mark Longman to Diana (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Diana, Yes! Its my correct email. Thanks for reaching out. I'm so happy to be speaking with you already. I never thought someone could be smart out there to figure out my email. Well, I'm originally from Australia, I’ve also lived in Texas before making the Florida's home.. I'm very new to this area. I’m very versatile and enjoy a good bit of variety in my life, and while I have a fine appreciation of the arts and culture, I find great pleasure in the simplest things. My interests are many and varied, including but not limited to art, culinary, film, literature, music, and nature; bird watching is also a favorite past time. I am a gemologist as a geological consultant and I love what I do for a living.. I'm divorced with no child, but I don't have any problem if you have kids. I love children. I’m a dog lover. The love of my life is my "Vizsla", and his name is Max. I love dogs, actually all animals, except snakes. I want someone that likes animals too. I'm friendly, honest, kind, and sincere are among my best qualities, in addition to also being down-to-earth, fun, honest, intelligent, and witty. I think I have to stop right now. I'm a newbie when it comes to online dating site.. I just sent you a request on Google Hangouts.. I look forward to hearing back from you. Mark
Letter 2

Hi, Diana! I am sorry I'm writing late. And how was your weekend?. It is a pleasure to be hale and hearty and be here typing to you. My years of living have taught me that nothing happens by chance; chatting with you is not by chance, there is a purpose to every event. I always say a good experience leads to a pleasant memory and a bad experience leads to a good lesson! I am looking for a relationship filled with understanding. I still firmly believe that two is better than one. The joy of sharing with another is really unmatched by any other feeling. A true sense of two becoming one. I am not about changing a partner (We are probably too far set in our ways at this point in our lives!). I take as is and appreciate as is. Is that not, after all, the essence and the desire of every man and woman? To be loved and taken as we are. I find too many people trying to mold a partner into what they believe to be desirable and it stumps me! I have grown to understand that love is an embodiment of many things. Patience, communication, understanding (direct consequence of communication I believe) and forgiveness (boy o boy! A LOT of forgiveness). Life is not a bed of roses says the adage. But it is not a bed of thorns either! Love is navigating the thorns while smelling the roses. I just wanted to share my general outlook on relationships with you. I do sincerely hope you can relate. My character is strong and caring. Friendship and good conversation are important to me. I work hard and have achieved a good deal for my efforts. I have been in Istanbul, Turkey for two months working at a mining site which I lead. The project is unique in the world and I hope to complete the rest of my project in about two/three weeks, then I will be returning back to Zephyrhills, FL. I also wanted to mention that I would not mind a cup of coffee but I politely ask if that can wait until we have a better background of ourselves some more. Can we put this on hold till the 2nd week of July. Would the 2nd week of July work for you? I am new to the dating site and would like a potential partner to know a bit about me first before we meet up. Would that work for you? I am new to the dating site and would like a potential partner to know a bit about me first before we meet up. On that note, how long have you been on the dating and what has it been like for you? I have attached my pictures. The ball is now in your court I hope you roll it back soon. Glad to hear from you. Mark
Letter 3

Diana - Thanks for the wonderful email, and I'm so happy for your response and thank you for your gorgeous photos; was so nice getting to know you. It was such a good way to welcome me when I saw your note this morning. Thanks for the compliment. I want to get to know more about you - I am not the type that come on here and make a woman feel bad nor take advantage of them. I just joined this site to seek for my soul-mate. I want us to keep this good dialogue going, and you might know until you give it a try. Life's too short for us to be alone and unhappy. Life's good when you have the special someone to share with. I believe sharing my life with that special someone will be my number ONE deal. In sharing more about me, I would love to share about my parents both of which are late. My father an Incorrigible disciplinarian, whom instilled in me my work ethos and what I like to call honorable codes of conduct, speaking of my mom who my dad usually refer to as his ever blossoming flower was gentle as a dove. Where most mothers would give a scolding for misdemeanor she would burst into tears! She was terribly emotional. I used to tiptoe around her emotions until I became a bit wiser and started to respect her emotions as it should. In terms of balance, I could not have been trained better. Those two developed me into the person I am today and I owe them big time for being good parents, as time went on seeing life's achievements and focus I began to appreciate my parents more and more. I miss my parents so much. I am pretty much Kiwi through and through from my dads origin. I was born in Melbourne, Australia; of which my Parents were also natives. We lived in the best side of town (A nice house in Canberra by the lake). I grew up with mountains, creeks, hills and basically nature at its finest. When is your Birthday? Mine's Sept 20th, and my sign is Virgo - analytically, observant, helpful, reliable, precise, truthful, and determined. I schooled in Australia (Uni Ed.) of is a good educational standard, I did finish my Undergraduate and Post-grad degrees in Geology and Geochemistry respectively at the University of Melbourne, I also worked as a research assistant in the university for the first two years of my professional career before I became a researcher for the university and then became head of research. What can I say, academia has always appealed to me. But I have always been too curious of my talents and dispositions to have stayed stuck to academics. I branched out on my own and continued further studies in Gemology. Now I am a gemologist as a geological consultant. In consultant mode I liaise with corporations looking to undergo geological research and offer necessary expertise. Earlier in my years I'd supervise expeditions, but now I have taken a step back from major field work and work exclusively in a consultancy role. Turkish Minerals. Turkey, an important segment of the Alpine-Himalayan tectonic belt, hosts notably diverse mineral deposits. In Turkey, especially in Anatolia, mineral exploration and mining facilities of these deposits for metals and raw materials dates back to ancient times. Answer to your questions; How old is your dog, and who's taking care of it in your absence? Bringing my dog down to Turkey is going to be a very big stress, and I just gave it to the Dog-Setter to take care for me until I return back to the States. how did I end up in ZEPHYRHILLS? I used to live in West Houston by Town & Country City Center - I-10 & Beltway 8. - Before moving down to ZEPHYRHILLS.. Not even up to 7Months inZEPHYRHILLS. I'm very new to that area. I was married for 4 years until I found out that my ex was cheating on me. I had to move on with my life, cause I believe when I'm yours, I'm yours... I am always committed to a serious relationship; I know exactly what I'm looking for.. HAPPINESS, That's what I want. Back in Australia, or Stateside? BTW, where in Australia are you from? I won't be going back to Australia until December. I will be coming back to the U.S once I'm done with my project here. Concerning the Fifa Cup '18? Well, I'm following up with the Fifa Cup 18, and I'm watching the Live match right now. Well I should stop here as I would like to hear from you as well, as information between we two would make us know more about each other. I look forward to hearing back from you. This is fun Mark
Letter 4

Hi, Diana! Thanks for the email it always a day making reading from you; I totally understand everything you wrote and I can't stop reading, thanks for your compliment. It been awhile I have seen someone that wrote in this detailed. Have always wanted to live in the states but now I am good and no regrets that I moved here in for my work and I will be back in states when I'm done. Like you know from my profile that I don't have kids but I love kids and I am divorce, I love life cause life is good all the time hehehe my dislike is lies and hatred! I'm on my way to Adana this right now. Adana is a state here in Turkey its 1:30hr away from Istanbul by air and I'll be back tonight. I’m going there to check for a quality place where I can make the cleaning and polishing of my stones when I’m done drilling. I was in one of my reflective moments and decided to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard and share with you. If I were to choose the three most salient ingredients I felt a relationship needed to be a success, what would those three ingredients be? Here they are. A WILLINGNESS TO COMMUNICATE I remember mentioning in a previous email that my mum said communication in the key to perfection and even if I did say it, I believe it. The ones who achieve in relationships are the ones who clearly make their feelings count and heard. I find that half the things couples fight about can be resolved if the faulty party had just opened their mouth to sit their partner down and declared what was truly in (I say this because I know for a fact that we men are monumental piss takers and will disregard a woman till we send her out the door and then live with regret) head. Take for example, I have an issue that you did not take the trash out. I do not talk because I think it is too petty. You have an issue that I forgot to bring out the chicken to defrost when you said I should. You say nothing, Resentment mounts. Two days later I come back late from work. What will happen? We will have a full blown fight with harsh words being flung here and there when the real reason for the tension is over due trash and frozen chicken! You're probably laughing but it is true. The willingness to want to resolve matters swiftly and effectively. No need for a drawn argument or over stating an issue. Even the best lovers get disillusioned when there is bad blood. This is the same for the positive things too. Nothing is too little to talk about, too small to reason over. A communicating couple is a happy couple and I plan to be in a happy relationship. A WILLINGNESS TO STAND BY A PARTNER It is so sad in this day and age to see the rate of divorces. What happened to old fashioned hard work in creating a good relationship? What happened to long suffering and perseverance? What happened to marriage vows? For better for worse, For richer for poorer, In sickness and in health and to love and to cherish. What happened to all those?! Call me old fashioned, call me naive. I fully understand that in some cases, one party has been taking acting out of turn for way too long and a separation is now a necessity for mental sanity but other cases? I have seen many instances where people could have stuck in and rode out the storm instead they chose to leave when the going could have gotten good and they would have been stronger as a result. Maybe I say this so passionately because of my deep sense of loyalty but I am the last person to bail on a loved one and I would like to see that quality inherent in my partner. HONESTY I expect my woman to be open with me, In little gestures. Being open is not about coming out and saying 'Oh I have a secret bank account in the caymans'. No. As regards person. She should be willing to give me all of hers because I will give all of myself in return. I want to be her rock and I can only truly be that if she has confidence in my ability to catch her if she falls, Confidence comes from knowing a person trough and through. These are the things I look forward to the most. What I want is magical. I want my woman to be able to bring her shame to my feet and know I will not kick her in the chin. I want to be able to snuggle in her chest and tell her my deepest fears without fear of reproach. Thank you for the gorgeous photos you've ever shared with me. To be candid; you're so gorgeous. I love your smile so much, and most especially " Your Lips" I have two questions for you. These are things I ponder about when I am reflecting and taking an appraisal of myself. 1. Would the girl you were be happy about the woman that you have become? 2. What do you consider your greatest achievement? The ball is now in your court take your time to return it with a lengthily email. That's enough for now. I look forward to hearing back from you. Mark
Letter 5

The last photo I took before I left Australia was a railway station on the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Hope you'll like the photo. Thanks for your gorgeous photos once again..
Letter 6

This is how I look right now. A little bit tired, cause I didn't get enough sleep, but I will be fine.. Good Lord, I can't stop looking at the photos of you in red.. You're too adorable. Hope this one makes you smile when you're up. Talk with you soon. Mark,
Letter 7

Diana, Thanks for your email and photos. I love your photos.. Yesterday was a very long day for me.. I agree with everything you said; I can't stop reading. We are about 9 hours differences. So I realized I have painted a picture of myself as it's my interests and hobbies. I think those are very important as they give balance of which is good. I also love to read as I have a terribly vivid imagination and books have always been so nourishing to me, got into trouble for it too, speaking of my dad he added to me reading too much. I never read my school books so he always Insisted I did as silly love stories and action novels took my interest, Oh Mario Puzo, he caused me many a whooping. Now that has matured into a love for knowledge and so I read more or less anything but then, it used to be a struggle. I read story books with all the free time I had Lol. I also had a very big love for art and by art I do not mean paintings, What I do meant is that I have a keen appreciation for art in all forms, I know how much effort is put to make things look good and seeing an orchestra in full flow, or Ed Sheeran belting his magical tunes, I cannot help but smile and just flow with the beauty of it all. And as for nature which is very glorious, there are not many more beautiful sights than the sun setting over the plains in Turkey or anywhere else. Absolutely smashing! Last but not the least is that I love to cook, being raised by very domestic parents I learnt how to handle myself fairly early but what I took a genuine liking to cooking. Mixing spices and vegetables to create something delicious is quite fascinating when you think about it. Play me some Enya in the background and leave the kitchen to me. (OK you can sit in a corner and watch!) and I promise to take your taste buds to cloud nine where the atmosphere is precious and sweet. Meeting you next month after work here would be wonderful, then I can testify this online dating is real. Poetry this is something I love so much, I like to read a lot so I would be a fan of yours, maybe you could get something out of our letters when they are much. hahahah In answer to the same questions; 1 - Would the boy I were be happy about the man that I have become? This boy has come a long ways to become the man that he turned out to be. 2 - What do I consider your greatest achievement? Honestly, along with that comes the fact that I always wanted a person that would hold me and love me, and someone that would make me feel like I was a prince, a king and I'd make her feel the same. I can also tell you I was successful, and that makes for the feeling of achievement also. Now don't let my response scare you. I am a very happy loving trusting person. I think I have a great personality. I'm independent, I love life and I love life. I have some self-esteem issues at times but it's better. I notice I could send you a text/call from my U.S number down here. Drop me your mobile number. Do you text? Talk soon. I could keep talking. lol Always fun to hear from you. Mark
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