Romance scam letter(s) from Anderson Lorenze to Jamie (Hong Kong)
Letter 1

Hello my dear
Thanks for giving me your time, I am glad to know you through this dating site and I am happy you are interested in a serious relationship. I am a simple guy who love exploring new things. I am not perfect, as I previously said I have a friend in the United Kingdom who was blessed with the help of the site and he found a partner and they are happily married now. He introduced the site to me, though i was reluctant initially but later on, i decided to give it a try. You are the only woman i am communicating with through this site and i will be glad if you can give me your time and maximum attention. I just want us to be sincere to each other so we can get our heart desire. I think the best way to start is to tell you about myself and my family. As I have stated before, My name is Andersen Charles I was born in United State Of American , i live in Dennis Montalto Pappas, old forge, New York I am the only child of my family.. I am a project manager. My birthday is on October I8, and born in the year 1974. I was 5'11 tall and i weigh 84kg... My hobbies are playing football and golf with friends but mostly when i am less busy with work or during my holidays... I was married before but my wife passed away and i have a child Jennifer by name, she is 9 years old. My late father is from America. Dad is a honest, I had been to Asia Countries like China , Hong Kong,and, Malaysia, Singapore to be precisely, he has also assisted many institutions especially the less privileged and i am taking on him. He used to be a contractor dealing on modern civil construction. Mom live in United State in our house, a maid servant and her driver. She is happy there and I do fly back sometimes to visit her. Mom is a very nice and kind Mother. She sometimes also come over to visit me and i do visit her too on my holiday. I hope you will have the opportunity of meeting her one day. when i retired i will move back to USA in my house there Finally, I would like to state that language, age, culture and distance cannot be a barrier between us as i am ready to come over to visit you in your city or invite you over in United State when the chemistry of our relationship sets in. Please feel free to ask me anything you may like to know about me and i will quite glad to answer you. I then Expects you to tell me comprehensively all about you as i need to know.
Send my regards to your family.
Have a lovely day. hear from you soon
Yours Sincerely,
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