Scam Email(s) from Michael Pennington to Leslie (USA)


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Letter 1

Honestly i dont think you are eager to meet me. The reason am hurrying to come back is because of you. I asked the amount so i could book my flight and also grab a new phone because i could pay the last dude on the roster personally.
I dont really like the idea of you talking to men who are trying to extort you online and you putting me in the same bracket.
Am not impecunious Leslie. As i told you our project here is done at the behest of the Turkish government and after the project is inspected in july, my salary and bonuses would be about half a million dollars. Just in case you think i'm another dude on the internet whose aim is to take advantage of you.
I really need the favour if not i wouldnt bother asking and when you come take me from the airport we could go straight and grab my cards and use the atm to refund you back. Simple as that.
I would really love to meet up with the woman who showed me i could love again . I love you Leslie but i really need you , so i could be done here and be with you by weekend.
Please honey is time to make our love a reality, even jennifer knows about you and i told her we would all have a dinner together by wednesday next week.

Letter 2

so at this stage your still trying to decipher if am for real. Forget it Leslie. I have real feelings for and am not gonna about trying to proof myself to you all the time. Whenever i come home you see me then you decide what you want. I cant believe this.How do i even tell my daughter the woman am supposed to introduce to her thinks am still faking her .
Look Leslie am really down at the moment i would really love something positive from you and not all this doubts and negativity.

Letter 3

Its pretty late now , but i will try to contact our accountant and email you details later.
Thanks honey for coming through i know you are really sacrificing to please me and i will never forget the gesture.
I love you so much for doing this, i try to call later in the night.
Try to keep this between me and you please so that when am back and together people wouldnt have to look at me weirdly.

Letter 4

Honey am gonna call you in the evening so i will give you details. Our accountant is out of town and my phone issues is proving a huge barrier. When he comes he's gonna fill me in.
Meanwhile how you doing today dear, we will soon be together baby. You can't imagine how excited i am to say those words.




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