Romance scam letter(s) from Luke Cunningham to Doris (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Beautiful, I am so sorry it took this long to write back. You are a very beautiful woman! I must confess that I’m quite fascinated by you and look forward to sharing with you and of course, learning more about you! Please share with me in specifics what you're looking for in a man/ in a relationship. I truly would love to know as I would hate to waste your time or have mine wasted. Sorry if this seems a little too straight to the point. Love waits, -Luke. :-)
Letter 2

I've been putting together thoughts in my head on what exactly I want to share. I've decided I'll be baring it all, one letter at a time. So this would be my first of not-so-many letters till we finally get to meet in person. I love a good communicator! For some time now, I have been wondering if there ever would be a time alike this when I get to meet someone and connect to that person to the point where I have to share about me.. Could this be age? I am not so sure lol. I think it has a lot to do with my mindset. Maybe I wasn't exactly serious when I put up the profile to meet someone. Perhaps I was just goofing around seeing what comes along. A few days back in the vibe of wanting to spend the rest of my life with someone, it's clear to me now that I want a serious relationship; and need someone beside me and in my life to enjoy what's left of it. Everything seems different now, all of a sudden. Even if all we end up being is "just friends", you seem like a really amazing person who knows what she's looking for and I would hate to blow the chances of getting to know you! I know who I am and what I want. I would only be with someone that makes me feel secure and at peace. I am going into semi-retirement soon. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone beside me who I love and who loves me back whole-heartedly? It will be too quick to conclude that you're this person. So, I'm going to suggest again that we keep this between ourselves until we're sure we're good enough to answer the "what ifs" that anyone can possibly throw at us. Asides that, If we're being honest, we're clearly both not getting any younger. I'm tired of being lonely but I'm NOT desperate in anyway. I let myself believe that I have missed so many things you can't get unless you are with a loving partner. I would like to make up with the time I have left to live.. I am not dying lol - I am fit as a fiddle. Just saying that I want to be happier than I already am, loving and adoring that special woman, the rest of my life.. no matter what the time brings. For some reasons, I'm excited to be writing this letter. I'm glad our paths crossed. I've made up my mind to give this process the time it deserves. I am hoping this letter gives you an insight into my mind beyond what you already know and what you've probably imagined/ saw on my profile. Being around for almost six (6) decades, I've realized so many things about life, the people in it and their behaviour. I strongly believe life is too short to spend the remaining days we have left in it alone, not necessarily sad, just by one's self without a loving significant other right next to us. There are so many fun things to do, fun and romantic places to go to.. why would I want to do these things/ go to these places alone? I love love and hope to find it again. :-) As much as I believe and preach openness, in my previous and only marriage, one big lesson I learned is, keeping MOST relationship matters between the two people involved in the relationship and not putting other people's advice/ opinion, who doesn't feel what the couple feels, above that of your partner. I believe in sincerity and honesty, I am quite straight-forward. With a sh&t-load of individual secrets, no relationship will survive. At least, not for very long even if it does survive. Some basics about me: My name is Luke. I'm 6 ft 0", 180lbs, I have brown eyes, my hair color is brown as well but as I get older some parts are getting really grey lol. I'm a Consultant on Renewable Energy. I am also a seasoned Radio Geologist. I've worked with many governments all across the world especially in Europe and Asia on exploration of Radioactive Elements which is used for renewable energy. I equally conduct the sales to clients all over the world. On most of my job, like this very one I am on with the Polish Government, Moving on; I've been in the same field all my life.. Just a few weeks ago, precisely the 31st day of January - I turned 60! I'd hope that my next birthday will be celebrated with a woman in my life.. But oh well, this is where we are lol. I've never really asked you; what do you think about our age? When is your next birthday? :). I am Widowed, as you know. I was married for 19 years, 8 months. I had no biological child in that marriage. We did try, she conceived more than twice and had miscarriages all of those times. We just didn't have much luck on our side - I would guess. But I also guess everything happens for a reason. I was open to adoption but she wasn't so we kept trying and it was one of those things that eventually tore us apart. I have my faults. I am sure she has her's too. On the flip side, about 35yrs ago, I had a daughter with my girlfriend back then, we decided to keep the baby. The sad part of this little story is that she kept the child out of my life till she died and till this very moment, although not as difficult as when we first reconnected, I'm still trying to have a more cordial relationship with her after many years of resentment from her mother. This hasn't been going well for both of us but we are getting there. The resentment I was certain stemmed from the fact that I married who I eventually got married to. I've made mistakes, mistakes that don't define the kind of man I am now. I am quick to take responsibility and apologize when I realize my faults. I have learned and taken serious lessons on how to paddle through the rest of my life with less and less mistakes, as I grow older! I would say that I'm very laid-back and down-to-earth. I am modern and sophisticated in many aspects of life but when it comes to my respect and treatment of/ for women and people in general, I am very old-fashioned. I'm a social wine drinker, I do not smoke. I don't use or abuse drugs. I love life, I love living and enjoy the little things in life. I would say that I have a great sense of humor haha - but then, its not my place to judge. There has been records of failed attempts, lol. But I think I make everyone around me laugh, and I always wear a smile.. ALWAYS. :). I hate being grumpy, sad or clueless.
Away from that, I do not speak any other language except English. My father is British and my mother is Australian. They are both late now. I was born in Essex County, United Kingdom. My family moved to Duluth, GA immediately after my birth. My uncle who lived in NY at the time, took me in and raised me after the death of both parents. It was shortly after my 7th birthday. I lost my dad when I was 6 yrs old from some sort of job hazard. I lived with my mom in Duluth for another year and was taken to NY when she died. Those were some gruesome, tormenting memories to deal with at that age and till today, still very difficult to share. My uncle was an art collector. Traveling around and having someone so caring to take care of me, the closest to family, helped with dealing with some of these horrific experiences. This adventurous childhood and my job is why I would boldly say that I have lived in many cities and countries of this world. You are free to ask me where I haven't been lol, not where I have been as I've been to a lot of places. I've thought about all these and many more over the years and came to the conclusion that all that's happened to me is my BIG slice of life's pizza of pain, as I didn't have any control over many things. I was just a child. As much as I traveled with my uncle and learnt about different cultures and people, not any of these languages stuck. Just some basics! The disadvantage of traveling so much was that I didn't have friends from childhood. But as a compensation, I did see the world as a kid and that I am very grateful for. Erik (my Uncle) raised me to be who I am today, he neither got married nor have kids. He was married to his work which he had great passion for. So, we were either on a plane, road trip or on a ship almost all of the time. After all these time being myself, learning from my mistakes and preparing myself mentally and emotionally for what's next, there's a quote I saw a long time ago which I strongly agreed with and would like to share. Its that.. "A man can love a thousand different women, but it takes a REAL MAN to love ONE woman a thousand different ways". This is my philosophy about love and being together. I wish I had more kids. I wish we were successful with having kids while I was married. I got several advice to have an affair with another woman who probably would have given me a child. But that's not the kind of man I am. I will not cheat on my partner.. for any reason! As of right now that I am writing this email to you, I am completely unattached. I hate drama. I would hope to meet someone not entangled in any sort of drama. I hope to encounter a honest woman with good attitude, self respect and self confidence. Someone who knows what she wants and is determined to get it - I just may have found her (in you) - who knows? My honesty and trust has been taken advantage of in the past but I have learned the hardest way which I believe shaped me into who I am. I believe in true love and all the happiness that comes from it/ with it. I think life is too short to spend any moment sad, negative, miserable or depressed. I want to be happier than I already am. Truth be told, I am slightly afraid of growing old alone. I know for sure that the right woman for me is out there and we'll surely meet when the time comes. Or maybe I already met her? Who knows? I guess time will really tell. I know this is never an easy task (finding someone) especially at our age. But its my hope that I don't kiss many frogs before I find "the one". If this doesn't seem like what you want to pursue, please be kind enough to say so. I neither want to waste your time nor be endlessly ignored. I believe we're past the age where we play games with someone else's mind and feelings. I wouldn't do that to anyone. With love, comes willingness to trust, and there can't be trust without some level of vulnerability. All cliches aside, I'm very straight forward as you may have noticed. When I am committed to someone, I am rock solid. I never wonder about what I am missing or whether or not I should be with someone else in a different kind of life. I am contented with almost everything, if not everything I have. I am of the debatable opinion that just because something has failed before, doesn't mean it will fail again. I don't let past disappointments weigh too heavily in my expectations of future likelihood of success. When I meet someone and there are big complications (a long commuting distance, entanglements from a previous relationship, etc.) it doesn't deter me as much so long as the person is being honest with me and is ready to move on. I figure if a relationship is worth having, parties involved can work just about anything out. what's your take on this? I have to go now. I hope this doesn't feel like too much too soon. Looking back up now, I can see how much I've written. I didn't even realize it until now. Believe me when I tell you this wasn't planned. I can only hope it doesn't put you off. Till I hear from you again, Love waits, -Luke.
Letter 3

Hi Doris, Good Evening to you this beautiful ! How are you today? I have to confess that I'm enjoying this entire process!! Thank you for making me feel again what I haven't felt in a very long time. The need to open up to someone. To express to them what you actually feel inside you. The excitement of hoping to find another letter waiting to be read. Wanting to learn more and more! The thrill, the giggling and knots in the stomach from hearing from you. Its been a long time. I am glad to be feeling this way again and I have you to thank for that and many more. My attempts at dating all along may just have been a distraction. Looking at this from the bright side, one can say there is a better future to look forward to. A future with me and you in it, if things go as we both hope it would since its beginning to look as if we're seeking the same things out of life. Based on the things you've shared about yourself and the kind of person you are, its hard to not see that a woman like you deserves the best of everything. You deserve a great companion. And that's what I am hoping to be.. for you, if you let me; more importantly, if this is what you want. After all these time gone, you deserve someone you can trust, someone you can count on. Its my hope that you are all I am looking for in a woman while I am able to be (not just present myself as) that "all" you are looking for in a man. The things you say and the way you express yourself bring smiles to my face as I read. I find myself waiting to hear from you. Looking forward to the next letter. As the man here, with you I have my guards lowered a little. As I've flogged and flogged and repeated, I'm trying to go into a real, serious and lasting long term relationship based on trust, honesty, love and happiness! It feels good to know that we are on the same path and almost at the same place in life. All we need to do now is catch up on thing's we haven't shared (which I am sure is still a lot). I also believe that only the two of us can make this work if we want to.. and of course, if only this seem like what you want to pursue! I enjoy the fact that we have some things in common! We haven't had it all smooth, we share the same views about very core relationship subjects. You seem to be like the female version of me, only that we have roamed the world and never met, LOL. Your expressions make me feel as if I have known you all my life and I am just away on a job, to be back soon! I want to get to know more about you. I want to be part of your everyday life via emails, texts, calls if ONLY that's okay with you and you want the same, till we actually get to meet in person. In all honesty plus thinking about the last few years, I won't deny that there's been many times when I have been lonely, missed holding hands, the walk on the beach with someone amazing, the togetherness, doing just about anything but knowing there is this special someone in your life you're doing it with/ or look forward to get home and do it with. The kisses, the hugs, cuddling and all the other beautiful things that comes with having a true companion in your life. I miss them all!! I have never patronized a sex-hooker. That's not the kind of man I am. I am very decent and all about the real deal. I will never be able to connect to a sex-hooker under any circumstance. I am ready to love, care and accept you the way you are, if you happen to be that woman and I would expect that you do the same - its only fair and not demanding at all, if I'm asked. I have utmost respect for what you think. I will respect your decisions. There will be times when I won't accept them. But I'll respect them. You'll always be heard and listened to. Its been said overtime by those around me, that I am a great listener. I am not one of the men that treat ladies like trash. I am not a cheater, liar, serial-dater or woman-beater. When I love, I love deeply and with all my heart. I have spent every single day since my divorce trying to be a better person, a better father, and building my career. I am of the notion that its time to get back on the love-scene and I must confess that I am absolutely excited to be getting to know you! I do all the best I can to protect the people I love and those around me. I am under no pressure whatsoever, neither am I in a haste. But I sincerely want to be in love, in entirety without leaving anything behind. For the first time in a very long time, all of a sudden, I felt what I was missing and saw the years ahead of me. I felt hope all of a sudden as it concerns my love life. I felt and know that I don't want to spend those years alone. This would be the reason why I am still doing this in general and with you. Not for some flings or hookups, like I rightly said on my profile. As for being alone, please don't get me wrong. I have amazing people around me. I just want that one person to compliment my life. Its not been easy with my daughter but we are getting there. We tend to understand each other better everyday and she would be just fine to accept whoever comes into my life.. as long as she makes me happy. Not like she has a say in this, or she is really interested, to be honest. I just want you to know that I am not a bad father and I try to consider everybody directly or indirectly in my life when making certain life decisions. In spite of all that I've been through, I know there is still someone out there for me. I am sincerely hoping that this person is you. I am hoping this communication is the beginning of an end for me.. for both of us! :-) Nothing has changed about the way I see women and people in general. If anything changed, then its changed for the best. I have learned and have a better understanding now. I respect every human, their values, policies and principles. Respecting people's views, values and opinions can really mean a lot to them; even when you don't agree or accept. Just agree to disagree. I try to take more time to understand those I come across in this one-way journey of life, that doesn't have a reverse, we keep ageing. Most people see me as considerate, honest to a fault, which is just the way I am. Right now, I don't have a BEST friend per se. The friends I have are mostly the people I talk to on daily basis, once in a while. Work mostly, is the only thing that connects us. But they'll tell you I am a funny, guy.. a great guy that makes everyone laugh.. hehe. :-) I am seeking now what's more than friendship, from a special woman, someone that will be there for me forever, till the end of time. Someone that's willing to learn and teach. Someone I can count on and be there for. Someone who will see me as her rock, her shield. Someone who won't hesitate to share with me whatever is bothering her. Someone who wont see relying on me as being weak. Someone who would consider my support as a gesture and not as me taking over her life. Someone would would see "US", not "You and I". Someone to go through the thick and thin of life with.. I know for a fact that there would be times when we fall out, being able to manage this time and still stay together is key and very important. There would be good times and bad times. I can only hope that there's more good than bad. Just want you to know that I am aware its not all going to be rosy. I'm coming all in.. for the long haul and with no hesitation. I like to surround myself with intelligent people, from whom I always have something to learn. I want a confident woman, who is strong enough to be in touch with her soft side and admit it, without thinking that it makes her look weak or little. We all have our strong and weak moments and I believe that being honest about both makes us human. I am looking for a woman who can further bring out the best in me. I don't care much about physical appearance, formalities, or anything else. I know that if she makes me feel good about myself, encourages me to always be at my best, I will love to spend every second with her. You probably have seen it around with your friends or maybe it happened to you, when two people just flourish when they are together and "others" who just fight all the time and put each other down. I would never accept to be with a person like the "others". With all of that said, I like an easy life, peaceful and comfortable, and prefer to concentrate on the fun part of life. So, I am taking myself out later today. I am going out with my Personal Assistant and some of the people that work for me. Life is actually too short to not enjoy it while you are in it! I truly wish you are here. Oh, I wish I am there actually.. a few blocks away from you. I surely would have taken you out more than twice/ thrice. I just wish we are together. It doesn't matter where we are. I am really looking forward to meeting you. In my next letter, I will be asking you a couple of questions. Know that you will be on my mind and in my thoughts. Here is your letter to wake up to, beautiful woman.. I cant wait to hear from you again! Till then, love waits! -Luke.
Letter 4

Hi Doris, My job is quite fascinating as a consultant (Radio-Geologist and Energy Management). This I have done for virtually all my life. As a Principal Consultant, I play a part in all aspects of the mining exploration, discovery, evaluation, production cycle. In exploration, I'm responsible for finding new mineral sources that will become the mines of the future. Right now, my project is on rare earth elements that are radioactive and converting them to give energy of any form with less or no toxicity for the industries and luxurious private households which is coming to an end. On the mine site, I am responsible for daily control over the mining activities, making sure that the miners are in the right places, that good sampling is carried out and other related activities. I am given a series of clues on the surface of the earth (or even fewer clues from drill holes, underground workings, etc.) to solve the mystery of where I can find valuable minerals and metals. Providing a solution is very tasking so you know when I am busy and don’t get to respond to messages in a short time. You know the reason why. I help determine where the future resources will come from or make sure that we develop our current deposits efficiently and effectively. My attitude and attributes towards the job is being enthusiastic and have a positive outlook. I have a strong interest in earth sciences and math also having an inquiring mind with being able to visualize three-dimensional layouts. I'm a team player (but most times, I work better alone when it comes to my paperwork) and communicate well with others, Imagine where there is a lot of language barrier, a lot of things could go wrong that’s why I must enjoy working with people from different cultures and from different parts of the organization that employs you. Be adaptable to working in challenging physical environments, especially enclosed and confined (if working in underground mining). I have a high level of respect for established safety procedures and regulations. I accept challenges (such as a variety of working conditions, some severe) with patience, flexibility, adaptability, and fortitude Embrace new techniques and technologies but the new ones tend to mess up some results. I still keep it old school. I need to stay fit always and mobile cause I can be called upon anytime. Why I went into such a job ? what can I say? The opportunity to work anywhere in the world, Relocation allowances are generally provided, financial rewards for high achievers. There is a lot of Opportunities for training and career advancement and continuous learning. There is high demand for the best and the brightest (Big Brains). I also enjoy the liberty to participate in technology development. To be me right now; means you must be willing to work in and travel to remote locations for exploration, living conditions can sometimes be quite basic. Work may be on an on-call basis-geologists. I must be ready to respond at any time. Some job security when a project ends, I must be ready to move onto another project . The mine may be in a rural community/remote areas, with an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, hunting, fishing, hiking and so forth.I have the passion to see technology grow and be utilized well enough in infrastructural development. I believe I have said so much about my job and forgotten about us.I hope you do not mind a man who has to travel; I do not mind a woman who would accompany me on my trips. I am long for long lasting relationship, lovely house and a lovely caring loving woman who will be my best friend, my lover, my companion, with whom I will be able to share all my laughs and sorrows, with whom I can confide in and also she can do the same. I hope you will agree completely that honesty and communication are very important. As for me, I don't want too much; I just want for my life, someone with whom I have a close and honest, romantic relationship, always fresh and happy. I believe all these Do you think that we perhaps have already met what we both are looking for? It would be a great luck indeed. And if so, I don't want to miss that chance. -Luke.
Letter 5

I am hoping it does not upset you that it takes me days to reply to your emails. I start to write but get distracted and task abandoned. I am starting to surprise myself at how much I am willing to divulge about myself to you and how easy it is becoming for me. Yes I am admitting it is getting easier but to you it may not seem that way but it is and I am trusting you with this information. ;) You are starting to bring me out of my shell again and it feels good. I have been content for the past few years to not fully be engaged in the world. I want you to know me as I want to know you on a much deeper level and this will happen as we start to spend time together and learn more about each other. I am looking forward to the next phase for us. I have a good feeling about this.
I am not scared of Lions, Tigers and Bears but I am scared of falling in love again. I want to know what love is once more. I want to know what it feels like. I want to know what it’s like when the feeling comes over you. Because the world makes us believe Love is a "MYTH" ;I don’t believe so. I believe when you find love. Things begin to go according to plan. You wear a smile all the time.
The word Love changes your character once it hits you. I want to be that one person you thinking of all the time and I want to have you on my mind also. I don’t want to count mistakes I have committed all the time. I can count all the places I have been to and these places brought most of my bad memories back. I have been hurt so many times before and made me build up my defences. I have almost forgotten how to dream. I had forgotten how someone once loved me and how I shared that same love in return. All I have been running from is what I needed to save me. The only thing that can save my dying heart is LOVE.
The World we are living in today is divided, Sometimes we are stuck in between and begin to wonder what we do next or where we go from there.
The Past
This contains the good, the bad and the ugly side of life. The pain that came from the past and it’s still pulling me back, creating a burden in the heart. Makes you cry, makes you sad and makes you laugh. It depends on the thoughts that get into your mind when you less busy. When you get flashbacks sometimes, it brings you down. It changes your mood. This then allows depression to set in. The real truth about the past really is that it must be forgotten.
The Present
This is the world we are. We sleep to wake up and think about ourselves. We think sometimes we really need someone who we could hold onto. Someone we could wake up every morning and kiss on the forehead. Bring breakfast to in the morning while in bed. Think of surprises. Think of what someone can do to put a smile on your face.
The Future
A great new day has dawned on your horizon heralding you to another round of unforgettable surprises splendor and blessings so large for your heart to contain. The value of life doesn’t depend upon the length of time on this earth, but rather on the amount of love given and shared to the person we care about. And really what makes the past is because it’s the past and what makes the future is you and what makes my present is because you are in it. I want to hear from you. Today I seem to be thinking way too much by myself on this plane to Texas.
Letter 6

I apologize for the late response. There was an accident (emergency) on site that’s kept me away from the computer for days. My trip to Texas was abruptly canceled because of this and it necessitated my return back to Poland. I really wanted to surprise you.
I’ll write more later. -Luke.
Letter 7

Hi There, Being a geologist is simply amazing as I have shared with you earlier honey. I know we talked about openness and communication in this relationship of ours. I am so into you and I really want to share everything I have with you with nothing to hide. I've done the survey which I have mapped out in my head for the open zone which I'm working on which is to aid my Radio-Drilling. I have the flash points about where to drill honey. I have it noted and where the deposits would be more before excavation then actually begin to mine.The product or material i am about to drill is very sensitive, it's as sensitive as you that's why am letting you in. I'm responsible for the drilling stages of this material. I'm letting you in the spirit of full disclosure and you are beginning to let me into your life. This is my lifes' investment and also my Legacy. I am Solely sponsoring this project as the Principal geologist. Once this drilling process is over and I gather the resources together honey, it's gonna be smooth sailing. I could come up with great results that would change the world as we know it. I would sell my findings which is the information I have gathered and computed; being licensed and copyrighted so it's not stolen at some point due to the sensitivity of the materials.I plan to sell my information to a reputable energy firm that has good reputation and also has the ability to refine such material for the consumption of the industrial populace. I have a great chance to participate in the stakes of my findings and a certain percentage would be paid to me quarterly but it would be more profitable if received annually. I am being a bit secretive but working with Radioactive materials for renewable energy is not so easy. Uranium, Plutonium and Samarium in the right hands would bring great tidings to the world, electricity, medical fields, fashion but in the wrong hands would be used for weapons honey. I don't want to see my work being used to shake the world in search of world power. I signed a Non Disclosure Agreement in regards to me working here. You probably don't need to know how much I have been spending honey but Its costing me a fortune; regardless, everything seems to cost a lot more and I suspect it's because i am an international body trying to operate of a foreign grounds Lands. It cost a lot here but its going to be over soon. I've been to the Ministry of Environment, thats where I had it tough, I had to discuss the sensitivity of my project but I don't want to share everything in full details with them, I know they would look for ways to take my profit and also try to have indigenous private energy companies get their hand on my project so they can claim it for themselves. I've also been to the Health and Safety Department, I had to make my findings on how they operate and also know what is needed to get them ready for my work and also following their guidlines even if I wish to bend the rules a bit, I can't seem to find myself doing that cause it's against my working ethics. It costs alot but as a geologist you always have to go through this to achieve the golden achievement. I wish you were here with me honey, let's share a bottle of wine and have a decent dinner with a long conversation, smile, hold hands and share a kiss with you. I am planning this for my retirement, I plan to stop traveling for work and only travel for pleasure. -Luke.
Letter 8

Good morning Doris,
I must be honest with you, I felt a bit disappointed last night after the conversation we had. I don’t blame you for how you reacted. $75,000.00 is a lot of money. I totally understand that your reaction is because of the experience you’ve had with men online. But there’s something I want you to understand, you mean a lot to me! This means a lot to me. The future we talked about, our life together after this period means a lot to me! I need you to know these.
I’ve fallen deeply with you, Doris. I can’t help how I feel about you.. and its hurts my soul that we’re having such a frivolous misunderstanding. We planned a life together, we have so much yet to be learned about each other. I wouldn’t throw that away for anything in the world. Would you? I don’t think so. You don’t strike me like the kind of person to put so much effort into something then throw it away. I know how you feel about this, I know how you feel about us. If you didn’t care about me, we couldn’t have come this far and I have you to thank for it all.
But please, be patient with me. Listen more and try to understand what I am going through. I will not under any circumstance intentionally hurt you. I am building a life with you. Will I lose all that? I don’t want to! I want what we share. I treasure it and look forward to growing it with you. I’m stuck on you and my heart isn’t going any where.. even if you let it go. I’m the captain of this ship and I have placed my anchor in your heart and I’m not sailing anywhere.
The past week has been nothing less than stressful. I didn’t share a lot with you at first, because I didn’t think you would be interested. But now I am all out on a limb and I am trying to solve the situation and get back to the States the quickest I can. So, if in anyway I am asking that you help me or support me or even pray for me, it is because I absolutely need it. There is so much pressure on me right now, love. I can’t even begin to tell you the least of it. All I know is that, these would all be over soon and we will be together.. This I know for CERTAIN!
These is all going to be over soon, Doris. When its finally over, we can live our dream lives together. The dream is to grow old together, happily and in love. That’s the dream I have for us and I never want to wake up from that. Till I hear from you, again, which I hope is soon, I hope you’ll think about all I wrote.
Love always,
Letter 9

Hi Doris, Thanks for sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings with me. I totally get it. I get you. I want the same things as you, I believe we already established that. I have fallen in love with you.. and I feel awful that you would even think this all has been a lie. I am not talking to you because I need money from you. How much can I possibly want from me? I am on a multi-billion dollar project. This is just a phase I am hoping I can get through soon. If I am asking for your support in whatever way, it is because I am desperately in need of it. I am sorry about how messy things have been for us the last couple of days. I truly should have laid down the facts in a better way and not shock you with it. yes, I should have know what your reaction would be. I sincerely apologize for this. You realize we're two different people leading different lives. We are trying to come together.. We are trying to be ONE. No one ever said this would happen without a few glitches here and there.. The most important thing is commitment. Are we ready to jump these hurdles together? Are we ready to stay in this and fix things when they go wrong? I am very ready! .. and very much in love with you. Whatever you do, never forget that!
I love you so much. Love waits, -Luke.
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