Scam Email(s) from Thomas Wills to Eloha (USA)


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Letter 1

I am Thomas Wills,I am a Sergeant in US Army...I was once married and my marriage lasted many years before my wife had cancer and later passed away...I have been lonely ever since my wife passed away and I just joined this site not long because a friend of mine talk me into having an account on here ,he said I could meet someone and be in love again and I have an adopted daughter who is staying with her real parent now,she is the only family I have right now.i am on undercover mission in Iraq right now and I am also a special analyst in the US Army,we are not allowed to use social medial but because I spend lots of time in the data base room I tend to use it without ANYONE'S knowledge and I will really love to meet a good woman ,get to know her and see how things would go...your profile came to me as suggestion and I will really like to get to know you please and I must say you are a very pretty woman,please tell me few things about you as well.




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