Scam Email(s) from Christopher Martins to Lotre (USA)


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Letter 1

Hey Sweetness how are you? Hope you are having a good time with your friend catching up on old times. Just wanted to say hello and let you know that you are in my thoughts. Got a call from the Dog sitter that Bella is not well. I can’t wait to get home not just because of Bella but becauseI will like to meet with you too. She was taking to the vet and I need to come up with $750 for her treatment and medicines. And I need to get it across to them as soon as possible. I know this may sound really silly but I need your help with this. I know you are skeptical but I assure that I will get your repay you. I can write you a promissory note. Please Bella is like family and I don’t want anything to happen her...

Letter 2

I need ITunes to perform a program upgrade and I can’t use USA ITunes because mine was all set up on the Canada ITunes. So I am asking if you can gift me a ITunes card and I will reimburse you on my arrival. You can help get it from the stores. I think Walmart or the others sell it.




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