Romance scam letter(s) from Thomas Viggo to Tania (Germany)
Letter 1

Hello, Thanks for providing me your contact email and telephone number i am happy to have met you on tinder my full name is Thomas Viggo but you can call me Tom . This is my e-mail, address, i will message you with my telephone number as well so we can get more acquainted before my arrival . kindly acknowledge receiving my message so i know i got the right email address so I can tell you more about myself. Tom.
Letter 2

Dear Tania, I thank you for your message and our conversation on WhatsApp. I was born in Denmark but i left Denmark when i was very young and moved to Scotland with my dad. I do not speak German the only language i can speak is English and i must admit i am happy you can communicate also in English because that was my major concern as i am planning my relocation to Germany. As much as I have moved around a lot doing my work, I have never been confronted with a situation like this that would be taking me away for such a long time. I have not dated for a while, not because I don’t want to, rather a combination of two factors, I am hardly in company of any woman because of work, and was just too committed to my work after my divorce 4yrs ago and this really took my mind away from thinking about my divorce, my work has been all that i have and i have been very successful with my work but what i do not like now is that i do not have any of special to share my happiness and success with. It is simply why i came online to find love and i am happy we met. I will love to know more about you what you do for a living and if you are open for a relationship. Tom.
Letter 3

Dear Tania, I must confess that you have become such a huge part of my life and I think about you in all that I do every day. I hardly had time for anything outside my work, but getting to know you have taught me to slow down in life and make time for other things like growing a relationship, and that is exactly what I am doing with you and I have been enjoying every single part of it, I have been lonely for too long and tired of being alone, having you in my Life is giving my life a meaning all over again and I miss that and would like this feeling of love and care that I feel for you to be forever. I am sure we would for sure have our times of disagreement, that is almost a sure thing in life that people must disagree, what would determine the effect of such disagreement is the relationship we have built now when I say the relationship we have built now, I am talking about the friendship the companionship and the ability to communicate, not just to talk to each other but to effectively communicate to one another our inner feelings and how we feel about each other. I am open and committed to this relationship and I also appreciate the fact that you are very open to it too, so for me right now, I can't wait until I come to Germany so we can finally take this to the next step, I wish it was tomorrow I was coming to Germany I really did wish it was tomorrow. Just as I would expect to know your every movement and update on where you are going during your day, here is a schedule for the important things i would be doing until i travel to Germany to be with you, please keep this e-mail so you can always refer to it from time to time, Monday - 30th of July 2018 -TO- Friday - 3rd August 2018 - Hong Kong China
Here I would be inspecting my installation equipment and cables purchased from Manufactures for my work in Germany when i arrive.
I have paid them 60% of the total sum required. On my arrival, I would pay balance 40%.
Before I make the 40% payment, I would attend an already scheduled inspection of the pieces of equipment and cables
When I am satisfied that my order is complete, I would then do a transfer online from my account for balance 40%.
They would arrange for shipment of the goods to Germany and trucked to deliver the goods to its destination. From Monday - 6th of August 2018 -TO- Friday - 10th August 2018
At this time I would be back to California, I would get my Work Schedule Documents from GE HR.
Bring all my current work to a successful completion and make my travel plans to come to Germany to see my baby and bring everything we have shared so far to reality. So I will be in Germany between August 15th and 20th that's when I will arrive. Your Love,
Letter 4

Att: Cheng Qiangwang I have finally completed my inspection already and the cables and equipment are of good quality and standard, so i am ready to complete the balance payment in order for the cables and equipment be shipped to Germany as soon as possible. I want to have this done so i can collect all relevant documents with me before i travel back to the States. I will await your urgent response to my email. Yours Truly
Thomas Viggo
Letter 5

Hi Baby, I have already made contact with the Lawyer that i have completed my inspection so i will be waiting to receive instructions to complete the balance payment from him so hopefully everything will be wrapped up to a successful completion this week. Babe i look forward to a bright and lovely future with you in Germany and we can travel and see the world together during our free time and i will take you where ever you want to travel too. Your happiness will be my happiness. I will recommend the good wife i do not know if i have recommended that to you before as i recall i recommended McMafia. Check out the good wife that will be nice for you to watch. Hope you are getting better with the Physiotherapy and will be in perfect health soon. I miss you more my love and can't wait to be with you. Love Always
Letter 6

Dear Tania, Babe i am trusting you with this because i care about you and appreciate having you in my life and i look forward to us having a future together so sharing my personal Banking information with you is out of the respect and love that i have for you. It has been quite difficult for me to access my Business Account online so i can complete the balance payment i am owing, I called the bank and they informed me it is because I am in China and there is restrictions on the internet, so I want you to log into my account and help me process the invoice payment, I can trust you alone with this very sensitive information because you are the love of my life the first person i think of when i wake up in the morning the only person on my mind before i go to sleep. First of all, you need to do this on your computer, it would not work on your phone, it is a highly sensitive online private banking. Banking Details
UserName : TViggo03
Password : Marck4love
PBN+TransCDzZ-4203 These are the steps you need to take below to transfer the funds. - Copy and paste the link on your browser - When opening the page for the fist time, it would ask if you wish to continue, click "OK" - Copy and paste my user name and copy and paste the password - After you have logged into my account, go down to your bottom left hand side of the browser, click TRANSFER FUNDS, you would be asked to enter Transfer Code copy and paste this code. PBN+TransCDzZ-4203 - You would be taken to transfer page, fill in the transfer details I received from the lawyers which i will forward to you on another email, fill in the wire details exactly as provided by the lawyers and the balance due on the invoice, if you logout from the account for any reason, you would be taken to the bank home page, if you need to enter again, you have to follow the same link above it is a private link unique to my account number only, you cannot gain access to my account any other way, this is obviously for security reasons. Message me or send me an e-mail as soon as you are able to do this, it is important you act on this urgently so i can successfully complete everything here and travel back to the states before coming to Germany. I trust you with all my heart and i believe whatever is mine is yours my body my soul and everything i have and whatever is yours is mine also babe. Love Always
Letter 7

Dear Tania, Here's the invoice from the Lawyer including the Banking details where the payment will be made to, kindly follow the instructions I gave and help me make the payment to them when you log into my account. Your Love
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