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Letter 1

Good Evening,

Thanks for sending me an email,I just came back from work and i need to rest that is why i have not respond to your email..To start of my name is Frank Marty,i am 47 years old but turning 48 years old soon, 5.7 fit tall,I'm originally from Germany because my Dad is from Germany while my Mom is from US but base in Co,like i told you i school in Michigan,My kids live with my aunt in colon Michigan because i don't have know one to leave them too when i was traveling to Turkey for work that was why i decided to take them to my aunt to live there before i am back home and i will be coming home this month..My aunt do not have any kids and she is the only one living her husband is dead so am the one that is taking good care of my aunt..Am a road construction engineering.i.e means am a civil Engineering.I was Born and raised in Germany but relocated to Co..My dad was a successful business man..I lost my Dad some years ago.My dad is a Germany man while my mom is from US..My Dad met my mom when he came to US on a Business trip so he decided settle with my mom in USA and they both got married then they gave Birth to me .So i am the only one in the family..I am single man with a heart of Gold, a man you would love to meet and even spend the whole rest of your life with as am also willing to meet that special woman God has sent to me,that i will be with from now till death do us part.I just need every thing i ever wanted in one woman only,am ready to spend both my day and night with that special woman.I'm my own man and I am comfortable with my own life..I'm beautiful, kind and respectful, well-spoken, and i am extremely passionate and affectionate..I'm just an everyday, ordinary, average, normal man. Nothing special about me..

I consider myself to be very simple. I believe that women needs to be treated with respect and as a equal partner in a relationship, but all I seem to find is the ones that does not know how to respond to that or is un trusting to it. I feel like u should treat somebody with respect and like they are a person not a piece of meat or whatever. I am the type of person who wants somebody to feel wanted not just as a trophy. I am a very affectionate person and I love to cuddle, I like to show somebody how I feel not just telling them. I love to be close to somebody whether it is in the bed on the couch or wherever. I guess my dreams are to be happy and have a family my goals in life I want to go into business for my self one day but that will be a while from now. I guess I want to work on my love life and be happy first and to have a family, but I guess when the time is right it will happen.

I like to play sports just as much as I do watching them.. Most of all i like to spend time with who I am with, and cuddle up and watch a movie. It is my opinion that we all want the same thing in regards to a partner, and that most of us either do not know how or is scared to and sabotage themselves from getting it. Ok, I like the outdoors, but I don't care about hunting or fishing, well I will fish with an un-baited hook if it means I will get to spend some time with someone I care about. There are a lot of things I like doing as in dancing, cooking, camping, etc. My ultimate goal and what I think would make me happy is to get back on my feet and have a woman by my side that I love and loves me.

I am very relationship oriented and I believe life is too short to waste. When I am in a relationship I am committed, honest, and loyal. I think that falling in love is always a good thing, even if it doesn't work out. There is always something to learn from being with someone, and happy times and memories should be cherished. Friendship comes first for me. That is not to say I never get hurt because I do. I have been hurt so bad. My last relationship ended on a very sad note for me but I do not believe in regrets. I tell you this because I cannot predict the future. For some people a relationship has to be all or nothing...I don't feel that way.

But I never in the past nor do I intend to intentionally hurt someone by cheating, mistreating, or abusing them. Ok, for my questions to you. What are some of your goals, hopes and dreams?Are you really single? How long have you been single? Do you want more Kids? If there is something you want to say but you think you might be rambling or it is not important, it is ok, to me it is important. Well..I see I wrote a novel here, I am looking forward to getting to know you better. I guess I will go for now hope to hear from you soon.


Letter 2

Good morning,

How are you doing baby,i really do wish to know more about you.You need to know how excited when i got your email just now,Am so sorry about everything you go through your pass relationship but am glad you live in youe uncle house he is protecting you and your kids,it seems the more i hear from you,the more i get to like you,you sound really wonderful thru mail and i have to tell you i feel the same way like this when i first got to meet my deceased wife. i love her somuch with passion but when she died,i found it very hard to love anyone else but its been 3yrs now since shes been gone and i still havent felt like getting to know or meet anyother woman until i met you now and eversince then,have felt like getting to know you, felt like u re someone i could talk to and trust somuch like i did to my ex wife back then and from everything i read in ur note i just feel like you are my type if truly you are real like i thought,Have felt so lonely for such along time n rite now i just feel like getting real close to someone like you,i cant wait to get home and meet you face to face,Kids are dying so much for me to introduce someone to them cos they always wanted me to bring someone home after the dead of there mom.I ve been here in Turkey to build roads and i should be finishing my project by this month because i am tired of this hotel country i can't wait to come home and see my kids i miss them so much..I wish you have the idea of how i feel like meeting you cos this is the first time in years i will ever discuss my family issues with any woman,have not met anyone i think i could talk to like this in a longtime until now that i met you and i just wish i could confide in you and talk to you cos am getting to feel real close with you from the heart. It morning here in Turkey so i have to get ready for church because i love God and i have the fear of God i love to go to Church so it Sunday i need to get ready for church, please like have always said,take goodcare of urself and have urself a wonderful day ahead.I want you to send me some picture of you,like i did too and i hope u can still tell me more about yourself.

thank you so much for writing me about yourself.

i am 38 year old and was born in Russia mostly all my life i was live in Russia attend school after school university have degree in chemistry. my parents was died when i was 7 year old they died in car accident so my aunt raise me . i was live in Asia for 10 years it was my favorite time of life . at 16 i was back to russia .in russia i was work senior teacher in academy but my salary wasnt enough for life. so i make decision immigrate to usa. i live in usa already 10 year. was meeting guy married but it was abusive relationship during 10 i live in my uncle house he is protect me and my kids from my ex cause he treating and harassment me. yes i am single i just waiting paper from court for my divorce so now i am almost 1 year live by myself with kids

i work hard 10- 12 hours in day for supporting my kids my life but i understand also my kids need me and i am slow down on hours. i have my goals in life which i want to reach. i want have a real family with respect and love . i understand relationship it to way street and to make decision it take two people not just one. i like made special for me people happy i will be do anything for them. i just want found one man with who i want spend my life . i can be leader and i can be shadow .

my goal is for now buy house for my family and i will be reach that goal no matter what.
i am honest loyal person i do not give a promises if i cant keep them. i like walk cooking play with kids . i am not to much hang out with friends because i like be at home. i am not drinking at all yes i am smoking but i try quit for my kids. for all entire my life i had only two mans in my life, because relationship for me like a bible.


Letter 3

Good afternoon,

How are you doing this morning?,i was really glad to see a mail from you just now,I just came back from Church and i check my email,glad to read from you when i came back from Church,well my worship was amazing am just happy since i start talking to you I pray for my kids and my aunt and people around me too,Happy that you believe in God and you Know with God everything is are your kids doing?,i hope you have no problem raising anyone of them because i know that raising kids is something that is very hard because i know what it takes for a single mother to raise two kids?..Think about this,i already like you this much when we have only spoken for a while on internet,what if we now start talking on the phone or we now start seeing each other when i get back home,wont i fall completely in love with you then or what do you think hope?..

I find it hard to easily like someone this way and for me to get this far with you,i feel so much like we were so much meant for each other,i feel like we should have known each other for so long already..I love my kids because they are the only one i have i work so that they can live the best of life they can since i lost there mom,about your kids they do not have any problem with me as soon as we get use to ourselves i will make them not to regret knowing me and i will not regret knowing them as well,i love kids because i always want kids to be around i help people that need my help but since i am in Turkey i don't have the time for my self not to talk of helping people but as soon as i am home i will start living the life i am living before because i am very busy here..I will love to meet your kids and say hi to them,you must be a good woman due to the way you brought your kids up and you taking them to travel kids love traveling..i always travel to Germany every year but i have not travel this year to Germany due to the project i am working on here now you want to travel in the Summer i want us to plan about the travel so that you and your kids and me and my kids we can travel to Germany because my dad have a house there that i do check it every year like i told you after we travel to Germany we can travel to Poland and Russia Because i have never been to those Country before i love to travel so that i can meet people and see many places.

Its nice hearing from you because i thought about you all through the nite yesterday and how i wish we were together this minute cos i really wish to see you very soon.hope,i think its about time i make this true confession..

Will you be ready to live with me when i get back home and will you be ready to act as a mother to my kids because my kids so much needed a woman like you in there are life,I need a woman in my house a woman am going to cherish and adore for the rest of my life, a woman i can call my wife and i think you are simply that woman have been waiting for all this while.U need to see how excited and happy i get every time i see your,am so much dying to see you the more..i dont really go out that much over here,i work 6days in a week and when i get back to the hotel after work,i spend so much time in my suite reading and watching TV and i study the diagram of the road i am constructing here...Do you want me to introduce you to my kids and my Aunt because they have been asking me that they want me to introduce them to my woman and i always told them i have not found the right woman so now i think what my kids and my aunt have been waiting for it coming to reality but i always told them to wait until i get back home..You can go ahead and introduce me to your kids but i want us to do things step by step and i want us to have a secret because i don't want anyone to hear about this our relationship we are planning to have,We should make it a big surprise to everyone when i visit you where you live or you visit me when i am back home i think that is what we should do and i think there will be a lot of respect for us and we should not tell our kids about this even your uncle you always talk about and i will not tell my Aunt as well i want you to do this for me..When we meet you wont have any problem introducing yourself in case you want to talk with my kids and my Aunt....They are very calm and respectful Kids.i will have to go now because i need to get some things done now and relax..Thanks for the pictures you sent to me you looking cool and pretty,i am sending pictures of the road i am building here for you..
have fun baby and have a lovely Sunday good ok.


Letter 4

Good afternoon to you,

How are you doing my dear,hope you doing great and how come everything have known about you sounds so great from all perspective hope and i think i just couldn't stop having greater feelings for you day by day..You need to spent as much time as you want with you kids because they need you and you need that to show that there is love between you and your kids,i love spending all my time with my kids when i am not working i stay at home all through the day playing games with my kids..I am planning to quite working as a road construction engineering because my profession make me travel a lot so i have decided that as soon as i am done with this contract and i get paid am going into business but i don't know the kind of business i am going into i think when i am home i will start thinking about it,that is why i am trying all my best to find a woman when i get home i am going to be spending time with my kids and the woman i want to marry,i have so much love give when i am in any relationship i give it all.

Am really anxious to have started talking to you through email that we exchange it give us a lot of chance to express our feelings and get to know more about each other better,Yes it will be lovely to start talking on phone and i can't really wait to hear your voice,its just that its a bit hard to get a line activate here, they need to be sure one is staying more that 2 years before they can sell one for you, and since am only gonna be here for a very short period of time.u can drop me your cell number so that i can be able to have it,Do you have any app that we can chat like Facebook or any other app that we can be able to chat. i understood every single thing you said about yourself and i think we both need time to get to know each other well,what have heard so far from you and the way you have spoken thru emails has made me realize you are such a wonderful woman from a decent background and a decent home and this is part of the reason why have chosen to feel closer to you and just you hope because its been such a very long time since have had anything to do with any woman after my wife died...You don't have any problem talking to my Aunt and my kids,when my Aunt send me an email any time about my kids how they are doing i will tell them about you and whatever they say i will let you i will even send your picture to them..I know God will lead us through this relationship and God is going to guide us because without God this relationship will not be possible so we have to be praying for God blessing and guide line..My Kids are two very little lovely kids they are my world,when you meet them you will love them because they are very funny they are always in happy mood easy to make friends even my aunt is a wonderful woman,my aunt never let me miss my late wife because my aunt play the roll of my kids mom roll by taking good care of my kids telling whatever the kids need and i will get it for them and i don't what the kids to be regretting while they lost there mom so i work so hard to give them the best life they can live..Yes it difficult for only the dad of the kids to raise the kids when there mom is no more there but i thank God my aunt is there to replace there mom you can see why i need you to take good care of my kids and take good care of your kids too.

Right now, you living so far away from me is killing me, but I know in my heart that this is how we were destined to meet and am trying to follow my instinct forever and spend a life time with you forever hope. I don't want to lose you for anyone else or anything that anyone has to say about you. I want you to know that I love you sorry i just have to say it because i think about you from the deepest part of my heart but i still need to get to know more about you. My love for you is unconditional. The love for you is so strong and the most powerful feeling that I have had in a long time and I am just at a lost for words when it comes to you.

I just wish that their was another way that we could be together without being so far apart right now but am sure i will be done with work soon so that i can come home and finally see and meet you. I want you to know that I really adore you from every perspective.You are a blessing that my entire being is very thankful for. I feel that we were made to love, listen, understand, and work through all times in our lives together and individually.
I know there are many more special occasions and moments in our lives that will surprise and bring us closer.i already have a feeling you are simply my type and nothing, and no one else feels more right than you!! I care so much about you eternally and unconditionally. I miss your mail each time i didn't see any mail from you .

I physically long for you each night and day dream a times about you until we find ourselves wrapped in the love that grows stronger and deeper each day, into our future together. I believe and have faith in you so much..I want to see your kids can you send me their picture,this is a picture of my two son..Hope you are having a nice day with your kids extend my greetings to your kids for me.

Love Always,


Letter 5

Thanks for the picture of your kids you sent to me...I am short of words when i check the picture..Your kids are really amazing your daughter look like you and your son is cute..i will love to meet them and hug them..Say hi to them for me tell them i can't wait to see them.


Letter 6

Good night,

Its was really a busy day for both of us,you were so busy at work last night and i was not worried because you need to work and take good care of your kids and your self and hard working days so far but Keep it up whatever that is good that you are doing keep it up because you are a dream of every man and glad to have you as my woman,like your said is because of the weather that the kids do not go to school today please make sure they go to school tomorrow,i must tell you it aint easy here trying to adapt to everything,the way they live,the weather and the time different because a times,i find it hard to sleep when night time come.

My Dad died a long time ago when i was 9years in Berlin Germany and that was when i came to the United state with my Mom and have been staying in the state ever since and i grew up in up in the state but i do visit Germany every year because Dad family are in Germany,and have my citizenship confirmed some long while ago. before i stated visiting Germany and almost every part of the world again due to the nature of my job, but my Mom died 6years ago and she never re-married again ever since my Dad died,she loves my Dad so much with passion that she promised herself never to love anyone else but that was just the way she chose to live her life and at a point in time,i told her to marry again because she used to have a lot of men friends but she never got married again till she died.

i just can't stop thinking about when am coming back home to meet i wish have started seeing you so that my mind could be at rest and i could spend every quality time with you over there, i so much wish i could set eyes on you because have already started getting so much obsessed.The way you have spoken and talked about yourself thru mails when we first met has made me realize you are such a wonderful woman from a decent background or a decent home and this is part of the reason why have chosen to feel closer to you and see if possible for us to live together and happily married again as husband and wife.

You brought love and laughter to my empty, sad and boring life. My heart had known only emptiness until the day you came and filled my heart to overflowing with your jovial ways. Your sense of humor has turned my frown into a smile.You taught me how to love again, you taught me to give and receive love by trusting in you and believing. You taught me to go the extra mile. And though there are miles between us, I never stop thinking of you all the time, you have brought a change into my life and my heart is forever yours pls take it.pls don't reject my heart cos its yours.

I can never forget you, or keep thoughts of you out of my mind. Thoughts of you warm my heart. You complete me, you are everything my heart desire baby and i will always feel this way because i knew so many things has changed about me ever since have fallen completely in love with you baby.

As for me and my kids we love all kind of as long as the food is health,but due to my profession i love fast good and sea food bike food as well..i cook some simple food but not all kind of kids love what i eat they eat all kind of food as well..glad you know how to work every well and i can't wait to be home and test your good lol..This are the document of the contract that i take a picture with me.. i have to go now as am so tired and seems to need to relax and i go to bed and sleep.Have fun ok and always be good,
.Loving You Always,


Letter 7

Good morning babe,

How are you doing this morning my love,you doing ok?, it sounds really wonderful to know you have an awesome way of life that keeps you busy but you would really have to create more time for us to spend together when am back home and you realize we need so much time to spend together because its one of the ways to get closer and get to know each other very well.

I never knew Arabs was like this,Do you know Arabs don't really like Americans,they look at someone with hatred a times.I wish i could get done quickly with my job here in Turkey because i want to make sure i leave this place very soon.Am not comfortable staying here for long at all.
I just got back from work to the hotel suite and you need to know how excited i get every time i see your mail,seeing your mail and hearing from you brings me so much joy and i have to say this because the feeling gets stronger every time and everyday and this is just the reason why am so much anxious to see you everyday.
i hope you realize the kind of feeling i have for you because it gets really intense more and more every single day.I just cant wait to come back to the state and meet you.I want to ask you some couple of questions and please,i beg of you to be really sincere with me when you answer me and please,tell me the truth.ok
1)Have you for once thought about me like a guy you could end up having as your husband?i mean do you think about marrying me just the same way i think about marrying you when we get closer to each other when i get back home in the state?.
2)Are you really sure you are not in a relationship with any other guy over there?
3)Are you sure you want to have anything to do with me when am back in the state?
4)Will you be ready to see my kids as your own kidsr as well,i mean will you always see Eddie and Tim as if they are part of your kids as well and will you be truly nice to them.
5)please,is it true that you don't have any skeleton in the closet that you might want to disclose now because i wish you knew the kind of way have seen and taken you already because you are practically the air i breathe and you have completely taken over my heart because i see you so much like my other half and my soulmate already.
please babe,those questions i asked means so much to me and i want you to be faithfull and truthfull to me when you answer them.
babe,Never did I imagine that I would ever meet you and get to love you this way, especially not in the form of internet like this.
God has got his own reasons for us to meet and come this far. But our love will flourish beyond what it is right now. Distance maybe just a part of the reason why sometimes we think we can't handle this whole relationship, but I am sure our love for each other is way far stronger then any oceans can come across.
I am writting you this letter to tell you that my love for you is so real that I can't find any words to describe my feelings for you. My love for you has grown so strong that I can never imagine a life without you now.
I will always be yours no matter what the world turns out to be. My heart will always yearning for your love and care forever.


Letter 8

Good Evening Love,

Hello babe,i love you so much and as for now you are the only family i have, you and Eddie and Tim and your kids and my aunt and i ll for ever cherish you.. i don't really keep friends,i don't have much friend and i don't have any best friend,the only good friend have been working with ever since i started working has been Mr Harrison which is my director like i told you,he's a very great guy and hes so much responsible a man,we are mostly together on location here.
I just live my life a very simple man and the only best friend have had all my life was my deceased wife,she was my lover,my soulmate and my best friend,we are best of friends babe,we were just too close to each other,very very close and when she was gone,i felt my life too has come to an end but seeing my kids and looking into my kids eyes was all that gave me hope that i need to move on because, Eddie and Tim reminds me so much of their mother every time i look into the kids face,Eddie and Tim looks too much like her mom.All i pray for now is just for us to be lovers,soulmate and best friend for ever till eternity and this is why we need to get close and get to know each other very well,am seriously anxious to see you and every time i read your mail and able to chat with you on Facebook messenger,the first thing that comes to my mind is that,is she the right one for me?,i see us together every time i lay my head down,i see us loving each other forever and your mail brings so much joy into my heart.

Babe, Eddie and Tim live in the state with my aunt..But i travel alone whenever i travel out for my contract this way and i hope you know that this will be my last oversea job because have been traveling out of the country back and forth like this for almost 8years and after this contract,this will be my last journey to travel this far i had prefer working within the united state and the Island around.
I love the beach,its one of my favorite place to hang out,the water looks so peaceful,going to the beach makes me forget all life problems and issue,its so cool in there.My favorite color is blue and grey,i wear blue jeans most of the time and i hope you know am the suit type and how come you haven't told me so much about what you like honey.i need to know baby.
Am just so happy to read your answers to my questions because it made me feel much more comfortable with you and made me see you so much like the wife have always wanted to have ever since my wife died and from everything you have said babe,i would have to let you know i love you so much and i will continue loving you so much with passion till eternity.You sound really matured and very very splendid babe and you are just my dream woman,the one have always waited and waited for all my life and am so much glad to have found you and finally met you in reality and i promise to be yours for life until death do us part babe.
Babe do you realize am having several problems with the dealing with my contract here been a Arab country, hope u still remember i once told you in one of my previous email that the Arabs don't really likes Americans,but i have been taking my time and be prayerful for the success of my work here and protection of my bodies and souls, they seems too troublesome and i think due to the differences in our religions and the way American Govt are dealing with the Arabs country.well its my first experience here in Arab country and its such a bad one babe but i know i can cope and i cant wait to get done with everything so i can leave soon and i cant wait any longer to meet you in person.
How has your day been today and please,make sure you don't work yourself too hard,try and rest very well ok.
Baby,i read all your response to my questions and i must tell you that made me feel so much good inside me and i felt now like you are a real companion and some one i could always take very seriously when you speak because i felt every single thing you said and it touches me and made me realize have finally found the right woman am supposed to spend the rest of my life with and it has even gotten to the extent that i day dream about you at work and i just wanted to be sure if i was following the right path of love.
sweetie,work here is so much giving me stress with the kind of people i work with over here,there is no single truth in them,they spend the material work fund for their own personal use and they lie about so many thing and what am looking forward to right now is just to complete my task so that i could come back home as soon as possible,this country has so much bad people in it and the people i work with over here been a Muslim country,are just very unreliable guys,things doesn't work the way it work over there in the state.The only good guy have met here so far is Mr Harrison,he such a wonderful guy to work with.Imagine they have even forgotten about my hotel bills which have been paying on my own for so long now. Seeing your mail and having my kids and my aunt when i come home with me are the two things that makes me happy in a day.
Since you came into my life, I've been so happy. The fact that we're a thousand miles apart right now is not a matter at all because you are always in my heart. I am waiting for the days to make our dreams come true.
If only I could have come up with the right words to describe the depth of this beautiful feeling that I have for you, I would have uttered them to you the first
time I met you. But, I lacked that knowledge, so the best thing that I can do is to show you how I really mean it now. I love you so dearly, Do you know? You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You are like the best poetry ever composed, the best song ever played, the best picture ever painted. I never thought and expected that someone like me could get so lucky by finding you..
How could I have known the comfort and the security of knowing that whenever I say "I love you," you're going to say the same words, too. I don't know if you care or love me back the same way i do right now but Marrying you was just among the many wonderful things i think i would do when we have started seeing each other,i have never felt this great towards any feminine for a long time.
You are my world. Life wouldn't be life if not shared with you. We may be far away from each other for now, but you have my heart and my love. It just feels so wonderful knowing and believing that. I care about you... more and more each day.please babe,if there is anything you would like me to do,anything at all to make you happy,please don't hesitate to let me know,i just wish you could say some thing because am so much dying to show you how much you mean to me. i just got back from work now and i feel so lonely right now because i miss you.
Have yourself a wonderful day...Love you.


Letter 9

I am having a terrible situation at this moment...i am having a problem right now...please pray for me i should have die today.


Letter 10

Good morning my queen,

I know you are very worried about me over here same i do because i never heard from you yesterday i miss you so much..just a short mail so that you can know am till alive just that a very terrible accident happened at work yesterday that i lose my phone in the incident that why i did not come online and talk to you my of the Excavator got burnt due to over heating that the Excavator had that was why it got burnt and luckily i escape it because i was the one operating it...i lose my phone and i felt so bad about it because i need the Excavator to finished up the remaining project the Excavator is very important at this moment that is why i was very sad yesterday and got tired,i could have come online to talk to you but i notice that i do not have a phone anymore and i wanted to use my laptop i do not have internet on it but i have talk to the hotel manager to get internet from the hotel to my laptop because right now i am using the library here to talk to you that is what i used to contacted you yesterday on my way home so that you should know what happened to me...i don't want this Excavator that got burnt now to delay me so i think i need to rent the same Excavator and then pay for the damage of the one that got burnt i am so frustrated right now i am not happy mailing you or telling you my problem,How are you doing and how is your lovely daughter and handsome son hope they are all fine and they are doing good..i miss you so much and your kids..

I don't really know what to do now,i need over 381,000.00 dollars to rent the same Excavator that got burnt and pay for the damage of the one that got burnt and i need to pay for the firefighter that Mr Harrison called to off the fire from the Excavator because they request i should pay them $9000.00 and i have give them the last $1500.00 that was with me i want to use the money to take good care of my self feed my workers and get diesel on the machinery to finished the project and now look at the situation i am right now so babe i need to give the firefighter there balance of 7,500.00 so that i can sort them out first and i will go and i will think how am going to rent the Excavator to be able to finished the project and i get paid and i come home...Am sad right now because i never believe all this shit is gonna happened i am frustrated as am talking to you,am on break now that is why i rush down to the library to let you know all what is happening to me right now...i don't want this problem to delay me babe,i know you are at work now or probably you will be sleeping..i have to go back to work now when am done with work and get to my hotel room i think by then the hotel manager should have fixed the internet problem with my laptop babe..I miss you so much...please be strong for me and pray for me over here because i am in a very terrible situation right now babe..I have to go now talk to you later..i sent you a video of the burnt Excavator that one of my worker make.

Love you..
Always love you and thinking about you.


Letter 11

Hi my love,

How are you doing sweet heart,!you are really really special to me babe and thanks for being there for me because you stood by me when i am having problems here and i pray i will never leave you alone or anything that will stop us from not getting married i pray it should not come to us.
i have been so much busy with work here babe today because i really want to do some job done before i went to go and rent the Excavator and am just trying to hurry up with my job because i should be leaving this country in like a week like we both discuss as soon as you sent me the money i give to the firefighter men and i would love to fly down to see you immediately i leave here.?
Honey i hope there is a good hotel around you i could lodge in because i don't know if it right yet for me to just come to your house like that when i am coming to meet you,i think i should stay in an hotel close to you and you will be the one to take me to any nice hotel around from the airport,i hope you will be coming to the airport to pick me up babe and what do you think about this idea babe.
.You are such a wonderful woman and you are truly a wife material for any guy in his right mind to have as a wife at home.You have so many great quality of a perfect woman..
i just cant stop loving you more and more everyday,i just can't control this feeling anymore because am just completely obsessed about you. it started with sending e-mails to you everyday wishing you a good morning and good night with a lot of feeling in them. Then, one day, I found myself loving you and couldn't stop this feeling. Just you knowing me more and more each day and how you understand me in everything, that's why I love you more and more. Every time you say hi, you brighten my life.Where would I be if I had not met you? I'll tell you where; I would still be lonely looking for that special someone to make me smile again. We found each other at just the right time.
Everything that I have been through in the past year has only prepared me for you. Your love is true and not to be taken lightly. The love that we share is never-ending and very powerful. If I had met you earlier in my life I know I wouldn't appreciate you as much. I thank God every day I wake up that am in love again, it is a once in a lifetime thing!
From the very first moment I saw your profile on the site, I knew you were my destiny. No woman had ever captured my attention so fully or made my heart skip a beat the way it did, i cant stop looking at your pics. Your calm look lit up the entire room, your look was delightfully contagious and your mere presence warmed my heart and soul. I had no doubt you were the woman God made especially for me.
babe, i hope you know you are my destiny and you are my life and no distance will ever keep me away from my destiny.I just cant wait to get done with work here and come back to the state real soon,Honey we need to see so much babe,i just cant stop thinking about seeing you so much babe, Mr Harrison has been so supportive all these while but the incident occur,he puts me things most of the things i don't understand here,he puts me through most things i don't understand here because i don't know anywhere and get things done for me quickly and help me out a lot in so many ways.hes just a good guy and the only friend that's has a nice character here and i really appreciate all his good effort.I want to get something to eat now,i will be coming back online just to see if you are online.
love always





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