Scam Email(s) from Anthony Kennedy to Laura (USA)


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Letter 1

Hi Laura,
I'm Kennedy,I'm single,My dad died when I was around 4 years old.I have had three serious girlfriends ever in my life,one short relationships and 2 long relationship, I was with my last relationship for 10years (Mother of my kids). She left her daughter at age of 3years and I have been raising and taking care of Christine since then. Honest truth...I have only asked about 3 girls out on a date.
Majority of dates and my relationships were on the girls asking me out,I look a lot younger than I really am.She (Christine's mom) did not value to many things because she never really had to pay for much.
Her mother would really spoil her with luxurious and expensive gifts.
After we separated, I found myself about $75,000 in debt. I decided that I would move back home temporary and try to set my life back on track. It has been 10yrs now since we have broken up. I have paid off my debt. I told myself that I would try not to date any woman that comes from a very rich family like her, except the one that worked so hard for her money and know the essence of working for money. I have worked very hard for everything that I own. I would like to be with someone that is not selfish, nice and very caring.Enough of that... I enjoy boating, hiking, camping,fishing, nature, walks on the beach, sunsets, movies, music, cooking, and quiet nights at home.I now work with BAE Systems Intelligence & Security provides real-time intelligence and analysis services to key intelligence professionals, decision makers, federal law enforcement officials and troops deployed around the world,i am a Nurse with BAE,I’m on deployed to Afghanistan..
and am also involved inCanine Companions for vets with PTSD..
I am a God fearing man, with good morals and values, am honest, I do not cheat or play games, I can't stand seeing some one been intentionally hurt I have had my heart broken before and will never pass that kind of pain to a woman.Await Your response to tell you More About Me. Kennedy.
If you would like to talk on instant chat,you could connect to my personal hangouts,i get often on it in my free time only.

Letter 2

Good Day,
We received your request concerning your finance Leave permit ( Nurse Kennedy Anthony ) he is one of our best male nurse from the State,we would want to reward him for his good services he rendered at BAE Systems Intelligence & Security, If you have any question,please do not hesitate to ask.

Note : All nurse will be coming home soon, some arrived two month ago, while some will arrive soon but there is a lot for him to do for us overhere, it's likely we redeploy him to Syria because we need an hard woking nurse like him but if you want him home for three month,we can do that for you if he wants. To be sincere he does not want to be redeploy to Syria but someone will have to put in for his leave request but this involved a lot of trust and he said you can be trusted.

* Do you want ( Nurse Kennedy Anthony ) home now or you want us to redeploy him to Syria firstly? and later come home after some months/years please let us know what is in your mind within 24 hours.

Read the instruction:

(i) Returning nurse applying for leave request will be liable to receive some amount of money as Leave Bonuses and this will be claim by His/Her beneficiary for Bill, which means you. The amount is ($68,330.00 USD)

(ii) All nurse leaving the base on a family or spouse request should have a Ticket and liberty pass card with him or her at departure and arrival, Identification Card shall suffice to identify a service member on authorized absence not classified as leave.

(iii) Paid leave should only be granted to nurse who eligible for leave, unpaid leave to the non-eligible nurse under any kind condition.

Note : On no account should not third part intervene with the whole processing.We are happy for you to have ( Nurse Kennedy Anthony ) as your finance he is a good man,very respectful man,he is one of our best and hard working nurse. Wish you two good luck and we want you to get back to us.

In other to register for ( Nurse Kennedy Anthony ) Leave and Bonus Leave, you are advice to provide the information listed below before proceeding and make sure you get back to your finance which State Airport will he be heading to so we can get all requirement for him to be out of here.
Get back to us with the details below.






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