Romance scam letter(s) from John Capenter to Octa (Indonesia)
Letter 1

Babe i tried calling but bad signal hope you are doing fine, i love your picture i just cannot wait anymore, babe there is something i need to tell you now, am not going to lie to you before i met you i was thinking of ending my life, but you have been there for me since we started dating, i so much appreciate your time with me and promise never to hurt you, i am ready to come to indonesia as soon as i can, but you need to do something important for me, its not going to take much of your time if you truely love and trust me the way i love and trust you. I want you to receive my money on my behalf from england online, it takes normally 24hours to be transfered to you in indonesia. Do not be suprised am asking you to do this its because you are my partner i trust you and want to marry you when i come there so that we can start living together, i wanted a new life and am achieving it with you, the reason i do not want to receive it in my name is because my ex wife put me into debt and ran away with another man so i have been paying this debt for over 4years now, if i recieve this money in my name the government in england will automatically claim all the debt my ex wife took then i will be left with just a little of it, but after 2years if i do not stay in england the debt will be cleared automatically, so i will stay in indonesia for 2years or any country we decide to live in i am angry to pay debt i did not cause for my self its not fair on me i hope you understand me, but i planned to come to indonesia before telling you any of my personal stories, but because i need this to be done urgently and the only thing i need now is for my partner to do this for me according to what i was told today, so my company deposited my money in the bank already waiting to be transfered as soon as possible to me or my partner, i already told the bank my partner will receive it on my behalf. So babe when i come to indonesia you will have to transfer it to indonesia account in our names. Below is the bank details please contact them immediately so that when they do the transfer online you will print it out then scan it for me i need it here very important. There is nothing to worry about ok?
Just email them that you are john capenter partner they already know BANK NAME: THE ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND PLC
Fax:+44 705 349 2391
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