Scam Email(s) from Richard Adams to Jessica (Canada)


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Letter 1

Lolo, I like your beauty, I know you hear that a lot. 12th of June is my birthday, why are you born twice lol, guess while immigrating to Canada? Unfortunately, Syria is a failed country but as a journalist, I limit my movement. Now I enjoy Arabic foods but its language kind of difficult so I would need your help to be fluent. The Greek town attack seems like a terrorist act, hopefully, Tory makes Toronto save again.

Furthermore, let me use this opportunity to tell you about my childhood memories. When I reoccur on my childhood, I have treasured memories of detective camping lol, looking for seashells on the beach, you know horseback riding, and even those piano lessons lol. The good, the bad, and the awesome childhood experiences made me the man and father that I am today. I had a chance to experience nature in its purest form. From hiking and roasting marshmallows to sleeping under the stars, camping is the thing of cherished childhood memories.

I think life itself demands struggle, those who have everything given to them become kind of lazy, insensitive and selfish to the values of this life. The striving and hard work that we so constantly try to avoid is the major building block in the person we are today. I was hard working and never hurt anybody. Besides, why should Mom and Dad have all the fun? I helped because I liked the fun as well lol. Snow is an excellent experience always to remember. What I think is only children can block out the cold and see the beauty of snow for what it is, a soft place to land. I used to fish and cook, and it was beautiful and delicious memories lol. The confidence of fishing is a wonderful way to reinforce the power of patience and quiet togetherness. My memories of the ocean will linger on, long after my footprints in the sand are gone. Kids and the beach belong together. There's nothing like the ocean to remind us of how small we are lol. My parents taught me about Life and Home maintenance, and my career became successful because of that. I'm always robust and ready for whatever. How about your childhood experience?


Letter 2

Your childhood was fun, I enjoyed reading it over and over. Missing that parental feelings, so I consider myself as a father even though am childless. Due to the environmental threats here, I submitted a resignation letter, hopefully, they approve it, and then I will come to see you. I think these are the secrets of compatible couples. Commitment, Consideration, Staying Young, A sense of humor and Daily intimacy. God knows am looking forward to that day I would see your face and tell you how I feel about you. I thought I would tell you what I was looking for, and know what you think. All I am craving for is "True Love," no Games, no playing around, just want to find my soul mate in life, the woman I will love every day. I know few things about you, any man that does not treat you with respect and affections is a fool. Genuine love can be given without being shared, but a shared Love still allows for your special partner to grow. Personally, there is nothing special than a shared Love. One that bright in our partner's growth and achievements as a person, one that has no anger, mistrust or jealousy. I believe when nature brings the right person, we'll believe so completely in each other, and love so completely, and trust without hesitation.

I'm a lovingly touchy person, not saying that I am perfect, but I always try my best lol. When appropriate, like to hold hands, hug and kiss. I like affection as I mentioned earlier, but in good taste, not for friendship sake. I like to look into my loved one's eyes and often get accused of starring but I stare at flowers too, and they never complain that I could look at them from the blossom until they fade away. Always preferred my soul mate is my best friend, so I can regularly talk to her about anything and be able to resolve issues when necessary. Life is so short as we know, so why do individuals make it seem complicated by craving everything they see and forgetting that we are here to Love one another, not sex as much as we can and have nothing genuine to present when our time comes. I believe it takes a lot of time to know someone, and when an actual relationship does start. I still think intimacy should be saved until you know they are someone you want to be with for a long time. Hope that wasn't too much, but it is honest and all of me.


Letter 3

Hi Sweetie,

Thank God is weekend lol. Interesting pictures as usual. I'm a big fan of shisha, we are coming back to the lounge probably with your friends when i return. I have been feeling unhappy due to my friend's absent. They are still missing, and the kidnapped incident made me paranoid and lonely. I feel comfortable working with them than local journalists. I have also experienced many things in my life, where I have already lost faith in people. I had the worse relationship with family members and friends because they betrayed me countless times, so I had no choice to distance myself from them. Nevertheless, sometimes you have to survive in this world alone. I get on this mission because of career improvement and professional challenge which I have regretted. I have off every other weekend, my routine like a 9-5 experience, during working hours I prepare quality editing as well as reports by examining video documents, investigating tips, and interviewing sources, which can include military commanders, civilians, and soldiers. At mid-night, I make sure I reply your lovely email message. No worries, I promise to double my response.

Furthermore, as we all know that Journalism can be challenging and demand people who work best under pressure while the cons a risk of death or injury if covering a riot, war zone, or other violent environments. Canadian government warmed journalists to avoid Syria. They are unaware of the contract involving them or other organization would escalate the situation and might lead to a longer period to leave here. I will patiently wait for the outcome of the lawsuit.

I know about keke dance challenge, i think it should be displayed wisely to avoid violating traffic law. Once again thank you for your patience, caring, kind words and sharing, also for being the reason I smile. There's no better way to thank God for your sight than sending a regularly lovely message to someone in the dark. Its everything about you that makes this distance so worth it. Im hungry to meet you in person. Honestly, I don't want anyone else because my very soul demands you now. I dont know if I ever told you this before, but youre the only one Ive ever waited and messaged for this long. The sweetest feeling is to know that I am yours and you are mine.


Letter 4

Hehehe.. Crazy and beautiful, i love the mixture meaning no boring moment for us.

We will talk about the investment opportunities when we meet in person. Based on my personal research, Toronto is quite profitable for real estate investment. We should become team-mate, believe me, you have alot to experience and gain. It is shocking to see where we have landed so far. Truth must be told that my heart burns a little when I dont hear from you lol. Always remember that whatever happens, wherever I am, Ill always think of you, and the time we spent together as my happiest time. I would do it all over again if I had the choice. I knew when I met you online, there was something about you that I desired. Eventually, it wasnt something about you at all. It was just YOU. In your light, I learn how to love, you always dance inside me where no-one sees you, but sometimes I notice, and that sight becomes this art. We must get beyond passions, like a great work of art. In such miraculous harmony. We should learn to trust and value each other so much. The world is made of trust, faith, and pixie dust. The next minute is unpredictable, yet still, we go forward because we are confident. Secondly, we have Faith. The best way to find out if a relationship is trustworthy is to trust it. The link between relationship status and healthy lifestyle is a complicated one. Despite plenty of stimulating headlines: Get married and get fat and Stay single and die young. Its difficult to say whether being a spouse or a singleton or something in between, as many people are today is healthier overall. There is even a lady who, as far as I can tell, spends all her time convincing why it's preferable to be single. Who confident this woman it wasn't? She took so much as a single semester of Psych 101, who can't put a proof of such behavior doesn't deserve to get a passing grade lol. She forgets the health benefits of sex in a relationship. It reduces your blood pressure and stress levels, strengthens your heart, may protect against cancer, relieves pain, may extend your life, is the key to lasting happiness, and makes you smarter and younger. Being alone, it seems, can be hazardous to your health physical and mental mainly matured age. What do you think?

Additionally, the situation here is getting worse as my colleagues were kidnapped yesterday by those insurgent group. Every morning, I remember how blessed I am for the opportunity to message you and let you know how much you mean to me. I think I regretted this mission, hopefully, I win the lawsuit.


Letter 5

Hi Sweetie,

I am sending a little angel your way. To shower you with love, care, and happiness. There is nothing better than seeing you smiling by my side, trust me when I say I long to see you soon. I like you, and I hope our friendship is everlasting and lead to a long-term relationship. Fortunately, I won the lawsuit regarding the below update from my attorney. Im super happy about the victory and you've always been my pillar of strength, as well as kind to me. Sincerely from my heart, I thank you so much for the assistance, with you, I had a fantastic start. Im looking at 150-200 per night. Interesting pictures indeed. I like your beauty, very natural and attractive.

Furthermore, according to my court case conclusion and its directives to remit the fund to the media company ASAP. I dont have control over my bank account here due to the unrest that has damaged their financial firms. Even my Cards doesn't function here or else I would have transferred the housing payment to you in advance for the reservation. The only alternative was to contact my bank to find possibilities of fixing my Card so that I can buy a flight ticket to Toronto. Hopefully, I hear from my bank soon, then I will inform you of my arrival date otherwise am stuck in Syria.


Letter 6

Esentepe Mahallesi, 34399 Sisli
Istanbul, Turkey
Attention: Richard,
I'm happy to inform you that you won the lawsuit under possible conditions. You already knew your contract should last for two years. An agreement has been signed to transfer half of the wage which is $250,000 USD to the media company before you completely leave the contract. The Court has given you only 12 working days to transfer the amount so contact your bank ASAP to avoid penalty.

Trevor Patel Esq




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