Romance scam letter(s) from Thomas Viggo to Sarah (Germany)
Letter 1

Hi Sarah, Thanks for providing me your contact email and telephone number i am happy to have met you on tinder my full name is Thomas Viggo, further to our conversation earlier on tinder i work as an Electrical Engineer and got a contract with GE to work in Germany and i will be coming in August. I got on tinder to see if i could meet someone i can get acquainted with who lives in Munich before my arrival as i am also single and looking for a relationship. This is my e-mail, address kindly acknowledge my message so i know i got the right email address. Have a lovely weekend Tom.
Letter 2

Sarah, I thank you for your message, i am looking forward to meeting you as well when i come to Munich. As much as I have moved around a lot doing my work, I have never been confronted with a situation like this that would be taking me away for such a long time but i am really excited about the opportunity and looking forward to it. General Electric will provide a temporary accommodation for me in Munich until i get a more permanent place of my own. I was born in Denmark but moved to Scotland at an early age. I had a son from my marriage but he passed away due to ill health which was a very difficult time for me that eventually led to my divorce. So ever since I have not really dated not because I don’t want to, rather a combination of two factors, I am hardly in company of any woman because of work, and was just too committed to my work after my divorce 4yrs ago and this really took my mind away from thinking about my divorce, my work has been all that i have and i have been very successful with my work but what i do not like now is that i do not have any of special to share my happiness and success with. It is simply why i came online to find love and i am happy we met. I am glad you are single and open for a relationship. I will love to know more about you such as things you do during your free time for fun etc. Tom
Letter 3

Dear Sarah, I thank you for your message , i am very happy you made it back home and in the process of recovering fully. Please do take the time to rest so your body can heal properly. Your message has been intriguing just reading it, i try to picture the kind of life style you had before which i am not down with but i am happy you have turned a new leaf. As a mother i believe you should live your life in an exemplary way that will influence your son in a positive way. From being a vegetarian to a vegan is very good. I read an article on a man who lived up to 116 years and when he was asked how he made it to that age he simply said '' Eat less and live long '' i have had that quote stocked in my head ever since so being a vegan is eating healthy and being healthy our health is our wealth. Although am not a vegetarian i am open to become one if am living with someone who is i have always wanted to be but it is pretty hard for me but i do eat healthy lots of vegetables and sea food. Food that can easily digest when i eat them. I love movies , the gym exercise , i love to be at one with nature i go to the beach just for the view and site of it i don't swim often once in a while i do so i can not say i love it or hate it. I work very hard babe so am far from being lazy. We shall get along very fine. Your message did not scare me at all. I need you to rest and be in complete health again i want to meet you bubbling with 100% health when i come to Germany. I will receive the address where i will be living when i come to Germany in the coming week which i will gladly share with you. Enjoy the rest of your night babe. Tom
Letter 4

Dear Sarah, How are you? I am happy you are getting better everyday that goes by. I received the information from HR where i will be staying in when i come to Germany the address is ''Wasserburger-Land-Stra?e 8, Trudering-Riem, 81825 Munich, Germany'' I will be living on that address for the next three months until i get a permanent residential address where i would stay. I hope this address is not too far from you as i would want to live very close to your address so i do not have to travel very long distance to be with you. Do you know I have not been on that dating website since I started communicating with you? I guess subconsciously I have told myself I have found what I want and dismissed going to that site so I can focus on you to be able to build a relationship with you and avoid any distraction from anyone else, I just hope I am not making a mistake, one thing I do know is that I admire and like you a lot and I am willing to put in the work required to build on what we have going on. I admit from our day one communication so far I noticed you are very intelligent, I am very attracted to people that are smart and intelligent and that i can easily talk to and reason with. I need a woman like you (I can only hope you need a man like me too), I need to be able to share the love I have in me with someone, my prayer today is that I have found that person in you. Just to give you heads up notice, I would be traveling on Thursday to Houston Texas, I would be participating in a workshop for “Fiber optic cable integration” the Event is scheduled for Thursday 26th of July and Friday 27th of July, I would be back towards the weekend, in case you hear from me during this time, just know that I am still very much alive just working. Hahahah. Before I go I would like to say i appreciate the communication we have had so far as we are getting to know each other before my arrival in Germany. I understand the time difference has not helped in our communication but i will be in Germany very soon this August. The nature of my contract am coming for requires i purchase the cables and installation equipment i will be using for my work and i got a fair deal from some manufacturers in China compared to the cost of buying same cables and equipment in Germany I have paid 60% of the total cost, once i receive confirmation everything has been manufactured which will be very soon the cables and equipment will then be inspected and shipped to Germany as soon as i get confirmation it has been shipped i will then make my travel plans to come to Germany because i will need those materials to carry out my work when i arrive. I will be hearing from the manufacturers soon, this will facilitate my coming to Germany. Tom
Letter 5

Dear Sarah, I apologize for not replying your message promptly when a beautiful woman such as yourself tells a guy like me that you think about me and like me it is not an honorable thing on my part to not reply immediately so i apologize my love and i hope you forgive me. It wasn't intentional though because i was away then and when i came back i had a few catching up to do with my work so i am writing you now to say i am very happy and feel truly blessed to hear such words coming from you and i have to tell you too that i adore and cherish you every minute and hour that goes by you are always on my mind. My only prayer now is that you get well and recover in be in good health soon so you can carry on with activities of daily living such as going to work and doing other fun stuff that everyone out there is doing that makes life more meaningful and worth living. I am happy you like my recommendation to watch the tv show suit is going well. Rachel in suit is the one married to the prince Harry in England she eventually left the series at season 7 because of her engagement to the prince, obviously i believe the royal lifestyle is more prestigious and more palatable than being a cast member in a tv show. I will recommend another interesting tv show for you by the time you are done with suit. I am glad you are getting better and will be starting physiotherapy very soon this will make you stronger and better. I will be in Germany this August as i will be hearing from the manufacturers very soon and hopefully the weather is still nice if however it turns cold i will cuddle with you all night to keep us warm lol Love
Letter 6

Hi Baby, I am so happy, my order in China is making very good progress, the order is for all the equipment and materials I need to execute my contract in Germany. Majority of the manufacturing company based in China cannot communicate in English effectively, so they correspond through their legal representative, I have been working with this particular company through their lawyers for a while now, so they are very reliable. According to the e-mail from the lawyers, (attached) they have scheduled Wednesday 8th of August to Thursday 9th of August for the physical inspection of my order, the moment I find everything OK, I would pay the balance, I have paid 60% of the total cost. It is very important everything is in place, that is why I have to travel to China in person, for the past years of working with them, I have never gone in person for all previous orders, however due to the importance of this project, I am going myself to ensure everything goes well. After the inspection the cables and equipment will be shipped to Germany then I will fly back to the United States and make the necessary plans to come to Germany, I need those materials to be able to work when I arrive Germany. I am so so happy, this means a lot to me, this is the break in life I have been waiting for, this contract is all I have been waiting for it is consistent and after this I would retire and enjoy my retirement with you as i am believing everything will work out well, I am so happy cannot hold my JOY, I had to share this good news with you, this is so good babe as I am very happy everything will go as planned my coming to Germany is guaranteed. Your Love.
Letter 7

Order for Cables and Installation Equipment

Att: Cheng Qiangwang,
I am writing to confirm
the current status of my cables and installation equipment i ordered for. It has taken the time frame i was given when i placed the order for them to be manufactured. Kindly let me know when it will be ready for inspection so i can make the necessary arrangement to have them inspected and shipped as soon as possible.
I await your prompt response to my message.
Thomas Viggo
Letter 8

Attention: Thomas
TECHNOLOGY his instructed that we inform you that your order with reference number USD20201140 has reached advance stages on multiple supply chain level. Find attached updated invoice for your order, they have scheduled the following dates for physical inspection prior to shipment of your to Germany order. Between the hours of 10am – 4pm on August 8th and 9th 2018. Kindly provide us with your flight and accommodation details to enable our protocol department to schedule your pick up arrangement that would facilitate your goods inspection on the above-stated dates.
On behalf of our client, we thank you for your business.
Yours in Service, Cheng Qiangwang
Principal Partner
Yucheng Qiangwang Ltd.23/F Harbour
Centre,25 Harbour
Road, Wanchai,Hong Kong.
P help
protect our planet, don't print this e-mail unless you really need to.
Letter 9

Hi Baby, I must confess that you have become such a huge part of my life and I think about you in all that I do every day. I hardly had time for anything outside my work, but getting to know you have taught me to slow down in life and make time for other things like growing a relationship, and that is exactly what I am doing with you and I have been enjoying every single part of it, I have been lonely for too long and tired of being alone, having you in my Life is giving my life a meaning all over again and I miss that and would like this feeling of love and care that I feel for you to be forever. I am sure we would for sure have our times of disagreement, that is almost a sure thing in life that people must disagree, what would determine the effect of such disagreement is the relationship we have built now when I say the relationship we have built now, I am talking about the friendship the companionship and the ability to communicate, not just to talk to each other but to effectively communicate to one another our inner feelings and how we feel about each other. I am open and committed to this relationship and I also appreciate the fact that you are very open to it too, so for me right now, I can't wait until I come to Germany so we can finally take this to the next step, I wish it was tomorrow I was coming to Germany I really did wish it was tomorrow. Just as I would expect to know your every movement and update on where you are going during your day, here is a schedule for the important things i would be doing until i travel to Germany to be with you, please keep this e-mail so you can always refer to it from time to time, Wednesday - 8th of August 2018 -TO- Thursday - 9th August 2018 - Hong Kong China
Here I would be inspecting my installation equipment and cables purchased from Manufactures for my work in Germany when i arrive.
I have paid them 60% of the total sum required. On my arrival, I would pay balance 40%.
Before I make the 40% payment, I would attend an already scheduled inspection of the pieces of equipment and cables
When I am satisfied that my order is complete, I would then do a transfer online from my account for balance 40%.
They would arrange for shipment of the goods to Germany and trucked to deliver the goods to its destination. From Monday - 13th of August 2018 -TO- Monday - 20th August 2018
At this time I would be back to California, I would get my Work Schedule Documents from GE HR.
Bring all my current work to a successful completion and make my travel plans to come to Germany to see my baby and bring everything we have shared so far to reality. Your Love,
Letter 10

Dear Sarah, I totally understand babe because i have basically been all by myself ever since my divorce, i have not had any meaningful relationship ever since but since we started communicating i feel very much alive and not feeling lonely anymore my love and i don't want to ever feel lonely again and babe be rest assured i will be with you soon it only hurts me that i am not there to help you in anyway that i can to ease your pains until you get well. I hope the physiotherapy is going well, i don't know if you have completed all seasons of suits please let me know so i can recommend something else for you to watch. I really miss you and can not wait to finish everything here and come to Germany to come be with you. I am just getting used to how this system works here in China and the people that lives here, so with time I would be able to get the right information I need to make things easy for me to get along well maybe if i come here some other times for holiday hopefully with you by myside. I am not here for Long, so I guess whatever I learn would be of better use to me when next I come here, so this is just my time to learn, it is a very interesting place, very cultural and don’t expect to see Chinese food the way it is in the USA and some parts of Europe. The people here enjoy their food mostly steamed with little or no oil, and with a lot of natural ingredients, I like spicy food so I always have to request for extra spice. The things we take for granted in the States are very hard to access here. The internet is very restricted here you can not even open google to search for information it is blocked and doesn't work. The legal solicitor has been great and very helpful, they assigned an interpreter that goes with me everywhere I go to help with translation, the travel distance for the inspection is pretty far and exhausting but they have been helpful I don’t know what I would have done without them, it has been worth every money I pay for their service. I have conducted one inspection and everything seems very well i would complete the inspection over the weekend Saturday there was a delay on my part but it has been resolved. As soon as that is done, I would e-mail the lawyers to send their brokers bank account information for payment to the Company handling my order, they would get my goods ready for shipment and the moment they have me sign the bill of lading i would travel back immediately to California, I don’t want anything that would delay my coming to Germany to be with you and my contract execution, so I must stay to see it through.

I miss you so much my Love, cannot wait to be with you, so we can be together as one, you are right now the most significant woman in my life, I have dreams of us being together and believing in a very bright and amazing future for us, support each other during our remaining time here on earth, I am blessed to have you my dear, and trust me when I say I feel your love for me, I hope you feel my love too as it is coming from deep within my body and soul, you are all that I want, and very thankful to have you. Your Love
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