Scam Email(s) from Richard Walter to Jane (USA)


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Letter 1

Hello Jane,
How are you doing today..I know I will be hoping to meet you soon.I must confess that I love the way you express yourself in our conversation on the Site, and i will like to know if there is anything i haven't told you and you wish to know, please feel free to ask. You really sound like wonderful woman. However you find my pictures attached below.

I love everything you write in your messages last night...Distance does not matter to me. Everything as to do with Trust and true Feelings and Emotional and also Age is Just a Number But Love matters Most,I really get lonely at night so i work for long hours so as not to think or feel bad about my present situation. I am sure I am very close to the end of the situation. I feel that special woman that I am looking for is really close to me now. I am not trying to shop for women as I hate head games, I seek LTR like i told you earlier. I am searching for that woman that would make me feel complete. The woman that would be there for me all the time both in the happy and the sad moments of live. I have only loved once and I want to love again since my late wife has passed some years ago I have never dated any women.

I want a woman that I would be able to share both my good and bad experiences with. A woman that we would both love each other for the rest of our lives. I can understand that you have been through a lot. For now, I would like to know what you like in a man, I mean what you expect from a man, how you expect him to behave and how you expect him to treat you. I think I have stated that I am looking for a long term relationship and I am not ready to settle for less. I am not into casual relationships; i drive a truck 2015 Toyota Tacoma, i call her "T.T", And a 2014 Range Sport lol. I enjoy going to the movies Very Much,live theater, karaoke Its great!, I enjoy walking in the park its makes me think and appreciate nature. I like sports watching Baseball and NFL, favorite team is Pittsburgh Steelers, i play Golf.What's are your favorite things?: cars, sports etc I enjoy classic and country from the 80s &90s also do R&B music. My three favorite movies Sound of Music, As Good As It Gets, The Lake House, My favorite actor is Bruce Willis, i also like Sean Cornery but he's retired so i stick with Willis i guess, favorite actress Julia Roberts, My favorite singer Barry Manilow, If am were granted one wish, what I will ask is a True Love. Dislikes: I hate unfaithfulness but I am not jealous.Basically that's all on me for now unless if you're willing to know more, then you can ask!. meanwhile I'll love to know more about yourself also.

How old are you and When is your birth Day?
When dining out what food do you enjoy?
How much do you enjoy a walk on the beach?
How much do you like reading?
Do you enjoy going to the movies?
Which sports do you most enjoy watching?
What car do you Drive?
What type of music do you prefer?
Do you exercise regularly?
Are you considerate and thoughtful of others?
How often do you lose your temper?
What do you do when you're alone?
When you go anywhere are you usually on time?
How often do you like to go out?

Well that's all about me for now, I would wait to read from you. Thinking and Praying for you. do have a productive day and take care of yourself for me.

Kisses and Hugs,

Letter 2

Hello Jane,
How are you doing today? It was a very busy long day at work today. It's so nice reading back from you, You wrote an amazing email,..Let me quickly tell you more about myself before i go to bed...I do have a strong believe in God.I believe the bible is the written promise of God. I read my Bible daily before going to bed, and i go to Church service every Sundays,..I'm a Catholic. I am 62 Years young...I'll will be 63 Years old by 6th of next month.I want that 100% 100% relationship, it's good to Respect each other.I feel that a relationship should always be based upon honesty and acceptance.When you can fully accept yourself,honesty will come naturally. This in return will leave your partner feeling comfortable with you, knowing there is nothing to hide. If two people can see each other in full view with complete acceptance, they can build a successful relationship from this, I believe that the most important 'key' to a successful relationship would have to be 'trust'.I believe that with trust, love will follow.I enjoy cooking alot, and i hate dirty, and I like to be alone when I clean and I take it seriously. I am Widow.I was once married to a loving,caring, honest and sincere woman until death came and took her away from me; I lost my wife 5yrs ago in an auto accident. I have a Daughter, and Son, They are all i have for now, She is now 23 yrs old, Her name is Linda, and my Son is 26, His name is Roland, They are loving and intelligent like me. you can find their pictures attached below...I have not dated since my Wife passed not ready but getting there I was married for many years and had a wonderful life with her so it's just taking me some time to move on. I have now been single for about 5 years,I am looking for a woman who loves and appreciates life, and who can enjoy the moment,and laugh and find the humor in the things we do.I consider myself a true gentleman who loves and appreciates woman.I always treat a lady with respect,and expect the same.I have been told I truly care for others,I am passionate,and sensual.I love and appreciate fine food,wines,and travel.I don’t smoke,i don't drugs,and exercise 2 to 3 days a week. Been single is the most dullest thing i have ever seen. You have been as open with me as you can, i want to feel free to confide. i know God will sort things out. All we have to do is let go and let God handle the rest. I promise to treat you right, and i will always make you feel like a Precious Charming Queen.I promise that I will always and forever make you happy, My best color is Blue.

My Mother Was Americans and my Father was German,I was born in Tampa, Florida.I have lived in Sulphur Springs.Florida for over 30 years now.It was a childhood dream to live here.I have looked at a number of places in the world to live, but have not found any place better.Closest was Nice. I have been fortunate to travel to 11 countries in Europe,over 50 cities, and parts of England.In addition, I have traveled a lot in Mexico starting at the age of 16. I’ve seen western Canada,a little of the Caribbean, and a few states here in the US.I am about 6ft2 inches tall, I am always looking for a new experience and I guess that is why I decided to do this. I am definitely proud of all of my accomplishments and always look forward to my next challenge.

I am an interior designer.. Designing for 22 years plus..I also work as a Construction Engineering... as you know is a professional discipline that deals with the designing, planning, construction, and management of infrastructures. I have been in the Construction Engineering for over 10 years working for all the major carriers doing leasing, entitlements, and building permits.Today I'm Self Employed Construction Engineer and also a contractor.I currently work on building, relocating, under Arab Construction Engineering Company..I have just been Awarded some Contract worth 950,000$ U.S Dollars, the Project is to build the construction and maintenance road and Pipeline Service.I am currently in Egypt..I have been spending 4 months down here in Cairo, Egypt,...I will be done with the project in 2 weeks time,and i will be on my way back to the State in 2 weeks time..I want to plan to meet you in person soon. Distance does not matter to me. Everything as to do with Trust and true Feelings and Emotional and also Age is Just a Number But Love matters Most, once we are honest and truthful with each other, we have nothing to worried about. I have no hard time in relocating especially with you, you really sound like a wonderful Woman..I will be glad if you can give me a chance and see how it goes. I'm normally quite patient and calm.

My friends, family, education, and my health are the key factors in my life right now. I consider myself to be honest, fun, energetic, optimistic, considerate, adventurous, pretty extreme, friendly, and genuine. I love to travel and plan on doing lots more of it.I would like to take time during travel and back pack. I also like to practice yoga and pilates, camp, fishing, swimming, basketball, going to beach, ski (water and snow), wake board (want to learn how to snow board), exercise, rollerblade, take road trips, and much more.I am very driven and passionate!...about life, family, career and love! I believe anything is possible and have a glass-half-full attitude! I am educated with a Bachelor’s degree, Construction Engineering Management a mentor, and a dedicated man, loyal, fun, loving, emotionally available, confident guy. I walk the walk and talk the talk, and I treat people how I want to be treated in return. I am a perfectionist, but not obsessive compulsive. I am usually neat and well organized, except when cooking. Then I make a total mess, but my cooking turns out pretty tasty. I enjoy being busy, but also try to maintain balance in my life and thoroughly take advantage of the down time and relaxation when it presents itself. I enjoy live music and feel that music is therapy for the soul. I love a variety of live music, except rap, from Rock to Blues, oldies, country and classic,but my favorite is Caribbean/Reggae.

There’s just something about that music that takes me away…works much better than Calgon. I'm a social butterfly and have fun with whatever I'm doing--whether a Cubs game or a black-tie event. I am a very energetic person and I like to be doing things regularly. I love traveling and experiencing different cultures and lifestyles and it really helps in the kind of work i do. I also enjoy dining out and trying different places to eat. Love wine and enjoy going to tastings. Also enjoy gardening and the simple pleasures of relaxing. I’m a social butterfly. I'm looking for someone not afraid to live life to it’s fullest and one who is willing to have new experiences, as I would. A poised, self confident, emotionally available woman, well diversified, with solid morals of commitment to the trials and tribulations of developing a successful relationship, honor, integrity and loyalty, and one who will complement me as my partner and be able to express it and who lives life. Let me stop from here..I am already falling can't wait to chat with you.I look forward to read from you soon...Lots of Kisses from my heart to you baby.Thinking and praying for you. Here's my Good night Kisses and hugs to make you warm....MMUAAAHHHHHH!..

Yours Richard.

Letter 3

Good Morning Jane,
How are you doing today, I hope you had a restful night..I slept so well too..I am about leaving to work right now...I will be hoping to meet you soon, Its a great opportunity for me to come down to this country Egypt to make such a great transaction on this project, I will be going out today, i want to visit the Pyramids and Nile River after i got off from work today..I will send you some of my pictures as soon as i get off from work today, There is something going on deep within my heart. A strange feeling that I don't seem to understand. I don't really know why you are always on my mind every now and then. Every time you are near, I just don't know what to do. When you start to talk, I hardly find a word to's like I’m out of breath. My heart beats so fast. I feel so lifted each time you're around. So much beauty surrounds me every time, It’s like you are everything...and I really think, I have fallen for you. I am a deep, sensitive, warm, caring and compassionate person. I have a huge capacity to care and love.I believe that we are each on a very clearly planned journey, and I am hoping that my next travel companion will be my "last." I have many different interests, for all the different seasons. I love the outdoors, especially the beach and the ocean. I enjoy boating and all water sports and related activities. I love going to the theater, and enjoy fine dining as well. I consider myself to be a smart person. I have never been accused of being boring, and I consider myself to be great company. Passion for life is essential; If one does not live life to the fullest, and make each moment count, at the end of the day, what have we got to show for having been here? Having a good sense of humor is important because life deals us enough bad times, that could easily bring us down, if we allow it to. A great sense of humor and positive outlook makes getting up in the morning, worth it. While I am funny and outgoing, I am also very private, deep and intimate. Without a good heart and a kind, generous soul, Honesty is a must. I am very excited about meeting you on here.

I hope and wish you felt the same way too. How I wish we could be together one day but if it would be far from happening, if love would not give a way for us because all you wanted from me is only my friendship, it’s just okay for me. I will still love you no matter what. However, if you feel the same way too, you will definitely bring joy to my lonely soul. You will definitely give warm to my cold lonely nights. Colors will bloom along my way and you will see smile in my heart everyday. That is how much I love you. That is how much I wanted you in my life. I Look Forward to read from you soon..., Please feel free to ask me any Question and write me back and tell me more about yourself,..Thinking of you, Kisses and Hugs. MUUUUAAAAAHHHHHH!

Your Precious Charming King Richard.

Letter 4

Hello Honey,
How are you doing today honey, I miss talking to you but you are always close next to my heart..I can't hardly wait for us to be together and start our new good lives together as a legal husband and wife..I can't wait to go on a trips with you honey we can go to Hawaii and Belize for our honeymoon..I can't wait to meet everyone in your family. I am so sorry I could not respond back to you earlier than this I just woke up from nap after arrival from the pyramid I was so tired. However you find the pictures attached below. I can't wait to have the Project complete and come home to you asap smiles. I am going back to sleep now, I will email you in the morning before i leave to work honey,..Here's my Good night Kisses and Hugs,..MMMUUUAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Good night and Sweet Dreams.

with all my love
Your Man




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