Scam Email(s) from Luke to Lisa (USA)


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Letter 1

What do I want? I wan to meet someone that I can be comfortable with. Someone I can’t live without. I want to do to work and come home to a house filled with warmth and love. A friend that I can share cooking, dining and conversation with at the end of the day. A new best friend. I am honest to a fault, and yes, I would probably tell you if your butt looked too big in those jeans. I love weekend adventures. I like being a part of “us”. I love exploring the local cuisine for hidden gems. I promise not to wear black socks with sandals and feel good in a tux or a toga. I exercise on a regular basis but not a gym rat and will never be one. I enjoy the beach and the mountains, but I like home the most. My wife died 10 years ago and I’m not looking for someone to rescue me. I am not looking for her replacement. I’m just looking for the next adventure that life has to offer. I am not bound to me current location and will relocate if it feels right. I don’t get stressed and always look for the silver linings. I am there through thick or thin. My friends call me “one of the good people” and “salt of the earth”. I’ll let you decide if we ever meet. I consider myself a lady’s man, but not a player. Hope you know the difference. I am looking for a true lady with class and style. I wear a suit to church on Sunday mornings. I believe in chivalry and treating my friends with honor and respect. I am young at heath and want to be crazy about someone that is willing to match my affection.




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