Scam Email(s) from Marco Kruse to Maria (USA)


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Letter 1

My biggest problem with you is your inferiority complex.
Do I love you?
The answer is yes.
But as a man I am not ready to deal with all that.
You wan to know why I stopped replying you?
It is because I am fed up with the talk of me having another lady. Assumption kills. The last time I was willing to get you a phone,you rejected. What do you have to say about the numerous my calls were unanswered when I tried calling you recently after I had a change of heart. Will you be happy if I accuse you of been with other men. If we are to consider that my deeds have never been questionable but your have been and you said it was your sister who used your mail.
I do love you and will always do but you have to get rid of certain mindset because assumption kills.
For the record I did not lie to you about my sister using my email but I guess we both have issues. So I won't bother you anymore. As for the phone calls I am mad at you and so I don't want to talk to you. The way you are acting I swear and you talk about me.. You remember when you were in Ohio you were out shopping with a lady friend because I heard her voice in the back ground and you were very nervous. You claimed that it was a friend with a ladies voice. I don't know anymore about you...
I am fed up with all the lies myself. You haven't been honest with me either and now your in England and there to stay I am sure. Wish you lots of luck. You could have emailed me but you didn't till recently. So you did read my texts you just didn't want to talk so now I don't want to talk to you either. So don't bother. This tells me that either you are married or about to be married. Wish you lots of luck... Hope you were able to get a person to work for you.. Good luck... Keep your phone and all your good intenses. You always promised stuff but you never followed through and that is one of the reasons I don't want to talk to you anymore. You promise but you never come through. Thanks for nothing....




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