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Letter 1

Thank you for the trust you bequeathed to me by replying to me. I am so happy to hear from you, I believe this year will bring loads of good tidings for us. I believe strongly our getting to know each other is an indication of the great things to come. My dear, I really appreciate your being open and honest and your being a Baptist/Methodist does not matter at all, I don't see it as being too forward, I love your openness. I am quite interested in getting to know you better. Thank you for the compliments, I need a woman to complete my story and I would cherish making good memories with you. I strongly believe that love is the ultimate healer in life, without love this world will just drift off. I also believe the purpose of our lives is to live and love each other as we love ourselves. We can't live without having someone by our side who we truly love and care for, lonesomeness kills, we need a person who will be with us, no matter what happens. Life is better in twos. Hope you agree with me " One of my flaws I guess is that I speak completely from the heart. Whatever that is in there rolls off my tongue. Just plain old me….lol.
I am at Las Vegas to visit my mom, to be with her after so long being away, I was not having a steady internet access which affected my communication and was the reason I did not respond to you immediately. My mom is planning to move back to Greece this month to stay with her sister (that is where she is from). That is a story for another day. I am new to online dating and I was encouraged to register by my mom. My mom was tired of seeing me lonely all these years. Unfortunately, I have not been on the site again until I went to visit my mom. She wanted to know how I fared with the website but was disappointed to hear that I have not been there since then.
Anyway, she understood that I have not had time as I have been away for weeks on an official assignment travelling to different states.
Let me not bore you on what brought me to the site and my business trips and rather tell you more about me which was what I promised you on the dating site when I requested your contact me email. I will also attach my recent pictures to this email which was what I promised you when I contacted you.
I am athletic and toned, I do not smoke, I am a social drinker, widowed for ten years now as you already know, I have a daughter and a son. They are presently in Australia on a course right now. I am white/Caucasian, Christian Catholic had my graduate degree and speak English fluently. I have dual citizenship, American and Greece. I love dogs. I am fun to be with and believe in the saying, ‘the older the wine, the better” so I don’t believe in age being a hindrance in a relationship. We can find out so much more in person.
It is so amazing how things just happen when you are not looking. I know it is all up to God and who knows how things will work out...
I am affectionate, outgoing, active, energetic, positive and a generous man with a healthy sense of humour. I am a man who is rediscovering all that life has to offer. I'm a bit of a clown, and playful, I love to laugh even at myself. I am a fun loving, humble man with the belief that a woman should be treated like a lady and that it is always ladies first. I am someone that tries my best to go to church on Sunday so I don’t know if to say that I am religious or not.
Oooh, I almost forgot to mention that I am a good cook, something that is a hobby to me having cooked for myself for the past ten years. You will be surprised to hear that I taught my late wife how to cook because I learned how to cook varieties which includes Italian food from my grandma who is Italian. I am generally a happy, upbeat person who has achieved much in life professionally, financially and personally. I am fun to be with and can be very romantic. I am positive on everything that life brings me. I believe that I am where I am at this point in my life for a good reason. I am an honest and caring person who is very loyal to those I care about.
I've travelled extensively in the course of doing my work. I am financially very okay. I consider myself to be a gentleman with good values lol...It seems that I mentioned briefly that I am a bit of a clown and I am sure you will read it briefly but I will say it boldly again so that you just don’t read it briefly. I have made someone laugh and he choked and ended up in the hospital. It is a gift that I got living in many countries and leaning differing cultures. I have the cure for high blood pressure; Laugh and laugh more and more when you can.
Before I left my first job, it got to a stage that when I get to the office and say good morning to my colleague they will start laughing. That was how bad it became that I decided to be serious and it became worse because they will laugh seeing me very serious. It took me years to correct them from that.
Maybe after my professional careers as a financial adviser, broker, and Money manager, I will try comedy. I will give you the benefit of finding a stage name for me. Make sure that you do not get me a bad name because I will get angry and go onstage wearing your Bra….sorry, I slipped. Let me stop this email here before I say something that will make you not respond to my email. I will write later when I hear from you, at least by then, my head must have returned to a correct order. I still have more to tell you about me.
Martin is my Name, do have a wonderful day.

Letter 2

Hello Thia,
Good evening, how are you doing today, I believe you had a wonderful day. I really appreciate the fact that you created the time out of your schedule to read my email and respond to it. I really appreciate you and from the way you write, I can easily deduce that you are a smart and intelligent lady, I am sapiosexual, I love smart ladies. I love your disposition to life and I really believe we have a lot in common. Thank you for your kind words,and telling me more about you and your family.
Please Thia, I want to be open just as you were and hope you will not misinterpret it that I say a lot. Men with no hidden skeleton say all about them without being asked. I have nothing to hide in life, no criminal records. I am just a simple man living a good life with a good work and good pay. All I need is a woman to make it complete and I will have my dream life because every other thing I need for my dream life has been achieved. I don't want to sound over excited but I must confess that I am so happy to have come across you and I know that you would want us to take this slowly but I will try to be positive and consistent. I pray that you will not see me as moving too fast or being so direct...
I know you will not understand how happy I am to get your response after going through your profile for 20 minutes and I made up my mind to write you, hoping that you will write back and you did. I have come to understand that I will need a serious relationship in my life. You must be wondering what I saw during that 20 minutes that made me send out a message to you on POF. I have come to realize that lonely time makes us search harder for the good times. Bad times are only vague memories and we can look to the future with optimism to happy times. To "give" and "receive", to pamper, to spoil, to guide, to care for in all ways, makes for a wonderful relationship. There is no need for anger when there are understanding, loyalty and sincerity, open communication and the ability to compensate for differences. Life is meant to be enjoyed and thus, should not harbour hurtful thoughts and actions.
I think at this stage I should tell you more about me so that you will know me better. One of the things that make me feel so happy is to visit the beach. I love to watch the sunset and play games at the beachside. I love to Para-sail and other activities on the beach. Do you know that water can speak to a soul? I will interpret it for you when we go to the beach together!! I like watching soccer, movies and listening to music. I like going to the beach and climbing mountains thou I have only climbed once in Dublin.......I am generally a happy person and have achieved much in life professionally, financially and personally being happy.
That is to tell you there is more to gain than to lose being happy. I am fun to be with because I can be very romantic. I am positive on everything that life brings me. I believe that I am where I am at this point in my life for a good reason. I am an honest and caring person who is very loyal to those I care about. I am a man that has been to over 15 countries in the process of doing my job and have seen people with different cultures, poverty, and famine in countries. I have seen good and bad government and have come to realize that I am blessed to be alive and be called an American. I am much secured financially and as a gentleman with good values, I love giving which is another reason why I should be happy. I am a good dresser who is comfortable wearing suits, jean T-shirt, and ties. I am generally a healthy man.
Wow! I have really said much about me so let me cut it here and say more when I hear back from you. I hope my email does not bore you. We have shared email and I will like if we put a voice to the email and pictures. What I want to say is that it will be nice if we speak on phone. If you are not too comfortable to give me your phone number at this stage to call you, then I can give you the number that I use here to call me. If my long email bored you I am sure that my voice will not bore you when you hear the mixed accent I accumulated studying in many countries. I know you will conclude like others that it is a European accent but let’s leave that till when we speak. Please send me your number or I will give you mine so that we can speak on phone. Putting a voice to it makes it more real than writing an email to and fro.
I understand we both may have had some good or worst experiences in our previous relationship but we should try to let the past go and focus on the future because there is hope only in the future. I do travel most times for my work. Like I always say, Life isn't as complicated as some people make it. I don't like to dramatize situations. I don't like games or lies and will appreciate that from my partner!! I believe we have to learn little about each other, and then plan on how we can meet anytime you want us to, or choose for us to meet. Our meeting is for you to decide where and when and I will be there controlling the traffic before your arrival…
Before I conclude this email let me state some important things and please do not contact me or reply to this email if you don’t like what I am going to say below.
If you do not want to be happy- Do not contact me
If you don’t want me to be loved - Do not contact me
If you do not want someone that will cook and serve you on Bed- Do not contact me
If you want to laugh and be happy to enjoy our remaining day on earth. Please
click REPLY and let us find happiness together.
Life is too short to waste with an angry soul. Let me stop this rambling till I hear from you.
Warm Regards

Letter 3

Hello Thia,
Good evening Thia, how are you doing, I hope you are having a wonderful day.
How is everything going on with you, I saw something in you before I wrote to you and I really appreciate it that you wrote back to me. You have quite an outstanding resume, I am really awed. I'm so sorry for the late reply to your email and I will give you a call as soon as possible.
I believe as you read through my email, you will notice that my English has an accent even in writing. Yes! You are correct, I have an accent which I accumulated from different places that I cannot say exactly what accent I have. I told you that I have been to many countries and seen many cultures but did not tell you that I have also lived in many countries. To be a good financial adviser and a reputable money manager, you have to live and study in many world economies, based on this, I have done courses in China, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Netherlands, South Africa Canada and Australia. Each of them was a twoyear course. This was after doing my studies in Germany where I spent a total of 5 years to get my degrees. If you ever hear anybody from my company say that I am the best in what I do, this is the reason. I studied for it and took me years. I am a financial broker representative that has worked with the international office of MERRILL LYNCH in Scotland before joining Kames Capital- an investment company with its head office in the UK and branches in many countries. I worked with them for years before I resigned or will I say retired which was when I lost my late wife Angelina. I now work under contract with Kames Capital as an International Representative, a work I love to do the way I love to enjoy life. I am generally a happy, upbeat person who has achieved much in life professionally, financially and personally
Living in different cultures taught me how to relate to people easily with nicety and how to survive alone where you don’t know anyone. It taught me not treat people unfairly and more especially, it showed me the true meaning of life. I know that I must have said everything I can remember by email and I will also call to hear your voice. It would have been even better if we can make an arrangement on how to meet but I know it will not be possible this coming weekend unless next weekend. I will be receiving three of my company's directors from our main office this evening. They will be flying in from Australia and we will be going to Carson City NV. They will be spending days here in the United States. Their arrival will occupy me for the whole weekend and next week as it will be all company's work and processing documentation for audit and preparation for the end of the first quarter of the year. From their arrangement, they will be going to Toronto Canada next week from where they will return to the UK. This is why it will not be easy and free with me for us to meet even if I wanted to but I am sure that after these busy days, I will be free for next weekend if not for the rest of the next two months. My job is one funny job that can be busy and hectic at times and can be less busy at times that you will be looking for something to do. One good thing is that it gives me time to myself and other things of life which include you, my new friend.
Before I continue, I will like to ask you not to feel bored communicating online with me via email as it will make us feel more comfortable with one another when we finally meet. I know I have rambled in my emails to you and rambling again today which is why I asked you not to get bored with my email. I have no hidden skeleton which is why I am open to say anything about me. I have nothing to hide in life and have no criminal records. I am just a simple man living a good life with a good work and good pay. Who will be in my shoes that will not be happy with what I have in life? It was just recently that I discovered the extra things that have always made my happiness incomplete and for this reason, I will never let you go as you may hold the key that will complete my happiness. It may just require you to come into my life and it will be complete.
Ooh, I promised not ramble again but here I go again. Sorry, let me stop here and wait for your response before I continue. My excited heart is filled with so many things to say so you don’t even need to ask them as questions. I will share everything about me with you both by email and phone. Please get back to me as I anxiously wait for your email response. Do take good care of yourself and have a wonderful day.
Warm and regards

Letter 4

Dear Thia,
Good evening, dear Thia, how are you, how is your day going. I believe you did have a wonderful day. I am really happy that you understand how busy this time is for me, I appreciate it. I am busy but that does not mean I don’t have time for myself. Please dear, you live is never boring, you have your own excitements and things that make it worthwhile for you in life. I really have a lot to learn from you. You have such a good heart and God will continually bless you for your kind heart.I called you in the morning but you were not mean you never saw my calls. I can’t wait to talk to you.
My Directors came in like I told you and we had our first meeting which ended very late. You have quite piqued my interest in you. Well, I am writing to inform you that I have an important business appointment early morning tomorrow and I will need you to wish the best for me that it goes successfully. It is normal to for me to meditate and pray every morning, I have seen that we were born with pure heart and good conscience for I spent most of my 18 years on earth waiting for the maturity and courage to give my heart to someone. Then when I stopped waiting, I simply stumbled upon a stone on my path (When I lost Angelina) and stood up again when I became 63 years to find you standing there.
Let me not stay here and ramble without saying what brought me to my email.
Like I said earlier, we have a business and audit meeting with some important business partners of our company tomorrow and I will be attending it with my Directors from the main office in the UK. Though they are the Directors, I am the head of the team. I will be the director of the meeting. The success of the meeting will be an added bonus to my professional achievements. I will need your support in positive thoughts and positive vibrations, my dear lady.
Thank you once again and for even finding the time to send an email to me, I appreciate that. I remain the man with the heart that cares. Do have a wonderful evening.
Warm Regards

Letter 5

My Dear Thia,
Good day dear, how is your day going, I hope you are having a wonderful day. Thank you for all your compliments, I really appreciate them. Thank you for your support and understanding me. I have been having a good day here, today I had a reality check and I asked myself, was getting to know you the reason why this transaction that we have been struggling with over with is coming to fruition? Did knowing you contribute to it or was it just that my happiness was about to complete and it came with all the good things of life?
This made me start doing a little research for love to know if being in love, finding love or falling in love has anything to do with good luck and success.
This was what I found while researching about love. I know many people that talk about Love but have never had the time to research or read about love.
What I found out started by saying that Love requires no proof or expression but it demands to feel it. Love is only a word until you find someone to give it definition. Love is not blind... it just opens up your eyes to what others do not see. Love is a miracle that God created for two wonderful people, (and at this point, I claimed that it should be between You and me). Love is a hard rock between two people and can't be torn apart. Love is a beautiful red rose given for no apparent reason. Love is a fire that reigns in the heart. Love is the only game never postponed due to darkness. Love is blind but after experiencing it for a long time you should become familiar with some particular spots. Love is like a river, never ending as it flows, but gets greater with time! “Love is an emotion so strong that you would give up everything.
You just need to feel it once, to know that you are part of something special.
To know that you can feel what love really is, to know, to feel, to love.
Love is not measured by how long you can wait but, by the kind of sacrifices you can do for the sake of love. Love is the sound our hearts make, love is the happiness we feel, love is what makes us do the strange things we do. Love is too strong a word to say it too early, but it was too beautiful a meaning to say it too late. Love is a noble act of self-giving, offering trust, faith, and loyalty.
The more you love, the more you lose a part of yourself, yet you don't become less of who you are, you end up being complete with your loved ones. Love is like salted water, the more you drink the more your thirst increases. Love is like the air we breathe. It may not always be seen, but it is always felt, used and needed. Love is not loving if it is conditional. “Love is like a flower, give it some time, patience and lots of tender loving care and watch it bloom into something wonderful before your eyes. Love is like a rose, the special one that grows in the winter. Love is what you make it and with whom you make it; it is what it is." If love is music in its purest form,
then you are the notes on the page and the melody in my heart. Love is when the things you detest, you become in love with and when your views are wrong the one who you love will hear you out and understand you.
Love is not sweet talks and flowers, but love is forgiving and compromising.
Love is a joy that fills your heart with wonder and excitement every time.
Love doesn't make the world go around, love is what makes the ride worthwhile. LOVE IS A PARDONABLE INSANITY. Love is passion and fire, it haunts and enchants the one who touches it. Love is like an image, a lasting image that will always remain in your heart, your soul, forever a part of you
In reading all these, I did not see where they said that love is what you be in and it will bring you success. That made me conclude that it was not finding a woman to love that brought me the success, it was You and the luck that comes with you that brought me the success so far and for that, I say THANK YOU.
My dear, I really appreciate you and the impact you have made in my life, I do not have much to say today rather than let you know that everything is going fine here and that we will continue with the deal and do the documentation part today and tomorrow so that my Directors can travel and I will then be 100% free for us. I am just 70% free now which to me is not good when you want to build a new and lasting relationship. Forgive me beautiful for the ranting again, I will end this email here so that by tomorrow I will write you more to tell you all that you must have wanted to know about me, my family, and everything you have been wanting to ask me, both about my children and my late wife. My name is Martin, I hope you still remember him

Letter 6

Dearest Thia,
Good evening dear, how are you today, I believe you are having a wonderful day. Thank so very much for the prayers and all the wonderful words you said to me, I really appreciate them all from the depths of my heart. I understand you might doubt how you could have made an impact just knowing me, but I assure you that these days communicating with you has tremendously impacted positively into my life. I owe it all to you. You have given me joy and happiness that has eluded me for some time now. Thank you for wishing me a glorious day, I really enjoyed waking up to such lovely message. It has really been hectic for me down here, but a man got to do what a man got to do, I woke up this morning and said good morning to one of my Directors here and his response surprised me. He said, Davos, there is nothing good about the morning. I replied back; that may be for you but for me, there are many things good about the morning. I have been in communication with a good lovely lady and I have been happy. He smiled and went away but I am sure he did not understand the full meaning of what I said and I did not want to explain further. I know that my Director has been travelling for the past two months and has missed his family and may want to return back home which is why he did not see anything good about the morning. Sorry for him.
I appreciate the fact that you told me more about you and your family and it has really made me appreciate you more. I promised to tell you more about my family, I know you will be wondering why I have not talked much about my family in details. I mentioned I have a daughter and a son and that they both live away from home but did not say anything else about them. I mentioned that I have been widowed for the past ten years and never said anything about it. I mentioned that my mom lives in Las Vegas and that she is planning to move back to Greece and never said any other thing about my mom. I told you that we moved back to the United States to join my dad but never said anything more about it. I have never said anything concerning any other member of my families like a sister or a brother. These and more are things that you will like to know which I was planning that maybe when we see you will ask me these questions and I will tell you about them but since my stay here has not ended, I will use this opportunity to tell you about my family and more about me.
My Name is Martin Alexandros as I earlier told you. I was given the name Alexandros during christening in Greece which literally means defender of man…..So I will be your defender….lol. I was born on 8th of August 1954, I was married to my best friend Angelina, who became Angelina Alexandros and we lived together and happily married for 26 years.
I married her in June 1982 and she passed away in 2008. We were blessed with two lovely children, Diana and Martin JR. I was not born an only son but I will say that I am the only surviving son of my parents. Due to the fact that I was always traveling for my training and the nature of my job at that time my family had to move and live together, so my mom, dad, and my family lived in the family house in Las Vegas, NV. Since the house was not big enough, I later had to buy a bigger house still in Vegas that can accommodate everybody comfortably.
In 2008, my family suffered one of the greatest loss that we I will never forget. I was on a business trip to Abu-Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates to meet with some of the company’s Arab investors when I got a call from my Son that my wife has been rushed to the hospital by my dad. I called my dad to inquire if it was serious but he told me that everything was normal that I should relax. My father was the person that took her to the hospital so he tried to calm me down. I have known my father since I was a kid and he is the type of man that even if a house is going down on his head, he will tell you that all is normal just for you not to panic. He believes that there is always a solution at the end. With that in mind, I called my daughter to get the real situation and she told me that Mom is seriously ill and that the doctor was trying to find out what was wrong; she was my wife and I already knew.
That minute I called the airline and got an Emirate flight to the United States that evening Dubai time which is almost eleven hours difference with Nevada.
On my arrival to the United States, I called my dad but he was no picking his call so I took another flight home and landed in Vegas. I called my dad again from there and his phone was off, I called my daughter and she was not picking, I called the home phone and no one took the call so I headed home bearing the worst in mind. I was thinking maybe they didn’t know how to tell me that she is dead. On getting home, the worst I expected was not only what happened, more than the worst happened. Just three hours before I got home, there was a call that my dad was involved in car accident and that he is in the hospital, when my mom rushed to the hospital, he was already dead, It took my mom, daughter, son, and aunt another hour before they could get themselves together to tell me what happened. Angelina died on my father's hands at the hospital in front of my children. My father and my wife were very close she was his friend's first daughter so he was happy when we got married, even when I was away, she looked after him like he was her own father and my dad loved Angelina so much.
When she was confirmed dead, my dad could not hold it and did not want my two little children to be there in the hospital crying so he drove them home to my mom and her sister who was living with us and headed back to the hospital. On his way, he had an accident. When they checked, he was not drunk so I knew that was just absent-mindedness coupled with his poor eyesight. He has not been driving for three years before that. What made him drive that day was because of Angelina’s condition. I lost two of them the same day. May their souls rest in peace.
After the death of Angelina and my dad, I resigned from my work to be close to my family. I was the only one they had, so cannot afford to be far from them. Thirty Months later, my company called me again and asked me if I can work with them as a Consultant Portfolio Manager from my home that it will only require me to work with the US office and only visit the main office in the UK at the beginning and the end of the year. I can only travel within the year for business endorsement if there is any investor trade request. I realized that the arrangement was not time-consuming and besides, I was not enjoying staying idle anymore. I took the job and got myself into the fund management activities with major investors again. It was then that I discovered that this business is just part of me and now that my children are no longer living with me it’s time to go back to active portfolio management business but it seems that this is the time to slow down. Even if I am going to slow down with the work, first, I need a woman in my life because being lonely is not a good life. I know this because I experienced it for over ten years and that is enough.
I know that this story is going to make this email very long which is why I have never bothered telling it in the first place but it seems I will start summarizing it. As I write this email today, my children are both students of Australian Maritime school of engineering and hydrodynamics. My daughter is studying to be an electronic analyst expert under Ocean Engineering, she will be a Marine Electro-Technical Officer when she graduates, while my Son is studying Ocean Seafaring, he will be a Marine Engineer when he graduates. Both of them are undergoing their final years in Tasmania Australia and will return in December this year. I miss my children but they are happy with what they are doing and I cannot stop them.
My mom like I told you will be moving back to Greece. She has been enduring the empty house which started from the death of Angelina and my father, my children leaving home for school and me moving out of Las Vegas.
She does not have any intention of returning to the United States again. I have even placed the family house for sale as I don’t have any intention of moving back to Las Vegas again. Mom wants to be close to her only sister who lives in Greece. Her sister has no child of her own. She was never married and did not have any child. She has always been living with us in Las Vegas but after the family tragedies, there was no longer the full happiness in the house. A big vacuum was created so she moved back to Greece and have been asking my mom to come home. My mom has finally made up her mind so she is going, I will end this long email now. Please don’t feel bored with my long emails, I just wanted to tell you all about myself and letting you know I experienced almost the same tragedy that befell you. Take good care of yourself.
Warm Regard

Letter 7

My Dearest Thia,
Good day darling, how are you doing, thank you for your kind words, you are really a compassionate lady. I really appreciate you, darling, reading your email has given so much joy and I am really glad I got to know you. Thank you for understanding me perfectly, your words really echo my inner sentiments and I am glad I am having this communication with you as it means a great deal to me. I do hope you had a good day today and enjoying the evening as the sun is out for the first time. It was really funny and sad writing about my family but I was happy that I was able to send the email to you at the end. That was the story of my life so writing it was not easy. I had to stop twice to go for a walk and the second time to rest before coming back to conclude it. It was really traumatic but I have really tried to make it go away, but I still feel it.
It’s about more than a week now since we started communicating back and forth but to me, it seems that we have known for some time now. Let me say here that going online to find a suitable companion seemed hopeless for me at the beginning. Most of my earlier contacts that wrote stating that match sent my profile as a MATCH were from much younger women so I could not understand how I could be a match to a 37-years-old lady when I stated what I wanted on my profile. They always left me feeling bewildered and asking the questions - should I be flattered or insulted? In addition, there was always the concern - "what were the motives"? My faith was restored, when I decided to write instead of waiting to be written to. I wrote you and you appeared, I thank my "lucky star" and enjoy the wonders of it. Essentially, I was so deeply happy that you displayed the qualities I was looking for. I found out that we shared a lot of the same interests and I adore the expressive e-mails.
When I lost my wife, it was a big obstacle to my life that I did not wish to continue anything in life. There was no wish to date or to work. There was no joy in living because she was just a nice woman but she claimed that I was too nice that I brought out the best in her. It was then I discovered that life is full of obstacles and to survive, one has to approach the obstacles with an open mind and a desire to overcome them.
I asked myself, do I want to be victorious in this challenge? Is the challenge worth the extra effort, will it make your life better? If yes then I have to pursue it with all my strength and that is what I have decided to do. As I said and will repeat again- don’t see me as moving too fast; I am telling you all this so that you will understand where I am coming from and that ten years of loneliness was the maximum any man can go. Coming out of it will tell you that I am and ready for a completely new life and that the past is behind me.
They say "Love" overcomes all obstacles. But to love blindly - leaves scares in your heart. The "ups" and "downs" in people’s lives can be painful but can be healed with limitless compassion. Mine is healed so let us heal yours if it is still there. I will let you know this, if your heart has been damaged too much by some cruel evil man, I can help you fix it like I fixed that of my late wife. If you have lost a partner like me, I can still fix it like I fixed mine or let’s say, we can fix ours together. When I say we can fix ours together, I know that Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries. That was why I will always say that I need a woman that is not looking for someone to make her happy, but rather someone to share happiness and experience life’s adventures and sometimes tribulations. You will agree with me that everybody needs happiness both man and woman.
Happiness is created in many ways - mostly in what people do and say! Your words can encourage me to drink long and hard from the cup of life; to capture every drop of adventure that comes my way. I often ask myself, why we met - even if it was in such an unconventional way! I truly believe that a "path" is mapped out for us, when we are born. Are we given a purpose - are we given instructions on how to live our lives and what we are to achieve? We are guided by our parents, teachers, and friends and unconsciously adopt some of their ways to our life. However, there is a greater plan for us in the making.
We are tested daily to make us stronger. Stumbling blocks are put in our way to overcome and make us rise above them. Many people travel from cradle to grave without ever seeing themselves clearly, without accepting heartache and grief and without ever wondering about their past, present, and future. They accept their life blindly, without questions or true understanding of their own value and potential. They become frustrated, disillusioned and bitter. We have all been given the tools to excel, feel more important, more fulfilled and more useful. You have shown me that you know how to use the tools so don't ever let anyone tell you that you will not accomplish and excel at what you have chosen, or perhaps, what had been chosen for you. What measure do they use to compare, or do they feel inadequate in their own achievements?
Success is a passion for living. Success belongs to each and every human being. It is not for the few, or the chosen ones, or the rich, or the educated.
Success is for everyone. IT IS FOR YOU. Success is simple; it means having, doing and becoming the best that life affords. It means service to mankind.
Success means applying your best effort to realizing your best results, leaving the world a better place. It is winning the game of life. Success is life itself!
Success is no secret; no mystery; no cause for frustration or misery. It is yours to claim.
So, was I meant to come into your life to help you see your own worth, to encourage and support and show you the heights that you have already accomplished. I have not chosen your "path" and don't know the plan decided for you, but I know you have a passion for life, so you are and always will be successful. I am grateful to you for giving me your trust, but I think you now know,
I would not misguide you. When I think about you, a picture comes to mind, a woman sweet and gentle, with a heart that is one of a kind. Your light shines ever bright - your love an endless sea. I see you as my inspiration, but most of all God’s Gift to me”. I want to wish you a happy evening and with this email welcome you to an inspiring period of good luck and success in all challenges.
This letter may not be too romantic but inspiring enough to end your day. I thank God above for you, May you always find new blessings for as long as you live.
It’s me, Martin,
Warm Hugs and Kisses.




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