Scam Email(s) from James Resk to Pam (USA)


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Letter 1

Hello I am James I saw your photos on and my Heart compelled me to write and tell you how Enchantingly beautiful you are Miss.You profile was well specified on the dating site. As i thought of coping your screen name to check if i you had a gmail account and luckily you you have one.. Am a warm and passionate person who is looking for a loving and committed relationship? am searching for a special woman, I enjoy being active and breaking a sweat as well as cuddling on the couch with my woman to watch a great movie? I like to spoon? I love to show MY inner part in so many ways, I care for others? I am not afraid of having an occasional healthy argument, Life is for living, with compassion, friendship, loyalty, honesty and companionship. I accept people for who they are, I'm not interested in changing anyone or being demanding of their life.. Good relationships stem from trust and respect and truly enjoying each others company.I live my life by the golden rule of treat others as I would like to be treated. I have a zest for life, I love to laugh, and listen, try new things, cuddle and express my love. I'm easy-going, I don't let the little problems of life get me down and, I'm not into drama. I am a passionate, affectionate person and, I'm saving it for the woman that lights a spark in my heart..I'm looking forward to getting to know you..

Letter 2

Good afternoon to you, how are you doing today and how is your day going on over there...Anyway sorry for my late respond to you i work as military man and i also don't check my gmail often but since we have start communicating here i will always be checking it as well because i really want us to get to know more about each other as well...Am not on the dating site anymore i have closed my self from there so it will be better for us to communicating here..can you please send me some pictures of you and tell me something little about you..I will be looking forward to hear from you soon..




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