Scam Email(s) from Normandy Buban Barreras to Maria (USA)


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Letter 1

Dear Sir,

Compliment of the day to you Sir, I am writing to your office on behalf of Captain Barreras N. Buran who is one of your Soldiers in your Camp. I want to apply for the MILITARY PERMISSION LEAVE REQUEST so that he can come over to meet me home, I love Barreras so much and i want him to come over to meet me so that we can establish our relationship .

This is the personal information of Captain Michael H Mcdole

Soldier Name:Barreras N. Buran

Camp: U.S Army,Unit Base Camp Damascus Syria

Rank: Captain

Division: Central Division

Camp ID:87858572822US

I will be very happy if my request is be granted sir


This is my boss personal email I have inform he that you are going to send it to his private email honey




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