Scam Email(s) from Jerry Young to Catriona (UK)


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Letter 1

Your husband Dr. Jerry had a business transaction with our company which he deposited a metal brief case we don't know the content; because it is sealed. We reached an agreement to safeguard the box before evacuation. Unfortunately, our company is sold out and we are to vacate all properties for occupance. We are appealing to all customers in respect of their belongings in our custody due to the fact that the process may affect all customers or probably suffer loss of properties. We urge all representatives or beneficiaries to their husband box to comply with this notice. We detest any loss of property deposited in our company, that is why we issued this notice and we urge everyone to comply.

The safety of customers belongings and properties is our priority.

As a beneficiary to him, we appeal to you to comply with this information and follow procedures. To enable us deliver your husband's box to you. There's a 72-hour grace to evacuate any property belonging to any individual respectively. The expiration of this grace without yielding to this notice is of great consequence! Seizure of any property, we will not be held accountable. Please we need you to cooperate with us!

These requirements are needed for us to process your request:

House Address:

Full Name:

Passport copy/ID card copy:

Maiden Name:


Note: Ensure your passport/ID is visible or identifiable.

We await your candid response.

Best regards,





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