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Letter 1

At first, i have to say i was pretty skeptical about meeting someone online. My perspective has definitely changed on that! I think online is an opportunity to meet people with similar interests. Give and take is SO important in a relationship. I would like to meet and date someone who is honest, can express her feelings, has goals and works at attaining them, cares about her family and is respectful of them, and has a good amount of stability in her life. Hopefully, she will be flexible in thought, willing to listen, and have a sense of humor too and ready to contribute to my progress as i can always assure her the same in return! I am friendly, loyal, talkative, enthusiastic and most importantly, honest. I can be sarcastic, and at times don't really like or even understand a joke that i hear. I am not really into blonde jokes. I wonder why meeting someone new can be exciting but it will also make me a little nervous, too. I am a teacher of my self,and a friend to many that want to be, but i would like to be a husband/significant other to someone i care about or love very much. What it comes down to is, we all want to be happy. I am happy with my life, yet still i would like to share my day with my woman. I would like to laugh and joke about our day, talk about our weekend plans, and relax together on the couch. Or, just make out.

Letter 2

I am interested is finding that special somebody to spend the rest of my life with.....Your profile caught my eye and made me write you... May be God has something in stock for us.I still want to start a conversation and probably get along if you don't mind.Go through my profile.....we may start from somewhere.better. here 434879-6145




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