Romance scam letter(s) from Joe Walker to Jaena (Italy)
Letter 1

Good morning my love,.How are you today? i just got to work, even though late, but then, i have four locals down with serious injuries and one gone. This is the most painful thing i have come accross. Now the Rig tow they were rushing to fix before my arrival, did swing into the best place after rolling down on them before time, so they were catalyst to its best position, but they did pay a hard price for this. I hate accidents on site, sometimes it makes you feel like not having to use local labors, because they sometimes make these mistakes that doesnt make sense. I feel bad enough to feel responsible for them. The four have been taken to general hospital now, i just pray for the best for them, i pity the family of the deceased. They spoilt my mood this morning cos they should have waited for us before making such vital installations. These are even men who lack basic insurance for that matter, risking thier lives and now i feel responsible for what has hapened to them. Maybe i should have been on the rig early enough.
can't write much this morning honey, would try later. Just know that you mean alot to me ok? and i really appreciate you dear. The joy i feel in recent days is my best.

Lot Of Love Joe
Letter 2

what can i say to a woman who has put a smile on your face even when you are in the middle of a crisis that seem bigger than you. Thank you so much for your wonderful and comforting email. I just got back from the mayor's office with the lawyer i was able to get who did defend me in all of this , i have never been face with such a challenge in my life and i prayed to over come this , you have been an inspiration since i met you and you have always given me a reason for a better tomorrow . I really appreciate you being there for me when there has been no one to support me . I am really grateful my dear.Thank you so much for your concern my love , i don't want you to get worried about all of this baby , as i know we would be together soon my love. I went over to the Mayor office and i had to go along with a lawyer here in the Dubai,as i knew it would not really go down easy, the operations on the rig has been closed till there is a go ahead from the Mayor. And we had series of talk in which the Mayor has ordered i pay the family of the deceased a sum of $40,000 or risk being put in Jail for 3 months and i do not want that happening . He said before work could continue on the rig , i must pay the compensation to the family of the deceased .I really need your help sweet heart So right now i am going to take short rest before getting up in the morning and putting all the money i can secure together for the compensation so that we could continue work and finish up on time , and with the way i see it , it would only take us about 2 days and we are done with the effect of the accident .So i would try coming up online before going out to get things sorted out my love. Then we could talk more , i love you so much baby. Hope to hear from you soon love Hugs and Kisses Joe
Letter 3

Good morning my love, and i must say thanks for your care. It was good enough a day, because the rest would be fine, even though thier mistake did cost me well over $75,000 but i am more than joyous that they are going to be ok. I am seeing the dead one's family today. They just want to spoil my mood. I would be online most of the day today, i will leave my messenger on, so pls see if you could catch me there, i would be more than glad to have a live chat with you honey. tell me, how was your own day? . i love you so much most wonderful, you are a kind woman, thanks for your advice it lifted my spirit, i have taken care of everything already all i want is to leave here and be with you my love. Thinking of you as usual. Joe.
Letter 4

Hello Jane, Thanks for the email and thanks for trying to help.. now i feel very shamed about all this.. because i don't want you to feel am asking you for money when we have not meet. I don't want to go to jail... i have looked everywhere around me. have not been able to come up with something. Now i feel very depress when you also can not help me. i don't know what do..... sweet heart can you keep trying for me because i don't want to be in jail for three month. I promise to give you back all the money. Please sweet heart you know how bad i need it. I will be expecting your email... Joe
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