Romance scam letter(s) from Tony Richard to Sally (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Beautiful Sallie, I hope i got your email right?
Letter 2

I was born in NC but my Dad is from Israel and my Mom from NC, after my birth they had to go back to Israel because my Dad was a medical Dr. there but when He passed away I and my Mom came back to NC which was where I got happily married and had a daughter with two grand kids till death came to take my beloved wife away in a car crash, I thought my life was over, went for therapy and God strengthened me through but I had to relocate to start afresh and that helped me a lot, I word self employed into supplies and installation of solar energy street lights, so that's for me, i guess it's your turn to tell me about yourself?
Letter 3

It feels good to know this much about you and I can say that indeed online dating is good thing because if not how will I get connected to such an amazing woman as yourself, dearest I celebrate you, you are a rare gem indeed,I have certain needs I desire in a woman I need as a partner so also I believe you also have to so we can know if we are on the same page,I will like to know WHAT ARE THE QUALITIES OF YOUR KIND OF MAN YOU WISH TO SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH?
Letter 4

I'm a honest, loving, faithful, kind, caring Grand Pa who is in search of a lady ready to love from the heart as long as we live, one I'll treat as my queen and she will treat me as her king, well I hope this is you reading this now so hurry up and say hello and I'll reply.
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