Scam Email(s) from Greg Smith to Laura (USA)


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Letter 1

My love,

First of all, before I tell you how beautiful you are, and even though I haven’t done any thing wrong or punishable, I want to apologize. It’s just that, you’ve been so good to me and you’ve made me so happy that I think my feelings are too strong for words when it comes to expressing my gratitude for this love, a love that grows brighter every day and stronger every night. Right now I badly need to tell you I love you and I want to let you know how devoted this love is, how you can count on me and also (let’s be romantic), how emotional I become when I hear songs about perfect and corresponded love stories, which, I believe, is the path our mutual feelings are following. Loving you means a healthier awaking every morning. It means the motivation to face the light of things, things that sometimes blind us, but it doesn’t mean blindness before the immense light stemming from my heart every time I think about you.
Obviously there’s no such thing as a crystal clear or even transparent relationship between two people. Perfection is not part of human nature, but it can become a goal…and that is my goal, to be honest and pure towards you, to be solid as a rock in this belief of loving and serving you.
With this letter, I want to mend this fault on my part for not constantly saying how much I love you, even though every single move I make aims to please you and make you happy.
I also want you to always remember our daughter who is in the hospital bed in prayers and try every possible means to get the money needed to continue with her treatment before I come. I LOVE YOU

Kiss kiss

Letter 2

My love,

You are so far away that there’s nothing I can do besides waiting here, quietly, sad, my heart aching to see you!
You have no idea how much I would love to have you near, how much I would love to rest on your shoulder, listening to music and holding hands. It may sound silly, but it’s these simple things that make me miss you even more...
I need to know that you are within reach… and I would love to feel that I can touch you at any time, that I can call out your name and not wait hours for you to answer. I know this is a temporary situation, I know that one day I will be able to appease this feeling. I know that I will be able to feel the touch of your skin and your lips, the strength and warmth of your embrace, but even so, I feel very sad and lonely that you are not here. If you could measure the intensity of this pain, the intensity of my unsettledness, I’m sure you’d do your best to get here earlier, to be close to me as soon as possible. I love you more each day and I feel sad that you are not here with me!
For now, all I can do is to lie down on my bed gazing at the ceiling, thinking about you and how much I need to be in your arms.
But I also know that being apart hurts too much!

A tearful kiss from yours

Letter 3

Honey, I just don't understand what is happening. I sent you a message and discovered that you weren't replying, I thought it was the internet only for me to find out that it's seems you've blocked me.
What did I ever do to deserve this kind of treatment from you. Please even if it is going to end this way please reply my email and explain to me what happened.
I still love you and will always do

Your love

Letter 4

Why my love, why haven't you replied my email, why can't you at least tell me what I did wrong or was it because I asked for a little favor from you which I know that it's nothing compared to what I would have done if I were in your shoes?

It's so sad to know that I gave you my heart, my body and soul, and all you could repay me back with is total silence and shutting me out in the dark. Search within yourself, your conscience if need be if what you are doing is right and if the answer is yes then let's go our separate ways but if the answer is no then you better retrace your steps as I am here with my hands wide open still ready to love

I hope to hear from you as soon as possible whether good or bad. Please reply this email as soon as you read it.

Your sweetheart

Letter 5

Hi honey,

You don't have to run away as I love you unconditionally and emotionally. The love I have for you cannot be quantified in terms of monetary value. You should have told how it went. All I needed from you was for you to try your best in getting the money as you can testify that I wasn't pressurizing you at all. You were paid $810 yesterday, you could have easily sacrificed, $500 or even $400 for our child at least to show that you have been able to raise something in stead of saying you don't have at all. I asked for $1000, my staff was able to come up with something but you who claims to be my love and heart couldn't come up with anything. I must say I'm not impressed.

Please at this time I need you to come up with something as anything will do at this point in time. Please reply me as soon as possible

Your love

Letter 6

My darling Laura

Let me begin by saying that I miss you a lot; loving you is a really great, wonderful feeling and the distance between us only increases my passion and desire.
To miss someone is an emotion reserved only to those who love, but your talent to surprise me makes me feel that loving you is more exciting than to just simply miss you. Loving you is like driving a high speed car, trying to guess what's behind the next bend/curve: you always have a surprise in store and that's what makes me so anxious to see you; I always feel that I must run to you and your arms, and pacify my heart in the warmth of your bosom.
Loving is you is also to feel the emotion of freedom as my mind travels through dreams when I think about you. The good thoughts float and become alive because of you, and my existence is richer as I know you are always with me, even when there is a huge distance between us.
I want to love you forever and I want to have you closer. Romantic as it may be, missing you is very painful and I would rather not having to feel like this ever again, I would like to always be near you.

Love from




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