Scam Email(s) from Scott Harry to Eloha (USA)


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Letter 1

Hi,my name is Scott Harry from US lived and work in Poland am 45 yrs old single, i saw your photo on your profile can't get my eyes off of it, i say to myself good things are meant for good people, I am new here searching for my soul mate, it's nice meeting you here. Are you married? Your names please? i will like to communicate with you through my private email addressat ( ) so that i can tell you more about myself and also for us to share photos. hoping to hear from you. scott H

Letter 2

Hello honey,

l am very glad we meet here,at times it is said that where we meet our loved one's, is a place we never expected. A friend of mine who got married from Dating and to a lady in your country two weeks ago,the lady is kind,honest,sincere,and respectful,and she was the one that introduce me to this site,she told me that when you find someone here,go and think over it,when you wake up and have feelings for her,reply her and start a relationship with her immediately,because she has a special heart,among 6 people i meet this day,your heart seems so special,i cant ask why, because God knows they best for us,i know it will only take time for me to meet you,but cant be stopped,because i think it is destiny,i want you to have a thinking about us and reply me what you think about us. and remember they world is a small place were we can meet our soul-mate,.. distance cant be a barrier between us if we are in love with each other,..please have a think about us and do get back to me immediately...

My names is Franklin cas, I was born on 15th of April 1970. My father has passed away. He was originated from United State of America,. I was born and grew up in LA. I am the only son and child of my family. I live here in Poland,because i love it here,it has been a country of my choice, from where I am communicating with you and working as a marine and chief security officer in US sophisticated estates here in Poland.

Mom lived back home in England with house help and her driver. She loves the environment there and I do fly back home to visit her. My late father was a wonderful kind man and a philanthropist.

Furthermore, I am a fun loving guy who cares for the need of others. I love traveling and shopping. I like listening to music. On the weekends, I use to go out for fun, going to the sea side having relaxing mind and seeing the nice fresh air from the sea. Love shopping on weekends too and if got chance, I use to travel around. I do cook sometimes as I like cooking. Being happy always makes me feel young everyday. I am so glad for my life and really thank God for all His blessing upon my family. before closing this letter i would like to tell you that to make a relationship last for ever and be stable we need trust,understanding,devotion,and motivation in heart, in my own intention,

I promise to be faithful,honest,and most caring to you and be the man you have always dream of, and pray always that God will bless and make our love grow, l just try if l can attach some of my pictures for you now my collection is down l can't just go to my face book okay, baby l need your more photo. thank you so much

Letter 3

Hi, is nice meeting you here. If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, you are beautiful! can we be friends? My name is Gary Matthew, i am a UN marine Soldier.MY PRIVATE EMAIL: look forward hearing from you. Bye With love Gary

Letter 4

Hello, my name is Scott Harry from the United States I lived and worked in Poland, I am 48 years old, I saw your picture on your profile and I can not take my eyes of it, I tell myself that good things are for good people, I am new here in look for my soul mate, it's a pleasure to meet you here. are you married? Your names, please? I would like to communicate with you through my private email address ( so you can tell me more about myself and also to share photos. Waiting to hear from you. scott H

Letter 5

Hi dear I’m attracted to you the moment i saw your picture and your profile i will always like to keep in touch with you but because of my busy work i need to know your name,if you are married,what you do for a living and always read your message everyday i only have access to my email when I’m busy that is why i need to have your email contact so that i can drop messages and also read from you even in my busy time I am a US MILLITARY, I’m very much interested in you my lady.or you can contact me thanks

Letter 6

Hi, my name is Harry from USA. I like your profile and your picture please i will love to know you more, but am not always login here,can you please give me your email address or contact me via my private email for more communication:--(




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