Scam Email(s) from Thomas Fuller to Alizon (USA)


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Letter 1

Good Morning
Sorry it took me a while to write back. I hope you are having a good day? Mine is cool if you ask me .I spent yesterday traveling back from Los Angeles California where I went to visit my mum . I returned back and was very tired so I slept off. I went to CA two days before to spend some time with mum. She was ill and planning to move back to Russia with her sister that lives in Greece (That is story for another day). The stupid thing is that I just got another email this morning about a business trip to New York by next tomorrow which means I will be traveling again when I was planning to come back home and rest.
I am happy to receive your email considering the unconventional ways I contacted you.
It was not really easy coming up with the courage to send you that email but today I am glad that I did. It saved me the problem of some twenty year old girls writing me daily that they love me. You can imagine that? Online dating is not something I know anything about so I was trying not to do something that will be out of line .I just realize that in life, there is nothing out of line when you do it the way you feel good about it .Anyway, let me save you the long story. The long and short of it is that I am glad you text me back.
Like I told you when I contacted you on the dating site, I am new to online dating and was encouraged to register by my mum. She was tired of seeing me lonely after all this years .I accepted her request and let my daughter register me on the site but unfortunately did not visit the site till I got notification .that was what prompted me to go on the site that day was caught by your profile..
Let me not bore you on what brought me to the site and my business trips and rather tell you more about me which was what I promised you on the dating site when I requested you contact me via my private email.
I am what people mean when they say that “he is a good person”. I hope I am not singing my own praise. Lol .I care about people I love and look after people that I know .I am a Christian and catholic who has been widowed for 9 years .I am financial adviser, broker and Money manager ; A job I do with passion and enjoy the travel associated to it .I am generally an active person that excises 5 times a week. I have been to many countries and can cook varieties of food .What I try to learn when I visit any country is how to cook one of their main menu. By doing that I have learnt how to cook varieties of food .I am a good cook and I love cooking. I love seeing movies, dining out and doing stuff that make people generally happy but can be a clown most time. I love to make people laugh and also laugh myself. I am financially secured man that believes that this life is meant to be enjoyed. I try my best to live and get the best out of life.
I am a very sincere and honest person with no skeleton in My cupboard .I believe that honesty is very important in any relationship .I will like us to take few days and communicate by email and phone, Know a little about each other and then schedule on how to meet face to face; if that will be okay with you.
This is how I think communication between a gentle man and lady should start .Let me know what you think.




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