Scam Email(s) from Harry Johnson to Eloha (USA)


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Letter 1

Hello dear,
I want to thank you for the privilege you have given to me to be your friend. If and small ask how are you doing today and how is life treating you? I hope all is moving marvelously well with you with a sound mind and health, I'm really moved to write to you immediately and requesting for your email id in That site, and do not know how to begin

but i must start from somewhere because a journey of so many miles must begin with a step and a bold one, that's why i deemed it Necessary and important That i should let you know why i requested for your e-mail ID, its because sometimes in this small life you often get scared if you can deal with a relationship for what it stands for because a good number of people has really abused and discourage so many from it despite all this, and still believe that good ones still exist.

Seriously it is not all relationship That Ends fine but the most important thing is where your fate is taking you this if its right or wrong, let me tell you a little bit about me, my fate is so strong and powerful beyond my control its guides me together with my instinct towards that special person That can make me happy beyond my dreams imaginable.

I will briefly introduce myself to you. I am Harry Johnson, and live in Manchester United, am 5ft8 tall, blue eyes, 76 kg weight and i am an engineer. I own a private business that my dad left for me before his death.

I was born on 29th September, 1970, at Manchester United, England and grew up there and had my educations, am seriously in search for the soul of my soul and the virtues woman. I will like to enlighten you more about my kind of person. My hobbies are swimming, traveling and meet people. I am too emotional and can not stand the heartbreak That is why i need a woman who will love me for real and who will understand and take me for who i am.

That I strongly believe we can make a good soul mate if we can be honest and straight forward to each other. I am a free and open minded person.I will be very happy if i find a person With almost all this quality. Take good care of yourself dear. I will like to ask you a few questions before and stop, have you ever been to London? What do you do at leisure? What are your hobbies and tell me about your dream man? I will be so glad to hear from you as soon as possible.
Regards ..Harry




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