Romance scam letter(s) from Kelvin Barnes to Jaena (Italy)
Letter 1

Attention Jaena,

You are to download and print the attached document, read and understand the terms of the leave request and append your signature showing consent that you understand the terms of the leave request and have the document scanned and sent back to us if you are willing to proceed. Your swift response is being awaited so we can proceed and notify our benefits department as regards the leave bonus.

Yours Faithfully,
Lt. Col. Fraser.
Letter 2

Attn : Jaena Lopez
We are glad to receive some information's from you about Sgt. Kelvin Barnes. We are working on this and we will get back to you soon. We will like to fill the claims form and get back to us with the information's requested. You need to tell us the total amount that you have sent to Sgt. Kelvin Barnes. Once we get all these information from you then we will send your request to the help desk department . We will be looking forward to hear from you again. Thanks for your sincerity.
Gen. Robert L. Caslen Jr
Office Of The Commander of the 25th Infantry Division,
Leave Request Unit,
U.S Army
United States Of America.
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