Romance scam letter(s) from David Magid to Weng (China)
Letter 1

Hi Gloria, How are you doing today? Thanks so much for giving me the chance to know each other better.. I just want to write you a short note here and i hope you will find out time to get back to me soon. I believe here will make it more easier for us to know each other better and someday think of how we can meet each other. Have a wonderful day and i look forward to hear from you soon. Rgards,Kasper
Letter 2

Dearest, Good Evening. How are you doing? I hope you are having a wonderful day so far. Thanks for taking time to read my mails and send me yours too as it clearly made me understand that you are a patient woman and that you love to communicate irrespective of the time it costs you to do it. As you may have head, communication is very essential in any relationship that is on the ground level. I intend to know your ways, creed and belief more and come to respect them. i believe asking you questions and getting the answers in return is a rather appropriate way of getting to know each other..Chris is 14 years old and he lives with my Ex wife. He comes home to see me once in a while.. I understand LinkedIn is a professional network but i can take my eyes away when i came across you. This has never happened to me but i believe there's a reason for it.. I know it will be nice for us to have a good conversation on Viber.. I believe it will make it more easier learning much about each other. I didn't know you are single when i saw you but i have to pick caution to write you cos i know there's something special about you. My inquisition and attraction about you has made me so keen about knowing you more and more after coming in contact with yo recently.... Its quite fascinating that you seems much interesting as we mailed each other. I spent my early morning today and looking at your picture again and kept asking myself why i jumped at your profile and have been so uniquely attached to you since then. Perhaps you could be special.Most important I want an intelligent woman who can communicate and enjoys a good conversation. My ideal woman is one that is ready to love me for who I am care for me and be proud of her man, one that??s Fidel and has a sense of humor, some one that will laugh when I make her to. I want a lady that has a pure heart and ready to build a wonderful home together. I have not been to another relationship except with my Ex wife. She was the first person i got married to and i became single from the day we got divorced. The reason for the divorce was all my fault and i realize myself when it's already too late. Every woman needs the attention of her man but i gave all my attention to my job which hurt her so much.. Physically I am turned on when I know that my partner is happy and it makes me smile when she says to me that the reason why she smiles is coz I am here for her. Emotionally, when I look into her eyes and see the desire and the fire burning in there, it makes me wanna stay with her forever.Orthopedic Surgeon is different from a plastic Surgeon.. The Orthopedic Surgeons takes care of the bones and muscles in the body. while the plastic Surgeon is for the change of body look and flesh.I still want to be talking more but believe me, My hand is paining me now and needs some sleep.. LOL. Have a wonderful day and i hope to read from you soon. Always smiles
Letter 3

Honey, I have tried to call you but it seems you don't want to talk to me. Now i think you organised this people to hold me cos you are the only person i told about my money with me... I don't want to do something silly but i will wait to hear from you or i will sale your nude pictures to get some money to pay this people and get myself out of here.. Am sure you know i can do this now cos am really frustrated.. Tell me how much you can get for me tomorrow and write me on viber.. I will wait until 10am your time tomorrow.. Still love you but right now am really frustrated.. Have a lovely sleep.
Letter 4

I have your facebook now and i will post it on your wall if i don't hear from you tomorrow morning.. Gloria, You have made me very angry now and since this is what you want.. Let me know once you get me 5000 and i will give you details to send it tomorrow.. I will wait to hear from you in your morning time... Don't make me more angry
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