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Letter 1

My Love
Sometime I wonder if this life is already programed by the creator and ours is to live the way it is programed. What I means is that it seems that whatever we do on earth seems to have been written for us and that its goes that way till we die. This is not the first time I am having such though but as a Christian that was taught that the almighty is the creator of heaven and earth which is the one I believe, I always dismiss any contrary taught whenever it enters my mind. Recently, I have been thinking again that yes, the creator may have had our life programme before creating us because something cannot just called coincidence. I know you will be wondering what this man is saying so let me put you in the picture.

All my life, it has been my dream and the dream of every portfolio manager to owe and start his or her own investment firm .If the person is not capable, he or she will like to run an investment advice and consulting firm at least .This has always been my dream but because of the financial requirement of setting up an investment firm, I settled with the thought of setting up a consulting and advice firm which the financial requirement is also huge but not as much of an investment firm.

Before my mum left for Sweden where she died, I had already made arrangement to sell our house in’s a big home that was big enough to accommodate the whole family .LA is a place that the cost of property rises much but the agent was able to sell the house at $1,240,000 (One Million, Two Hundred and Forty Thousand USD.) That alone will tell you how big the house is .The uncanny part was that he sold the house the very day mum was laid to rest. This is not part of the story I want to tell you so let me go back to the point.

The reason I sold that house was because I had no intension of returning to LA .Secondly, I wanted to use the money with my savings and investment to see if I can raise the money to pay the required deposit for the licence to start an investment consulting firm. Even with all my calculation, I was still far from the required amount and for that, I have stayed on this job more that I was supposed.

Why I am telling you all this is because in life, you don’t know what life has for you ahead of you until you take the right step in the right direction. I have always wondered how to raise the money and start it up and get major investor as clients .This has always been one hindering factor whenever I want to resign or terminate my job with my company .The only reason I accepted to terminate it at this time because my children got involved .I love my job but I was already tired until my children got involved but more especially, I wanted to have time with the woman I love as I never gave my late wife time. I don’t want a situation that we will be preparing for your birthday and have invited friend to come and celebrate with us and the next thing you will hear is that he company want me to go to another country that same day .This is time I stop letting anybody control my happiness or let me say or happiness and the investors proposal has given me this opportunity

The meeting I went to have with the investor and their proposal was the best I have even had since I started this work .My happiness was so much because it also came at the right time.
The investor where very straight with me at the meeting. Its seems that successful businessmen has one common way of doing business .When I got diner with them, I was surprised that they were more than four which they were when we came to Germany .I met nine people on the table but did not bother as they may have friends or partners here in Germany .When they wanted to start their proposal, I told them that I will like proper introduction first so that I will know who and who is on the table as I am seeing new faces. To my greatest surprise, four of them seated there were lawyers they consulted there in Germany on their own. The last among them was Russian speaking interpreter that they brought in case of language barrier .That point, I knew that this men are real businessmen

They told me that whenever they do business they wants it to be legal, risk free and accordance with the law of the land .They said that they their names to protect .They told me that that since we started this transaction that that they have always know me to be sincere and straight which was why they told me they wanted to make me a proposal when they heard I was resigning.
They told me that they want work with me as a partner and no longer as a fund manager with my present Investment Company. They told me that they need big brokerage discount on the transaction and if I can get them any huge discount that they will offer me 20% of whatever amount I get for them as brokerage discount on this transaction .They will give me this is shares and not in cash

Thy arrangement is that they will allow me join them as investor and do the purchase of the shares which I will have to contribute my own money. After the shares are bought, if i can get them the brokerage discount, they will add 20% of whatever discount I got for them to my shares which my company will issue the investor certificates of part of my shares to me. They explained that for example; if I get the $100,000 discount and buy shares of $200,000 dollars with my money; After the share purchase which they will do, i they will give me extra $10,000 as commission from the discount in got for them so that the company will now issue me an investor certificate of shares worth of $210,000 which is my $200,000 purchase and my $10,000 commission.
I told them there that I know that the stock they want to purchase runs in hundreds of millions of dollars but I can only contribute $2,500,000 in cash as my other saving are already in shares which is of $4,000,000 value. The accepted and told me that they do no need me to contribute like them but just to assure them that I will be more professional since I am also involved finically.

I told them there that the only hindrance here is that I do not have the right to sign any Private Partnership with any investor for my services while on the company’s assignment as a Fund Manager neither am I required to accept any payment outside my contracts Payment with the company .
Based on this I cannot use my name for his transaction since there will be need for us sign an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) which will stipulate the percentages we would get on this transaction. Since the shares will be disbursed to the investor by my company on the personage on the MOU, My Company will see my name there and that will be problem since I have not concluded my resignation. Even if I use the name of my son or daughter or aunt, they will know that I am the one as they are all listed as my beneficiaries with the company and secondly, they all bear the same surname with me so they will know for sure that I am involve and may think that it was why I resigned .With this, they will seize my shares of the transaction and I will lose my money and even my $2,500,000 contribution.

It was at that point that they told me that I can use the name of anyone that I trust that the company does not know about, someone that will not run with my money or claim my shares someone that I can say cares for me. That was when your name came into my mind and I told them that I have such person but let them give me till tomorrow to meet with an attorney here and discuss something and look at the German business and investment guideline before accepting there proposal.

I contacted an attorney who is also an investor with my company but lives here in Germany and he told me to come right away to his office. I met with the attorney and gave him the business proposal and explained the whole transactions to him in detail. I asked him to study the paper so that when I meet with him this afternoon, he will tell me what he thinks

When I met with him this afternoon, he started by congratulating me on the proposal .He told me that from all indication; they want me to work with them not necessarily as a staff of my company but as a fund manager with investment and financial knowledge.

When I told him my intention to resign as staff of the company, he said the best thing I did was to use the name of your woman as your representative partner in this business if you feel you can trust her. He told me that one reason i must accept this proposal is because It will give me the money that i said I need to establish my business, secondly, It will give me this investors as first Investors Under my company base in my own private firm .
I told him that I am yet to tell you but he said that he is sure that you will assist me because the business is 100% legal, risk free and will not require her signature. It does not require her social security number. It does not require her bank detail. It does not require her passport or photograph. The only requirement here is HER name and address in-case the company decides to send the original Copy of investor certificate to you, so that it does not go to a wrong address. She can even give a P.O Box which is still okay if she has. This was the advice of the lawyer

Honey, while I was accepting this proposal, I only had you in my mind as the only partner that I can trust to use her name and address in the business .This will also give us the opportunity to make our business trips together when the time comes after I must have retired from active work and have established my business partnership with this Oil Moguls. Honey, I will appreciative if you keep this proposal private and to yourself for now until we are sure of it. This is presently for your ears alone and I know that I can trust you to keep any information I give you private when I asks you to.

What I need from you now is just your full name and address to present as my representative partner in this business. Please send it to me in your response to this email unfailingly. You are all I know, trust and care for in this present world now.

This will be a transaction of less than ten days. Before I conclude my resignation with the company, I will sell all the shares with the one I already have and move the money to United States. With this, this transaction will be over and everything will be transferred to my name. You are just standing in for me with your Name on the MOU just for ten days if and will conclude everything and transfer it back to my name




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