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Letter 1

Hello how are you doing? I, am Michael, 50yrs 5’11 tall, and good looking guy, most people say i am humble, honest, caring and affectionate in deed, but i haven't got enough time to search for a love heart to share all these with since 2009. Until last month that i started searching again.
My wife died of breast cancer in 2009, she was a great woman, been the only woman who i ever had something to do with, and the only one who was with me till she departed into the Bosom of the Lord, I have a girl of 13 years Old and she is my life and i love her so much,she is so precious to me.Her name is Clara I am looking for someone who i can trust, to be half part of my life, and someone who i can trust and share the rest of my Life with, I lived in San Antonio TX before i was deployed down to this place Turkey,but am looking forward for my retirement so i can have my happy home soon.
When I saw your profile, there is something about you that intrigued me that made me to check out your profile. There is something about you which has caught my eyes but I cannot really explain what its but my instinct tells me that you are someone great that I'll enjoy getting to know more better.
I want to find someone who can touch the deepest of my life with affections, who is ready to make a good life with me, i have all things to make the home work but it takes two to build the happy and good home together, i have been in Military (Army) since 25yrs now, and time for my retirement has come, am a sergeant major, i hope i don't scare you with my profession, but i have a good heart, and tender soul.I have been so lonely and empty.... I am aching for a real relationship.I am a kind, and honest man. I am a very caring, and faithful man. I would like to know everything there is to know about my match. Since I have been hurt once, I am cautious and would not want such a terrible experience to come my way again. But very soon and I would like to spend all my remaining life All I ask of you is to be honest and fair and ensure me one thing. This one thing I hold so dear, your heart and love. I know love is not a thing that you can rush into or on, but with time it will grow. In time it can bloom into such a splendid thing. This thing we call love can engulf us in its wings and take us to paradise together for ever. I can promise you this, and I can ensure you one thing, My Heart is open and looking for a honest and trustworthy woman.Will be hanging on here to read from you.
Kindly listen to the song below itis a beautiful song for you and you only.
Hugs & Kisses,

Letter 2

Hello thanks for your mail i am so happy to hear from you,i want to tell you more about my self i am the only child of my parent ,i lost my parent many year back.My Mom and Dad had problem with they family due to some family issue so this made us to move to Germany when i was 15 years old we live there for 10 years which i enjoy my time there because i have some German accent ,i hope that doesnt scare you away because my accent is crazy.I join US Army when i was 25 years old,I am Command Sergeant Major E9 rank in the Army.I am happy to be one of the top officer in the Army because i have been in the service for 25 years now i have 8 months left in service so i think this is the right time for me to find that special woman to come home to,i was married once to a woman i love so much,she is from from Ada,Ohio are parent did not support our marriage because they want her to marry one of her dad friend son i care so much about her,we have a great life together she always put smile on my face and i do put smile on her face,I always protect her and treat her like a queen because she is supportive,i always treated her like an egg so i do everything to protect her because i dont want her to we were married for 20 years and we had our daughter Clara late,she is my life,my everything.I lost my late wife through breast cancer,Clara is a smart girl fun to have around she like playing TV game,shopping and she will ask you alot of question because she want to know every at a time lol.Clara is in Canada with a nanny while am here in Turkey,my friend recommend the nanny for me because some of my friend kids are also with the same nanny.I miss her so much and i cant wait to get out of service and be with her because she is my only family at the moment.
Here are the things i like doing On my off days I like spending time with family but i dont have one because i lost my wife, going to the movies, reading, watching TV, CNN, lifetime, the hallmark channel, investigative shows, and some comedies. I like to go bowling, watching football, walking in the park and enjoying nature. Haven't been fishing in many years but liked it when I did.I have goals, dreams and aspirations. I am intelligent, highly motivated and determined. I love all kinds of people, love to learn about different cultures and experience different places.
I am honest and trustworthy and I am also looking for the same. It seems as though in this day and time people play games and don't really know what they want. I believe being up front in saying what you are looking for; don't lead the person to believe you are looking for a long-term commitment when all you are looking for is someone to have a good time with. If that is what you want then say it and give the other person the opportunity to say if they want to go there with you or not.I am out-going, honest and genuine. I have boundaries on certain things and know how to compromise on others. I don't drink or smoke. If you drink in moderation, I can deal with that. If you drink a lot, Iim not so sure. I don't like drama. Life is too short. I am looking for someone who knows who she is and is confident and secure in who she is. I am self-sufficient and independent.
I am a very good person with morals and values. I have a decent sense of humor, love sports, especially football. I like going to the movies, dinner. I enjoy riding down to Galveston if just to walk on the seawall or beach, ride the ferry boat across, go have lunch or dinner, window shopping on the strand. I love the water. There is something very peaceful about water, and I especially love the ocean and the sound of the waves rolling into shore or crashing against the jetties. Being around water is relaxing, soothing and peaceful to me. I also enjoy going for a ride out in the country (rural areas) because it is so beautiful. I appreciate nature and all its beauty. I love going to the park. I love to travel. I prefer places with a beautiful beach, such as the Caribbean, but I also enjoy going to other countries to learn about, explore and experience other cultures. I work a lot, so I do enjoy being at home relaxing when I get the opportunity. I have come to the conclusion that I need to bring more balance into my life by incorporating more free time, fun time and exercise after my retirement in 8 months time. I am working on that. I love to encourage, inspire, motivate, empower and lift people up. My heart is as big as Texas, and I am very compassionate and caring. Respect is very important to me, and it is important to treat all people with dignity and respect, no matter their circumstances, because they are still human beings. I do my best to not judge anyone.hope to hear from you soon.
Please click on the link below or copy and paste in another page and listen to this song its specially from my heart to you I dedicate this a token of my love to you.
Much love from my heart to you,
Kiss Kiss




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