Scam Email(s) from James Grey to Laura (USA)


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Letter 1

Hi my beauty queen, how are you doing? have been busy and thinking of you, i am so glad that we could also chat on gmail, I am so overwhelm to have connection with a lovely woman as you to really know you more and all i can say is that you're such a wonderful woman, am happy whenever we talk and happier when i think of how happy i will be when we be together and sincerely my kind of woman. my beauty queen, thanks for being a friend and part of me now, You have made my day and am so glad and I decided to sit down and write you this letter so you know more about me also because you have got my attention. Okay? .. Am a classy and fun Man who takes pride in his family and self. I am a father to two wonderful Daughters, they the light of my life. I am a very loving,caring and supportive person to those who are part of my life, whether they are friends or family. I am sensitive, outgoing, patient, loyal and honest. I think communication is so critical to the success of a good friendship and even more so to the well being of a serious relationship. I am spontaneous, generous, faithful and have a good sense of humor and that is why i do my best to always try to write you. When I date someone, I am totally committed to the relationship and give it my full attention. I value family and friendships above all as making them happy is my first priority which i must keep up to. I do believe in a "perfect match and a better half" and also I definitely believe there is someone out there who will click with me immediately when I meet her that's you honey, because we will always confide in ourselves. mom always tell me when she was alive that dreams are brighter days,Well, about my family.I have everything to give to a relationship and I do give my all when it comes to falling in love because it hurt the more when my love one is not being faithful and honest.My parents died years ago when i was much younger, and am the only child in my family...I lost the mother of my lovely kids some years back and since then I have been lonely and unhappy, just me and my daughters. I have no real siblings and there is no one for me to call my brother or my sister except my only surviving aged aunt in PA. I have love and friendship to give to any woman who would open her heart and soul for me to come in and be there for her forever. I will always look forward to care and be there for the woman I will give my heart and my all to .The only people I have now is my daughters in my life. they are the number one thing I so think of and they are all I ever want each and every time, the eldest does love to travel and have fun sometimes .their names are Helen and Treasure, I do want the best for her as a father.. I give them the best cause they will be called mother someday. the eldest is currently in school boarding due to my job, she does study History and Culture, she said her main goal in life is to become a successful International Correspondent someday, and the younger one stays home with the caregiver the Rev Father helped me employed. Am doing all I can and best for them cause they are my all and my I want to care for the woman I would love as I do care for my daughters also and I also want a woman that would care for them as her own daughters too I just bought and parked into a new house in Reno, Nevada in January last year before we were deployed in March to Florida and now Kabul. I would love to always be there with the lovely woman of my life walking her side by side and keeping her satisfied. But, If it means to relocate then I would relocate to anywhere I do find love also. I guess you have known more about me my beauty queen now and would be 80% sure about me. I will thinking of you even as am about getting busy because it took me time to write you lot of this about me as i wish to know you more, I hope to read from you when you must have settled down to write me all about you my beauty queen as you have got all my attention.




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