Romance scam letter(s) from Gary Anderson to Elisabeth (Switzerland)
Letter 1

My darling,
Thanks for your prayer wishesWe have just sent back the corpse of the 2 military doctors to USA today. Please pray for me and the rest of my colleagues here.
I always think of you every time , Elisabeth I love you so much , i cant wait to be with you ,I hope you feel the same way too ,You makes my day beautiful and cheerful.
I will love you forever until God takes my breath away. NOTIFICATION FROM EAST TRUST SHIPPING PRIVATE IRAQ

Dear : Elisabeth
This is to inform you that we got a delivery package from James Bright a Red Cross officer in favor of you. We are delighted to inform you that your package has moved today been 01/02/2018 and it will arrive in your destination country Switzerland on 05/02/2018.

Details below is your informations
Thank you for being associated with us, we are here to serve you better.
Please kindly confirm the address below to avoid wrong delivery
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