Romance scam letter(s) from Robert Hosbert to Dina (USA)
Letter 1

Dear Mrs. Dina, Your email is received, noted and saved. This is to inform you that my secretary was unable to receive the money of $1,800.00 (One thousand eight hundred US dollar) you sent. This was due to an single letter error from where you sent the money. The name is "KELVIN" and not "KEVIN" I called your husband to also inform him. So the money gram agent in Nigeria sent the money back. You have to go to the agent where the money was sent and tell then that the amount was reinstated, let them check and make the correction, they will issue another reference number that shall be sent in "KELVIN BUBU" the error is that they didn't add the "L" to the name. According to my secretary, this might take two days till they can make the change. So go to the agent and tell them that they made a single letter error in the receivers name. Your understanding is trusted. Yours-in-Service,
Barrister Terry
Smith Esq.
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Letter 2

Good day Mrs Dina, This is to inform you about the recent complaint i received from your husband. He narrated all the complications that this transaction has caused. I want to also use this medium to assure you that this transaction 100% legitimate and secured. You only need to pay $500.00 now as i have agreed to take care of the balance. You have to send to my secretary who is currently in Nigeria on a diplomatic assignment. He shall receive the money, send me a letter and then i shall effect the paperwork. Pardon me, its late here. A. Name: Kelvin Bubu B. Address: Lagos, Nigeria, C. Secret question to use, Purpose? D. Answer: Transfer Please endeavor to send me transfer info and the paperwork from Moneygram. Have a wonderful night Yours-in-Service,
Barrister Terry Smith Esq.
(Andreas Sofocleous & Terry Co, Solicitors) email:
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