Romance scam letter(s) from Jimmy Alfred Hoffmann to Sherry (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Sherry,
Thank you for providing your email and nice to meet a beautiful woman like you. I am totally new to this whole process of online dating but I came to the site just for one purpose of falling in love again with one quality woman and not quantity. It's quite stifling seeing too many faces on the site but you are the only one that has captured my attention and I'd be glad to communicate more with you.
I am presently in Shenzhen, China on a crude oil supply contract business. I am a retired Tunnel Construction Engineer, Retired 2 years ago and didn't want to stay idle so I started this new Business of mine that I now run from home, It's my first time here in China on a Business trip. I will be heading back home next week.
I am looking for a one Man Woman, which means I value monogamy principles, I am willing to give the dating site a break as we get to know each other and enable us concentrate on knowing each other to see how it goes? How about you?? What is your ideal relationship?
It was nice to exchange communication with you and I am looking forward to your response.
Have a lovely Day..
Letter 2

Hi Sweet Sherry,
I hope you had a productive day? I am very delighted to read your nice message, you won't believe the level of happiness on my mind today. I believe writing to each other will really help to learn and understand ourselves better and when we meet, it won't be like two complete strangers again. I want to fulfill the desires of my partner and spoil her with great treats.
I live in a North downtown Phoenix luxury apartment at the Encanto neighborhood..I have plans of buying a home but living lonely in a home is my major challenge. We'll discuss all that in person when I'm back. I am half German and Swiss, born September 10th 1960 and hopefully you'll be celebrating my birthday with me this year. I have been divorced since 4 yr and it's not been easy finding a soulmate. I want to be in love again with a honest woman that won't cheat on me.
My dear, I need a honest quality woman like you to spend time with, go to vacations, weekend getaways, cuddle and share some sweet interesting fun. I will be free when I return from this trip and that was actually why I came online to try the internet dating for the first time and found you now with hope it works out for us, I don't believe there's any perfect woman or man anywhere in the world, what matters is good heart honesty tolerance understanding and healthy lifestyle.
I want a soulmate who will always make out time to listen to me like I will listen to her. I love to hold hands and cuddle. Ride on my bike with my woman... I really miss walking on the beach with that special someone and making sweet and passionate love all through the night at the right time. I enjoy swimming, reading, watching movies and news, road trip, hiking, traveling, Golf, vacation in a cruise-ship, holidays in the Caribbean and lots more. I can't enjoy doing all these alone without a loving partner.
I have some few questions for you..hope you won't find them boring but instead fun as it will help in building up our sweet connections.
Are you someone who will laugh and so easily on fun conversation?
What is your favorite perfume?
Your favorite foods?
Your best color?
Do you like adventures?
Do you like to be on time, late or early when you go somewhere?
Are you the kind of person who enjoys people (party) or would rather be alone reading?
Hope to read your answers soon...find my pictures below:
Have a warm pleasant night..
Letter 3

My Beautiful Sherry,
I hope you had restful night and enjoying a beautiful morning. Its a great delight to see your beautiful answers to the questions, they are just magnificent, great outpouring of your heart, you are sounding more like a woman for me because the connection is getting more and more spectacular beyond my imagination and I've started building up sweet thoughts in my heart to share with you on our first meeting. we're going to have lots of magical fun moments together. I like tattoos and I have two on my arms, once it's not overdone I'm cool with it.
I promise to be the best man to you if we live together as partners. Believe it or not, I have a kind heart and promise I will never lie to you or betray you, my ex was a nice woman and was together with me for 26yrs but she later changed and start making wild friends, traveling without any notice, then graduated to cheat on me and even bring men into our home when I am away.. we never had any child due to her health complication but it never stopped my love for her till she changed.
Thank you for the nice compliments on my pictures...I have healthy lifestyle, eat well and keep fit. My day starts with 80 counts push-ups on daily basis before heading into the shower, I like coffee in the morning, just plain without sweetener or creamer..I have noticed your skepticism and I feel quite the same way too..I know all our doubts will be put to rest when we finally meet in person next week after my arrival. I have got a lot on my hands now over here and I somewhat feel at ease now that I am exchanging communication with a woman..Thanks for your picture and I hope to see more. This is my 3rd bike in the last 7 yrs now and enjoy riding mostly on summer weekends with my woman behind me, so it will be a lot of fun riding and sharing fun moments with you.
I love to dance but haven't done that for quite sometime now...If you'll bring back that happy feelings to my life..that would be amazingly great, I want to be happy again with the right woman and give her all of me. I think we do have so much in common.
Find my answers to the same question..
I have great sense of humor, crack jokes and always having fun.
My all time favorite cologne is Fierce Cologne by Abercrombie & Fitch with a blend of Blue Polo Ralph, I wear them always..hope you'll love them.
For my woman...I like Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Michael Kors and others
My favorite foods are Seafood, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, American Deli and South Korean signature meals.
My Best colors are blue white and yellow.
Yes, I like adventures mostly when my sweetheart is close and turns to be fun and great happiness. I hope you'll be ready for some fun adventures trips when I return back,
though it must be planned.
I'm not a clock-watcher, but I do like to be 10-15mins on time for meeting and appointments. I would rather be early than late.
I like reading and love to be around people so I guess the party or just being with that special someone conversing and cuddling would be great too..
I have deactivated from the site, just to be focused with you alone...seeing a lot of women at the same time is something I'm not used to..
I am thinking about you and it's a great feeling, please kindly send more your pictures. I'm retiring for the day now and will be happy to see your response in the morning..
With so much affection..
Letter 4

Hi Sweet Sherry,
I had an early morning appointment and not able to respond immediately I was up. I hope your day was eventful and you are enjoying a warm night.. I haven't had time to go for pictures..I don't like the way you sound at times...I like to express my feelings easily and don't pretend. I noticed you do not follow up well with me on our messages since I told you..I can't do the viper app. Exchanging communication with you brings me joy and happiness but your high level of doubts is playing a seemingly bad role. I don't like dealing with someone who doubts me..
Have a lovely night.
Letter 5

Hi Sherry..I hope you slept very well..I am highly excited that the days are drawing closer for my return. two of my workers fell from the crude oil tank farm today and sustained high degree of severe injuries..I was in the hospital all through today..Just got back to my room now and very tired.I will talk with you later.. I will be off and on from the hospital this weekend with this sad development..I have no reason not to be a real deal..I look good and take good care of sex drive is quite high and I hope you can handle me real good because I'm endowed below the waist line..I hope you got my point? Don't know if you like it big or small?
Here's my phone: 480-750-9057
Take care.. sorry I can't write much now..
Letter 6

Hello Sweetheart,
It's always great delight to open my email and have inbox from you, it gives me unimaginable excitement...I know you are out there and it's just a matter of time and we will finally be together. I am looking forward to that day with all my heart. I am preparing myself for you each day. Imagining what it will be like to look into your eyes and hold you close to myself. I hope to grow old with you to celebrate good times with you and support each other at all times... love is a sweet journey that we will grow together through. We will learn things about each other every day. We will not always have good times but we will always love each other and work through any problems.
I got the points you made about being on guard and trying to be extremely careful but you should realize that over extreme in certain things isn't good..For instance...Do you expect me to act over extreme in a relationship..Just because my ex cheated on me and every other women are now cheats...Hell no!! I can't ever reason that way because they still a lot of honest faithful women out there and you are a honest woman as my instinct tells me. I don't know how to place it but it seems there's something special about you because each time I look at your picture..I see myself smiling all of a's a feeling I want to enjoy for a very long time.
I believe you are perfect for me. We are perfect for each other, in every way. Every night I dream about you, and every morning you seem to dissolve before my eyes when I first open them. I want you to be the one I wake up in the morning and see next to me, someone who I can take care of, I just want you to know that I am very fortunate and very lucky to have met you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me in a very long time. You make me very happy.
What do you like to do with that special someone when it is raining?
I like cuddling on the couch or holding hands watching the rain or when it is just raining a little.sitting on the porch in the swing watching and talking we can also be playing kissing sharing jokes and telling
I look forward to seeing you real soon, you make me feel so good and now I wear a smile on the inside and outside. I am going to the hospital to visit the injured is undergoing hip replacement surgery in the afternoon.
Relax with this song by N-SYNC: This I Promise You.
Warm Hugs and Sweet Kisses.
Letter 7

My Dear Beautiful Sherry..
I got back quite late from Beijing and headed straight to hospital because the worker that was operated on has gone into comma and now on life support machine...Doctor said the spinal cord injury he suffered is the problem and he's got 50/50 chance of survival...I don't know what happens next for him..I have done my best and all I do now is pray. I just had a warm shower and looked at your photos which always put me in happy mood...You are the woman for me my dear and I believe I am the man for you..there's no doubt about that anymore.. Thank you for that lovely song..You know I will fight and protect you with all of me and there's no doubt you won't do that for me also..
Sorry you couldn't sleep my happens to me most nights when I will be highly engrossed with your sweet thoughts but after a while, I will just sleep like a little baby.. I am happy you've pulled off from the guys that were giving you negative energy..You know I did the same thing by deactivating from the site immediately we start communicating because I am not that type of man that would indulge into multi-dating with women...It's best to get focused and concentrate with you and that decision is paying off real well...Can't you see how you've captured my heart body and soul completely and all I am a happy man now..All I crave for, right now is to meet you in person real real soon...I will be all free for you and adjusting your time for us makes a whole lot of sense to me..
You are not just a smart woman but intelligent with vast level of wisdom...that's some features I want in a woman..we'll discuss intelligently and proffer meaningful advice to one another. I moved to AZ from Rochester NY and I have lived in MD, TN and TX. We'll discuss all that in person just in few days ahead.
I am retiring to bed now after a super busy Sunday.. Hoping you'll have an eventful Sunday.
With sweet thoughts and affections..
Letter 8

Good morning my Sweet Sherry,
I slept real hard my dear and got up quite late...Thank you for your prayers and concerns. You are quite observant to have known I was indeed exhausted last night. I'm glad your Sunday was quite relaxing and I'm very hopeful we'll start having fun very soon..the other worker that suffered shoulder dislocation is going home tomorrow evening..that's quite a relieve to me now.
I am imagining sitting next to you on the swing chair and engaging in fun topic with laughter all over our faces.. Oh! I am still imagining the sweet magical reaction from both of us on our first's going to be an amazing encounter that would give us exciting reason to have several dates.
My job entails crude oil sourcing buying and delivery and storage for the's about handling from point of purchase till the final point of delivery/storage at the tank farm. Now the delivery/storage has been concluded and I am going through the paper work which I expect to be completed by tomorrow and I will be able to confirm my flight for Wednesday. I love my job but hate the foreign trips which it involves. I am planning to downsize to consultancy and sourcing only, which doesn't require traveling..
I am happy on the stable improvements on our sweet connections and all I want is to start a new happy loving phase of my life with an amazing sweetheart like you.
What do you do for fun?
How do you spend your free time and lazy Sunday?
Hope to hear from you soon my dear and have a pleasant night..
Anxious to meet you real soon.
Letter 9

My Sweetheart...
Thank you for the several thoughtful sweet messages from you..the worker passed last night and I've been in shock all night till now.. I did all my best and it feels real bad to loose him after the surgery..I was asked to make report to the police, which I have done last night and I'm going there again in the afternoon.. I don't know why this situation is trying to kill this happiest moment of life..I am extremely worried my dear..
Glad you are there for me...You are the only reason I have not suffered depression because I read your message repeatedly and watch your pictures..I can't wait for us to be together and start having romantic sweet life again..
Thinking about you now and feels so good to know you are in my life now.
Have a lovely warm night.
Letter 10

My Sweetie!
I'm worried because I don't what to expect from the authorities over his death..They know I took care of two of them and covered their medical bills...I don't cause the accident... just hope they won't delay me...
Will update you my dear...I'm going to their office now..
Your sweet thoughts are my moral booster and strength now..

Letter 11

My Beautiful Sweet Sherry...
I know you'll be fast asleep by the time this email gets to you.. I was right on time at the station and met with the passed worker's family..The meeting lasted for almost 3hrs..I was asked to write statement about the workers accident, which I have submitted with the hospital already..They took copy of my passport and asked the family when they want from me..They said they want me to support them for the funeral expenses...I asked how much they said $18,800 and I remind them of the huge amount I paid for the two workers medical bills which was almost $43,000 and I have no more funds here now till I'm home.. They insist I should please help them to cover the funeral, which I would've loved to assist but did not have such amount of funds right now.. I have less than $10,000 left with me now. My Chinese interpreter also pleaded but they refused and now they've said I can't leave till after the funeral..
I left the station very angry and confused...My Chinese interpreter says he'll help me out with $5000.00..
My cards are all maxed out now and I don't know what to do right now. I hate this unfortunate situation.. I planned all my activity here and they were all going very well..till the workers accident and everything changed and I can't access funds from here..My heart body and soul is no longer here anymore..I just want to return back home.
My mood is very bad now..
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