Scam Email(s) from Frank Neuer to Eloha (USA)


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Letter 1

Hello This is Frank from tagged and I want you to confirm you receive this so that i write and tell you more about myself, I wish you a Happy New Year and hopefully this year our life puzzles are solved, hoping to hear back soon.
Best Regards

Letter 2

Thanks for getting back nd how is your day going this new year? I want to know more about what you are seeking and how long have you been single? I am a widow and have one daughter she is 19 years old and has been what kept me going all this lonely years... give me a glimpse about yourself, hobbies, family and plans for this year.

Letter 3

Hello, Goodles to hear back from you and it's been busy everywhere at this time of the year...... I have been single for the past 10 years as well and looking to start over again after been heartbroken in the last relationship I had. I know you are older than me and believe we are both matured people as well so age is not a worry as long as there is connection between us and you should know age is as stag not as cage. What do you seek in a man and do you live alone? I wait for your response and have a good day.

Letter 4

Hi, Hope you had a nice day and the weather is not so bad where you are as it is here in Florida, You might be in cage forever as well when you date someone of your age and both are not happy, what matters is been faithful and caring for one another.... I do like Dogs and what is your dog name? I had one before but lost it his name is Buster was 5 years old.
I am a very handy man when at home and like i said earlier caring for each other matters a lot between partner so I would help with domestic work at home and do the cooking as well at times I am a good Cook what is your favorite dish? You are doing good with your English and could communicate clearer with me as far as i am concerns with our emails exchanges.
Have a nice weekend

Letter 5

Good Morning
Hope you had a nice weekend and all is Okay with you, We had snow and had to shovel it out of your way before making it out from the house, I bet you have a lovely Dog and must have been a good companion to you, I eat almost all kind of food as well and willing to try other dishes as well..... mostly like to keep the diet balance too, I cook when i have leisure at home and you know its no fun cooking for one. I live life very passionately and learn from all of life's experiences! I am quite active and enjoy all water activities and have many other varied interests ~ biking, horse back riding, music, theater, dancing, cards, board games, movies and on and on and on. I am very fair and giving - I see "The" relationship being a blend of "Her" and my strengths - each covering the others weaknesses with no one keeping score - I can do dress up and have all of the social skills, however, my preference is a relaxed environment with the people that matter to me - feet up - and always shared humor.At this point in my life I see a new relationship as the blending of two lives at the half way mark, "we" both need to be accepting and respectful of the others history but move swiftly in making "our" own history and memories ~ life is so precious and so short ~ I want "us" to consciously keep all things negative away from "us" ~ often easier said than done. I want to share in everything life brings "us" as "we" grow old together.... I want to know how you feel about moving on in future with the right man and do you still hope to settle down again?





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