Scam Email(s) from Cole Berrenson to Eloha (USA)


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Letter 1

Hi, How are you doing? I'm glad to meet you here. Wish to know you better. Have a wonderful day out there. Regards, Williams

Letter 2

oh i see .... I would love to know about your marital status, where actually are you from? what do you do? and how old are you? are you living alone or with someone? sorry to ask you too many questions hahaha Have a lovely day out there.

Letter 3

Hello, glad to hear that from you, oh i am from United Kingdom. anyway is ok, i am a business man from UK! I live alone in my house in London. I will love to know you better!!!!!!

Letter 4

Hello dear, how was you're night? hope everything is going well with you, so how is you're family?




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